Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/27/12


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Abe holds his autism fundraiser in Lexie's honor. Abe speaks at the podium with Theo at his side and talks about raising awareness for autism and honoring Lexie. Everyone applauds as Abe talks about Theo. Abe makes a toast to Lexie as everyone raises their glasses. Abe allows Theo to speak and he says he loves his mom and wants to make her proud.

Kate and Ian talk at the fundraiser about Brady and Madison's wedding. Ian mocks them as Kate admits she respects Madison and thinks they deserve a happy ending.

John and Marlena get dressed at home as they prepare for Brady and Madison's wedding. John talks about being Brady's best man and how someday soon they will get married again. Madison comes in and needs help with her zipper. Marlena compliments her as Madison admits she's nervous. Madison worries about Brady being nervous too. Madison talks about Brady having to go into town and he hasn't called her back. Marlena is sure everything is all right.

Chad and Brady continue down the tunnels trying to find the voices they hear but they don't know which way to go.

Andrew tells Melanie that he will tell the truth and put all the cards on the table. Gabi begs him to let them go but Andrew says not until Melanie knows everything.

Daniel and Nicole talk with Bo and Hope at the hospital. Hope wishes Daniel would go to Brady's wedding but Daniel doesn't want to give up on Melanie. Hope and Bo hope Daniel will go to the fundraiser. Daniel agrees to stop by as Hope and Bo head to the fundraiser. Nicole tells Daniel how brave he is. Daniel feels helpless. Nicole encourages him about Melanie as Daniel worries about what's happening to her.

Roman asks Will where EJ is but he claims not to know anything as EJ and Sami hide outside. One of the guards finds out that EJ's ankle monitor has been deactivated as they seach the mansion. EJ leaves his monitor and runs off with Sami. Roman makes a call for an APB on EJ. The guards find the ankle monitor outside. Roman turns to Will and asks where he went but he claims not to know. Roman then exits with the guards.

Kayla praises Abe on his speech as Cameron and Theo agree. Abigail and Cameron take Theo to get some food. Jack and Jennifer talk to Abe about Theo.

Victor and Maggie talk at the fundraiser. Maggie wonders why she's there while Melanie is missing. Victor encourages that Melanie would want her to be with her friends and family. Maggie can't pretend to be happy while Melanie is out there somewhere.

Melanie and Gabi tell Andrew to hurry up and talk as sparks shoot out. Andrew agrees that they need to move.

Chad and Brady continue searching but they stop hearing the voices. Chad begins calling out for Melanie but Brady tells him to stop before they get killed.

Lucas talks with Kate at the fundraiser about Austin leaving Salem. Lucas is confused as to why they left without saying goodbye. Kate calls it all Carrie's idea. Kate hopes Carrie doesn't break Austin's heart and worries that her feelings for Rafe would never die in the same town. Kate asks Lucas where he thinks Sami is.

Sami and EJ go to an undisclosed location and Sami calls Will. Will asks if everything is okay but Sami tells him they are in trouble and need his help so Will asks what she needs him to do.

Madison tells John and Marlena about playing wedding with her sister in her childhood. Madison talks about regretting things during her marriage to Ian but now she's getting her life back. Madison calls Brady the best thing to ever happen to her. Madison thanks them for sharing Brady with her and inviting her into their home. Marlena takes Madison to get a necklace but John stops them and wants to say something to Madison.

Lucas comments to Kate that Ian is on his third glass of champagne and says it won't change Brady and Madison's wedding. Kate tells him he doesn't know anything about the situation. Lucas tells her that Maggie told him Ian was slipping Brady drugs. Lucas tells Kate that he's worried about her. She says not to be because she's just fine. Lucas suggests she try to have fun and walks away. Kate approaches Ian and warns him about his drinking. Ian tells her that he doesn't give a damn about Madison's wedding and steps away.

Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Doug, Julie, Kayla, and Abe. Bo congratulates Abe for bringing everyone together. Abe wishes they could've postponed for Melanie. Maggie tells Abe that what he's doing is incredibly important and knows Melanie would approve. Kayla worries about Daniel and hopes he will come. Victor comments that Daniel said he'd be there but hopes Nicole isn't with him. Maggie stops Victor and says as far as everyone else knows, Daniel and Nicole are just friends so it's not their business. Maggie adds that she wouldn't be surprised if Daniel didn't want to be around Victor. Victor says he's just concerned about Daniel. Maggie says she's concerned about him too and is happy if Nicole can help him through his tough time.

Daniel and Nicole arrive outside the fundraiser but Daniel decides he can't do it and turns away.

Brady warns Chad to keep it down so that the guy doesn't know they are coming. Brady wants to surprise him and goes to continue but Chad stops him and says he can't let him do that as he's supposed to be getting married tonight. Brady says he is but Melanie is one of his best friends and he wants her at his wedding so they are going to fire.

Andrew unchains Melanie and Gabi as another explosion goes off and knocks all three of them down and pieces of the roof begin to fall on them.

Nicole feels the explosion and wonders what it was as Daniel assumes it was an earthquake. Daniel tries to use the elevator but can't get it working. Nicole suggests using the stairs so he agrees but Nicole stops him and thinks he needs a hug so she gives him one.

Everyone in the fundraiser wonder what the explosion was. Abe assumes it's construction downstairs. Hope and Bo get calls. Maggie hopes it's about Melanie but Hope says no as she and Bo rush off. Kayla, Julie, and Doug talk to Victor and Maggie about earthquakes. Bo and Hope catch up to Lucas and ask to have a word about Sami.

Sami and EJ hide out in a DiMera Enterprises Warehouse. EJ tells her that they are safe but Sami worries about the kids and EJ being caught. EJ refuses to leave without seeing his children.

Melanie and Gabi recover from the explosion and look around as Andrew is trapped under parts of the roof. Melanie says they have to get out as Gabi looks over at Andrew.

Chad and Brady recover under roof pieces. Chad says they need to find Melanie before the whole place blows. They get back to their feet and agree to split up in their search with both going in opposite directions.

Abe looks at his picture of Lexie as her favorite song plays. Kayla joins him and they dance together. Victor asks Maggie if she wants to dance but she just wants him to hold her.

Lucas tells Bo and Hope that he can't believe EJ skipped town even though that's what he does. Bo says he won't get away with it. Lucas hopes not after he's brainwashed Will and Sami. Lucas assures them that he has no idea where Sami is.

Will brings Johnny and Sydney to the warehouse so they run up and hug EJ. EJ tells the kids that he's going on an adventure. They want to go but EJ tells them they can't and he needs them to stay and look after Sami. EJ hugs them and tells them he will miss them. EJ tells them he loves them more than anything. Will takes the kids to go get ice cream as they exit.

John tells Madison that he wanted to say welcome to the family. Madison thanks him and hugs him. Madison says she always wanted a real family. John talks about how Madison makes Brady happy. Madison promises not to let Brady down ever again. Marlena takes Madison to go get ready.

Melanie tells Gabi that they have to go but Gabi stops and worries her ankle is broken. Melanie doesn't want to leave without her but Gabi tells her to go get help. Melanie rushes off so Gabi quickly jumps up and tries to get the roof pieces off of Andrew.

Nicole tells Daniel that he shouldn't be alone tonight and wants to go with him but Daniel tells her that won't be a good idea. Daniel goes into the elevator but Nicole follows him and refuses to let him shut her out because he needs her.

Sami comforts EJ as he looks sad about the kids until guards find the warehouse. Roman and Lucas enter with guards as EJ and Sami hide. Lucas talks to Roman about the situation. Roman says they followed Will as he knew that he would lead them to EJ. Roman hopes they can finally bring EJ down as they search the warehouse.

Cameron jokes with Theo about teaching him dance moves. Abigail jokes with Cameron. Theo takes their hands and puts them together. Kayla joins them with Jack and Jennifer. Kayla takes Theo as they plan to head to the Pub and Cameron walks them out. Jack talks to Abigail about being proud of her spending time with Theo. Abigail tells Jack that even if she's grown up, she will always be his little girl and hugs him.

Madison arrives with Marlena and John. Maggie compliments her and Madison asks if she or Victor have seen Brady. Ian approaches and suggests Brady decided not to attend his own wedding. John warns Ian to take a hike before he gets angry.

Brady and Melanie are able to find each other in the tunnels. Brady hugs her and tells her she's okay.

Gabi tries to help Andrew but gets scared when more sparks shoot out.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's not going to let her search for Melanie while she's pregnant. Nicole wants him to eat or rest but Daniel refuses to unless he finds Melanie. Nicole wants to be there for him. Daniel tells her that it's not the time or place to have this conversation. Daniel tells her that he's sorry but he needs to find Brady and Madison and tell them he's sorry and goes off to find them.

John tries to call Brady but still gets no answer as he stands with Madison. Marlena comes to them and says no one has seen Brady. Madison worries that Brady was supposed to be there over an hour ago. Ian calls it cold feet. John encourages Madison that they will find Brady. Marlena thinks they will be slightly delayed but Madison worries that Brady is not coming as she starts to cry and rushes out. Marlena asks John what he thinks. John says there's no chance Brady doesn't show up. Ian then follows out after Madison and Kate watches him go by.

Will arrives at the fundraiser and gets a phone call from Sami. Sami tells him to get a car ready. Sami and EJ hide upstairs as Roman instructs the guards to search. EJ suggests Sami go down the fire escape as Roman spots him above on the balcony. Roman raises his gun and warns EJ that he will shoot if he takes another step so EJ has no choice but to stand and face him.

Hope and Bo talk with Abe about the great job he did. Abe feels terrible about Brady and Madison. They tell him not to let it take away from the night. Abe decides he's going to the Pub to check on Theo. He encourages them to stay and have fun. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel arrives and greets Abe, Doug, and Julie on their way out. Daniel asks Victor and Maggie about Brady never showing. Daniel hopes he's alright and says he's going back out to check on Melanie. Daniel hugs Maggie and looks over at Nicole sitting at a table. Daniel states he's going to first take Nicole home and Victor agrees not to say a word. Daniel tries calling Chad. Nicole gets up and steps out feeling her stomach.

Abigail and Cameron say goodbye to Jack and Jennifer as they plan to go to the Pub to bring Theo a book he forgot. Cameron goes back to pick up Abigail's shawl so they agree to meet each other at the Pub.

Ian catches up to Madison and apologizes. Madison assumes Ian did something and it's another sick game. Ian denies it but Madison doesn't believe him. Madison says she knows Brady would be there if he could because he loves her. Ian tells her that if Brady loved her then he would've called her.

Brady tells Melanie that they have to get out but she doesn't want to leave Gabi.

Gabi tries helping Andrew but Chad finds her. Chad realizes Andrew is the one who took Melanie. Chad moves the roof remains off of Andrew and grabs him, demanding to know what he did with Melanie.

Roman keeps his gun raised at EJ but Sami gets up and stands in front of him as Roman and Lucas yell for her to get out of the way. Roman calls for the guard to get back up and tells Sami to move out of the way. Sami tells EJ to run.

Brady and Melanie move through the tunnels looking for Gabi as more sparks shoot off.

Chad asks Andrew where Melanie is. Andrew tells him to ask Gabi and as Chad turns and looks at Gabi, the tunnel explodes. The explosion hits all over Salem including the fundraiser and the warehouse. Abigail is knocked down in the elevator as Cameron calls out for her. Daniel and Nicole are knocked down as windows explode at the fundraiser and everyone is knocked down as they try to take cover. At the warehouse, Sami is knocked over the railing and holds on to EJ as she hangs off.

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