Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie is unconscious from having part of the roof fall on her and Andrew tries to wake her up.

Chad talks with Bo and Hope about what they are going to do about Melanie and they want to talk to Gabi again. EJ is brought by in handcuffs. Chad follows him in and asks if he's under arrest.

Sonny wakes up on the DiMera Mansion couch where Will sits nearby still looking to find the surveillance footage again after it was erased. Sonny goes to get coffee as Sami arrives and questions what they are doing there. Sami tells Will that she found out about Alice's letter and wonders how Will could not tell her about it.

Kate hugs Austin at the Pub as he tells her that he and Carrie are leaving town today which surprises her. Kate talks about how she felt lucky to have all her kids around. Austin tells Kate that he wanted to tell her in person. Kate asks what happened. Austin responds that if he doesn't get Carrie out of Salem as quick as possible then he could lose her forever.

Rafe talks to Agent Spencer on the phone outside. He finishes the call and Carrie arrives. Rafe is surprised to see her since he thought she would have left Salem already. Rafe asks what she's doing there and she responds that she was looking for him.

Will asks Sami why she's mad at him for keeping secrets. Will brings up Sami sleeping with EJ and trying to keep it from Rafe. Sami tells him to stop acting like a little kid. Will apologizes for being upset since Lucas took the letter to the police. Sami tells him that Lucas saw it as an opportunity to get him away from EJ. Will says he didn't need that. Sami yells at Will for thinking he had the situation under control. Will tells Sami that EJ didn't kill Stefano. Sami questions how he could know that as he thought EJ was horrible human being for a long time and wonders what happened to him.

EJ asks Chad about Melanie. Chad tells him that they've still been looking for her. Chad asks EJ what's going on with the handcuffs. EJ tells Chad that it's serious as they are charging him with the murder of Stefano.

Andrew continues trying to wake up Melanie and she regains consciousness. Andrew is glad she's alive. Melanie recalls the roof falling on her and points out that Andrew came back for her. Andrew tells her that he would do anything for her.

Bo and Hope have Gabi brought into the station to talk to her. Hope and Bo reveal that they found Gabi's prints on Andrew's letter and they want an explanation.

Carrie tells Rafe that he's the best person she's ever known and knowing him has changed her forever. Carrie feels like she knows what real friendship and love is supposed to be because of him.

Andrew checks on Melanie. She says her head hurts but she's okay. Melanie asks if Andrew is crying as he wipes away a tear and says he thought she was dead. Melanie realizes he does care about her. Andrew says he only tied her up because he was afraid she'd leave him. Andrew realizes she's bleeding still and pulls a cloth out of his bag. Melanie thanks him for taking care of her which he says is all he wants to do. Melanie says nobody has ever said that to her before and brings up that she's never seen his face. Melanie wants to know what he looks like since he saved her life. Melanie removes his mask and tells him that he's very handsome.

Will tells Sami that he's been working for EJ for awhile now and wants to find some common ground. They argue about EJ and Sami's problems over the kids. Will talks about being around and thinking Stefano was to blame for belittling EJ. Will says he can relate and brings up Lucas stealing the letter from his bag and then treated him like a child. Sami tries to explain that Lucas was doing what he thought was best. Will feels like they think he's so dumb he'd get suckered in by EJ. Will tells Sami that he chooses to work for EJ and believes in his innocence. Will says EJ needs his help because the whole town thanks to Lucas thinks that he murdered Stefano. Will brings up how all EJ ever wanted to do was make Stefano proud. Sami thinks EJ wanted the power and the empire. Will tells her that he never would've shot Stefano even with all the terrible things he did to him because he still loved him.

Chad tells EJ that it's insane that he's been arrested. EJ tells him that he doesn't know certain things. EJ brings up not seeing eye to eye with Stefano. Chad talks about finding out he was Stefano's son and not feeling like he fit in. Chad asks what proof they have. EJ calls it circumstantial but they aren't taking it lightly. EJ brings up that Chad hasn't asked if he did it so he must be the only person in the town that believes him. Chad says EJ would never hurt Stefano and says he was their father but EJ tells him that's not true as there are some things he doesn't know. EJ reveals that certain evidence has come to light that suggests Stefano is not his father which shocks Chad.

Will doesn't want to argue with Sami anymore and goes back to looking for the surveillance footage. Sami brings up knowing about the footage and Will tells her that it's gone because someone hacked in and deleted it. Will talks about it proving that EJ was set up. Sami reveals that she kept it on a flash drive and plugs it in which excites Will. Sami then stops him and tells him not so fast and takes the flash drive back. Will begs her not to take it to the police. Sami points out that it has EJ throwing the gloves away. Will says their best shot of clearing EJ is to find out whoever got the gloves out. Sami questions what he's going to do. Will feels he has to try something because he wants to prove EJ's innocence. Will asks her to believe in him because he needs her help. Sami instead rushes out of the mansion as Will calls out to her wondering where she's going.

Melanie tells Andrew he's brave for coming back for her but they have to get out. Melanie starts feeling sick to her stomach and dizzy. She worries that she has a concussion and tells Andrew that he has to take her to the hospital.

Gabi tells Bo and Hope that she doesn't remember anything. Bo wants to know everything she did between the time that she woke up and the time that they found her in the basement. Gabi claims she got up to the bed and then passed out. Hope suggests taking a break and steps aside with Bo. Bo tells Hope that Gabi knows more than she's telling and Hope agrees.

Chad questions EJ not being Stefano's son and how he knows. EJ explains that there was a letter from Alice who learned from EJ's mother when he was very young. Chad asks how long he's known. EJ reveals that he found out around the time Lexie became ill but Stefano had known for some time before that. EJ adds that the cops know. Chad realizes that's why they think he killed Stefano. EJ calls it one of the reasons. Chad doesn't care and says EJ is still his brother so he's there for anything he needs. EJ laughs and tells Chad that he hears Stefano in him. EJ tells Chad to go on and look for Melanie. Hope enters and calls for Chad so he exits. Bo opens the door next and Sami arrives.

Austin sits with Kate and tells her that he and Carrie were everything to each other but this time in Salem, everything went nuts. Austin says they are going to go back to Switzerland and find who they used to be but he refuses to force her. Austin notes that it was Carrie's idea but she could still change her mind. Kate realizes that Austin is saying that he's getting on the plane whether Carrie does or not. Austin wonders what he would do if she decided to stay for Rafe because he couldn't stand by and watch that. Kate reminds him that Carrie is pregnant with his child. Austin assures her that he will be fine. Austin holds back tears as he tells her that he will miss her and they hug. Kate tells him that he's brought nothing but joy to her life as she cries and thinks that's why it's so painful when he leaves.

Rafe questions Carrie telling him how great he is yet still leaving with Austin. Carrie wishes she had met him first. Rafe says she didn't and now has a baby. Rafe stops her from talking and says he gets it. Rafe hugs her and says goodbye.

Bo tells Sami not to do or say anything stupid and leaves her with EJ. EJ comments that he didn't think he'd see her again after last night and wonders what changed her mind.

Melanie tells Andrew that she needs to go to the hospital or she will die. Andrew decides he will call for a rental car so Melanie hugs him in hopes that he is letting her go and tries reaching into his pocket.

Bo and Hope go over Gabi's story with Chad there. Gabi gets upset and brings up all the things her stalker did to her. Chad questions what they are doing to her. Hope talks about Gabi going in and out of consciousness and wants to find what may be being blocked out. Hope suggests using hypnosis.

Sami tells EJ that she was just arguing with Will about him. Sami talks about Will being blackmailed into working for him and now feels EJ is a misunderstood, unappreciated martyr. EJ says he doesn't really care. EJ talks about not wanting Will to find the letter. Sami talks about EJ never telling her the truth and lying to her. Sami talks about EJ saying he couldn't kill his own father. EJ tells her that he doesn't like that everyone is loving that he's nothing now. Sami questions EJ thinking he's nothing. EJ wonders what else there is to think since it's true. Sami tells EJ that Will is his biggest fan right now and said he relates to him. Sami talks about Will feeling she and Lucas don't believe or trust him. EJ points out that they haven't since he started working for him. Sami compares it to he and Stefano. EJ talks about Stefano trying to undermine everything he did. Sami points out that Stefano never showed him the letter when he could have revealed it to humiliate him but he didn't. Sami wants EJ to stop playing on Will's sympathy. Sami tells EJ that he's not nothing and that Stefano did love him.

Gabi tells Bo and Hope that she would do anything to help Melanie but being hypnotized scares her. Bo and Hope bring up Marlena being the one to do it and how she'd have nothing to be afraid of. They tell Gabi that Marlena could see her today as Gabi worries.

Melanie reaches into Andrew's pocket while hugging him and takes his phone. Andrew says no girl has ever hugged him like that before. Melanie tells him to just wait until they get out. Andrew starts to go check on getting a car but stops and says he can't stand the idea of leaving her alone there.

EJ tells Sami that he can't be a bad influence on Will if he's in prison. Sami brings up Will trying to find the surveillance footage but someone hacked into the site and the clip was deleted. EJ gets furious and knocks over the suspect board.

Rafe tells Carrie that he should go but she has one more thing to say that he might not like. Carrie says she knows how furious he is with Sami but also knows that she still loves him. Rafe says it doesn't matter as he got over Sami and is glad he did. Carrie talks about Sami and thinks she's still under Rafe's skin but he disagrees. Carrie tells Rafe that she cares about him and wants him to be happy. Carrie asks him to think about what she said and kisses him goodbye then walks away.

A guard comes in and asks what's going on after he heard the suspect board crash. Sami claims she accidentally knocked it over so he leaves. EJ gets upset about losing the footage until Sami reveals that she has it on a flash drive. EJ gets excited and says something is finally going his way as he hugs her.

Andrew gets mad that he didn't take Melanie somewhere safe. Melanie encourages him to go get a car. Andrew hopes he's not tricking her and then rushes off.

EJ kisses Sami and hopes she now believes he's innocent. Sami asks what to do with the flash drive. EJ suggests giving it to his lawyer and tells her how much it means to him that she's on his side as she then exits.

Melanie gets up after Andrew leaves and starts to use the phone that she stole from his pocket. She calls Chad. Chad walks through the town square with Gabi and answers the call from an unrestricted number and is shocked to hear Melanie's voice.

Will and Sonny sit at the mansion as Will continues trying to find out who hacked the footage website. Sonny doesn't see why it's a big deal. Will says EJ is counting on him. Sonny says EJ has enough money to hire a law firm so he doesn't need him. Will says he wants to be the one to clear EJ. Sonny wishes him luck since whoever hacked in, knew what they were doing.

EJ is put back in handcuffs and tells the guard that he's innocent as he is walked out of the room.

Austin sits alone at the Pub and looks out the door. He then gets up and goes to leave but turns around to see Carrie. Carrie comments that Switzerland is beautiful this time of year. Austin asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Carrie responds only if it's with him. Austin tells her that she's in luck and they hug. Carrie tells him that they have a plane to catch so they start to walk out together. Carrie stops and tells him that she loves him and then kisses him. They say goodbye to the Brady Pub and then exit together

Rafe walks through the town square with a bag. He stops and thinks back to Carrie telling him that Sami is still under his skin. He then thinks back to being with Sami and laughs at the idea of her being under his skin as he keeps on walking.

Sami walks outside of the town square and finishes a phone call as she is then grabbed from behind by a man.

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