Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/22/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ian reveals that the letter from Alice was not real and that he switched their blood tests. Ian declares that it's a true fact that Stefano and EJ are father and son after all.

Sonny and Brian have coffee together and get close as Will walks in and sees them together. Will turns and walks away, then runs into T. Will tells T to look somewhere else for someone to hate.

Melanie talks to Abigail at home and wishes she could help her. Abigail talks about how Jack finally came home to them and regrets complaining about him leaving. Abigail says they took months to become a real family and how he's gone. The doorbell rings so Chad answers it and it's Gabi. Chad questions what Gabi is doing there. Gabi says she came to tell Abigail how sorry she is. Maggie steps in and invites Gabi in. Chad reminds Gabi that he told her to stay away from everyone that he cares about. Gabi didn't know Chad would be there. Chad blames Gabi for everything that happened. Gabi apologizes but Chad doesn't care. He only cares about Melanie so he warns her to do exactly what he says from now on. Bo and Hope arrive with flowers and go into the main room. Chad threatens Gabi that if she doesn't do what he says then he will tell them everything.

EJ thinks Ian is lying but he tells them that he isn't and suggests they take a DNA test when this is all over. Stefano backs up that Ian is telling the truth. EJ wonders why now. Ian talks about family meaning more than anything to Stefano. Ian then tells Stefano that he's going to kill his son right before his eyes.

Rafe fights with Sylvio and knocks the gun away. Sylvio grabs a knife and stabs at Rafe as Sami screams. Sami gets a hold of the gun and demands the knife be dropped. They continue to struggle so Sami shoots Sylvio in the arm which stops the fight. Sami explains that she knows Sylvio and Rafe can't believe it.

Bo and Hope talk to Jennifer and comfort her.

Chad talks to Gabi about how Melanie would feel if she knew. Chad tells her to give her condolences and go then get all her stuff out of his apartment. Chad says Gabi could do nothing to make up for creating a psycho stalker. Chad says Gabi let it go on until it was almost too late. Melanie joins them and they claim to just be talking about their modeling careers. Gabi talks about wanting to model again since there's no danger with Andrew dead but Chad decides he's going to quit.

Lucas finds Will and tells him that he was supposed to be at Jennifer's by now but Will thinks he would be lousy company and tells Lucas that he can't help him.

Sonny tells Brian that he had the wrong idea as he had a really rough night that's getting worse because of guy troubles.

Stefano tells Ian that he's not going to kill EJ. Ian says he has nothing left to lose. EJ gets untied and breaks out of the rope. EJ goes after Ian but Ian knocks him down. Ian grabs the dagger and threatens Stefano to tell him what he needs to know.

Melanie asks Chad about quitting modeling. Chad says they were never that into it and doesn't want to waste any more time. Melanie brings up Gabi loving it and that they were a package deal. Chad wants to focus on the rest of their lives. Melanie goes to get her phone from the kitchen. Gabi asks Chad how else he's going to punish her. Gabi tells Chad that she cares about him. Chad tells her that if she cared about him then she'd move out of the state because he never wants to look at her again.

Jennifer looks at a picture of Tom and Alice and thanks them for finding her way back to Jack. Bo adds that he and Hope could say the same thing. They reminisce about Alice as Maggie hugs Abigail. Hope brings in flowers that were left on the doorstep as Jennifer cries over Jack.

Will tells Lucas that he doesn't feel comfortable talking to him about his love life. Lucas says he's done his best to support him. Lucas tells Will that he doesn't care if he's not fun to be around because they still need to go to Jennifer's and support their family. Lucas says he's still going to be a man about it. Will questions if he's saying he's not a man. Lucas brings up all the times he warned him against working for EJ and then he helped Sami run off with EJ to prove his loyalty. Lucas thinks he's forgetting his father and his family. Will apologizes for screwing up. Lucas says disappointment doesn't begin to describe how he feels about him.

Rafe tells Sami that Sylvio just had a flesh wound and he has him tied up now. Rafe points out that Sami just saved his life. Sami says she couldn't let him kill him. Rafe comments on her good shot and says they will now just sit and wait and hope EJ shows up. Sami mentions that EJ got a message so Rafe goes to the computer to check it but Sami tries to stop him.

EJ gets back up and attacks Ian. EJ punches Ian and knocks him out. Stefano congratulates him by saying "well done, my son."

Will tells Lucas that he understands he's a disappointment in so many ways. Lucas says it has nothing to do with Will being gay. Will mocks the idea of him having a gay son. Will wants to know how Lucas feels. Lucas says parents don't like their kids to go through tough times and he'd change it if he could. Will thinks he means that he would change him being gay and storms off.

Brian asks Sonny about his guy problems. Sonny says he thought he had something as he wanted to be friends but the other guy didn't. Brian correctly guesses that it's Will. T watches from a distance and listens to them. Sonny thinks Will is worth waiting for but Brian thinks he'd be waiting forever.

Bo and Hope comfort Jennifer and she thanks them for being there. Hope says they will always be there for her and their family as she hugs Jennifer.

Melanie comes back with her phone. Chad says Gabi is going to get her things from his apartment. Gabi goes along with it and says bye then exits.

Rafe wonders why Sami didn't want him to see evidence that could clear EJ. Sami says she doesn't know what's on the computer. Rafe looks through it and comes across pictures of the kids. Sami comments that she misses them. Sami suggests considering the whole thing with Sylvio as karma payback from when Rafe helped her when they first met. Sami recalls Rafe risking his life for her and says she will never forget it.

Stefano tells EJ that what Ian said was true and that he should've known all along. Stefano says they don't need any DNA tests now because EJ just showed what he's made of. Stefano tells EJ that he is a true DiMera. Stefano understands EJ is hurt. EJ insists that he meant what he said with all of his heart. Stefano says family means everything but EJ says he made it very clear that he wasn't family. EJ shouts that Lexie was the only person whoever cared about him but now she's dead because of Stefano. EJ yells at him and blames him for Lexie's death. Stefano says his heart is in pain every day but EJ doesn't feel sorry for him. EJ tells Stefano that he hates him and now that Lexie is gone, no one else cares about Stefano. EJ takes the coin from Ian and questions Stefano almost being killed for this. Stefano asks EJ what he's going to do with it now.

Abe goes to Jennifer's and hugs her. Abe tells her how good she and Jack always were to he and Lexie. Abe can't believe how sudden this all is. Jennifer wishes they didn't have to go through their losses. Abe says his friends and his son get him through every day. Lucas arrives and hugs Abigail. She asks where Will is but Lucas says he couldn't make it. Abigail asks if Will is okay but Lucas says he truthfully has no idea.

Will goes walking by the Pub and Gabi walks by, dropping her things. Will stops to help her but Gabi tells him that nothing matters and she goes on into the Pub.

Sami asks Rafe why he's looking at her. Rafe says he was thinking that it's not the first time she saved his life and they recall being together in the past. Sami struggles with her handcuffs and Rafe tells her the nostalgia won't make him feel bad and uncuff her.

Lucas greets Jennifer and hugs her. Lucas tells her that he's really sorry and talks about Jennifer and Jack having tough times but ending up together in the end as it was meant to be.

Melanie asks Chad what's going on with him and Gabi. She says she's been picking up something weird between them all day and wonders if they are fighting.

Will asks Gabi what she's going to do now. Gabi doesn't know since Chad kicked her out. Will asks if it has to do with her interfering in his relationship with Melanie. Gabi says she did something really stupid and Chad found out. Gabi tells Will that he was right and she knows how stupid she was. Gabi doesn't know what she was thinking and doesn't want anyone else to hate her. Will sits with her and says he doesn't hate her.

EJ calls the police and tells them to trace the phone to find Ian McCallister and talk to him about kidnapping. EJ then hangs up. EJ asks Stefano if he plans on staying there. Stefano doesn't feel he has much of a choice. Stefano says he will have pleasure in watching Ian's downfall. EJ asks Stefano about the coin. Stefano suggests EJ keep it. EJ brings up the trouble Stefano went through to get it. Stefano says it would be EJ's one day. EJ says it means nothing to him while it does to Stefano so he puts it in Stefano's shirt pocket.

Rafe brings Sami some ointment since she complained about hurting her wrist in the handcuffs. Rafe says it would hurt less if he uncuffed her. Sami knows he doesn't trust her. Rafe has her promise that she won't do anything and then uncuffs her which makes her happy.

Hope talks with Maggie about Melanie being through so much. Chad talks with Melanie about Gabi. Melanie says she's worried about Gabi because she's their friend. Chad doesn't want to talk about Gabi anymore and hugs her.

Will tells Gabi that he doesn't hate her and if he hated anyone it'd be himself. Gabi tells him not to say that since he's a great guy. Will disagrees and says he hurts people and disappoints the ones he loves the most. Will says everything he does is too little too late. Will thinks he knows who he is and what he wants but then he can't make up his mind and makes the wrong decisions. Will talks about making the same mistakes over and over. Gabi tells Will that if he knew what she did then he would feel really good about himself. Gabi says she could've killed people. Will wants to know what she's talking about but Gabi doesn't want to talk about it. Gabi wonders when their lives got so screwed up. Gabi recalls how things used to be and wishes they could go back to when they were together and things were so simple. Gabi tells Will that he is her best friend ever and they then kiss each other.

Brian apologizes to Sonny about being a downer about Will. Sonny thinks he didn't give him a chance. Brian tells him that he will be around if anything ever changes and then exits. T approaches Sonny and wants answers. T wants to know what he did to turn Will gay. T insults him and Sonny tells him to leave since they are closed but T says it's time for Sonny to go.

Bo gets a phone call about Ian and a possible kidnapping so he prepares to go with Hope.

Stefano asks EJ if he's saying he doesn't care about his inheritance. EJ says that's right as he only cares about one thing and he's on his way to find her right now. EJ turns out the lights and exits.

Sami thanks Rafe for uncuffing her. Rafe recalls that he loved her so much and wonders why she had to throw it all away.

Gabi and Will stop kissing and then continue kissing onto her bed.

Sonny tells T to get out or he'll call the cops. T mocks him for being scared. T says he used to blame him for making people think he was queer but now he understands it's his M.O. Sonny asks T why he cares so much and what he's afraid of. T asks what he's trying to say. T then lays Sonny out with a punch to the face.

Bo and Hope arrive with their guns drawn. They turn on the lights and are shocked to find Stefano.

Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't know why she does the things she does and doesn't have a better answer. Sami says Rafe said it best that everything she touches, she ruins and that's just who she is and who she will always be. Sami starts to cry so Rafe puts his arm around her to comfort her as EJ walks back in and sees them together.

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