Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't know why she does the things she does and doesn't have a better answer. Sami says Rafe said it best that everything she touches, she ruins and that's just who she is and who she will always be. Sami starts to cry so Rafe puts his arm around her to comfort her as EJ walks back in and sees them together. EJ asks them what's going on.

Billie and Kate go to Jennifer's and Billie offers to do anything that she can. Jennifer doesn't know of anything they can do. Kate goes to get some water and runs into Roman arriving. Kate brings up trying to call him. Roman says he was busy with the explosion. Kate informs Roman that she has information and that she knows who killed Stefano so she expects him to nail them.

Bo and Hope bring Stefano in an oxygen mask to the hospital on a stretcher. They inform Daniel that it's Stefano and they don't want anyone else to know. Cameron walks over and talks with Daniel. Cameron says he's fixing to go see Abigail. Daniel asks Cameron to let him know how Jennifer's doing. Cameron suggests Daniel stop by but Daniel declines, saying it's complicated as Cameron then exits. Daniel pulls out his phone again but stops and says it's real complicated.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's with flowers. Jennifer is surprised to see her as Nicole gives her the flowers. Nicole says she came to offer her condolences and hugs her. Nicole adds that she's truly sorry for her loss.

Gabi stops kissing Will and asks what he's doing but then they keep kissing and begin undressing each other as they kiss onto the bed.

T knocks Sonny down with a punch and says he hopes he broke his nose. T adds that he hopes Will can come to his senses as he then leaves the coffeehouse with Sonny knocked out inside.

Sami gets up and goes to EJ as he checks on her and notices the bruises on her wrists. EJ asks Rafe for an answer as to what type of game he's playing.

Brady goes to Marlena's and gives a book for Sydney. Brady starts to leave but Marlena stops him and says she and John are worried about him. Brady says not to worry as he's dealing with Madison being gone. Marlena tells him that he's not dealing with it.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she knows that they've never been best friends but she always liked how full of life Jack was and she's genuinely sorry. Jennifer thanks her for coming by and starts to shut the door but Nicole asks her to wait. Nicole says she just wanted to say that she thought she would lose her baby in the explosion but is alright thanks to the right help. Nicole talks about knowing how Jennifer feels.

EJ tells Sami and Rafe that the whole thing was a setup from Ian that he went to and reveals that Stefano is alive. EJ says he can't be charged with a crime so that means they are free to go but Rafe disagrees.

Brady goes inside and sits with Marlena talking about not needing anyone to check on him. Brady doesn't want to talk about Madison. Marlena worries about Brady keeping his feelings bottled up inside. Brady says everyone's different and he just wants everyone to leave him alone.

Jennifer gets a text message from Daniel that he couldn't be there. Nicole tells her how lucky she is to have so many people that care about her.

Bo and Hope return to Daniel and talk about Stefano's condition. They ask Daniel to check on him. They inform Daniel that it was Ian that faked Stefano's murder and framed EJ. Daniel brings up EJ still being on the run and that he can come back without being in trouble now. Bo and Hope go back to the room with Stefano. Daniel calls Nicole and leaves a message that there's something she needs to know.

Gabi and Will continue kissing in bed.

Justin goes to the coffeehouse and finds Sonny. He helps him up and wants to know what happened. Justin wipes blood from him as Sonny claims he just tripped. Justin doesn't believe him and starts to call the police but Sonny stops him and says he will handle it himself.

Nicole sits outside the town square talking to her baby about how they will be happy as long as EJ doesn't find out that he's the dad. Nicole gets her message from Daniel and listens to it. Nicole says that Daniel will take such good care of them. Brady walks by so Nicole greets him with a hug. Brady says he has to go because he's late. Nicole asks him about rescuing Melanie. Brady calls it no big deal and starts to rush off. Nicole asks about his wedding with Madison. Brady informs her that there won't be a wedding because Madison died in the explosion. Brady then walks away and Nicole follows after him.

Rafe asks EJ about Ian faking Stefano's death. EJ explains that there was a lookalike. EJ tells him about Ian being convinced he was owed the fortune and shooting Stefano. Rafe doesn't believe him so EJ tells him to call the police and find out that Ian's in custody and Stefano's alive. Rafe points out that there is no signal. EJ insists that he's innocent and Sami agrees but Rafe still won't believe them. Rafe says he's going to take them both in. EJ tells him that he will embarrass himself. Rafe threatens him as two cops arrive with guns drawn and order EJ to let Sami go and then stay where he is.

Daniel gets a message back from Jennifer saying thank you and smiles. Bo and Hope come back and ask about Stefano's condition. Daniel says he was okay and able to tell him what Ian did so Bo and Hope go in to question him.

Will and Gabi make love as they agree that it was a surprise. Will gets up and says he has to go since he's supposed to meet Jennifer and Abigail to go see JJ. Will talks about getting in a fight with Lucas and how he should probably go. Will starts putting his clothes back on as Gabi points out he has her belt. Will asks if she's okay. Gabi says she is as Will then leaves.

Nicole follows Brady to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady wants to continue working but Nicole tells him to stop. Nicole wonders why he didn't call her. Brady tells her that vodka wouldn't fix things and he wants to deal with it alone. Nicole calls that dumb. Brady wants her to go but Nicole tells him that he can't hold things in and do this alone. Brady tells her that John and Marlena have been great but Victor doesn't know. Nicole thinks that's crazy. Brady says it's not her business and wants her to leave. Nicole says she knows how he feels and wants to help him. Daniel arrives and says Brady saved Melanie's life and is Nicole's friend so they are here to help him through this.

Rafe handcuffs EJ for fleeing jurisdiction. Rafe tells Sami that she's next but if she promises to do what he says then he won't handcuff her. Sami thanks him as the two cops bring Silvio in. Silvio apologizes to EJ and says he could've handled Rafe if Sami hadn't shot him. The cops escort Silvio out as EJ can't believe that Sami shot Silvio to protect Rafe.

Daniel talks about not hearing about Madison's death. Brady doesn't want the publicity. Daniel talks about knowing how he feels since his first wife died. Nicole talks to Brady about Madison. Brady is worried about going on without Madison as Nicole hugs him.

Lucas offers Jennifer a ride to the airport as they prepare to go see JJ but she has a cab ready. Jennifer mentions that JJ wants to be called Jack Jr. now. Jennifer says goodbye to Billie and hugs her and then Lucas. Jennifer thanks them and walks on. Lucas asks Billie if Kate has her car. Billie says she does so they exit. Roman returns to Kate and informs her that Bo already knew about Ian and is in custody. Roman warns her that she might want to sit down for what's next. Roman reveals that Stefano is alive and that Ian had been holding him captive after using a lookalike in the casket. Kate feels sick and doesn't know how to process it. Roman wants her to sit down but Kate insists on seeing Stefano and wants to know where he is.

Gabi goes through her things and finds a modeling photo of her and Chad then worries about what she's done.

Justin checks on Sonny and wants to know why they aren't calling the police. Sonny tells him to let it go. Justin hopes he's not planning to take matters into his own hands. Justin asks if this was a hate crime. Sonny responds it was more personal than that. Justin tells Sonny how proud of him he's been and everything he's done. Justin says it's obvious that Sonny doesn't need his help but he's still his dad. Justin tells Sonny not to go through this alone and hugs him.

Lucas walks through the town square and runs into Will. Lucas says he was just about to call him Will asks why he wasn't at Jennifer's. Lucas tells him that everyone left and Jennifer and Abigail are already on their way to the airport. Lucas apologizes for earlier saying he didn't mean what he said. Will can't get over it but Lucas tells him that he shouldn't have let Sami leave town with EJ. Will tells Lucas that he was always the parent that he could count on and wonders what happened.

Bo and Hope talk outside of Stefano's room at the hospital. Hope says Stefano is barking orders and talks about how she really thought that he was out of their lives for good. Bo says they should've known better. Kate arrives and demands to see Stefano. Bo says Stefano made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with her.

Brady thanks Daniel and Nicole for coming by but says he's exhausted. Nicole says she will call him tomorrow. Brady says goodnight and heads upstairs. Nicole hopes he'll be okay. Daniel says he's at least dealing with it. Nicole says they make a great team. Daniel offers to walk her to her car. Nicole brings up Daniel's urgent message. Daniel reveals to Nicole that Stefano is not dead. Nicole can't believe it and then realizes that it means EJ didn't kill him which also means EJ is free to do whatever he wants to do.


EJ and Sami sit with the cops. EJ wonders where Rafe is and when they are getting out. EJ notices Sami changed into her dress and Sami explains that she spilled tea. Sami can't imagine what EJ's going through now and can't believe Stefano is alive. Sami admits she was worried since he was gone for a long time. EJ thanks Sami for staying with him through it all since it means a lot. EJ points out that she risked a lot for him. Sami brings up EJ being the father of her children and she didn't want him going to jail for something he didn't do. EJ tells her that after it's all over, he was hoping they could go back to where they left things. Sami thinks back to their kiss. EJ then asks if something's changed. Rafe returns and tells them it's time to go.

Nicole tells Daniel that EJ going to prison worked for her. Daniel informs her that he has to go back to the hospital and it'll be a long night. Daniel tells her that it will be okay. Nicole worries about EJ asking questions. Daniel tells her that he and Rafe won't give her up. Nicole worries about the truth getting out. Daniel gets a call to go back to the hospital. Nicole says they have a lot to talk about so Daniel tells her that he will see her tomorrow. Nicole tells her baby that Daniel will take care of them and she knows that they will be a family.

Cameron hugs Abigail as she wishes he could come with them. Jennifer points out that Cameron needs to be there for all the injured people at the hospital. Cameron understands it's family time as their cab arrives. Cameron goes to load Abigail's bags. Jennifer hugs Abigail and asks if she's ready to do this. Abigail says she is so Jennifer sends her ahead so she can stay behind and shut the lights off. Abigail exits and Jennifer looks at the photo of Jack on the mantle. Jennifer says she will miss his smile and then says goodbye to Jack. Jennifer then exits the house.

Kate tells Bo and Hope that Stefano needs her now but Bo says he doesn't feel that way. Kate points out that they don't do what Stefano wants. Hope tells Kate that they aren't going to let her in there. Kate says she won't forget this and then exits.

Marlena goes to the Pub and finds Gabi seated at the counter. Marlena greets her and asks how she is since she's going through a lot. Gabi admits it's been pretty bad. Marlena offers to talk if she wants. Marlena asks if she's seen Will. Gabi says that she has. Marlena points out that Will is going through a tough time too and she's glad they are friends.

Hope finishes a phone call and tells Bo that their work is done there so they leave. After they leave, Kate comes back around the corner and heads for Stefano's room. Kate goes inside but the room is now empty.

Lucas tells Will that he can still count on him no matter what. Lucas gets a call from Marlena and tells Will not to go anywhere. Marlena informs Lucas about Sami and EJ. Lucas hangs up as Will wants to know what happened. Lucas informs Will that the police are taking Sami and EJ to the station now. Will wants to go see them but Lucas stops and sits down. Will asks if he's coming but Lucas says no because he doesn't want to see Sami.

EJ asks Rafe if he and Sami will ride in the same squad car. Rafe says no so EJ tells Sami not to say anything as he will call his lawyer to meet them at the station. EJ then suggests Sami call Carrie to be her lawyer but Sami informs him that she left town with Austin which surprises EJ. Rafe has the cops take EJ out in handcuffs. EJ looks back as Rafe begins to take Sami away.

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