Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail and Cameron say goodbye to Jack and Jennifer as they plan to go to the Pub to bring Theo a book he forgot. Cameron goes back to pick up Abigail's shawl so they agree to meet each other at the Pub.

Ian catches up to Madison and apologizes. Madison assumes Ian did something and it's another sick game. Ian denies it but Madison doesn't believe him. Madison says she knows Brady would be there if he could because he loves her. Ian tells her that if Brady loved her then he would've called her.

Brady tells Melanie that they have to get out but she doesn't want to leave Gabi.

Gabi tries helping Andrew but Chad finds her. Chad realizes Andrew is the one who took Melanie. Chad moves the roof remains off of Andrew and grabs him, demanding to know what he did with Melanie.

Roman keeps his gun raised at EJ but Sami gets up and stands in front of him as Roman and Lucas yell for her to get out of the way. Roman calls for the guard to get back up and tells Sami to move out of the way. Sami tells EJ to run.

Brady and Melanie move through the tunnels looking for Gabi as more sparks shoot off.

Chad asks Andrew where Melanie is. Andrew tells him to ask Gabi and as Chad turns and looks at Gabi, the tunnel explodes. The explosion hits all over Salem including the fundraiser and the warehouse. Abigail is knocked down in the elevator as Cameron calls out for her. Daniel and Nicole are knocked down as windows explode at the fundraiser and everyone is knocked down as they try to take cover. Daniel calls out to Nicole as he is knocked down. Brady and Melanie are knocked down in the tunnels. At the warehouse, Sami is knocked over the railing and holds on to EJ as she hangs off.

John and Bo recover in the remains of the building collapsing. John helps Marlena up and checks on her and they wonder what happened.

Sami hangs on to EJ as he tries to pull her back up as more sparks shoot out below them.

Nicole calls out for someone to help her as she remains down. She cries out for anyone to help her.

Daniel gets out of the rubble and searches for Nicole. Jack and Jennifer get up as Bo and Hope try to help everybody get out of the building. Marlena and John wonder what happened. Kate looks around for Ian and Lucas not knowing where they are. John wonders where Sami was as well. Kate decides she's going to go look for them. John checks on Marlena and hugs her.

Bo and Hope find Roman outside and help him up. Roman tells him that they need to help Sami inside.

EJ holds on to Sami as he screams for help and she almost falls. EJ tells her that he's not going to let her die.

Ian and Madison are down as Ian recovers and checks on Madison who remains unconscious. Ian touches her and gets blood all over his hand.

Chad loses Andrew and tells Gabi that he must have gotten out somehow but they need to find Melanie. Chad asks Gabi if she can walk on her ankle. She says she can but needs a minute. Chad continues looking around. Chad brings up Andrew telling him to ask Gabi where Melanie was and wonders why he would say that.

Brady and Melanie recover in the roof remains. Brady tells her that they have to get out before the whole place blows. Melanie tries to move but her foot is stuck. Brady promises to get her out.

Jack and Jennifer talk about being okay. They begin to worry about where Abigail is. Cameron recovers and Jack realizes this means Abigail didn't leave and they rush to the elevator. Abigail hears them from inside the elevator. Abigail tells them that the doors are stuck. Jennifer tells her to hang on as Cameron and Jack try to pry the doors open.

Bo has Roman loaded on a stretcher at the Pub. Bo explains to Kayla what happened as Hope and Will help. EMTs check on other people. Bo decides he's going back to help. Will wants to go with him but Kayla asks him to stay and help with Roman. Bo and Hope exit. Kayla has Will hold a bandage on Roman as John and Marlena arrive with Lucas who they place on a stretcher.

Sami remains hanging on to EJ as he tries to pull her back up. EJ has trouble and tells Sami that she's going to have to swing herself up but she worries about falling. EJ encourages her to be strong for the kids or else she will die. Sami tries but is unable to swing up and hangs off by one arm.

Brady removes roof pieces off Melanie as Brady sees she has a cut on her leg. Melanie worries about the severity of the cut as Brady wraps his jacket around her leg to stop the bleeding. Melanie brings up the gas leak causing the explosion and how they need to get out as soon as possible. Brady looks around and doesn't know how they can get out since the tunnel caved in on both sides, trapping them.

Daniel continues looking for Nicole. Nicole remains down under roof pieces and calls out for him to help her. Daniel tries to help as Nicole cries out that she thinks she's going into labor.

Marlena tells John not to be a hero and to be careful. Marlena decides to stay at the Pub to help Kayla as John tells her he loves her and kisses her. They hug and John then rushes off to help Bo.

Will, Kayla, and Kate bandage Lucas at the Pub as Kate tells Will that she's glad he's okay. Kate asks if anyone's seen Ian but they haven't. Lucas wakes up and they encourage him that he will be fine. Lucas worries about Sami and says she was in the warehouse and he needs to find her. Kayla and Marlena tell him that he can't so Will rushes off to go find her.

Sami tells EJ that he has to let her go so they don't both die. Sami says the kids can't lose both of them. EJ refuses to let her go as she hangs on. Sami tells him to let her go so that he doesn't die. EJ shouts that he cares about her. Sami tells him that it's okay to let her go for the kids as she starts to slip out of his grip.

Jennifer encourages Abigail to hold on as she hopes they can hurry. Abigail worries about the elevator cable snapping. Jack and Cameron can't get the door open. Jack instructs Abigail to try and reach up into the hatch to open the roof but she can't reach it. Abigail worries that the roof may cave in. Cameron says they will get her out another way. Jack wants to go upstairs and try to break in from the top. Jack and Cameron try to go upstairs but more of the roof caves in and a fire starts.

Daniel continues looking for Nicole in the roof remains. Daniel tells her to think about how strong she is and how much she's sacrificed for her child. Daniel encourages her to think about holding her baby. Nicole worries about the sharp pain she is feeling. Daniel continues moving pieces of the rubble. Nicole admits she was feeling pain before the explosion and should've told him. Daniel insists that he's going to get her out and get her through this. Bo returns and Daniel tells him what's going on. Daniel promises Nicole that he's not leaving her. Bo and Daniel search through the remains trying to get her out. Daniel tells Bo that they have to get her out now.

Ian holds Madison as he calls out for anyone to help. Ian tells Madison that she's going to be alright and tries to get her to wake up. Ian tells her that help is on the way as Madison begins to wake up. Ian tells Madison that he's there for her and that they are going to be together and happy like they were. Ian cries out that she is the only woman he's ever loved as Kate appears behind them.

Chad asks Gabi why Andrew said to ask her where Melanie was. Gabi says it must be because she found Melanie before. Gabi talks about how they were handcuffed by they got separated. Gabi explains how she told Melanie to go ahead. Chad asks about how Melanie was. Gabi says she's fine. Chad states that they have to find Melanie. Chad helps Gabi up and goes looking for Melanie.

Ian holds Madison and tells her that he regrets the way he treated her since she deserved better. Ian says he's going to be a better man and the man she deserves. Ian tells Madison that he loves her and wants her to take him back. Ian reveals that he loves Madison and not Kate as he was only using Kate to get close to the DiMera fortune. Ian tells Madison that she can't leave him as they have so much to look forward to while Kate listens to it all.

Brady and Melanie remain stuck and talk about the explosion. Brady hopes someone must be coming to help. Melanie wishes she could go home and worries about not getting out in time. Melanie brings up Andrew but Brady tells her that he's gone. Brady encourages her that everything will be alright soon as he hugs her.

Cameron grabs the fire extinguisher to try and put out the fire that started on the elevator. Jack begins freaking out as Jennifer holds him and tries to calm him down. Jack says he's fine as Jennifer has him take deep breaths to stay calm. Jennifer insists that they are okay and that Abigail is going to be fine. Jack worries about the smoke and fire. Jennifer tells him that the fire is almost out. Jack is reminded of bombs. Jennifer tells him that they are going to be alright and that Abigail needs him.

Sami tells EJ that it's okay to let her go but EJ refuses. Will arrives and runs in to help. Will joins EJ and helps pull Sami up as sparks continue to shoot out below. Will and EJ successfully pull Sami up to safety with them. Will and Sami hug as they cry as they sit back with EJ. Sami then hugs EJ as he tells her that it's okay.

Daniel tells Nicole to hang in there as he and Bo try to uncover her. Daniel searches through the remains as Nicole cries out to him and worries about losing the baby. Nicole has a flashback to losing her last baby. Daniel encourages her. Bo tells Daniel to keep her calm since this is going to take some time. Daniel tells Nicole that he admires her strength and how tough she is. Daniel continues talking to Nicole to keep her calm. He encourages her to use her strength for the baby. Daniel calls out to her as she cries.

Melanie worries to Brady about Gabi and Chad being hurt and blames herself. Brady stops her and tells her that there's nothing she can do. Melanie tries to change the conversation by asking about Brady. Brady reveals to her that he just got out of rehab again which shocks Melanie but he doesn't want to talk about it. Brady informs her that he was getting married tonight. Melanie congratulates him and wonders why he's down here instead of with Madison. Brady tells her not to worry since he's the groom and Madison can't start without him. Melanie worries that she ruined his wedding day. Brady says he had to know that she was okay and couldn't stand not knowing. Melanie tells him that they have to get out so he can marry Madison.

Ian tells Madison that he should've realized how lucky he was to have her but he threw it all away and he begs for her forgiveness. Ian begs Madison not to leave him. Madison is able to get out the words "Brady, I love you" as she then loses consciousness in Ian's arms while he cries.

Melanie asks Brady what's wrong as he gets a look on his face but he doesn't know what it is.

EJ and Will help Sami down as Will explains that there was an underground explosion. Sami begins to worry about Roman but Will informs her that he's okay and Lucas is too. EJ wants to go help with the rescue but Sami says he can't. EJ insists that he's the mayor but Sami reminds him that the police will arrest him no matter what happened so he needs to get out of town.

Chad returns to Gabi and says she has to get out but she refuses to leave him. Chad demands to know what direction Melanie went in so she points him in a direction and he rushes off.

Brady stands up and looks around as Melanie wonders what it is. Brady says he has to get out and thinks if he's careful then he can get them out. Melanie notices a crack in one of the pipes and worries.

Ian continues crying as he holds Madison and begs her not to leave him while Kate watches on with tears in her eyes.

Daniel and Bo continue removing roof remains as Nicole has stopped responding. Daniel continues calling out to her.

Cameron puts the fire out and calls out to Abigail. Jack thanks Cameron and they go back to trying to get the door open. Jack and Cameron are able to pull the first part of the elevator door open as Jack takes a piece of wood to help get the door all the way open. They get it open as Jack rushes in but Abigail sits in the corner scared. Cameron tries to keep the door open but the elevator cable begins to snap.

Lucas gets off the stretcher. Marlena tries to stop him but Lucas says he has to find Sami and rushes off.

EJ thinks there's bigger things to worry about than his arrest. Will tells him that the police were still talking about it so he can't go out there. Sami tells EJ that he has to leave town for his kids. EJ decides Sami is always right. EJ hugs Will and thanks him. EJ says to Sami that this is goodbye but she says it's not. EJ reminds her that she told him to leave but Sami declares that she's going with him.

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