Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Brady recover from having pieces of the tunnel fall on them after the explosion. They worry about Melanie and where Gabi went. Chad worries that no one will get out alive.

Melanie, Gabi, and Andrew all are knocked down from the explosion. Gabi recovers first and crawls over to Melanie. Melanie is able to wake up and asks Gabi what she's doing there. Gabi tries to help her out but Andrew recovers and grabs her.

Daniel starts to pour a drink at the Kiriakis Mansion but stops. Victor joins him and talks with Daniel about Melanie. Victor asks if there's anything he could so such as posting a reward or hiring more search teams. Daniel wishes he could bring her back. Victor wants to help so Daniel agrees to check with Roman to see if it's okay. Victor stops him and says they also need to talk about Nicole. Victor asks Daniel what he's thinking.

Nicole arrives outside the Kiriakis Mansion and Maggie arrives behind her. They talk about Melanie. Maggie hates when there is nothing she can do. Maggie then asks Nicole what she was doing there. Nicole reveals that she doesn't know as she was summoned by Victor. Maggie is afraid it's her fault.

Will talks on the phone at the town square with Roman and mentions that he felt a rumble underneath him. Will tells Roman that he wants to give EJ a message but Roman informs him that EJ is going home. Roman tells Will to ask Sami to explain.

EJ is surprised by Sami posting his bail and asks how she did it. Sami tells him it doesn't matter as she did it. EJ realizes she used Countess Wilhelmina. Sami tells him that it was worth it. Roman enters and tells Sami to explain why she posted bail for EJ. Sami tells Roman that she was doing what he always taught her, the right thing. Roman wants her to elaborate on how this is the right thing. Sami feels it's wrong that he's being framed. Sami insists that he's telling the truth. Roman wonders how EJ manipulated her into coming to his defense. Roman brings up what EJ has done in the past. Sami assures that he's not manipulating her and she knows she's doing what's right. EJ wants to sign the paperwork so he can leave. Roman asks Sami about the cut on her head and she claims that she just tripped. Roman says he has no choice but to let EJ go on bail. Roman lets EJ know that he will be wearing an ankle bracelet until they can get him back.

Chad tries to use his phone but can't get a signal as he and Brady continue looking through the tunnels. Andrew corners Gabi and Melanie as Melanie wonders how he knows Gabi's name. Andrew calls it an excellent question and asks Gabi if she wants to tell her. Gabi tells Melanie that Andrew was her stalker. Gabi talks about Chad putting it all together. Gabi tells Melanie that she's glad she's alright. Gabi tells Andrew that it's not too late for her to get away. Gabi thinks they can get away and tells Andrew that the cops are coming. Gabi begs him to let them go and no one will get hurt.

Roman finishes a call at the station as Will arrives with a smile. Roman informs him that Will is already gone. Will says Sami wouldn't pick up her phone. Roman wonders how Will and Sami both are so into supporting EJ. Roman reminds Will that EJ ruined Sami's marriage with Rafe and has destroyed everyone he's come in contact with. Roman gets a call and tells Will that he has to go as something has come up. Will exits as Roman calls a guard in. Will hides behind the wall to listen as Roman tells the guard that he got an interesting anonymous phone call about EJ.

EJ and Sami go to the DiMera Mansion as he thanks her for bailing him out. Sami reveals to EJ that she was mugged and lost the flashdrive. EJ decides that she can't be involved in this anymore then. EJ worries that next time it could be a lot more serious and he tells Sami that she needs to leave now.

Maggie and Nicole head into the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie talks about not being her best and being unable to help with Melanie. Maggie thinks it's all her fault but Nicole doesn't understand. Maggie talks about being upset and knowing Victor was too. Maggie informs Nicole that she let it slip that Nicole is with Daniel. Nicole tells her not to be sorry as she knows what Victor is like. Nicole hopes he took it well and is happy that Daniel had her to help him through it. Maggie says he wasn't happy but she thinks that she is happy.

Daniel tells Victor not to go there but he feels he has to. Victor tells Daniel that he is not thinking at all and he knows what's going on with Melanie is making him crazy. Daniel can't believe Victor wants to talk about Nicole. Victor thinks he's vulnerable and calls Nicole knocked up and desperate. Daniel tells Victor that it's not his business and reveals that he was sleeping with Nicole before Melanie went missing.

Brady and Chad continue searching and Brady thinks they have gone back the way they already were. Chad worries about Melanie as Brady insists that they will find her.

Andrew tells Gabi and Melanie that he can't let them go and accuses Gabi of hanging her out to dry. Andrew doesn't believe the cops are coming. Andrew says he doesn't care what happens to him because he's a lunatic but warns Melanie that Gabi is not her friend and not there to rescue her. Melanie asks Gabi what he's talking about.

Roman makes a call ordering someone not to let EJ leave the country. Roman says the DiMera Jet was fueled and preparing to take off to Uruguay and they can't let him leave. Roman has the ankle monitor checked to find out he's at home so he prepares to go get him there.

Sami brings up EJ not being Stefano's son and not telling her. EJ says he only told Lexie because he could trust her. Sami adds that lying about made him seem guilty. Sami tells EJ that she stood up for him against Lucas because she knows he's being set up. EJ says someone is going to incredible lengths to set him up and that's why she can't stay there because it's risky. Sami claims she isn't scared and says EJ can't solve this himself so if he has any chance of proving he was set up then he needs help and is stuck with her.

Victor tells Daniel that he doesn't understand that sleeping with Nicole is insane. Daniel wants him to back off. Daniel brings up Victor marrying Vivian, Kate, Nicole, and Carly in the past. Victor says he thought Daniel found the right woman in Jennifer. Victor goes off on Nicole as Nicole enters with Maggie. Daniel can't believe Victor called Nicole there. Victor says he didn't want to do anything behind anyone's back. Maggie points out that it was behind her back. Victor says she was upset and he wanted to protect her. Maggie tells Daniel that it just slipped out and she didn't intend to tell Victor about he and Nicole. She apologizes to Daniel but Victor is not sorry and says someone has to take control. Victor tries to forbid Daniel from seeing Nicole but he warns him to be careful. Daniel tells Victor that he knows he's upset about Melanie but also knows that he doesn't like not being in control. Daniel tells Victor that Nicole has been a great friend to him through all of this as she gets the pain he's in and how alone he feels. Daniel adds that Nicole makes it a little easier to get through and keep the faith. Victor doesn't know how Nicole continues getting people to trust her. Victor talks about marrying Nicole and she tried to kill him. Victor doesn't believe Nicole has changed. Daniel warns Victor that he will choose between him and Nicole. Daniel gets a call and exits as Maggie rushes after him hoping it's a call from Roman. Nicole tells Victor that she will leave but he stops her. Victor asks if Nicole has changed and is happy with Daniel then what will happen with EJ comes over for her baby but Nicole tells Victor that Rafe is the father of the baby.

Melanie asks Gabi why Andrew acts like he knows her. Gabi talks about being stalked for weeks. Andrew still doesn't believe the cops are coming. Gabi wants him to let them go. Andrew grabs Gabi and handcuffs her to the pole with Melanie. Melanie worries about another explosion as Andrew walks away through the tunnels. Melanie thinks it's only a matter of time before another explosion but Gabi encourages her that they will get out.

EJ tells Sami that he wants to keep her safe. Sami refuses to change her mind. EJ says he's been on his own long enough after losing his father and sister in the same week. EJ adds that Chad is not really his brother and Nicole no longer wants anything to do with him even if she's carrying their kid. Sami reminds him that it's Rafe's. Sami tells him that he's not alone as he has a family in Johnny and Sydney. EJ says they mean the world to him but sometimes he wishes he had someone to talk to who understood him. EJ tells Sami that he would be completely alone if it weren't for her. EJ tells Sami that he doesn't deserve her as Will rushes in and tells EJ not to get on the plane.

Daniel finishes his call and tells Maggie that there is nothing new. Maggie cries that it isn't about her but about Daniel and Melanie. Daniel tells her how important she is to Melanie. Maggie worries about something happened to Melanie. Daniel encourages her and Maggie agrees that it will be fine and Melanie will come home. Daniel declares they are a family as he hugs her.

Victor questions Nicole divorcing EJ and jumping in bed with Rafe and getting pregnant and is now with Daniel. Victor tells Nicole that she's changed his expectations. Victor says Nicole has changed but not in the way Daniel thinks. Maggie comes back in and tells Victor that's enough. Daniel follows and says the phone call was nothing yet. Nicole tells Maggie that she's sorry as Daniel tells Maggie to give Victor hell. Daniel and Nicole exit together. Victor says he did what he thought was right and is not sorry. Maggie responds that he will be.

Chad and Brady get out of the tunnels and walk through the town square as firemen are looking to find where the tremor that Will felt underground was. Chad tries calling Gabi but Andrew has her phone and throws it in a puddle.

Gabi and Melanie remain chained to the pole. Gabi tells Melanie that Chad is never going to give up as sparks begin shooting out. Andrew returns and tells Gabi that Chad called and is probably wondering where she is. Andrew wonders what Gabi would've told Chad if she had her phone.

Will informs EJ that someone called Roman and told him he was planning to leave the country tonight. EJ tells him that he was not planning to and can't believe Roman would take an anonymous call so seriously. Will tells him that Roman called the airport to confirm that the jet was fueled up and on the runway. Will tells him that the cops think EJ is planning to jump the bail and flee the country. EJ and Sami worry that someone is trying to make him look guilty. Will tells them that the cops are on their way. Sami says they can't let that happen since EJ will go back to jail. Sami wants to figure out who is setting him up. Will tells EJ that the cops are not going to help. Sami tells EJ that he has to run.

Chad and Brady go back to the tunnels as Chad wonders what happened to Gabi's phone. Chad hears voices and wonders where it is.

Gabi yells at Andrew that she would've told Chad to come save her from a raging lunatic. Andrew tells her that Chad coming is the last thing she wants. Melanie orders him to stop playing his games. Melanie tells Andrew to say what he has to say so they can get out.

Roman says the DiMera jet is on lockdown and a guard tells him he's still at the mansion so they head out to go there.

EJ questions Sami wanting him to run and reminds her that he has an ankle monitor. Will offers to hack into the police server to deactivate the monitor. Sami tells EJ that he can't wait around for the person framing him to make their next move. Sami says the only way EJ can prove his innocence if he's not in jail. Sami tells EJ that he's not alone and they are going to help him. EJ questions why she's doing this. Sami tells him that she believes in him. Sami tells EJ that they have to go. She wants to go with him and then pretend she has no idea where he is. EJ gives in and agrees. They wish Will luck as they rush out of the mansion the back way into the garden and EJ attempts to remove his ankle monitor.

Daniel and Nicole leave the Kiriakis Mansion. He asks if she's okay. Nicole says she doesn't care what Victor thinks of her but is sorry that Daniel has to go through it. Daniel suggests they can forget about it all. Nicole thinks it's a good idea but doesn't think Victor will be able to as they walk on.

Maggie tells Victor that she knows all of this is just Victor being Victor but if he keeps it up then he will lose Daniel. Maggie tells him that he can't talk to Daniel like that or order him around like that. Victor doesn't want him to get hurt as he thinks Nicole is just getting her hooks into him like she always does. Maggie stops him and tells him that he's not looking out for him but making it worse. Maggie brings up Victor doing this while Melanie is out there. Victor tells her that she's right and apologizes as he hugs her. Maggie says she can't stand it and says someone has to find Melanie.

Chad and Brady both hear voices. Chad wants to go towards them but Brady thinks they are coming in the other direction. They can't tell as Chad wants to find Melanie.

Andrew tells Melanie that it is right to put an end to all of the games and tell the truth. Andrew says he's going to put all the cards on the table.

Roman arrives to the DiMera Mansion with a guard and bangs on the door saying he knows EJ is in there. Will finishes hacking the ankle monitor as EJ and Sami hide outside. Roman enters with the guard and asks Will where EJ is. EJ and Sami hide outside as EJ tells Sami that this is her last chance to be sure she wants to do this with him.

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