Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami wakes up from sleeping on the couch of the safe house. EJ sits with her as Sami says she can't believe she got some sleep. EJ starts to regret letting her come. Sami reminds him that he didn't let her. EJ thinks they should go back.

Brady hugs Melanie as Chad and Gabi find them. Chad hugs Melanie as she cries. Melanie thanks him for not giving up on her. Chad tells her that he couldn't live without her and loves her as they kiss.

Kate tells Ian that he knew nothing about real love. Ian reminds her that she cheated on her husband with him. Ian says Kate came begging to him. Kate screams that she came to him because she was desperate. Ian claims she came to him because she wanted a real man. Kate screams at him that he's not even in Stefano's class. Ian calls him the scum of the earth and reveals that she should be grateful that he killed Stefano. Kate questions what he just said but Ian says it was nothing.

Jennifer explains to Adrienne what happened and that Jack died tonight. Adrienne can't believe it and cries as Justin hugs her.

Daniel and Bo sit with Nicole and try to keep her conscious. Daniel sends Bo to get his medical bag. Nicole asks Daniel not to let her baby die.

Adrienne talks about how Jack always comes back and can't believe he's dead. Jennifer adds that it doesn't feel real. Cameron and Abigail return to them. Abigail tells Adrienne that Jack saved her life and died a hero. Adrienne hugs her as they cry and then hugs Jennifer. Julie overhears that Jack is dead and can't believe it.

Daniel brings Nicole a bottle of water to keep her hydrated. Nicole worries about being unable to carry the baby to term. Daniel encourages her to be strong. Daniel promises that they will be fine and he will get them through it as long as she trusts him.

Chad thanks Brady for taking care of Melanie. Brady points out Melanie's cut on her leg. Chad checks if Gabi is okay. Melanie wonders if Andrew is still down there. Chad thinks he must have gotten away but promises to never let him hurt Melanie again. Brady says it's time to get out so they all start to move on.

Kate screams at Ian for murdering Stefano and says she never wanted that. Kate grabs him and screams at him for ending Stefano's life.

Sami reminds EJ that they will be arrested if they go back to Salem. EJ says he can say that he forced her to come so that she's not charged. Sami wonders why he would consider it. EJ says he's worried about her. EJ thinks she made the choice on impulse to come with him. Sami says he saved her life but that's not why she's there. They talk about the kids missing them. Sami refuses to leave until they find a way to prove his innocence. EJ tells her to let him know if she changes his mind. Sami says she won't but thanks him. Sami offers to make some food. EJ tells her that there isn't much and asks if she's sure she doesn't want to go back. They hear a noise as a man then arrives with a gun.

Nicole begins having contractions as she complains about giving birth in the town square. Bo returns with Daniel's medical bag as he promises to take care of her. Daniel gives her a shot and begins to worry if something is wrong.

Julie hugs Jennifer and says she and Doug came back to see if they could help. Jennifer is glad she's there and they talk about Jack.

Nicole tells Daniel that nothing is wrong because the contractions stopped. Bo goes to check on the status of the ambulance. Daniel checks Nicole for the baby's heartbeat and says the contractions have stopped as the baby's heartbeat is a lot stronger. Nicole is thankful as Daniel says they just need to get her to the hospital. Bo comes back and says the ambulance should be there any second. Bo goes back to have the ambulance sent to them. Nicole tells Daniel that he saved her baby's life and came through on his promise for everything to be okay. Nicole cries as Daniel hugs her. Nicole cries about her pregnancy being a miracle and says Daniel just gave her another miracle. The ambulance arrives. Daniel wishes he could go to the hospital with her. Nicole understands he has people to help. Nicole insists that she will be fine. Daniel says he will make sure that the paramedics take care of her. Nicole thanks him for everything. Daniel kisses her and leaves as Nicole cries.

The man with the gun realizes EJ is there and greets him with a hug. EJ introduces Sami to the man named Silvio. He didn't realize that EJ was using the DiMera Safe House and thought someone broke in. Silvio offers to bring them food and leaves them with a lap top for internet access. EJ thanks him as he then exits. Sami starts to use the computer but realizes that the police could track them. EJ plugs in a device that scrambles any tracker. Sami wants to get on Will's Facebook and make sure everyone else is okay. Sami sees that Marlena is fine and with the kids. Sami says she feels better knowing the kids are okay and happy so she feels better being away from them. EJ tells her that she will be back with them soon but they just need a plan.

Ian tells Kate that she's only hearing what she wants to hear. Kate screams that he can't take back that he murdered Stefano. Kate can't believe she never saw it and says she's going to tell Roman but Ian stops her and throws her onto the bed. Ian shuts the door and tells her not so fast.

Cameron goes to the Pub and sees Kayla. Cameron says he's there to relieve her but Kayla says she has things under control. Cameron realizes she hasn't heard the news. Jennifer arrives with Abigail, Julie, Justin, and Adrienne. Julie informs Kayla that Jack has died. Jennifer goes to call JJ with Abigail as Adrienne realizes she has to call Steve and goes with Kayla to do so. Jennifer calls for JJ and informs him that she has something to tell him.

Daniel makes calls outside the town square as Melanie, Chad, and Gabi find their way out. Melanie runs up to Daniel and hugs him as she cries.

Ian tells Kate that he doesn't care if she goes to Roman. Ian brings up her history with Roman and how it ended. Ian doesn't think Roman would believe her. Ian brings up Kate overhearing his conversation with Madison which John heard who she also has a past with. Kate insists that Roman will believe her. Ian brings up Roman believing EJ killed Stefano and even more since he left town. Kate says EJ loved Stefano but Ian says EJ wanted all the power to himself. Kate says it's all what he wanted. Ian smashes a wine bottle and threatens her if she thinks he's capable of murder. Ian grabs her and kisses her then walks out of the room.

Cameron tries comforting Abigail as Jennifer continues talking to JJ on the phone. Abigail wonders how Jennifer will tell him how it happened and Abigail blames herself. Cameron points out that she'd be dead if not for Jack. Cameron tells her that she can't blame herself because it was an accident. Abigail says she will never accept what happened tonight.

Bo joins Nicole in her hospital room to check on her and the baby. Nicole says she's fine and the baby is great. Nicole says she doesn't know how to thank him. Bo reminds her that Daniel is the hero and not him.

Melanie talks with Daniel about Brady looking for Madison. Daniel thanks Chad for putting his life on the line to save Melanie. Daniel wonders where Andrew is but Chad thinks he got away. Chad says he and Gabi are going to go get some food and they walk away. Daniel sits with Melanie as she cries while he holds her. Daniel vows to never let anything like this happen to her again. Daniel regrets not paying more attention to her and promises to never leave her behind.

EJ and Sami have the dinner that Silvio brought for them. They talk about whoever killed Stefano and set him up and if they have any idea who it is. Sami mentions that she knows it's not John or Marlena. EJ agrees that he knows it's not them and is grateful to them for watching the kids. EJ compliments Sami on looking good in her clothes. Sami jokes with him about having too much wine. EJ talks about seeing her as the mother of his children. EJ says it's different between them when there's no pretense. EJ tells Sami how sexy she looks to him right now.

Bo gets a message on his phone and informs Nicole that EJ left town. Nicole thanks him for letting her know. Bo exits to go get more details. Nicole comments on what a night she's had and hopes her baby never finds out who it's father is. Nicole tells her baby that she wants EJ out of the picture so Rafe doesn't have to pretend anymore. Nicole states that Rafe has been so good to them but is hung up on someone else. Nicole says what they really need is someone to make them happy.

Abigail asks Jennifer if JJ is coming home. Jennifer doesn't know as he went into shock and didn't want to talk. Jennifer sends Julie to call other members of the family. Cameron thinks Abigail could use some fresh air but she claims to be fine. Jennifer advises her to take care of herself. Cameron takes Abigail outside. Kayla tells Jennifer that she told Steve and he's devastated and wishes he was there. Adrienne tells Jennifer that she doesn't have to be strong. Jennifer talks about losing Jack so many times. Justin approaches and reveals that Jack's body was taken to the morgue so they can take her there. Justin hands Jennifer an envelope of Jack's personal belongings. Jennifer looks inside and takes out his wallet. She looks inside at an old picture of them.

Brady rushes into Madison's hotel room but finds Kate and questions what she's doing there. Brady asks Kate where Madison is. Brady wants an answer and asks again. Kate informs Brady that she's so sorry.

Nicole remains in her hospital bed and talks to her baby about their brand new life when they get out. Nicole says she hasn't felt this sure about anything in a long time.

Daniel checks on Melanie's cuts as Chad and Gabi come back. Daniel wants to check her out at the hospital. Daniel adds that the police will be getting their statements. Chad checks on the news on his phone and says it's unbelievable that they are even alive. Chad reveals there's been a number of fatalities.

Bo goes to the Pub and comes across Cameron and Abigail. Bo doesn't know what happened so Abigail informs Bo that Jack died tonight. Bo hugs her as she cries and Bo can't believe it.

Jennifer sits with Jack's wallet and looks through the rest of the envelope. She finds his cell phone and cries looking at another old picture of them. She then finds his wedding ring and breaks down in tears. Adrienne and Kayla hug her and tell her that they are all there for her.

EJ holds Sami's hand as she calls him crazy and says they need to focus on proving his innocence since that's what they are here to do. EJ says it's the middle of the night so it can wait. Sami wants to think about what they are going to do next and what they are doing here. Sami wonders what they are doing here. She says she thought she knew what they were doing but then there was wine, dresses, and one bed. EJ reminds her that his life is on the line and adds that he had no intention of seducing her. Sami is glad to hear that as EJ holds her hand again and pulls her back. EJ says that was before but now it's just the two of them alone together. EJ says they have been fighting this for a very long time as he then kisses Sami.

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