Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny asks Will what's wrong. Will says he's a bad person. Sonny thinks he's talking about helping people from the explosion. Sonny encourages him and says he's just glad he's okay as he was worried about him. Sonny hugs him and tells him that he had no idea. Sonny then kisses Will. Will pushes him off and asks what the hell is wrong with him.

Marlena talks to John on the phone until Johnny runs in and asks Marlena where Sami is.

Sami tries to make a run for it but Rafe stops her and then places her in handcuffs.

Ian tells EJ that he'll show him why he will help him and pulls back a curtain revealing Stefano tied up in a chair!

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and apologizes for not stopping by since the explosion. Maggie doesn't know what happened and asks what's wrong. Jennifer informs Maggie that they lost Jack and he's gone and Maggie hugs her.

Nicole remains in her hospital bed and looks through the window at Daniel. A nurse comes in and talks about Daniel and how he saved Nicole and her baby. Nicole doesn't think she looks her best and asks the nurse to help with a makeover.

Will questions why Sonny would kiss him. Sonny tells him about being worried about him. Will accuses him of taking advantage of the moment. Sonny explains that they thought they shared a look. Will gets upset and accuses Sonny of coming onto him because he didn't want him to kiss him.

EJ refuses to believe it's Stefano but Ian says that is. EJ says he saw Stefano get lowered into the ground but Ian claims that was a fake lookalike. Ian says Stefano is still alive and breathing at least for now. EJ still believes Stefano is dead since they positively identified the body. EJ says he has the experience and can spot a fake when he sees one. Stefano then wakes up.

Rafe handcuffs Sami and she thinks back to their past at the safe house. Rafe thinks Sami's just upset because she got caught trying to run. Sami says she's upset because EJ is not guilty and thinks Rafe can't look past his own ego. Rafe tells her to relax because they aren't leaving without EJ.

Sonny tells Will that he's always right and talks about Will taking forever to admit he was gay. Sonny claims he knew the minute he laid eyes on Will and now he wants it secret again. Will shouts that he's not pretending to be straight. They argue as Will says Sonny just always wished it was true. Sonny tells him to stop running from who he is. Will shouts that he's not doing that. Sonny accuses him of pretending to be someone he's not.

Rafe drinks some water as Sami complains that she's thirsty too and all the food is going to waste. Rafe gives her some of the water and she thanks him. Rafe questions if EJ is as loyal to Sami as she is to him. Sami points out that they share children. Rafe brings up EJ's horrendous track record and how Sami still believes in him. Sami believes EJ won't leave her and will come back. Rafe says EJ won't come back so Sami says they should go back to Salem then. Sami calls him a ridiculous jealous ex-husband. Rafe calls her nuts. Sami talks about Rafe falling for Carrie and then doing this. Rafe says he came to find EJ and asks if she knows where he is. Sami says she doesn't know. Rafe tells her that they both know he's not coming back because he always looks out for himself.

Ian asks EJ if he knows what it's like to love a woman and not just have affairs. EJ questions what he's talking about. Ian sits with him and explains he's talking about the kind of love that makes one question who they are and what life is all about. Ian says he asked Stefano the same question but he didn't have a clue what he was talking about. EJ says he doesn't have a clue either. Ian says that's because EJ's never been in love and lost somebody. Ian talks about losing Madison and how all his love and passion became no feelings at all. Ian pulls out a dagger and says Stefano has a very high tolerance for pain as his associate has been working to get information out of him but he's a man of few words. Ian hopes that EJ will be a more engaging conversationalist as he holds the dagger to EJ's throat.

Maggie sits with Jennifer and asks if she can do anything to help. Jennifer thanks her but says everyone's been great and handled things. Abigail comes in and Maggie hugs her, telling her she's sorry as she just heard. Maggie tells Abigail how proud of her Jack was. Maggie doesn't know what else to say other than she loves them both and is always here for them. Jennifer thanks her and says it means the most. Maggie says she can come back later and will call. Maggie hugs Jennifer and tells her that she's not alone as so many people care about her. Jennifer tells Maggie that she loves her. Maggie hugs Abigail and tells her goodbye and then exits. Abigail hugs Jennifer as she cries. After leaving the house, Maggie calls Daniel and says she needs to speak to him so she's heading back to the hospital to find him.

Nicole gets her makeover and gets dressed up. Daniel comes in and tells her that she looks great. Nicole comments that he looks exhausted. Nicole asks if they are still on for dinner tonight but Daniel doesn't think he can get off work. Nicole wants to talk to him about the baby situation but Daniel thinks it's not the time or the place. Nicole hopes he's not regretting what they did. Daniel assures her that he has no doubts and is in it with her. Nicole says Rafe is still on board with saying he's the father and Daniel is on board with the paternity switching but EJ will always be a wildcard. Nicole worries that if EJ finds out the truth then he will come back and take the baby from her. Daniel insists that he's in it with her and will protect her. Nicole wants to convince him to go to dinner but Daniel says he'll see her soon and exits the room. Nicole says to herself that the baby is not the only thing they have to talk about.

Sami thinks Rafe is just mad that Carrie left with Austin. Rafe tells her some married couples actually stay together. Rafe insists that he's here because he thinks it's important. Sami accuses him of being mad that she has a life without him. Sami calls him an egomaniac and thinks he loved being wrapped on Carrie. Rafe tells Sami that this is all about her because she does whatever she wants whenever without thinking about the consequences. Rafe brings up Lucas but Sami claims he can take care of himself. Rafe suggests Lucas is probably used to it by now but asks about the kids and how Sami's choices affect them.

Will tells Sonny not to tell him who he is. Will tells Sonny that he doesn't know anything about him. Sonny starts to agree and talks about how Will was incredibly brave in coming out and then acted like it never happened. Sonny talks about Will coming to him for advice and how he thought he helped him but then he never mentioned it again. Sonny accuses him of having no feelings but Will says he does. Sonny says he's Will's friend and cares about him. Will asks if he's sure they are just friends.

EJ continues struggling with being tied up as Ian walks over to Stefano. EJ tells him to come back and talk to him. Ian holds up the coin half that Stefano had and reveals that the name Yvette on the coin is Ian's mother who was with Stefano's father Santo. Ian says he is her only heir and tells EJ that he knows where he's going with this. EJ realizes that Ian thinks he's a DiMera.

Sonny asks if Will is questioning their friendship. Will doesn't want to worry about how out of the closet he is. Sonny thinks he's ignoring it since he flipped out when he kissed him. Will says Sonny is his friend and he doesn't kiss his friends. Sonny tells Will that this is about him and thinks Will is running right back into the closet. Sonny asks if he was about to say that he doesn't want to be gay and Will then walks away.

Sami tells Rafe that the kids are fine with Will. Rafe brings up Will having his own problems and needing his mother but she doesn't notice. Rafe asks what Sami was thinking running off with a convicted killer. Sami insists that EJ didn't kill Stefano and she didn't want the kids to grow up with their father in prison. Rafe realizes that this was all Sami's idea and can't believe she does these things. Sami then asks Rafe what he's going to do about being the father of Nicole's baby if it's his.

Nicole tells her baby not to worry because she has the dad covered.

Maggie arrives at the hospital and finds Daniel. Maggie informs Daniel that she just heard some horrible news after stopping by Jennifer's. Maggie reveals to Daniel that Jack is dead and talks about how awful it is. Daniel quickly pulls out his phone and starts to call Jennifer but stops and Maggie asks what's stopping him.

Jennifer sits with Abigail as she reads one of Jack's books. Abigail says it's weird to read Jack's words and thoughts when he's not here anymore. Abigail wonders how it's possible that he's no longer here as Jennifer hugs her.

EJ questions Ian thinking he's a DiMera. Stefano suddenly shouts out that Ian is not a DiMera but a bastard and nothing more. Ian says he's right since he doesn't know who his father is but Santo filled in all of his life. Ian says EJ can relate to that. Ian says once he cracks the code on the coin then he will have generations of DiMera money all over the world. Ian says it was Santo's wish for him and he intends to honor it. EJ wonders if he can't but Ian vows that he can and will even if he has to spill blood to do it. Ian says Stefano obviously doesn't trust EJ with the code so he loves him but doesn't trust him. EJ thinks he should let him go then since this has nothing to do with him. Ian talks about all the years that Stefano was feared and loathed. Ian questions if Stefano cares for EJ or not. Ian holds the dagger to EJ's throat and says if this doesn't work out then he can go after Chad or Theo but he hopes it doesn't come to that.

Sami asks Rafe if he's the father of Nicole's baby or not. Rafe responds that he is. Rafe brings her a plate of food and tells her to be quiet and eat. Rafe reminds her that he's the cop and she's the suspect so he asks the questions as he then uncuffs her so she can eat.

Will goes to Marlena's. Marlena tells him that Sydney went to sleep while Johnny was wondering where Sami is. Marelna realizes something's wrong with Will. Will sits with her and asks how he can figure out who he is if everyone else already thinks that they know. Marlena explains that how people think or feel about him doesn't matter. Marlena says it's human nature to care about those things. Will thought coming out as gay meant the work was done. Marlena suggests he's not completely comfortable coming out. Will wonders what he should do then. Marlena tells him to be himself. Will thanks her and says sometimes he feels alone even when he knows he's not. Marlena tells him that everyone feels that way sometimes. Marlena tells Will that some day he will give himself to somebody that makes those feelings disappear the way no one else can.

Abigail reads a portion of Jack's book to Jennifer where he talks about their family. Jennifer tells Abigail that Jack loved her as she hugs her.

Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer doesn't need to hear from him. Maggie disagrees. Daniel asks Maggie to look out for her so that he knows she's okay. Maggie worries about Abigail and can't believe Jack is gone as Nicole listens from her room. Daniel says Jennifer must be destroyed and asks Maggie to make sure she's okay for him. Maggie tells Daniel that he doesn't fool her as she can see in his eyes that he still loves Jennifer. Nicole can't believe that Jack is dead. Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer and Abigail will have each other. Maggie thinks Daniel should go see them but Daniel doesn't think Jennifer needs his help. Daniel insists that they are over. Maggie thinks he can still be there for her after her loss. Daniel says he's not a part of her life anymore and doesn't want to be since he resolved his feelings for Jennifer a long time ago.

Will tells Marlena that someone else tried to talk to him about this and he didn't want to hear it. Will hopes that Sonny is still his friend.

Sonny's friend Brian goes to see him at the coffeehouse and says he's sorry to hear about Jack. He tell Sonny that he can tell something's wrong and offers to talk about it.

Rafe removes Sami's handcuffs as EJ's thug Sylvio enters and begins a fight with Rafe.

Ian holds the dagger at EJ's throat and says they are about to see his insides.

Sonny and Brian have coffee together and get close as Will walks in and sees them together.

Maggie gets a call from Jennifer. Daniel encourages her to take it because she needs her. Maggie thinks she needs Daniel. Daniel walks away as Maggie answers the call.

Nicole says to herself that she truly is sorry for Jennifer being widowed but she can't have Daniel because she and her baby are Daniel's future. Nicole suggests that Jennifer may need a reminder of how things are supposed to be.

Rafe fights with Sylvio and knocks the gun away. Sylvio grabs a knife and stabs Rafe as Sami screams.

EJ panics but Ian pulls the dagger away. EJ wonders why Ian thinks he matters to Stefano since he's not his father. Ian laughs at him and calls it hilarious. Ian says his intention was to take everything away from Stefano including his fortune, wife, and offspring. Ian reveals that the letter from Alice was not real and that he switched their blood tests. Ian declares that it's a true fact that Stefano and EJ are father and son after all.

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