Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will meets with EJ at the station. EJ wants to know where his attorney is. Will tells him that he's going to meet at the court house. Will tells EJ about Sami having the footage on the flash drive and hopes things are looking up.

Sami goes home crying with a cut on her head. She thinks back to her last conversation with EJ where she showed him that she had the footage on a flash drive and then being grabbed outside the town square. She knocks on the door and Lucas opens it. She hugs him crying as Lucas wonders what happened to her.

Cameron and Abigail sit together at the Pub. Cameron talks about setting up the fundraiser for Lexie's honor that Abe is putting together. Cameron wants Abigail to help but she can't get her mind off of Melanie. Abigail decides maybe she can help since she can't help Melanie.

Melanie uses Andrew's phone after stealing it from his pocket. She checks to make sure he's gone and then calls Chad. Chad walks through the town square with Gabi and answers the call from a restricted number. Chad is shocked to hear Melanie. Chad can't hear her as Melanie tells him that she's in the underground tunnels. Brady joins Chad and Gabi as Gabi wonders what she's saying. Melanie keeps repeating that she's in the tunnels but Chad can't hear her as Andrew returns and takes the phone from her. Andrew throws it against the wall as he questions what she's doing. Gabi asks Chad if he's sure it was Melanie. Brady asks if he heard anything. Chad says he heard tunnel. Brady wants to go to the police but Chad doesn't think they have time and need to find Melanie now.

Andrew yells at Melanie for trying to get him caught. Andrew demands to know who she was talking to.

EJ tells Will that they have to prove who's trying to set him up before it's too late but the footage doesn't identify him. EJ tells Will that he appreciates his support. EJ comments that he's come a long way since shooting him and now may be his strongest ally. EJ warns Will that he and Sami will take a tremendous amount of heat for supporting someone accused of murder. Will says to bring it on.

Abigail finishes making the seating chart for Cameron for the fundraiser. She tells him that he doesn't have to try and keep her mind off things as she feels like she should still be searching fo Melanie. Cameron reminds her that Hope ordered her not to. Jack and Jennifer arrive and encourage Abigail to just wait until they hear anything. Jennifer takes Cameron outside to look at things for the fundraiser. Jack sits with Abigail and wants to know how she's really doing. Abigail admits that she's a mess and doesn't know how she would've got through everything with Austin if it wasn't for Melanie. Jack encourages that they will remain friends when she's back. Abigail thanks him and says she isn't sure she'd make it through it without him. Jack brings up Cameron being there for her too.

EJ tells Will that he's touched that he wants to help him but he doesn't have to. Will insists he's there because he wants to be. EJ questions why since he hasn't been the best boss. Will calls him more than his boss and like a cool older brother that teaches him about life. Will tells EJ that he's become his friend and friends don't abandon each other in times of need. Will brings up EJ being there for him when he was arrested. Will says he's now returning the favor and encourages EJ to fight and not give up.

Lucas sits with Sami and puts a bandage over her cut. He wants to take her to the hospital but Sami just wants to forget what happened. Lucas wants to go to the police station and file a report. Lucas asks if they stole anything from her. Sami informs him that the only thing they took was the flash drive. Lucas is surprised that somebody jumped her just for that. Sami calls it totally random but Lucas doesn't think so since they had to know she had it. Lucas questions what was on the flash drive so Sami admits that she was helping EJ. Sami argues that she was doing a good thing. Sami tells him about the footage showing someone took the gloves. Lucas wonders why EJ was throwing the gloves away if he wasn't guilty. Lucas questions Sami helping EJ clear his name. Lucas tells Sami that she's helping him get away with murder.

EJ tells Will that he and Sami have proven themselves to be dear friends and the only family he has except for Johnny and Sydney. EJ tells him that it means a lot. Will says he knows EJ is capable of things but killing Stefano isn't one of them because he loved him. EJ agrees that he did very much. EJ says it's funny as he keeps half expecting Stefano just to come in and take care of the whole mess but that won't happen and this might be the one mess that he can't get out of. Will encourages him that he can since they can prove he was set up with the footage. A guard comes in and tells EJ that it's time for his arraignment. Will wishes him luck as he is escorted out.

Brady stops Chad and tells him that he can't go running off alone. Chad doesn't want to waste any more time. Brady thinks he knows what tunnels she was talking about. Brady looks up the tunnels on his phone. Chad thinks it's the same ones where Lexie was exposed to toxic gas. Brady and Chad rush off together as Gabi decides she will call the police. After they leave, Gabi calls Andrew but he doesn't pickup.

Andrew yells at Melanie for talking to Chad and telling him where she was. Andrew tells her not to lie to him. Melanie says it doesn't matter because of the static. Andrew accuses her of betraying him. Andrew says he now knows that she will always try to leave him. Andrew screams that she's not going to leave. Melanie begs him to let her go and she won't tell anyone about him. Andrew takes her further down the tunnel as he tells her to shut up and keep moving.

Jennifer talks Cameron outside the Pub and is glad he liked the programs and thanks him for taking them to Abe. Jennifer tells Cameron that Lexie would be very proud of him. She adds that it would mean the world to her that he's continuing her work at the hospital and keeping an eye on Abe and Theo. Cameron thanks her. Cameron admits that he's not only staying in Salem for his work and family but also Abigail.

Abigail has Jack promise to not embarrass her with Cameron. Jack talks about being gone for so much of her life and being sorry for not being there to protect her. Jack tells her that's why he is sometimes overprotective. Abigail says she loves him and Jack says the same.

Sami tells Lucas that she doesn't like being told what to do. Lucas brings up Sami changing the subject and wants to know why EJ threw away the gloves in the first place. Lucas thinks EJ was hiding something but Sami insists that he didn't kill Stefano. Lucas feels whoever planted the gloves did them a favor as EJ is getting what he deserves.

EJ is brought back from his arraignment and Will rushes to catch up to him, assuming the judge granted him bail but EJ informs him that he's not going anywhere which surprises Will.

Jennifer and Cameron head back into the pub and talk with Abigail and Jack about setting things up for the fundraiser. Jack takes Cameron to go get coffee to allow Abigail and Jennifer to talk. Jennifer sits with Abigail as Abigail worries why Jack wants to talk to Cameron alone. Jennifer laughs and assures her that Cameron can handle Jack. Jack brings up to Cameron that he's spending a lot of time with Abigail. Cameron tells Jack that he has feelings for Abigail and hopes he's cool with that.

Will questions why EJ is stuck there. EJ tells him that his lawyer wasn't even there and sent someone else. EJ wonders where he was. Will hopes Sami gave him the flash drive and they are working on it. EJ calls his bail ridiculously high and he can't post a bond. EJ says he used to have a ton of money but now that he's no longer a DiMera, he doesn't have access to the family fortune. Will questions EJ not having an emergency stack of cash. EJ tells him that it's not enough so it looks like he'll be calling the station home until his trial. Will declares that he will have to find a way to bail him out.

Sami tells Lucas that EJ has lots of faults but she has to help him since he's been set up and she wants to help him fight back. Lucas brings up everything he did to her. Sami brings up the kids and she doesn't want them to see their dad go to prison. Lucas wants them to know what kind of man EJ is. Lucas says the kids will learn that EJ killed Stefano. Sami insists that he's being set up and she's going to help him prove it. Lucas tells Sami that he thinks she's making a big mistake for herself and their future.

Andrew takes Melanie further down the tunnel. She stops and says she can't walk anymore but he tells her that she has to keep going. Brady and Chad arrive behind them in the tunnels. Chad comments that it doesn't look like anyone's been down there. They start to smell the gas fumes and wonder which way they go next. Brady follows a map on his tablet and they continue down the tunnels. Andrew continues forcing Melanie further down as Gabi then arrives in the tunnels as well. Chad and Brady come across Gabi and Chad questions what Gabi is doing down there.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she knows Cameron can take care of himself but Jack has a way of caring too much and showing it in his own way. Abigail thinks Jack doesn't trust her a lot after everything with Austin. Jennifer tells her that they know she's learned from the mistake and that's in the past now. Jennifer says Cameron is different. She adds that she and Jack can see how much Abigail cares about him. Jennifer tells Abigail not to worry about Jack embarrassing him as they just want to know who he is and what it's about. Abigail states that she wants that too so they can see what she sees in him. Abigail calls him someone who is dedicated to everything he cares about. Jack and Cameron talk at the counter. Cameron talks about how Abigail talks a lot about Jack and how glad she is to have him there now. Jack adds that he wants her to be happy with a guy who will look after her. Cameron tells Jack that he thinks Abigail is special. Cameron says there isn't anything he wouldn't do for Abigail.

Sami doesn't know why Lucas is giving her such a hard time since she's just trying to help the father of her children and would do the same for him. Lucas says he doesn't take advantage of her. Sami claims EJ doesn't force her to do anything. Lucas brings up EJ forcing Will to help him and how Sami almost got herself killed. Sami claims she's fine but Lucas doesn't want her risking her life for someone that's thrown her under the bus many times. Sami says she understands he's jealous and thinks it means she's choosing EJ over him but she's not. Sami promises Lucas that she wants to be with him. Lucas tells her to let the police handle things but Sami feels she can't since Rafe and Roman want to see EJ fry. Sami gets a call from Will. Will walks through the town square and informs Sami that EJ couldn't make bail and asks if there's anything she can do. Sami says she can't come up with that kind of money but will see what she can do. Will thanks her and hangs up. Lucas asks Sami what happens now and if she's gonna use the kids college funds. Sami claims she wouldn't do that but Lucas doesn't believe her and thinks she's choosing EJ again. Sami says it's not about choosing. Lucas responds that actions speak louder than words and he can see that he can't change her mind so he exits.

Gabi tells Chad and Brady that she wanted to help after leaving a message for the police since Bo, Hope, and Rafe weren't available. Brady warns Gabi that it's not safe so she needs to get out but Gabi insists that she wants to help Melanie too. Gabi claims she thinks she saw them and sends Brady and Chad down a passage way. Gabi runs the other way in search of Melanie and Andrew. Andrew continues taking Melanie further down as she complains that they need to get out since she doesn't know how much longer she can take the fumes. Andrew uses a light to view the map as Gabi comes around the corner. Melanie is confused as she spots Gabi. Gabi motions to Melanie to stay quiet as she is behind Andrew.

Jennifer and Abigail work on the fundraiser on the computer as Cameron and Jack return with coffee. Cameron invites Abigail to join him in delivering the programs. Cameron thanks Jack for the coffee and exits with Abigail. Jennifer hopes Jack didn't do anything to embarrass. Jack tells Jennifer that he thinks Cameron will be okay. Jack admits he thinks Cameron might be in love with Abigail since he had the same look that he had when he realized he was in love with Jennifer. Jack talks about how lucky he feels to have a great job, a book on the way, two beautiful kids, and it's all because of Jennifer as they kiss.

Outside the Pub, Abigail tells Cameron that she hopes Jack didn't say anything weird. Cameron understands that Jack wants what's best for her. Abigail says things will never change again now that Jack is back in their lives like she always wanted. They agree that life is good and Abigail kisses him on the cheek for taking her mind off Melanie and taking care of her. Cameron calls it his favorite thing to do and kisses her.

EJ is brought in for another visitor. EJ hopes it's his attorney but it is Sami. EJ asks what she's doing there. Sami responds that she's come to bail him out.

Chad and Brady continue searching the tunnels. Brady realizes there's a gas leak and worries that the whole place could blow up. Brady calls out to Gabi to get out but they realize she's gone. Gabi sneaks over to Melanie and tries to help her out but Andrew turns and sees her. Andrew lights his lighter, causing an explosion.

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