Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel, Bo, and Hope continue searching but Nicole is gone. Daniel wonders where she could've gone and says first Melanie's gone and now Nicole.

Chad and Gabi continue moving through the tunnels but come across a dead end.

Brady and Melanie remain trapped as Melanie worries about another explosion from the gas leak. Melanie wonders what happened to everything above ground. Brady remarks that he was supposed to get married today and they worry about what may have happened. Brady says they need to get out.

Ian holds Madison and says she's the only woman that he ever loved. Kate approaches as Ian says it's all his fault. John arrives and stops behind them. Ian says he let Madison go because taking out Stefano was more important to him. John offers to go get help but Ian says it's tool ate as he has lost her.

Jack and Cameron start to pry the elevator doors open as the cable almost snaps. Cameron reaches inside as Abigail sits in the corner scared. Jack picks up Abigail and brings her to Cameron. They pull Abigail out of the elevator but Jack gets stuck and loses the door. Jack falls back as the elevator cable snaps and Abigail screams out for him. Jennifer calls out to Jack but doesn't get an answer as she bangs on the elevator and Cameron holds Abigail while she cries.

Bo continues searching and suggests that Nicole could've gotten out so Daniel rushes to try and find out. Bo instructs Hope to call the Pub and see if Nicole went there.

Gabi tells Chad that the tunnel must have caved in after Melanie got through. Chad worries about her being trapped on the other side. Chad begins trying to move the rubble and demands Gabi help him.

John checks Madison's pulse and sees she has died as Ian says he was too late but would've done anything for her. John wants to find Brady. Ian denies doing anything to Brady. Ian blames Brady for this and says he will spend the rest of his life to make him pay.

Brady tries to find a way out but more of the roof caves in on top of Brady and Melanie, knocking them out.

Ian refuses to leave Madison. John warns him that the building is not safe and that he needs to let EMTs search. Ian tells him that Brady isn't there as he didn't show up for his own wedding. Ian tells John to go search bars and back alleys. John assumes Ian had something to do with Brady not showing up. Ian claims that Madison took her last breath believing that Brady didn't love her. John blames Ian for that because he couldn't stand to see Madison happy. Ian calls Brady a worthless drug addict. John vows to never forget what Ian did to Brady. Ian yells at John to get out and leave him alone. John suggests Kate should leave too. EMTs arrive for Madison. John goes off to search for Brady. Ian tells the EMTs that her name is Madison and she's his wife.

Chad continues searching through the rubble as Gabi worries about causing another explosion. Chad refuses to stop searching until he finds Melanie. Chad tells her to help but she's scared. Chad says he's scared too as one more explosion would cause the whole place to fall on top of them. Gabi reluctantly starts helping Chad move the roof remains.

Cameron, Abigail, and Jennifer try to contact Jack but they get no response. Roman arrives with firefighters and they explain what happened. Roman calls for help as they try to get a response from Jack.

Daniel, Bo, and Hope still can't find Nicole and wonder where she could have gone. Hope adds that there are still no updates on Melanie either. Daniel talks about not thinking things could get worse. Bo hears a voice and he and Daniel start looking through more roof pieces and they find a woman buried underneath that they thought was Nicole but it's a woman named Pam. Daniel tells her that he's a doctor and will take care of her. Pam begs him not to leave her. Daniel says he's only going to check for other injuries and she thanks him.

Roman tries calling for help but can't get an answer. Jennifer and Abigail want to do something themselves but Roman orders them not to. Roman goes looking for help as Jennifer hugs Abigail while she cries.

Ian walks outside the town square and looks at Madison's blood on his hands. He keeps on walking as Kate follows behind him.

Chad and Gabi continue searching. Gabi wants to leave before they die and thinks they have to find another way. Pieces of the roof start to crumble as Gabi worries.

Melanie regains consciousness and moves out of the roof pieces. She checks on Brady and tries to wake him up. Melanie worries and begins performing CPR on Brady.

Ian goes to Madison's hotel room and pours a drink. He looks at a necklace and recalls buying it for Madison in Paris. Ian sits down on the bed and thinks back to telling her that he would always love her. Ian wonders what he was thinking by letting her go to Brady. Kate enters and calls him an evil son of a bitch.

Melanie continues trying to revive Brady and gets him to wake up. Brady thanks her and Melanie explains that the roof caved in again. Melanie tells him to stay down as he insists that he's fine. Brady wants to find Madison and get back to their families. Melanie tells Brady to stay put while she digs for a way out. Brady warns her to be careful. Melanie helps Brady to his feet as he tells her to be really careful. They try to start moving pieces of the roof.

Gabi tells Chad that they need to get out before the roof caves in but Chad wants to find Melanie and says he has a feeling. Gabi pulls Chad away and tries to convince him to leave so he agrees and they go another way as pieces of the roof cave in behind them.

Daniel has the EMTs load Pam onto a stretcher. She thanks him as she is taken away. Hope decides to go to the Pub and check on everyone else. Bo goes back to Daniel and Daniel vows to find Nicole as they continue searching.

Abigail wonders what's taking so long as Jennifer hopes Roman will come back with good news. Abigail asks Cameron if he's seen patients survive anything like this. Cameron says there is always hope. Abigail blames herself for Jack going into the elevator after her. Roman returns and announces that the paramedics determined Jack died instantly upon the fall. Abigail breaks down crying with Jennifer. A woman appears and tells Roman that her son is trapped on the floor above so Roman and Cameron rush off to try and help.

Brady and Melanie worry about what has happened to everyone else after the explosion. Melanie tells him that she's sure Madison is fine. Brady assumes she must be worried about him standing her up at the altar. Melanie talks about Brady getting married and wants to hear about Brady going through rehab. Melanie starts panicking about thinking Brady was going to die and what could have happened to Chad and Gabi.

Chad and Gabi continue navigating through the tunnels. Chad says they are going to keep going until they find Melanie and Brady.

Ian tells Kate to go away and leave him alone. Kate questions what kind of friend that would make her. Kate tells him that drinking is not the answer as he can't drown his sorrows. Kate pours a drink and proposes a toast to SOBs getting what they deserve. Ian questions Madison dying meaning nothing to her. Kate throws her drink on him. Ian orders her to get out. Kate compares his grief to her grieving for Stefano. Kate says Stefano despised her because she let a worthless piece of trash like Ian into her life. Kate says Ian destroyed everything for them. Kate says the only one worse than him is herself for being so stupid to be deluded by him only to find out he was just using her. Kate tells Ian that she's not just going to curl up in a corner and die. Kate vows to make sure that this horrible day will look like one of the better days of his life.

Abigail and Jennifer walk through the building crying. Abigail talks about saying goodbye to Jack so many times before but he always came back. Jennifer thinks back to Jack returning to her in the past. Abigail wishes this wasn't real. Jennifer wishes she could tell her it's not true as Abigail continues to cry in Jennifer's arms.

Nicole staggers through the town square. Bo and Daniel walk by and find her. They check on her but she's disoriented. Nicole says she's thirsty as they sit her down on a bench. Daniel checks her vitals and worries that she's going into shock. Bo calls in for an ambulance. Daniel sits with Nicole and holds her.

Abigail and Jennifer cry over Jack's death. Jennifer tells her not to be sorry. Abigail worries about telling JJ. Abigail says she had the greatest dad in the world and hopes he knew that she knew it. Abigail thinks back to her final moments with Jack in the elevator. Abigail feels it's almost like Jack knew they were saying goodbye. Cameron returns and Abigail hugs him. Abigail wonders what happened out there. Cameron says it was some kind of gas leak. Jennifer says she wants to see Jack but Cameron doesn't know if it's possible right now. Jennifer notices a cut on Abigail's arm and worries about it. Cameron thinks she should get it treated. Jennifer insists that she's fine and will be there. Cameron takes Abigail with him as Jennifer cries. Justin and Adrienne arrive and hug Jennifer. Adrienne asks where Jack is.

Ian tells Kate that she can't do anything to hurt him since nothing can be as horrible as this night. Kate wants to give it a try. Ian reminds her that Stefano blackmailed her into marriage. Kate slaps him and calls him a bastard. Ian says the Kate he used to know was honest but calls her delusional now. Ian mocks her marriage to Stefano since he got her into bed so easily. Kate calls it the worst five minutes of her life and wishes she could forget. Ian says it's despicable for Kate to come in and say these things on the night that Madison died. Ian calls it unforgivable. Kate screams that it's not as unforgivable as what Ian did to her. Ian shouts back that he used her just like every other man has done to her. Kate says they've both made their points. Ian shouts that Stefano used her every day for the last three years.

Brady and Melanie continue trying to find a way out as Melanie worries that they are trapped. Brady sees light and thinks they are finding a way out.

Chad and Gabi continue looking through the tunnels as Chad stops and thinks he hears voices so he rushes off in the direction of them and Gabi follows.

Daniel tries to keep Nicole from losing consciousness and wants to get her water. Bo rushes off to go check on the ambulance. Daniel promises that she and the baby will be fine.

Brady and Melanie break through to finding a way out. They hug in excitement as Chad and Gabi come up in the opening and see them together.

Daniel and Bo sit with Nicole and try to keep her conscious.

Jennifer informs Adrienne that Jack is gone which shocks her. Jennifer says she's sorry as she and Justin hug Adrienne.

Kate tells Ian that it's not true since she knows Stefano loved her. Ian tells her to accept the facts. Kate talks about Ian going off the rails when Madison left him and says he knew nothing about real love. Ian reminds her that she cheated on her husband with him. Ian says Kate came begging to him. Kate screams that she came to him because she was desperate. Ian claims she came to him because she wanted a real man. Kate screams at him that he's not even in Stefano's class. Ian calls him the scum of the earth and reveals that she should be grateful that he killed Stefano.

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