Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe handcuffs EJ as EJ says that the evidence against him is circumstantial at best. Spencer disagrees and believes they have a very strong case. Rafe brings up new information giving them new insight on his motive. EJ wonders what reason he would have for killing his father. Roman informs him that they know Stefano wasn't his father. Sami is shocked and asks what he's talking about. Roman reveals that EJ is not Stefano's biological son. Sami questions EJ knowing it. Roman says they have proof that EJ knew. Roman says EJ killed Stefano to stop him from cutting him out of his will and asks EJ if that's right. Roman instructs Rafe to read EJ his rights so Rafe begins doing so. Will runs in and Lucas rushes in behind him. Lucas holds Will back and tells him to stay away from EJ because justice is finally being served. Lucas declares that their family is finally going to be free from the DiMeras. Sami goes towards the door but Lucas sees her and stops her to ask what she is doing there. Roman says they can talk later but are taking EJ to the station. Will argues against it. Sami calls EJ a bastard for knowing Stefano wasn't his father and playing her for a fool. Sami then slaps EJ across the face.

Madison and Brady go to their office and talk about getting Brady out of rehab. Brady wants to go to her hotel room but Madison needed to pick up her tablet. Kate and Ian arrive as Kate talks about running her own company while Madison was away with Brady. Madison responds that she's going to the beach with her husband on their honeymoon. Ian questions this as Brady reveals they are going to get married tomorrow.

Nicole stands in her hotel room and gets a slight stomach pain as there's a knock at the door. She answers and Daniel arrives. Daniel says he just has a minute and walks in to see two candles and food set up which causes him to question what the hell is going on. Daniel gets upset and asks Nicole if she's trying to seduce him with a romantic dinner while his daughter is missing. Nicole says she just wanted to talk to him as a doctor and she figured he hadn't eaten so she ordered dinner. Nicole adds that she knows he's worried about Melanie and she's just trying to take care of her. Daniel apologizes and says he's not at his best right now. Nicole knows how upset he is and thinks he could use a break but Daniel refuses a break and says he misses Melanie and needs to find her. Nicole offers to get him a drink but Daniel says he can't have a drink because he has to keep his head clear. Daniel asks what she wanted to talk about and if she's okay. Nicole tells him that she's fine and turns away as Daniel thinks she is lying to her.

Sami yells at EJ for lying to her. EJ wants to explain but Roman tells him they are going to the station now. They escort EJ out as EJ instructs Will to call his lawyer while Roman tells him to call himself after he's booked. Lucas goes back to question what Sami was doing there since he thought they had an agreement and were making a new start. Lucas says every time he turns around she's with EJ. Sami claims that she can explain but Lucas tells her to make a decision on if she wants to be with him or with EJ.

Ian questions Brady and Madison getting married. Brady tells Ian that he's no longer calling the shots and calls him pathetic. Ian questions how long Brady will stay sober or how long their honeymoon will last. Brady tells him that it's hard to stay sober but it's a lot easier when he's not slipping him drugs. Ian says he's just blaming other people. Madison tells Ian that he's in a no win situation. Ian tells Madison that she will ruin her life by marrying Brady. Brady threatens Ian for trying to screw with them.

Roman, Spencer, and Rafe sit EJ at the station. EJ refuses to say a word without his lawyer. Roman says they wouldn't be doing this if they didn't have so much evidence. Rafe remarks that Stefano created his own killer which Roman calls below the belt. Will arrives and wants to talk to EJ but Roman tells him no. EJ says Will has every right or else they can throw the case out on a technicality. Roman agrees to let Will talk to EJ but warns him first that EJ is going to be charged and is going down so he suggests Will cut his ties with him. Will tells Roman that he knows but it's important to him. Roman exits the room. Rafe reminds EJ that the conversation will be wired since his conversation with Will is not privileged. Will tells EJ that his lawyer is on his way and tells him that he had nothing to do with it. Will apologizes for not being more careful. EJ jokes that it's okay since his Brady incompetence kicks in. EJ instructs Will to tell his lawyer to stay put as he needs him to find surveillance footage and then give it to him.

Lucas asks Sami again if she wants to be with him or with EJ as she goes into the living room and pours a drink. Sami wonders how they knew EJ was not Stefano's son. Lucas explains that it came from Alice. Lucas again asks why Sami was there. Sami says she had an idea. Lucas questions if that idea was being with EJ. Sami says she was right that there was surveillance footage to prove that EJ was being set up. Lucas can't believe she's working with EJ now. Sami talks about knowing what it's like to be framed. Sami tells him that the footage proved that EJ was set up. Lucas brings up why EJ would throw the gloves away if he wasn't guilty. Lucas reminds Sami that he told her to stay away from EJ but she didn't listen. Lucas states that Sami believes everything that EJ says no matter what he does. Lucas points out that she's not answering his questions so he's not going to ask anymore. Lucas says he's not going down this road again since he thought she was going to be with him. Sami says she's going to be with him but Lucas brings up always finding her with EJ and how she's concerned about EJ. Sami says she has sympathy for being framed. Lucas questions her reasoning. Sami claims she's there for Will and her kids too. Lucas accuses her of lying to herself but she denies it. Lucas calls it insane and wonders why he'd ever believe that she would change when she's the same person she's always been. Sami calls that unfair. Lucas tells her that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her so it's either him or EJ. Lucas tells her to let him know when she makes up her mind and storms out of the mansion. Sami calls after him that he's wrong and she's going to prove it as she follows out.

Ian tells Brady that his threats are not effective. Madison tells Ian that he taught her not to underestimate one's enemies but she thinks Ian is underestimating Brady. Madison calls Ian not much of a man for slipping drugs to a recovering addict. Ian claims Brady is lying. Madison talks about Brady's strength for going to rehab. Madison thanks Ian because now she sees him for who he truly is and now she feels free. Madison adds that she's free to marry the man that she loves. Brady warns Ian that it will be his funeral if he doesn't stay away.

Daniel checks Nicole and she notes that he looks worried and wonders if it's the baby. Daniel tells him that she and the baby are fine but he just knows how much the baby means to her and how every little pain scares her. Nicole claims she knew it wasn't a big deal and just wanted to get him over there. Daniel knows she's so scared that she can't admit it. Nicole asks if Daniel thinks she's an idiot but he tells her that he thinks she's pretty amazing.

Rafe and Roman take EJ into the questioning room. EJ still refuses to talk without his lawyer. They tell him that they are preparing his cell. EJ is glad they find it amusing and tell them to enjoy it while they can. EJ says when he's exonerated then they will be unemployed. Rafe and Roman mock the idea and then exit the room. EJ gets up and kicks the suspect board in frustration. Sami arrives and tells EJ that he's never going to lie to her again.

Ian questions Brady threatening to kill him in front of witnesses and calls him dumb. Brady mocks him as Lucas arrives and asks if everything is okay here. Brady tells Lucas that he and Madison are getting married tomorrow at midnight. Madison tells him that they are excited and should get going to make their plans. Madison thanks Ian for the well wishes and tells Kate that she will be back as they exit together. Ian questions what Lucas wants. Lucas says he has news. Kate hopes he came to his senses and dumped Sami but Lucas reveals that EJ has been arrested and saw him out in handcuffs.

Roman finishes a call with the DA and is told that EJ will probably get bail at the arrainment. Rafe gets upset and throws a paper. Roman says they knew that would happen since he's the mayor. Rafe says it's not that but he feels something about the case is not right.

EJ questions how Sami got in there. Sami says she's the boss's daughter and the point is EJ lied to her again. Sami talks about all the chances he gave her to be honest with her and he lied again and again. EJ denies lying and says he withheld the truth which Sami calls the same thing. EJ laughs at Sami lecturing him about lying. Sami says she's sick of EJ ruining her life since she lost Lucas and Rafe because of him and is now close to losing Lucas again. Sami says she takes one step towards EJ and her entire life blows up. Sami yells at EJ that it's all his fault.

Daniel tells Nicole that he knows that pain scares her so they will monitor it but they will still be extra careful. Nicole complains about having Daniel take care of her when his daughter is missing. Daniel brings up Nicole being there when Melanie went missing so they are taking care of each other. Nicole says everything will be fine and suggests Daniel eat to take care of himself.

Sonny joins Will at the DiMera Mansion and jokes about being uncomfortable with coming to the mansion and trying to clear EJ of murder. Will tells him that he didn't do it. Sonny thinks Will is in over his head. They watch the surveillance footage together of EJ leaving the alley after throwing the gloves away and then the person coming behind and taking them. Will tells Sonny that he told him EJ was being set up.

Lucas talks to Kate about EJ killing Stefano since he wasn't his father. Lucas says they apparently both knew for a long time. Lucas comments on Sami getting upset but still sticking up for EJ. Lucas tells Kate that he has her to thank. Lucas talks about Sami having a problem with EJ being framed and recalls Kate framing Sami for murder. Ian questions Sami thinking EJ has been framed. Lucas talks about Sami saying they can prove someone planting the gloves due to surveillance footage as Ian looks worried and thinks back to being the one to take the gloves out of the dumpster. Ian suddenly remembers a conference call and hurries out of the office. Kate tells Lucas that she knows Ian is upset about Brady and Madison. Kate adds that she knows Lucas is upset about Sami. Lucas admits he doesn't want Sami or Will involved with EJ at all. Kate says Will is going through a lot right now but for Sami, EJ is the sun in her orbit. Kate says she doesn't know why but that's the way it is and will always be. Kate wonders why Lucas is still trying to hang on to her. Lucas says it's because he loves her and in the end, he hopes she loves him too.

EJ questions Sami coming all the way here to yell at him after a fight with Lucas. EJ talks about being accused of murder so he's not getting too worked up about her argument with Lucas. Sami accuses him of only caring about himself. EJ reveals that it was Lucas that stole the letter and gave it to the police to try and make sure that he goes to jail. EJ claims Lucas abused the legal system to try and put him behind bars. EJ talks about Lucas seeing him as a rival. Sami claims he's not Lucas's rival. EJ asks Sami if Lucas is so important to her and she's so upset and angry then why doesn't she go find him and make amends. EJ suggests Sami tell Lucas that she loves him if she does. EJ questions if Sami loves Lucas then what is she doing here.

Brady and Madison lay together in bed as Brady thinks back to all the times they've spent together. Madison asks if he's okay. Brady says he didn't like the confrontation with Ian tonight. Madison admits she didn't either. Brady talks about rehab being like they were going through it together and it was so different. Brady talks about being unable to sleep because he knew he hadn't started using again but this time he was going through it with someone he loved which made all the difference. Madison apologizes for doubting him. Brady tells her that she stood by him which makes all the stuff with Ian in the past. Madison thinks something else is bothering him. Brady says they are getting married because they love each other but tonight felt like they were doing it to get back at Ian. Brady says Ian doesn't matter and shouldn't have anything to do with things. Brady tells her that he wants them to get married just for themselves. Madison tells him that he just cleared it up if it was ever a problem. Madison agrees and says it's exactly how she feels. Madison says getting married is about them and nothing else. They talk about it feeling like they're already married as they kiss in bed.

Will and Sonny continue looking through the surveillance footage. Sonny remarks that he doesn't know why it's so important to Will. Will thinks it's proof that EJ is being set up. Sonny points out that EJ is throwing the gloves away which means he has something to hide. They continue trying to zoom in on who took the gloves.

Ian meets with a man on a computer and has the surveillance footage pulled up. The man informs Ian that someone else is watching at the same time. Ian threatens him to take care of it or he will take care of him.

Rafe gets a call at the station from Spencer. Rafe says that's interesting and he'll pack a bag and be there ASAP. Rafe states that he plans to get to the bottom of this case.

EJ gets close to Sami as she pulls away and he tells her it's a simple question. EJ tells her that if she's so concerned with Lucas then asks why she's there. Sami claims she's prioritizing and tells EJ that she's not going to buy his lies anymore. EJ questions this being her priority. Sami refuses to let EJ drag her back into his life. EJ talks about Sami going to the mansion and now here so he's not dragging her anywhere. Sami calls him a smug, arrogant bastard. Sami says she was trying to help him but she's not going to help someone who does nothing but lie to her and manipulate her. EJ tells her that Will is getting the footage to be sent to his lawyer. Sami suggests he could be manipulating the footage. EJ tells her that he did not kill Stefano and is being set up.

Nicole hopes Daniel gets good news. Daniel apologizes for being unable to stay. Nicole understands. Daniel tells her to call if she gets the slightest pain. Nicole is sure everything will be fine and tells him to be careful as he then exits. Nicole goes back to her bed and feels her stomach as she shakes her head.

Kate hopes Lucas did the right thing since EJ won't forget it. Lucas calls it protecting his family. Kate wishes Sami would do the right thing and sever her connection with EJ. Lucas brings up them having children together. Kate asks if he thinks that's the reason she is pulled back to him. Kate brings up Rafe dumping Sami because of EJ. Kate talks about Lucas not trusting Sami. Kate says Lucas did what he did to get EJ out of his life and maybe he'll end up in prison and sever their connection. Kate adds that with Sami and EJ it might not be enough.

Sami pulls away from EJ as he calls out that he's innocent and is serious. EJ swears on their children. Sami questions him trying to convince her that there's something real between them and that they are drawn to each other. EJ tells her it's true. Sami responds that he's used her for the last time. EJ tells her that he didn't kill his father, he's innocent, and she knows it's the truth. Sami then turns and exits the room.

Sonny and Will continue looking at the surveillance footage and talk about being unable to see who it is. Will thinks it proves that someone is setting EJ up. Sonny starts trying to use other software but everything goes blank and the footage is gone. Sonny says someone must have deleted it as Will wonders if they knew they were watching it.

Ian finishes having the man delete the footage and orders him to disappear like the footage. Ian says to himself that he's sorry but it's not EJ's lucky night.

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