Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe talks with Marlena about putting together an event for Lexie's cause. John arrives and says he has good news that smells like victory.

Daniel and Nicole sit at the station as Nicole looks up things on her computer while Daniel wants to be out there looking for Melanie. Nicole thinks they could find some information. Daniel is sorry for being upset. Nicole tells him that she knows how he feels and tells him that she's there for him and will do anything she can to help him find Melanie as she holds his hand. Maggie arrives crying and Daniel gets up to hug her. Maggie asks what they are up to. Nicole says they are just trying to find any lead on the web. Daniel says if anything is there then they will find it. Maggie thanks Nicole for helping.

Rafe finishes a phone call at the station about the test results on the gloves. Spencer comes in and tells Rafe that they can't rush the results. Rafe says the gloves had gunshot residue and now he can't wait to get the DNA results back to prove that they are EJ's.

Will goes to the Pub which is empty and sneaks behind the counter to open the safe. Will opens it and pulls out the paper revealing that EJ is not Stefano's son then puts it in his backpack. Will gets up from behind the counter and is startled to see Lucas standing there.

Sami gets up from bed looking for Lucas then realizes he's gone. She assumes it's him knocking at the door only to answer it and see EJ.

John tells Marlena and Abe that he took all morning but finally got through to DiMera Enterprises biggest investor. Abe wonders what he's missing. Marlena explains that John was going to claim his birthright. John adds that he realizes he's stripping EJ of his inheritance. Abe tells him that he's shocked that he didn't do it sooner. John says he will be getting back with the investor. Marlena hopes he's on John's side. John then gets a call from the investor.

Will tells Lucas that he didn't hear him come in. Lucas wants to talk about his relationship with EJ. Will wants to talk about something else for a change. Will says he knows Lucas doesn't like that he works for EJ but he does. They sit together and Lucas says he knows Will enjoys working with EJ but a lot has happened and changed since they last spoke. Lucas warns him to get away from EJ before something bad happens but Will doesn't believe him. Lucas warns him that if Will isn't careful then he will end up in jail next to EJ.

Sami asks EJ what he's doing there as she hurries to put her robe on. Sami tells EJ that he caused enough trouble yesterday and asks what he wants. EJ tells her that he came to see the children. Sami wonders if he came to say goodbye. EJ wonders why she'd think that. Sami brings up the investigation and evidence. EJ clarifies that he's not going anywhere.

Rafe tells Spencer that they are still awaiting test results so he's going to check on Gabi. Rafe is glad Gabi is okay and Spencer tells him to let him know if he can do anything. Rafe talks about never being immune to this stuff. Rafe says he can't imagine what Daniel is going through right now.

Maggie tells Daniel and Nicole that she brought everything she could think of from the Spa where Melanie works. Maggie cries that she hopes it's enough and just wants to find her. Daniel insists that they will find her and they begin looking through the boxes. Daniel doesn't know what to be looking for. Nicole tells him to take it one file at a time and then Rafe arrives.

 Will talks to Lucas about how he will tell him when nothing happens but Lucas informs him that they found gloves that were positive for gunshot residue. Will thinks it can't be right but Lucas tells him that it is so Will has to choose to either get away from EJ or go down with him.

EJ sits with Sydney and plays with her. She asks EJ why he's so sad but he tells her that he isn't. Sami decides it's time to take Sydney to gymnastics so she hugs EJ goodbye as Sami then sends her to get her things. Sami tells EJ that was a good performance pretending not to be sad. EJ tells her that it's not an act as he's perfectly happy. Sami tells him to never lie to a liar as she knows he's terrified of what the police might find and is worried for him.

Abe and Marlena talk about what John will hear from the investor and how good it would be for Salem if John took over DiMera Enterprises. Abe remarks that he's glad Stefano is dead but would love to see his face when he finds out John is taking over his company. Abe brings up Lexie forgiving Stefano and wanting Theo to spend time with that side of the family. Marlena reminds him that John is on that side of the family which he's grateful for. Abe states that Theo will never be like EJ and Stefano. Abe talks about wanting to make a toast to Lexie at the event he's putting together. Marlena tells him that she and John will always be there for him. John finishes his phone call so they ask what he heard.

Rafe tells Daniel, Maggie, and Nicole that Bo and Hope are tracking down every lead but don't have anything concrete yet. Maggie regrets being on vacation and wonders if Melanie would've come to her. Daniel encourages her not to think that way. Daniel tells her to stay strong and focused for Melanie and hugs her. Maggie agrees that they should get back to work. Rafe tells them that he will be right down the hall if they need him and he exits.

EJ tells Sami that if he didn't know better, he would think she cared. Sami adds that she cares about the kids. EJ assures that he's not going to prison. Sami brings up the evidence but EJ calls it all circumstantial. Sami wants EJ to admit he's worried about what they can prove. EJ denies it but Sami thinks he should be concerned about losing everything. EJ tells her it's not going to happen.

Will asks Lucas to tell him everything. Lucas explains that the police found the gloves after EJ failed the lie detector test. Will argues against it and then gets up and rushes out of the Pub, leaving behind his backpack. Lucas sees it and looks inside where Will slipped the paper about EJ's paternity.

Lucas pulls out the paper. Outside the Pub, Will calls EJ and wonders why he didn't call him. EJ says he didn't want him to overreact and has it under control. EJ wants to discuss it later. Will tells him to meet him at the mansion which EJ agrees to do. EJ tells Sami that everything is fine but he has to go take care of work. EJ tells Sami to tell the kids goodbye and she points out that he'll be able to tell them himself next time and hurries out.

Will goes back into the Pub and grabs his backpack. Lucas says they aren't done yet but Will says they are and rushes out, not knowing that Lucas has the paper.

Daniel and Maggie talk about Melanie not coming in for work on a certain day. Daniel suggests alerting Bo and Hope but Nicole offers to go tell Rafe since he's right down the hall which Daniel seems unsure about. Nicole goes looking for Rafe but doesn't find him. She stops and wonders what she's doing as she say aloud that she actually likes Daniel. She turns around and is then startled by Rafe.

Marlena asks John what the investor said. John reveals he said he respected John's determination but was not to willing to back him. John says EJ apparently made him a bunch of money recently. Abe calls the investors greedy as John wants to find another option. John refuses to give up. Abe agrees that he shouldn't since the DiMeras have been in control for far too long and it's time for a change. Marlena agrees if they can only figure out how.

Rafe asks Nicole who she was talking to. Nicole admits she was talking to herself. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Nicole says she's fine but Rafe doesn't believe her. Rafe asks if it's the baby but Nicole says the baby is wonderful. Rafe asks what it is then. Nicole states that she feels a little guilty seeing what Daniel is going through and wonders if it were her and her child missing. Nicole brings up her past with Sydney. Nicole begins worrying about something going wrong with the pregnancy or EJ taking her baby away. Rafe tells her not to worry and hopes they can put EJ behind bars. Nicole says she was pretty gloomy around Daniel and doesn't think he needs that. Rafe thinks he'll appreciate her honesty. Nicole gives Rafe the spa customer who had canceled his appointment with Melanie to look into. Nicole asks if they really think they will find Melanie. Rafe says they will have to. Nicole says she doesn't have trust since good things don't happen to people like her. Rafe tells her that he will have the faith for both of them and hugs her as Daniel enters and sees them together.

Marlena asks John what their next move is. John wants to start at the top all over again and he then gets a phone call. He answers as Abe asks Marlena if she's okay with John embracing being a DiMera. Marlena recalls John not knowing who he was when she fell in love with him and at one point thought he was Stefano. Marlena says she loves him regardless of being a DiMera since it doesn't change who he is. Abe talks about Lexie finding a way to make it work. John finishes his phone call thanking them for letting him know and says he's there if he needs anything. John then reveals to Abe and Marlena that Brady has checked himself into rehab. Marlena is shocked as they didn't know he was using. John adds that Brady and Madison are convinced that Ian has been slipping Brady drugs. Abe wonders why. Marlena assumes Ian wants to break them up. Marlena says they shouldn't have believed in Ian. Abe realizes Ian must not be over Madison. John declares that if Brady is right then Ian is going to pay.

Rafe gets a call so Nicole starts to head back. Rafe answers his phone from Lucas. Lucas tells Rafe that there's something he has to show him. Rafe tells him to meet him at the station in an hour. Lucas hangs up as Sami arrives and asks where he's been or if he's mad at her. Lucas tells her not to worry since EJ is about to get some very bad news. Lucas tells Sami to trust him that EJ killed Stefano. Lucas says he knows it and pretty soon the police are going to know. Lucas kisses her goodbye and rushes out of the Pub. Sami sits at the counter and notices a man installing a security camera.

Will and EJ meet at the DiMera Mansion as Will wants to know everything and asks about the gloves. EJ says he's being set up. Will wonders if EJ has been lying to him. EJ warns him that he's not going to tell him again that he didn't kill Stefano. Will warns him that if he's not careful then he could wind up an innocent person in jail.

Maggie tells Daniel that she will call if she finds anything else that might help. They agree that they are going to find Melanie. Nicole returns with coffees. Maggie thanks her but says she's going back to the Spa. Maggie whispers to Nicole to take good care of Daniel as she exits. Daniel then asks Nicole what Rafe said. Nicole says that he was going to look into it. Nicole offers him coffee but Daniel decides he's just going to go. Nicole offers to go with him but Daniel says not today. Nicole then asks if Daniel is leaving to be alone or to stay away from her.

Sami approaches the man and asks if there was a break in or something. He tells her it's just a security upgrade since Kayla wanted to make sure Caroline is safe. Sami asks if he's installed a lot of those. He says that he has all over town and Sami runs out of the Pub.

Nicole wants Daniel to talk to her. Daniel suggests they need a break and to go back to being friends. Nicole wonders where it's coming from. Daniel thinks maybe he could've paid more attention to Melanie if less was going on between them. Nicole tells him that it's not his fault. Daniel says he just doesn't need the drama. Nicole realizes it's about Rafe. Daniel says it's just not the time as he needs to find his daughter. Daniel then exits as Nicole starts to cry.

Spencer returns to Rafe and tells him not to bother with a call because he's got the DNA test results. Rafe opens the envelope and reads the results. Rafe smiles and shows them to Spencer. Rafe says they now have a failed lie detector test, gunshot residue on the gloves, a box of bullets and now EJ's DNA all over the gloves. Rafe thinks they're ready to make an arrest.

EJ tells Will that he will be able to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. Will looks through his backpack and realizes the paper is missing. Will begins freaking out and searching through his bag. EJ wonders what he's doing.

Lucas goes to John and Marlena's. Abe begins saying goodbye as Marlena answers the door. Abe hugs John and Marlena then exits. Lucas tells John that he has something he's got to see. Lucas calls it the key to the entire DiMera empire and hands the paper to John.

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