Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/20/12


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Chad walks through the town square with Gabi with more flyers about Melanie's disappearance to post around. Gabi stops him and thinks he needs to take a break since they've hit everywhere in Salem. Chad refuses to do nothing as he wants to find her. Gabi warns him that he could collapse from exhaustion which won't do Melanie any good. Sonny, Abigail, and Cameron join them. Sonny tells them that they just finished putting up more flyers and Abigail wants to know what they do next. Gabi tells them that they need to back her up that Chad needs to take a break. Cameron asks if he's eaten today. Chad doesn't think it matters. Cameron suggests that he could be dehydrated and should go to the cafe but Chad doesn't want to. Abigail encourages him since they've already put up all the flyers. Sonny adds that they can't do anything else right now. Chad agrees to in a few minutes. Chad adds that it doesn't matter because he's going to find Melanie and declares that when he does, he's going to destroy whoever is responsible which causes Gabi to think back to the letter Andrew left for her.

Hope and Bo talk with a woman named Mrs. Perez, who owned the house where Andrew kept Melanie. She talks about someone named George as being the one living there and asks if they are sure he kidnapped someone. Bo tells her it looks that way and she might can help find him. She hands them a folder of information. Hope reads it and heads to the station to see what comes up. Bo sits with the woman as she describes George as a man in his late 20s with light brown hair. She worries about what he might do. Bo says for Melanie's sake, he hopes that he's not dangerous.

Melanie remains chained to the pole in the tunnel. Andrew comes in and tells her that he's trying to find a new place for them but it's not easy now that everyone has caught on to the fact that she's missing. Andrew adds that he has to be careful. Melanie talks about not wanting to be down there anymore because she's scared. Andrew tells her that he's sorry it's taking so long and then hands her a bag which he calls a gift. Melanie opens it and inside is a teddy bear. Andrew recalls Melanie saying it was her favorite stuffed animal when she was in Paris. Melanie can't believe he listened to what she said. Andrew tells her that he's interested in everything about her.

Sami sits at the DiMera Mansion on the computer and then thinks back to almost kissing EJ. EJ comes into the room and is surprised she's still there. Sami says she has a lot of work to do. EJ questions what she's doing on his laptop and she responds that she's trying to save his life.

Rafe joins Lucas at the station and Lucas tells him he's got EJ's real motive for taking Stefano down and it's all in the letter. Rafe begins putting on his gloves as Lucas tells him to get his arrest warrant ready. Lucas hands the letter to Rafe and he opens it. Rafe reads the letter and is shocked to learn that EJ is not Stefano's son. Will arrives and sees Lucas with Rafe, realizing that he was too late. Lucas tells Rafe that Alice wouldn't lie about that. Rafe wonders how Lucas got a hold of the letter. Will steps up and says Lucas stole it from him. Rafe then asks Will how he got it. Will tells him that he found it in the mansion. Rafe declares that this changes everything and that they now know why Stefano was going to disinherit EJ. Lucas thinks it's why EJ would be desperate to stop him and Rafe states that this could be the final nail in EJ's coffin. Roman and Spencer join them and get filled in on the letter. Roman can't believe that Alice knew when Stefano and EJ didn't even know. Spencer wonders when EJ found out. Will claims that he doesn't think EJ ever read it since he found it in a secret compartment in the mansion where Stefano could've put it. Lucas thinks Will is just covering for EJ again. Roman agrees and realizes it was what was in the safe deposit box so it's all starting to make sense. Roman believes that Stefano found out and planned to disinherit EJ but EJ found out and killed him before he could execute his new will. Spencer argues that it still doesn't prove that EJ knew. Rafe brings up EJ's reaction to the lie detector test when he was asked if Stefano was his father. Roman decides they should test the letter for EJ's fingerprints to be sure. Rafe adds that they should check to make sure Stefano and EJ are not related. Spencer says they can use EJ's DNA from the gloves. Rafe suggests just checking their blood types to see if they are even compatible. Roman, Spencer, and Rafe head to the hospital. Will then throws things off the desk and screams at Lucas asking how he could betray him like that.

EJ closes the laptop and asks Sami what she's talking about. Sami says she wanted to leave but heard his e-mail alert so she thought maybe it was the surveillance footage and it was. EJ questions her hacking into his computer instead of coming to get him. Sami says she wasn't in the mood to after the conversation they had. EJ comments that she wasn't in the mood to leave either. Sami stops him and says he knows why she's doing this. They sit back down with the laptop and EJ asks if she's found anything. Sami says she hasn't yet but thinks this could prove that he's being set up. EJ worries that it won't prove he's innocent. Sami thinks it could be enough to cause reasonable doubt. EJ decides he needs to find out who killed Stefano and this could have the answer.

Chad, Gabi, Sonny, Abigail, and Cameron sit a table at the town square. Sonny comments that the police think the guy who kidnapped Melanie is the same as Gabi's stalker. Chad wonders why else he'd have Gabi's phone number as Gabi talks about being freaked out by it. Abigail wonders why he would leave Gabi passed out and take Melanie instead if Gabi was his real target in the first place. Gabi suggests he must have only wanted the one who could identify him but Abigail argues that it doesn't make sense. Abigail questions why he wouldn't kidnap Gabi since she's the one he was obsessed with. Gabi gets upset and asks why she's asking her. Abigail apologizes as Cameron clarifies that they are all just trying to put the pieces together to track the guy down and find Melanie as quick as possible. Gabi comments that she and Melanie are lucky to have such good friends. Abigail continues to think there's something strange about this and that it doesn't make sense.

Hope returns to Bo as he tells her that he sent Mrs. Perez home and told her to call if she remembered anything else. Hope reveals that she ran George's name at the station and found out that he died years ago at the age of 92. Bo realizes the kidnapper was using a stolen identity and says they'll have to go off the fingerprints. Hope tells him that they are still searching for a match. Bo wants to come up with a lead since Melanie has been missing a long time. They worry that the longer she's out there then the less likely it is to find her alive.

Melanie tells Andrew that it was sweet of him to give her the bear. Andrew tells her to focus on it whenever she's scared. Melanie remains surprised that he listened to everything she said and claims to him that it's something Chad never did. Andrew questions why she would say that when they were so in love and she seemed so wrecked to leave him. Melanie says relationships aren't always what they seem and she's had a lot of time to think about her and Chad. Melanie claims things weren't as great as she thought they were. Andrew asks what she's saying. Melanie says he should've figured out that she was missing sooner. Andrew states that if she was his girlfriend then he would never let her disappear. Melanie begins telling Andrew that she doesn't think Chad ever really loved her. She continues leading him on by saying that he knows her better than Chad ever did.

EJ and Sami watch surveillance footage which EJ calls boring. EJ tells Sami that she doesn't have to stay since Lucas would not be too pleased if he walked in. Sami reminds him that she's doing it for the kids. EJ brings up their conversation earlier. Sami calls it calculated but EJ denies it. Sami stops him and tells him to focus on keeping him and Will out of prison.

Will can't believe Lucas did that. Will tells him that he had no right to go through his things. Lucas tells him that he found the letter on accident and suggests Will shouldn't let such confidential things fall out of his backpack. Will yells that he should've talked to him about it first instead of taking it to the police. Will calls it a total betrayal but Lucas feels he was protecting him. Lucas tells Will that he had been in way over his head since he started working for EJ but Will shouts at him to stop saying that. Lucas says it's the truth and he couldn't stand by and watch him ruin his life. Will reminds me of all the times that he told him he had it under control. Lucas thinks Will was just cocky because he was blackmailing EJ with the letter and that's why he didn't hand it to the police. Lucas realizes the letter is why Will kept saying things would be different this time. Lucas warns him that he had no idea what kind of dangerous game he's been playing. Will responds that it was going fine until Lucas stepped in and ruined everything.

Sonny thinks Melanie must have figured out who Gabi's stalker was but he caught her. Chad thinks he's onto something and asks Gabi if she remembers anything about him. Gabi says she can't remember anything. Abigail persists on asking and tells Gabi that Melanie's life could depend on it. Gabi swears that she doesn't remember and would tell them if she did. Abigail brings up the doll that the stalker gave her. Gabi says she threw it away. Abigail wonders why since it could've been evidence. Gabi gets upset and says they are acting like it's all her fault when it's not.

Melanie talks about Andrew finding a place for them and hopes it will be warmer for them to stay together. Andrew comments that it's a beautiful day but they can't risk it so this is the best place. A part of the tunnel's roof falls down which causes Melanie to worry that the whole place will cave in and tells him that they have to get out.

Lucas tells Will to calm down but Will says no. Will questions who Lucas thinks he is by trying to control his life and adds that he expected that from Sami but not him. Lucas reminds him that he's his father and says this isn't about Will but about protecting his family from EJ. Lucas brings up Johnny and Sydney being around EJ if he killed Stefano but Will insists that he didn't do it. Lucas asks if he has proof to know that or if he's just going by EJ's word because they all know what that's worth. Lucas brings up EJ's fingerprints being on the murder weapon. Will responds that his and a lot of other people's were as well. Lucas says it doesn't matter since Will had an alibi and EJ didn't. Lucas brings up EJ failing the lie detector test and how the evidence is piling up against him. Lucas says even if EJ didn't kill Stefano, he's lying about who he is and Lucas feels that has to come out. Lucas asks Will if this is about losing his job and the perks that come with it but Will says no. Lucas realizes then that it was the power he had over EJ. Lucas tells Will that he's not thinking clearly and if he were then he would've turned the letter over to the police but he didn't. Will feels that Lucas still owed him a heads up about what he was going to do. Will asks why he couldn't just talk to him like an adult instead of treating him like a kid. Lucas responds that it isn't what he was doing. Will asks what he was doing then. Will adds that he thought they had a better relationship than this. Will thought Lucas trusted him. Lucas tells him that he did trust him until EJ starting having a big influence on his life. Lucas accuses Will of letting all the power go to his head. Will points out Lucas not liking EJ's influence in his life and then begins to question where Lucas was and why he hadn't been there to influence his life. Will asks if he ever thought while he was in Hong Kong that maybe his son needed him. Will asks if he ever thought about it because he did need him. Lucas apologizes to him and admits he screwed up. Lucas says he made a mistake. Will tells him that he's damn right he did but it's too late for Lucas to drop in and make judgment on the choices he had to make because Lucas wasn't around. Will then shouts out that he wishes Lucas stayed in Hong Kong and never came back.

Roman, Rafe, and Spencer sit at the station and wait on test results as Roman wonders what's taking the hospital so long. Rafe asks agent Spencer if he's starting to lean towards EJ being guilty now. Spencer admits that the evidence is starting to add up so it's hard not to. Rafe agrees but says his gut is telling him that something's not right. The hospital calls back and Roman answers. Roman gets the test results and reveals that Stefano and EJ's blood types are not compatible so Alice was right and there's no way they could be father and son.

Sami and EJ continue watching surveillance footage and they talk about making sure it's the right time and date. Sami hopes they find the proof they need to prove EJ didn't do it for the kids. They get to the part of the footage that shows EJ throw the gloves into the dumpster and walk away. They continue watching and see the person coming to take the gloves out but he's wearing a hood. They try to go back and zoom in on the person.

Bo gets frustrated over not being able to find a lead. Hope understands that these cases get to them because they've been there. Bo feels responsible since he told Carly that he would keep his eye on Melanie while she's away. Hope tells her that he couldn't have prevented it but they can only do whatever they can to bring her home.

Abigail tells Gabi that she wasn't saying any of it was her fault but feels it's important for her to try to remember anything. Abigail wonders how Gabi can't remember anything after being attacked by the guy twice. Abigail tells Gabi that Melanie's life is in her hands. Gabi gets upset again and accuses Abigail of blaming her for this. Gabi thinks they all blame her for not going to the police when the stalker first started. Gabi says she never wanted Melanie to get hurt and storms off. Chad questions Abigail pushing so hard and goes after Gabi. Cameron comforts Abigail and hugs her.

Hope gets a call from the station that they found a match with the fingerprints on an 18 year old named Corey who escaped from a mental institution last year. Bo worries about dealing with someone who is mentally unstable as Hope adds that this means he's capable of just about anything.

Roman brings up how EJ always maintained that he never killed his father since Stefano wasn't his father. Rafe comes back in and informs them that EJ's prints were all over the letter so he definitely knew that he was not Stefano's son. Roman decides it's time to go arrest EJ and they head out.

Lucas tells Will that it's not easy to admit but he's right. Lucas agrees that he should've been there for him but he wasn't. Lucas says he is here now and is trying to tell him that EJ is a bad person and a murderer that he needs to stay away from. Will tells him that he's wrong. Roman, Rafe, and Spencer walk through. Will tries to stop Roman and ask what's going on but Roman says he has no time for questions. Will asks if he's going to arrest EJ and tries to go with them but Roman pulls him back and orders him not to talk to EJ and then asks for his cell phone. Will reluctantly hands over his phone as Roman says he will get an officer to stay with him but Lucas offers to stay with him instead. Roman orders them not to go anywhere until he gets back and he then exits. Lucas puts his hand on Will's shoulder but Will quickly removes it.

Sami and EJ go over the footage as EJ gets upset that they can't tell who the person is that took the gloves. Sami calls it a step in the right direction as it proves someone is setting him up. Sami adds that she's just trying to help him and brings up the kids again. EJ tells her that it means a tremendous amount that she's on his side. Sami thinks this is enough to get the police involved but EJ tells her to put the phone down.

Abigail asks Cameron and Sonny if they think she pushed Gabi too hard. Cameron tells her not to worry about it since she was just trying to help Melanie. Sonny thinks he smells gas and goes to the cafe to check for any leaks. Abigail again asks Cameron if she was really that rough to Gabi and then cries that she didn't mean to push her so hard. Abigail says she's scared for Melanie and hates to think of what she could be going through. Cameron encourages her to talk to him about Melanie as he hugs her.

Chad catches up with Gabi and she asks if he thinks she's really to blame for Melanie being kidnapped. Chad assures her that he doesn't. Gabi thinks that he thinks she could've prevented it and tells him that she really didn't want Melane to get hurt. Chad says he gets it and understands. Gabi tries to tell him something more but Bo and Hope arrive. Hope says they are glad they found them. Bo reveals that they got the prints back and got the identity of the kidnapper. Bo shows a photo of Andrew, who's real name is Corey Oliveieri, and asks Gabi if she recognizes him or if he could be the stalker. Gabi says she doesn't recognize the name. Hope encourages her to really look at the photo and see if anything is familiar but Gabi tells them that she doesn't know who it is. Chad comments that the name doesn't sound familiar to him either. Chad takes a look at the photo and then states that he knows who he is.

Will wonders to Lucas if they've arrested EJ yet and worries that EJ is going to think he betrayed him. Lucas doesn't care what EJ thinks. Lucas gets a business call and steps aside to take it. Lucas writes something down from a message and with his back turned, Will runs out. Lucas turns around to see Will is gone and rushes out after him.

EJ tells Sami that they are not going to the police until they consider all of their options and think it through. EJ thinks they'd have a much stronger case if they could identify the person who is setting him up but Sami disagrees and doesn't think that matters. Sami tells him that the video proves someone is messing with evidence and that's enough to cause reasonable doubt. EJ remarks that the Salem police are anything but reasonable. Sami tells him that Roman might hate him but is a good cop. EJ replies that Roman and Rafe would sell him down the river if they had the chance. The doorbell rings so EJ goes to answer it. Sami follows as Rafe, Roman, and Spencer arrive. Rafe steps in and informs EJ that he's under arrest for the murder of Stefano DiMera. EJ tells them to get on with it as Sami watches on while Rafe pulls out the handcuffs.

Melanie tells Andrew that they have to get out but Andrew insists that they are fine. Melanie thinks they have to get out. Andrew tells her that they are staying put. Melanie says it's more dangerous than she thought. Melanie is worried about them dying but Andrew thinks she's overreacting. Andrew then stops and thanks her for pulling him out of the way. Andrew begins to think Melanie really cares about him. Melanie says she does and is worried about the roof as well as the gas leak. Melanie says she's a nurse and always helps people but they have to get out now.

Abigail, Sonny, and Cameron join Bo, Hope, Chad, and Gabi. Abigail asks what's going on as Sonny wonders if there's news on Melanie. Chad shows Abigail the picture of the kidnapper and says he knows him from work. Chad asks Gabi if she remembers the guy being a photographer's assistant at one of the shoots they did for Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi starts to think she might have now that Chad mentioned it. Chad comments that he mostly worked in the dark room. Hope wonders if Melanie ever met him. Chad remembers that he didn't go by Corey but by Andrew as Gabi begins to get worried and Abigail watches her with a strange look. Hop wants to question the photographer. Chad brings up how he could've been working with an accomplice since he had Gabi's number. Chad then asks if there were any other fingerprints on the note.

Rafe handcuffs EJ as EJ says that the evidence against him is circumstantial at best. Spencer disagrees and believes they have a very strong case. Rafe brings up new information giving them new insight on his motive. EJ wonders what reason he would have for killing his father. Roman informs him that they know Stefano wasn't his father. Sami is shocked and asks what he's talking about. Roman reveals that EJ is not Stefano's biological son. Sami questions EJ knowing it. Roman says they have proof that EJ knew. Roman says EJ killed Stefano to stop him from cutting him out of his will and asks EJ if that's right.

Hope reveals that they did find a second pair of fingerprints on the letter but the person doesn't have a criminal record since they didn't match in the database as Gabi looks relieved. Abigail asks about the criminal record found. Hope informs them that Corey/Andrew escaped from a mental institution last year. Bo tells Chad to try and stay calm since they have a solid lead with no indication that Melanie has been hurt. Hope goes to call Daniel and fill him in. Gabi then asks Bo if there's no way to track down the other person's fingerprints. Bo says he never said that. Gabi wonders how they can track them. Bo informs her that they have sent the prints to the passport agency. Bo declares that they are not going to stop until Melanie is home safe and sound and everyone who was involved with the kidnapping is brought to justice.

Andrew tells Melanie that maybe they should move further down the tunnel but Melanie says that's not good enough and they have to get above ground. Melanie begs him but he thinks she's just trying to escape. Melanie says she just doesn't want to die. Andrew agrees to try and find a place for them to hide above ground. Melanie wants to go with him but Andrew tells her she has to stay and they argue about it. Andrew tells her that he won't be long and rushes off as Melanie screams after him to let her go. Melanie screams as more of the roof then caves in on her and knocks her out.

Roman instructs Rafe to read EJ his rights so Rafe begins doing so. Will runs in and Lucas rushes in behind him. Lucas holds Will back and tells him to stay away from EJ because justice is finally being served. Lucas declares that their family is finally going to be free from the DiMeras. Sami goes towards the door but Lucas sees her and stops her to ask what she is doing there.

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