Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie joins Rafe at the police station. Rafe notes that she seems happy. Carrie admits that she is and has good news to share if he's interested so he asks what's going on.

Lucas hands John the paper and calls it the key to the entire DiMera Empire. John doesn't understand so Lucas tells him to open it as it will change everything. John opens the paper and reads the letter from Alice to Stefano out loud, revealing that EJ is not Stefano's son. John asks Lucas where he got it and he responds that Will had it.

Will frantically searches through his backpack as EJ wonders what's going on. Will says he lost something but is going to find it and then rushes out of the mansion.

Ian finishes a phone call in his office asking to be alerted to any movement from the DiMeras. Kate overhears and tells him that it's interesting that he's keeping tabs on the DiMeras. Kate wonders what's in it for Ian.

Sami arrives at the DiMera Mansion. EJ assumed Will was coming back. Sami says she saw Will rushing out and wonders if everything is alright. EJ tells Sami that he wasn't expecting her. Sami tells him that he'll be very happy that she's there because she's come to save his life. EJ assumes it's a metaphor. Sami tells him that she's serious so EJ tells her to begin. Sami explains that she saw a guy installing a security camera and it reminded her about the safety cameras all around Salem. Sami tells EJ that they are everywhere so there could be proof out there that EJ threw the gloves away and that someone else picked them up. EJ excitedly hugs Sami and thanks her.

John can't believe that EJ is not really junior after all. Lucas says EJ wasn't lying when he kept saying he didn't kill his father because Stefano wasn't his father. Lucas explains that EJ must have killed Stefano before anyone found out. Marlena brings up that Will had to have known and wonders why he didn't tell anyone. John wonders why Will kept the secret. Lucas says Will was protecting EJ. Marlena wonders if it wasn't EJ that Will was protecting and if Will had something to do with EJ had done.

Kate tells Ian that they both didn't want secrets between them so she wants to know why he's keeping tabs on DiMera Enterprises. Ian claims it's just to take care of her. Kate says that Ian easily manipulated Madison and once did the same to her but times have changed. Ian questions her not trusting him. Ian brings up Stefano testing her loyalty after swearing her devotion. Kate admits that loving Stefano made her vulnerable and that's a lesson learned. Ian says that's why he's going to take care of her so she won't be at the mercy of Stefano ever again. Kate asks how he plans to do that. Ian tells her that he could see benefits to getting shares of DiMera Enterprises. Kate tells him they will talk if he makes that happen and then exits.

Rafe asks Carrie what her good news is. Carrie reveals that she and Austin are moving to Switzerland which shocks Rafe. Rafe doesn't know what to say and calls it further than he expected. Rafe admits he didn't see that coming. Carrie says that's why she wanted him to hear it from her. Rafe calls it a big decision. Carrie agrees and thinks it's the right one her and Austin. Rafe thought she'd want to be around family with the baby coming. Carrie admits it won't be easy saying goodbye but feels she needs to do this to put her marriage first. Carrie says she and Austin need a fresh start and since they were happy in Switzerland, she thinks they can be again without any distractions. Rafe tells her that's good and agrees it's the right decision.

Will goes to the Pub searching for the letter. Sonny is there and offers to help him find it. Will tells him it's a white envelope with a letter inside and if he doesn't find it then he's dead and so is EJ.

Lucas, John, and Marlena go to the town square and talk about going to the police. Marlena thinks they should give it a moment and think about the consequences. Marlena feels they owe it to Will to discuss it with him first. Ian and Kate walk by. Ian invites them to join them for lunch but John says no and starts to walk away. Ian questions if he upset John. John brings up what Ian did for Brady. Ian claims he hopes Brady gets help. Ian suggests John should've paid more attention to Brady instead of focusing on trying to take over DiMera Enterprises. John tells him that whatever he does or doesn't do is none of his business but Ian begs to differ. Ian states that everything that happens with DiMera Enterprises is very much his business.

EJ and Sami get close after hugging. Sami tells him that he should call and find out about the surveillance footage so he makes a call, asking for the footage from June 14. EJ thanks Sami again. Sami decides she should go but EJ wonders why she'd leave when he hasn't had the chance to properly thank her. Sami says there's no need. EJ tells him this could be the evidence he needs. Sami hopes it is for the kids so he doesn't have to go to prison. EJ agrees and starts moving in on Sami but she stops him and reminds him that she's with Lucas. EJ tells her that he doesn't need to be reminded and points out that she's there with him.

Carrie talks to Rafe about her baby growing up overseas and being an amazing opportunity for any child. Rafe agrees with her and says it's great. Rafe then admits he will miss her. Carrie adds that she will miss him too a lot. Carrie says it hasn't been an easy year for any of them. Carrie recalls being happy in Switzerland and she thinks they can be again to reconnect. Carrie says it's important to her.

John tells Ian that DiMera Enterprises isn't apart of Titan so he doesn't see why he cares. Ian claims he's concerned about Kate. Lucas brings up Kate being cut off before Stefano died. Ian plans to rectify the situation. John tells Ian that no one is buying his act after what he did to Brady and Madison. Ian claims he gave Brady opportunities but he failed. Marlena questions Ian playing the victim. John warns him not to mess with his family. Ian compares it to what Stefano did and what happened to him.

Will and Sonny search for the trash dumpsters outside the Pub. Sonny questions how bad it could really be. Will says he wasn't exaggerating that if he doesn't find the letter then EJ will go to jail and kill him.

Sami tells EJ to stop and says there won't be a next time as she prepares to leave. EJ tells her there's always a next time with them. Sami doesn't want Lucas to know she was there. Sami tries to leave but EJ gets in her way and they end up getting close again. Sami turns away from him. EJ wants her to admit that she wanted to come see him. Sami says she wanted to help him since he's the father of her children. EJ brings up that she could've told him over the phone but she came to see him in person. EJ starts moving towards her again and they argue about each other. EJ pins her against the wall and asks if Lucas is so important to her then why do they always end up together. EJ tries to kiss her but Sami stops him and says she's with Lucas and not going to screw it up. EJ then brings up what happened with Rafe.

Carrie is glad that Rafe is okay with her moving. Rafe shakes her hand and just wants her to be happy. Roman enters and asks if he's interrupting. Carrie tells him that he's not but she's glad he's there because she has good news to share. Carrie informs Roman that she and Austin are moving back to Switzerland which surprises Roman. Carrie knows it's sudden. Roman asks about the baby and if she's sure that she wants to be that far away from her family now. Carrie says it won't be easy and she'll miss him so much but feels she needs to do it for her family. Carrie hopes he understands and wants him to say that he's happy for her.

Ian brings up the police focusing on EJ as the chief suspect in Stefano's murder and suggests they've gone down the wrong path. Marlena says that's enough and tells Ian that his act is not fooling anyone. Ian claims it's just his opinion. Marlena says her opinion is that Ian is a misogynist bully. Ian says Kate would disagree. Marlena brings up Madison and finding Brady to be a real gentleman. Ian wishes John luck with his family and says he will need it as he walks away with Kate. John hopes Marlena knows what she's doing. Kate stops and tells Lucas that he needs to call her because they need to talk about some things. Lucas agrees to and goes back to John and Marlena. John asks Lucas what he knows about Ian. Lucas says he only knows that he goes way back with Kate. John tells Marlena and Lucas to go on without him while he goes to find Rafe. John adds that he wants to dig up on Ian first. Lucas offers to hand deliver the letter to the police. Marlena asks Lucas if he's sure that he doesn't want to talk to Will about it first. Lucas says his number one concern is getting Will and Sami away from EJ.

Carrie talks to Roman about staying in touch. Roman thinks her mind is made up and hopes she can stick around for Abe's charity event. Carrie wishes they could but reveals they have decided to leave tomorrow.

Will and Sonny finish looking through the trash but can't find the letter. Sonny suggests someone could've found it. Will remembers Lucas was there and Sonny wonders if he found the envelope.

Lucas goes to the station with the letter and says he's there to see Rafe about Stefano's murder.

Sami questions what's the matter with EJ since they threw away their marriages to Rafe and Nicole for a mistake. EJ says they can't explain but adds that she can't deny what exists between them. EJ holds her hand and says she feels the same way he does and wants her to admit it.

Kate sits with Ian at the town square and she assumes his earlier phone call was about John trying to take over DiMera Enterprises. Ian claims he had every intention of telling her. Kate calls it convenient that they ran into John. Kate thinks Ian didn't need to goad John so much and throw Brady's drug addiction in his face. Kate brings up John saying Ian was responsible. Ian hopes she doesn't believe that. Ian points out that Kate is quick to defend John and brings up their past. Ian says he's made it his job to know everything about her. Ian asks what if he's able to give her Countess Wilhelmina back. Kate asks if that's his end game. Ian tells her not to doubt his intention. Kate wants to get a straight answer from him.

John and Marlena return home as she tells him that it will be okay. John vows to take Ian down since Brady worked too hard to beat his addiction the first time. Marlena encourages that he has Madison with him. John wishes Brady came to him. Marlena says he might have been ashamed. John regrets not being there for Brady. Marlena says she wishes she was there for him too and for Will. John tells her that she was always there for Will. Marlena thought Will was always comfortable trusting and confiding in her but now she thinks he's gotten good at keeping secrets. Marlena wonders about Will keeping secrets for EJ and worries that he thinks EJ is more important than his family.

Will says this can't be happening. Sonny suggests he could just ask Lucas for it back but Will says he can't if he read it because it's about EJ. Sonny suggests that Lucas could have gone to confront EJ. Will realizes that he'd go to the police and runs off.

Lucas sits at the station with the letter, waiting to see Rafe.

Sami questions why EJ is doing this. EJ thinks they need to be honest about what's going on. Sami tells him that nothing is going on here. EJ tells her to be honest. Sami says it's not worth it but EJ thinks they need to get into it. Sami says that disaster ensues whenever they are in ten feet of each other. Sami tells him this will be no different so it's not worth it. EJ tells her that there's something between them that's not just the children. Sami says they are not good together and they always end up hurting other people since they are selfish and run over anyone in their way. EJ questions who's in their way now.

Roman is shocked that Carrie is leaving tomorrow. Carrie says she's sorry but got an offer from her old firm and they still have their old place. Carrie tells him they are all set. An officer comes in and tells Rafe that Lucas is there to see him. Rafe says he will be there in a second. The officer exits the room with Roman leaving Carrie and Rafe. Rafe can't believe Carrie is leaving tomorrow. Rafe tells her to take care. Carrie apologizes to him. Rafe tells her not to be sorry since he just wants what's best for her. Rafe hugs her goodbye as they both hold back tears. Rafe says he has to get back to work and exits. Roman comes back in as Carrie begins to cry. Roman asks if she's okay. Roman asks if her decision to move to Switzerland has anything to do with getting distance from Rafe. Roman says he's just asking and wants her to think about if this is really what she wants. Carrie says yes and brings up being pregnant with Austin's baby and committed to making their marriage work. Carrie says she's moving halfway around the world because it's that important to her. Roman accepts it if it means that much to her and gives her his support. Roman admits he will miss her and she says the same as they hug.

Marlena tells John that Ian was trying very hard to get under his skin. John is sorry that he let him. Marlena says it reminded her of Stefano and the way he used to push John's buttons to provoke him. Marlena says Ian did the same thing and it worked. John tells her that she's right so now he's really sorry. Marlena tells him to be aware that she thinks Ian is a dangerous man and he needs to be careful. John says he will be and gives her his word that nothing is going to happen as he hugs her.

Ian tells Kate that she spent too long under Stefano's influence and it's made her paranoid. Ian tells Kate that she misses what's obvious. Ian says it's his job to be aware of the competition with Titan and if he gets some knowledge then he will use it for his own advantage. Ian pours a drink and toasts to getting what they deserve.

EJ tells Sami that they have an irresistible pull between them and dares her to deny it but she can't. Sami says she doesn't feel anything but EJ calls her a liar and not a very good one. EJ goes to kiss Sami and she starts to move in but EJ pulls away and tells her not to lie because there's something between them whether she likes it or not.

Rafe joins Lucas and Lucas tells him he's got EJ's real motive for taking Stefano down and it's all in the letter. Rafe begins putting on his gloves as Lucas tells him to get his arrest warrant ready. Lucas hands the letter to Rafe and he opens it. Rafe reads the letter and is shocked to learn that EJ is not Stefano's son. Will arrives and sees Lucas with Rafe, realizing that he was too late.

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