Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/17/12


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Nicole lays in her hospital bed and dreams about Daniel before waking up.

Maggie joins Melanie, Daniel, Chad, and Gabi at the hospital. Melanie hugs Maggie, excited to have her back.

Brady asks Kate why she's saying she's sorry and where Madison is so Kate hugs him.

EJ and Sami continue kissing until Sami says they need to stop because it's wrong.

Maggie talks with how happy she is to have Melanie back. Maggie and Chad talk about wishing they could find Andrew. Melanie wishes she knew why Andrew kidnapped her as Gabi thinks back to setting it all up. Roman enters and says they are still looking for Andrew but they have the gas leak contained and there weren't as many casualties as they thought. Chad doesn't want Andrew to get away. Roman guarantees they will find him and bring him to justice.

Nicole gets a visit from the priest, Father Matt, at the hospital. They talk and he makes mention of having no idea she and EJ were expecting a child. Nicole informs him that she's not with EJ and he's not the father. Nicole says she's just friends with the child's father. He mentions that he's sorry she is going through it alone but Nicole doesn't plan on being alone.

Kate begins explaining what happened to Madison. Brady starts trying to think about what he could have done. Kate informs him that Madison died in the explosion before the paramedics got there. Kate adds that John and Marlena are okay and that John is looking for him. Kate says she's so sorry and adds that Madison would probably still be here if it wasn't for Ian. Brady then questions what Ian did to her.

Maggie steps out as Chad asks Roman about Andrew and the possibility of him getting out of the tunnels. Melanie hopes that he will never come near them again. Roman takes Melanie to get her statement. Chad asks Gabi what's going on and if she's alright.

Maggie talks with Daniel about Melanie being okay. Daniel is still upset and blames himself for Melanie being kidnapped. Maggie says it's not true but Daniel says it's pure luck that she's still alive. Daniel blames himself for being too self involved. Maggie thinks he's being too hard on himself. Daniel says what he was doing instead of being there for Melanie is unforgivable.

Nicole talks to the priest about not being that religious. Nicole talks about having a moment and seeing that what she's wanted has been in front of her the whole time.

EJ asks Sami what she is against and if he's pressuring her. Sami talks about how the night before she was with Lucas. EJ calls Lucas just a distraction and points out how he hasn't come looking for her. Sami says she has feelings for Lucas. EJ brings up her feelings for him and thinking this feels right. Sami says nothing ever falls into place for her. EJ feels things have changed between them and he knows she knows it too. EJ says they've finally been able to put the past behind them and have their best interests at heart. Sami says they owe that to their kids but EJ says they owe it to themselves. Sami says she didn't go on the run with him to fall in bed with him. EJ tries to kiss her again but Sami goes and sits down. EJ sits with her and they kiss again.

Melanie gives her statement to Roman about being handcuffed to a pole and says she got away when Gabi found her.

Chad asks Gabi what's wrong. Gabi says everything that happened is her fault. Chad says it's not but Gabi tells him that he doesn't understand. Gabi calls herself a horrible person that is to blame as Chad hugs her.

Maggie tells Daniel that he's a great man and wants him to be happy that his daughter is alive instead of beating himself up. Maggie asks if this is about Nicole. Daniel says Nicole hasn't done anything and is a better person than people give her credit for. Maggie wants to know what is wrong. Daniel says that he's doing exactly what Nicole is accused of doing so much. Daniel says he's using Nicole because he didn't want to be alone. Daniel says he's become that guy and doesn't want to be anymore.

Nicole talks to Father Matt about wanting to be happy. Nicole talks about having a hard time believing when someone isn't going to hurt her. He tells her that she's not alone anymore and she needs to focus on her child.

EJ and Sami continue kissing until the computer goes off. EJ gets up and checks his message from one of his contacts. EJ finds out that one of his contacts has information to clear his name which excites them. EJ decides he has to go meet with him. Sami wants to go with him but EJ says no. Sami says they are in together. EJ points out that he was instructed to go alone. Sami thinks she can hide. EJ doesn't want to worry about her safety. Sami points out that it could be a trap. EJ thinks it's a better idea that she stays behind for the children then. Sami tells him not to talk like he isn't coming back. EJ brings up how in the past, she would've wanted him to not come back. Sami admits things have changed and then they kiss.

Brady asks Kate to tell him what Ian did to Madison. Kate informs him that Ian was with her when she died. Brady questions if he was the reason that she got hurt. Kate says she doesn't know anything other than he was there. Brady demands to know what Ian is now. John walks in and questions Kate about this being the grand plan. John accuses Kate of trying to wind up Brady and send him after Ian. John refuses to let her and tries to send her out but Kate pulls away. John tells Kate to get revenge on Ian herself. Kate tells Brady that she's sorry for his loss. Kate says he needs to hear this since she was there when Madison died. Kate tells Brady that Madison's last words were that she loved Brady. Kate then turns and exits the room. Brady tells John that he's going to kill Ian but John stops him and tells him that he's not going anywhere like this.

Gabi tells Chad that he would hate her too if he really knew. Chad says Andrew kidnapped Melanie and not Gabi. Chad says no one could have stopped this but Gabi says she could have stopped it but didn't.

Maggie asks Daniel about being lonely. Daniel says he wanted more with Nicole and kept pushing. Daniel feels Nicole doesn't love him that way and he has no right to get jealous. Daniel says Nicole needed a friend. Daniel realizes he can't escape his emptiness. Daniel wants to be a proud father as Maggie hugs him.

Nicole talks to her baby about how Daniel could love them both and she wants to let Daniel know how she feels.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse where she finds Lucas seated. She asks about the kids and he admits that it's been rough without Sami. Kate calls Sami selfish and Lucas comments that he's used to it. Kate mentions planning to go talk to Roman and thinks back to Ian admitting to murdering Stefano. Lucas wonders if Roman knows where Sami is but Kate doesn't care. Lucas worries about Sami facing jail time. Lucas remarks that he'd put her in jail himself if she wasn't the mother of his children.

EJ and Sami finish kissing. EJ says when he gets back, he will hopefully have cleared his name and they can pick up where they left off as he kisses her again. Sami tells him that she'll be waiting as he then exits.

Daniel checks on Nicole and tells her that she and the baby are doing well and should be out by the end of the day. Nicole doesn't know how to thank him. Nicole says she owes him and doesn't know what would've happened to her if it wasn't for him. Nicole tells him that he saved their lives. Daniel says he's her friend and was happy to do what he could. A nurse enters to check on Nicole. Daniel goes to leave but Nicole wants him to stay. The nurse tells her that she and the baby are doing fine. Nicole insists that the nurse can say anything in front of Daniel since he saved her child's life. The nurse advises that Nicole refrain from any sexual activity for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Brady feels guilty about not being there when Madison needed him. John reminds him that no one knew she'd be in any danger. John points out that Madison's last words were for him and that's what he should hold on to.

Nicole's nurse exits as Nicole jokes about not being able to fool around for a couple of months. Daniel tells her that she will be fine. Nicole jokes that it's a long time for him too. Daniel thinks her health and the child is all that matters. Nicole tells him that she knows he cares about them both. Daniel admits he cares a lot but states that not being together sexually is what's best for them.

Chad tells Gabi that she's not to blame and should be the hero for saving Melanie. Melanie comes back and says Chad is right. Melanie tells Gabi that she's a great friend and none of it is her fault. Nurse Maxine comes in and gets Chad and Gabi out as another victim is being brought in. Melanie works as the nurse for the patient only to find out that it's Andrew.

Sami sits at the computer and spills her drink on herself so she reluctantly goes to change clothes into the dress that Silvio left for her as someone arrives outside and grabs the handle to the door.

Kate tells Lucas that it's not like him to not be defending Sami. Lucas says he's done trying to protect Sami.

Sami comes back in her dress and hears someone trying to enter the safehouse. She grabs a wine bottle and prepares to use it as a weapon.

Gabi comes back to Melanie and asks what's going on as Andrew awakes.

Nicole doesn't understand Daniel saying he doesn't think they should make love again ever. Daniel sits with her and says he's not proud of the way he's treated her. Nicole is confused and points out that he saved her life. Daniel explains that he's talking about before and how he pressured her into a relationship. Nicole calls it ridiculous and stops him, telling him to listen to her now.

Lucas tells Kate that he's sorry it took him so long to see Sami for who she really is. Kate is glad he is finally seeing it and tells him how he deserves better. Lucas admits he still wants Sami to be happy for the kids sake. Kate thinks whoever Sami is with, she will make miserable.

EJ prepares to go meet his contact but is approached from behind and knocked out with a hit to the back of the head.

Sami prepares to open the door with her wine bottle raised when suddenly Rafe appears inside and stops her.

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