Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami prepares to open the door when Rafe suddenly appears inside and takes the bottle from her. Rafe wants to know where EJ is and looks around for him. Sami questions what he's doing there. Rafe tells her that he's arresting her and EJ.

Nicole doesn't understand Daniel saying he doesn't think they should make love again ever. Daniel sits with her and says he's not proud of the way he's treated her. Nicole is confused and points out that he saved her life. Daniel explains that he's talking about before and how he pressured her into a relationship. Nicole calls it ridiculous and stops him, telling him to listen to her now. Nicole reminds him that he saved her life. Daniel thinks he's been a jackass but Nicole says he saw something that she didn't and now she does.

Gabi comes back to Melanie and asks what's going on as Andrew awakes. Melanie runs away and Gabi tries to run with her but Andrew grabs her.

Sonny goes to the Pub and runs into Justin. Sonny asks if he's seen Will as he's starting to worry about him.

Will stands in the town square as a police officer comes by and tells him that a guy that they rescued is going to survive before walking on. Will's friend T returns to Salem. Will asks how long he's been back. T responds that he's been back long enough to hear that Will is a fairy.

EJ is tied up with a bag over his head in an undisclosed location and screams for someone to untie him. Someone removes the bag from his head.

Rafe asks Sami where EJ is but she claims not to know and questions what's wrong with him. Rafe says he takes it personally when his fugitives run from him and continues questioning her. Sami says she doesn't know which Rafe takes as an insult. Rafe points out the dinner for two and the wine as well as Sami's dress. Rafe tells her to save the lies.

Ian is revealed as the one that has taken EJ. Ian talks about all he went through to get him. EJ wonders if Kate is behind it. Ian tells him that he only loved Madison and cries about her death. Ian asks EJ what he can do about it and calls him useless as mayor. EJ wants to know why he's here. Ian declares now that Madison is dead, his timetable is useless. Ian says he has nothing to wait for. EJ suggests he's had too much to drink. Ian tells him to worry about himself instead.

Rafe continues asking Sami where EJ is but she says she really doesn't know. Rafe says EJ will be back and orders Sami to sit down as they wait for EJ. Sami says they don't know if he'll be back. Rafe threatens to arrest Sami so she sits down. Rafe says they're going to wait for EJ and when he comes back, he will take them both in to answer for what they've done. Rafe can't get a cell phone signal and wonders how EJ got a hold of his thugs. Rafe asks Sami if she knows how he can get a hold of the station. Sami says no and calls him a jackass. Sami suggests he go back to Salem but Rafe says he's fine and doesn't need backup as they wait for EJ. Rafe tells her that she might want to change clothes since she's going to jail and might not want her father to see her booked in that dress. Sami says she doesn't have anything else to wear and is only trying to prove EJ's innocence. Sami explains why she changed into the dress and feels Rafe is judging her. Sami shouts that EJ is innocent but Rafe screams at her to remain seated. Sami explains that EJ is innocent and she's doing this for her kids. Rafe points out that she abandoned her kids by leaving town. Rafe tells her that she could've let the police handle things like a normal person. Rafe then says Lucas is probably happy that she left. Sami thinks he's just mad but Rafe tells her that she has no idea.

Justin finishes a phone call with Bo who said he last saw Will after the explosion. Sonny sends another unanswered text message to Will. Sonny worries that Will could've been in the tunnels or hurt by another explosion. Sonny wonders why he didn't see him if he was at the town square. Sonny tells Justin that he really cares about Will as they exit the Pub to go look for him together.

Will and T exit the town square as T asks Will about being gay and if he was lying all along. Will talks about being unsure. T thinks he wasn't gay until Sonny turned him. T brings up Gabi and how they were dating. Will tries to explain that he's always been gay and that he's still friends with Gabi. T doesn't think being friends means much since they were supposedly best friends for years yet he didn't know the most important thing about him while everyone else does. T brings up Will coming out in the newspaper. Will asks if he he's upset that he didn't tell him. T questions everyone else being okay with his shift in lifestyle. Will says everyone's adjusting. T suggests that everyone is great to his face until he leaves the room. T tells him that he's telling the truth that everyone wants to be okay with it but it really makes them sick.

Melanie finds Maggie at the hospital and tells her that Andrew is there. Melanie realizes Gabi is not with her and worries as Maggie tells her to stay there.

Nicole tries to talk to Daniel further but Maggie rushes in and pulls Daniel away to help Melanie. Melanie informs Daniel that Andrew is on a gurney in the exam room. Maggie starts to make a call but Daniel says he's got it and rushes off.

Andrew threatens to tell on Gabi that she wanted Melanie out of the way as she begs him to let her go. Andrew starts coughing and passes out. Gabi pulls away from him and goes to leave but runs into Chad. Gabi informs Chad that it's Andrew and he just died. Chad reveals that he heard what Andrew said and it sounded like he knew exactly who he was talking to. Gabi tries to explain as Chad takes her out of the room.

EJ questions Ian about his timetable. Ian says it's moved up as EJ struggles with being tied up. Ian tells him that he will have to do his part. Ian tells EJ that he's going to help him. EJ says he normally would help him but he's been accused of Stefano's murder. Ian mocks that he read that somewhere and adds that he keeps tabs on his co-conspirators. EJ questions what they conspired on. Ian says they both wanted Stefano and everyone did but EJ says no. Ian reveals to him that he was the lucky one that got to do the honors. EJ screams at Ian for killing Stefano and setting him up for it. Ian admits it as EJ wants to know why since he was nothing to him. Ian says it was so easy since EJ fired a gun and the gunpowder was on his gloves. EJ calls it unbelievable. Ian says EJ practically set himself up as his own worst enemy and cleared the way for him to get his due. Ian says he's so happy that they were able to clear the air.

Sami questions Rafe snooping around. Rafe tells Sami that she's a fugitive in a crime so anything he finds is fair. Sami thinks Rafe has doubts. Rafe says his doubts went away when EJ took off. Rafe points out that no one made EJ run. Sami thinks it's about her and Rafe still being mad at her so this is how he's punishing her. Sami then questions if Carrie put him up to this. Rafe tells her not to say Carrie's name. Rafe admits that he is mad that Sami trashed their marriage. Sami accuses him of being the one to check out the second Carrie came to town. Sami says she's not going to take responsibility for everything. Sami says she made a mistake but what Rafe did was the ultimate betrayal. Sami goes on about knowing Carrie being supposedly pure and whole. Sami thinks Carrie will leave Austin the second she believes she has a chance with Rafe. Rafe then reveals to Sami that Carrie and Austin left Salem and are not coming back.

Daniel checks on Andrew and declares that he is dead. Melanie wonders where Gabi is.

Chad takes Gabi into a room and demands she tell him all of it with no lies. Chad orders her to tell him exactly what she did. Gabi says she tried to tell him earlier but he was so nice and comforting and wants him to remember that. Gabi says it was just supposed to be a prank and nothing was supposed to happen. Gabi reveals that she wrote the note and pulled off the doll's head so she never had a stalker. Gabi says she wanted Chad to remember what it was like when they were together. Chad claims they were never together and questions Gabi having Melanie kidnapped. Gabi denies that was ever her plan. Chad says he was just being her friend like Melanie was. Gabi says she never wanted Melanie to get hurt and it wasn't like that at all. Gabi says it was all Andrew and she told him it was mistake and begged him to let her go then everything got out of control. Gabi says she didn't want Melanie to get hurt and tried to get her free herself. Gabi says she didn't realize how crazy Andrew was and doesn't know what she was thinking. Gabi says she hasn't slept since he took off with Melanie and worries about what could've happened.

Sami asks Rafe where Carrie went. Rafe informs her that she and Austin went back to Switzerland. Sami calls it nuts and doesn't understand. Sami asks what happened between he and Carrie and how she said goodbye. Rafe doesn't want to talk about it. Sami suggests he get it off his chest and wants to know what she said but Rafe doesn't think it matters.

EJ questions Ian killing Stefano. EJ brings up all the people that wanted Stefano dead over the years and no one even knew to look to Ian. Ian says everyone in the town wanted Stefano dead including the police. EJ calls him the mastermind and asks if that's why he set him up. Ian says it wasn't always about EJ but about him and getting Madison back so that she could have it all. Ian says he was going to give Madison everything since he had the means and all he had to do was get EJ out of the picture. Ian says that was why he set him up then but the timetable has changed with Madison gone. Ian says he no longer has to wait since EJ can give him what he wants. Ian declares he will have the great pleasure of getting rid of EJ once and for all.

Will asks T what he wanted and refuses to apologize for being who he is. T calls him a complete stranger but Will says he's not a different person. T thinks he's hanging out at different places with different people now. Will says that's part of growing up. T insists that he found a new fad and changed himself. T accuses him of leaving his real friends in the dust. Will apologizes and says he didn't mean to do that. T brings up Sami doing the same thing. Will questions what he's trying to say. T tells him to forget it as he doesn't want anything to do with him anymore and he then walks away.

Gabi tells Chad that she doesn't know what's wrong with her but feels like everyone is leaving her since her sister died and she broke up with Will so she thought maybe if she had Chad back. Chad calls it sick and accuses her of nearly killing Melanie. Gabi cries that she understands and doesn't blame him for being mad since she hates herself now. Gabi says he can't say anything that she hasn't already said to herself. Chad calls her the most selfish, deluded, dangerous person he's ever met and he's a DiMera. Gabi apologizes but Chad says it's not good enough. Gabi knows she can't do anything to fix it which Chad agrees with. Gabi starts to worry about Melanie finding out what she did. Chad says she will find out exactly who she is. Gabi admits she deserves it. Chad says it's the least of what she deserves. Gabi states that she will lose everything and asks Chad if that will make it better for him. Chad then exits the room leaving Gabi crying.

Daniel and Maggie sit with Melanie. Maggie goes to check with the front desk as Chad comes back and Melanie hugs him. Melanie wants to find Gabi and she comes out behind Chad. Melanie rushes up to Gabi and hugs her, glad that she's okay.

Justin and Sonny find Will outside the town square. Justin leaves Sonny to approach Will. Sonny goes up to him and asks if he's okay as he had been looking everywhere for him.

Melanie informs Chad that Andrew died. Chad says he knows as he found Gabi with him. Daniel checks with Gabi and she's okay. Chad says not to worry about Gabi as she was freaked out but is fine now. Chad hugs Melanie and tells her it's all over now. Melanie apologizes to Gabi for leaving her with Andrew. An officer comes and takes Melanie to get her statement. Gabi thanks Chad for not saying anything but he tells her not to thank him yet because they aren't done.

Nicole checks herself in the mirror and doesn't think it's a good look for her to try and get Daniel. Daniel comes back in and checks on her. Nicole says she's fine and asks about Melanie. Daniel informs her that Andrew is dead. Daniel apologizes for running out earlier and didn't want to leave things confused. Nicole is glad he came back.

Rafe tells Sami that what happened between he and Carrie has nothing to do with her. Sami says it's her sister and thinks it had to do with her. Rafe thinks she's giving herself too much credit. Sami questions her sister leaving town and not saying a word to her. Rafe points out that she wasn't around. Sami asks if she said anything to Rafe. Rafe suggests she ask Marlena if they talked about her. Sami wants to know if Carrie said anything about her to Rafe. Rafe thinks back to Carrie suggesting to him that he wasn't over Sami but then tells Sami that Carrie didn't say a word about her to him.

Nicole says she knows it's not a good time to talk since Daniel is working so she suggests he stop by her room later. Daniel says he might be working later. Nicole tells him it will be okay if it's just dinner and they have a lot to talk about. Daniel agrees to call her if he gets off early enough. Daniel then exits to continue working.

Gabi tells Chad that she's grateful that he didn't say anything to Melanie. Chad says Melanie's been through enough right now so she didn't need to know that her best friend almost got her killed. Chad orders Gabi to stay away from them or she will regret it. Melanie comes back and says they want Gabi's statement next. Melanie walks away with Chad as he glares back at Gabi.

Sonny asks Will what's wrong. Will says he's a bad person. Sonny thinks he's talking about helping people from the explosion. Sonny encourages him and says he's just glad he's okay as he was worried about him. Sonny hugs him and tells him that he had no idea. Sonny then kisses Will.

EJ questions Ian killing Stefano, setting him up for his murder and then threatens to kill him. Ian tells him that he sounds just like Stefano. EJ assures that he will do nothing to help Ian. Ian asks if he's daring him to give him a reason to help. Ian shouts that he accepts the dare and will give him a reason to help him. Ian pulls back a curtain, surprising EJ.

Sami tells Rafe that it's weird when he lies. Rafe says he's done talking. Sami asks Rafe if Carrie hurt him. Rafe goes back to searching the place and tells her to sit back down. Sami questions him expecting her to sit silently with him. Rafe says they'll both be wanting EJ to show up. As Rafe goes back to searching the place, Sami tries to make a run for it but Rafe catches her and tells her it was a nice try.

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