Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Bo try to find Nicole as Daniel worries about Nicole not responding and having contractions.

Cameron puts the fire out and calls out to Abigail. Jack thanks Cameron and they go back to trying to get the door open. Jack and Cameron are able to pull the first part of the elevator door open as Jack takes a piece of wood to help get the door all the way open. They get it open as Jack rushes in but Abigail sits in the corner scared. Cameron tries to keep the door open but loses his grip and Abigail worries that they are trapped.

Kayla and Marlena talk to Roman at the Pub as he regains consciousness on the stretcher. Roman worries about Sami as they try to keep him calm. Marlena and Kayla talk about Lucas and how he has risked his life by going after Sami.

Lucas goes looking for Sami outside and ends up collapsing.

Sami tells EJ that she's going with him but EJ tells her to go home. Sami reminds him that the police are after him so they have to go but EJ refuses to let her go with him.

Cameron tries to get the elevator back open and encourages Jennifer to help. Cameron can't believe Jack went in there. Abigail starts blaming herself for this happening.

Marlena tells Roman that she's sure Sami will be fine. Roman worries that she may be hurt and knows she's in danger. Roman informs Marlena about EJ planning to leave town and how Sami wouldn't let him arrest EJ. Marlena can't believe Sami was protecting EJ. Roman says he gave up trying to figure out Sami. Roman says he had orders to arrest EJ with force so Sami could be in serious trouble.

Will tells EJ that Sami has to go with him. EJ thinks it's too dangerous and brings up the kids. Will offers to take care of the kids. EJ doesn't want Sami putting her life on the line because of him. Sami warns him that the police are coming so they have to go. Sami thanks Will and tells him that she loves him. Sami asks Will to tell the kids that she's sorry that she won't be able to say goodbye. Sami says she'll be back as soon as she can and hugs Will. Sami rushes out. Will tells EJ to take care of her as he follows Sami out.

Abe walks through the Pub with Theo as Kayla stops and talks to him. Abe complains about EJ abandoning the town as a mayor. Theo sees a little girl crying and goes to talk to her. He finds out that her mother is missing

Will finds Lucas outside after he collapsed. Will helps him up and claims to know nothing about Sami. Lucas hurries off to try and find her so Will follows.

Sami and EJ go to the DiMera Mansion. EJ counts his money and tells Sami that it's not too late for her to just walk away from him and the whole mess.

Hope joins Bo and Daniel in their search for Nicole. Daniel wants a rescue team as he continues looking until pieces of the roof fall and hit Daniel, knocking him down.

Abe and Kayla join Theo in talking to the little girl who is named Molly. She can't remember where her mom was. Abe and Kayla talk about the victims of the explosion and Abe worries about people that didn't make it out.

Hope and Bo check on Daniel as he wants to go back and look for Nicole. Hope encourages him to rest as Bo tells him to listen to Hope. Daniel wonders if Melanie is alive or dead. Bo continues looking through the rubble. Daniel insists on helping and declares that he's going to find Nicole.

Abigail tells Jack that she doesn't know what she did to deserve such a great dad. Jack says he's the lucky one and talks about not being proud of things in the past that he's done. Jack talks about watching Abigail grow up and how that's the best thing to ever happen to him. Jack regrets all the time he missed with her. Abigail apologizes for any time she's ever hurt him as she recalls how angry at him she used to be. Jack wishes he never left. Abigail cries that she missed him because he is such a huge part of her life and didn't know what to do without him. Jack insists that she's done great. Abigail hopes she can still be a reporter like him. Abigail talks about everything she's learned from Jack. She tells him that she's grateful to be his daughter. Jack cries as Abigail says she loves him and they hug.

Lucas brings Will into the warehouse and says this is where he last saw Sami. Will tells him that he's sure Sami isn't there and must be fine. Lucas talks about Sami protecting EJ and worries that she fell. Lucas tries to go searching but Will holds him back.

Sami and EJ sit together at the mansion as Sami says she can't walk away from him and refuses to back out. Sami says it hurts to leave the kids but thinks they are doing it for them. Sami tells EJ that they will be unstoppable together against whoever was framing him. EJ says it's good to have her on his side for a change. Sami says EJ saved her life tonight and she wants to pay him back for that. EJ brings up that they must also consider Lucas and he asks Sami if she can really say goodbye to him.

Abe finishes a phone call with EMTs and nobody can find the mother of Molly. Abe and Kayla watch as Molly sits with Theo. Theo tells Molly that they are going to find her mom. She asks how he knows and he says he just does.

Sami tells EJ that she's still with Lucas and is only helping prove his innocence here since no one else will with Lexie and Stefano gone. Sami says she's all that is left for him to turn to.

Lucas continues worrying that Sami fell as Will holds him back. Will tells Lucas that she's okay so Lucas asks how he knows. Will admits that he was with her before he found Lucas. Lucas questions why he didn't tell him before and demands to know where she is so Will admits that she is with EJ.

Jack talks to Abigail about her childhood. Cameron tries using a pipe to get the elevator door open. The elevator cable begins to snap and knocks Jack and Abigail over as Jennifer calls out to them.

Abe and Kayla sit with Theo and Molly. Abe asks Molly if she remembers what her mom was wearing but she doesn't. Abe asks if she knows a phone number but she doesn't. Molly asks about Theo and Abe turns around to see that Theo is gone. Abe rushes out of the Pub looking for Theo.

Daniel and Bo continue moving pieces of the roof as Daniel thinks they are close to getting to Nicole.

Jack tries to comfort Abigail and tells her that they are alright and he's still with her. Abigail panics and says she can't breathe. Jennifer asks if they are okay. Jack says they are alright but there is smoke inside. Jennifer tells Abigail that she's not going anywhere without her as Abigail cries that she can't do this. Jennifer encourages her not to give up. Abigail cries that she's not strong like they are. Jennifer and Jack both encourage Abigail to stay strong as the elevator cable almost snaps again.

Lucas asks Will where Sami is with EJ but he doesn't know. Will promises he's not lying that he doesn't know where they went. Lucas can't believe Sami didn't tell him and worries that she's helping EJ escape. Will wants him not to be mad but Lucas yells about Sami being in trouble and Will not telling him. Lucas wants to know where Sami is now and if she's helping EJ escape. Will shouts that he doesn't know. Lucas tells Will that he's not protecting Sami. Lucas says he's on Will's side and they are a family that needs to stick together. Will reveals that Sami isn't just taking EJ somewhere but going with him.

EJ finishes counting money and says they have more than they thought so they should be good. Sami wants to figure out where they go next. EJ says they have to go somewhere secluded and not be discovered. Sami tells EJ that he's a wonderful father and he will be again when they prove his innocence. EJ suddenly says he knows the perfect place to go.

Abigail and Jack try to hang on as the elevator cable continues snapping. Jack tries opening the doors as Cameron tries to open it with the pipe and they almost pull it open.

Abe and Kayla can't find Theo as Abe doesn't understand what happened since Theo knows not to go off alone. Theo returns with Molly's mother and Molly greets her mother. Abe hugs Theo as Kayla tells Molly's mom that she wants an EMT to check her out just in case. Abe asks Theo how he knew where to find her. She says that she passed out in the parking lot and then the next thing she knew, Theo was telling her that Molly needed her. Abe asks Theo how he knew. Theo says he listened to Molly and wanted to be a detective like Abe. Abe hugs him and tells him how proud he is of him.

Daniel and Bo continue uncovering roof remains. They move the final piece but Nicole is not there and Daniel wonders where she is.

Lucas questions Sami going on the run with EJ. Will claims that she didn't have a choice. Lucas says she had a choice to let Roman do his job and arrest EJ but she's always protecting him. Will tries to calm him down. Lucas worries about what EJ will do to Sami. Will tells him that EJ won't hurt her. Lucas questions Will believing that EJ is being framed. Lucas says Sami is always out there for EJ no matter what he does to them. Lucas tells Will not to defend them. Lucas says Sami is with EJ because she wants to be with him despite all the times he warned her. Lucas declares that Sami has made the biggest mistake of her life.

EJ and Sami go to one of Stefano's safe houses to hide. EJ thanks Sami and says it means a lot to him.

Jack and Cameron start to pry the elevator doors open as the cable almost snaps. Cameron reaches inside as Abigail sits in the corner scared. Jack picks up Abigail and brings her to Cameron. They pull Abigail out of the elevator but Jack gets stuck and loses the door. Jack falls back as the elevator cable snaps and Abigail screams out for him.

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