Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie sits at home with a picture of her baby. Austin joins her and they talk about the baby. They joke around about whether it will be a boy or a girl. Austin calls her beautiful and kisses her.

Daniel wants to go back into Andrew's basement but Nicole stops him and tells him that he has to let Bo and Hope do their job. Daniel worries about what they might find. Rafe arrives and heads inside for backup. Daniel hopes everything will be okay.

Chad, Hope, and Bo help Gabi up. Rafe enters and checks with Gabi. Chad asks where Melanie is.

Melanie lies unconscious in a dark underground tunnel.

Carrie and Austin continue kissing. Austin is worried about Carrie not getting enough rest. Austin brings up how much their lives are going to change. Carrie says they have so many decisions to make and wants their baby to be happy and healthy. Austin states that nothing matters as much as the baby. Austin wants the baby to be like Carrie and praises her honesty.

Rafe asks Gabi what happened but she claims to have a headache. Chad finds where Melanie tried scratching her name in the wall and shows it to Bo. Rafe tries to get Gabi to tell them what happened. Bo declares that he knows Gabi was taken by the same person who kidnapped Melanie.

Austin and Carrie joke about his compliments. Carrie ends up tripping which makes Austin think the place is too small for them. Austin thinks they need to get a house immediately. Carrie agrees but feels she has no time to look into one. Austin brings up a house but Carrie feels it's too far. Austin brings up another house but Carrie didn't like the floors. Austin offers to go take pictures of more houses to narrow it down to a few choices. Austin tells her that they will make the final decision together. Austin adds he can't wait to start their lives together with the baby since they will be a wonderfully happy married couple.

Daniel think things are taking too long and starts to go in but Nicole reminds him that they wanted him to leave. Daniel asks how Nicole would be if it was her kid. Daniel decides he has to know.

Bo asks Gabi if she was chloroformed or knocked out. Gabi claims she doesn't know as everything happened too fast. Rafe wonders why she came here. Hope says they need to find Melanie. Bo wants Gabi to tell them everything she knows and asks why she came to this particular house. Gabi claims she was going door to door to try and find Melanie. Gabi says she knocked on the door but nobody answered so she tried to leave but got grabbed from behind. Gabi worries that she screwed things up and made things worse for Melanie. Hope tells her that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rafe and Bo say that it might have spooked the guy into taking off with Melanie. Daniel comes in with Nicole, having overheard, and Daniel tells them that he hopes they come up with another plan.

Melanie wakes up in her undisclosed location and calls out hello.

Austin looks up houses on his computer as Carrie packs her bag for work. Austin goes over Carrie's list of wants for her house and they joke about it. Austin tells her that she's beautiful and they kiss. Austin talks about making copies of the baby ultrasound photo to show everyone. Carrie comments that she's never seen him so happy. Austin tells her he was the happiest man in the world on the day they got married as he then kisses her.

Daniel asks Bo if Melanie was there. Bo says she was and shows Daniel the carving in the wall. Daniel questions if Bo was ever going to tell him or if they were going to leave him thinking his daughter was dead. Bo tells him that he knows how difficult this is. Rafe tells Daniel about what happened to Gabi. Daniel says the guy has now moved on with Melanie. Bo says they are working on finding her. Bo orders everyone out so the lab can check the room. Daniel refuses to go. Nicole encourages him and says they will get the word out to TV stations. Nicole then exits with Daniel. Rafe says he's going to go with them and tells Chad to watch out for Gabi. Chad says he will stay with Gabi as Rafe thanks him and exits. Gabi thanks Chad for being so nice to her. Chad tells her that she's a victim just like Melanie and hugs her. Bo calls in the lab. Hope finds the letter that Andrew left for Gabi and declares that they just got a lead.

Melanie starts moving and tries to get up as Andrew walks in wearing his mask. Andrew comments that she doesn't look very happy to see him. Melanie wonders why she's there but he tells her to stop asking. Melanie starts to cry so he tells her to stop. Andrew tells her that this wasn't part of the plan but he has to keep it together. Melanie asks if they are closing in on him and if it's getting out of hand. Melanie doesn't think he wanted to take her here or that he wants to be there. Andrew tells her to stop talking. Melanie tells him that he needs a new plan. Melanie tells him that he could walk away from all of this since she doesn't know what he looks like. She says he could let her go and then disappear and she wouldn't be able to tell anybody anything because she would never know. Melanie says she won't tell anyone anything if he leaves Salem now. Andrew questions letting her go.

Nicole and Daniel sit together in the town square as Nicole makes phone calls for a news bulletin. Rafe joins them and says he's going to check in with the station. Rafe encourages Daniel to hang in there as he walks away to make the call. Daniel tells Nicole that he can't stop picturing Melanie. Nicole reminds him how strong and smart Melanie is. Nicole encourages that Melanie will fight to get free. Daniel gets a phone call from Carly and walks away to take the call. Rafe returns to Nicole and she talks about knowing how hard this can be. Nicole comments on being a parent soon and then her baby kicks. Rafe sits with her and Nicole has him feel the baby kick. Carrie walks by and sees them together then feels her own stomach as she then turns and walks away.

Chad reads Andrew's note and says it looks like he's bragging about having Melanie. They find a phone number on the back but the first three numbers are missing. Hope asks Chad if it's Melanie's. Chad says it's not Melanie's but it could be Gabi's.

Carrie goes to visit Marlena. Marlena is concerned that she looks upset and wants to talk. Carrie doesn't know what's wrong with her since everything should be perfect as her and Austin are looking for their dream house, her job is going great, and everything with the baby is perfect. Carrie adds that Austin is beyond happy and keeps talking about them, the baby, and their future. Marlena asks about her. Carrie says she knows the baby is healthy and everything is great but she can't help feeling guilty that she's pushing her real feelings down and worries that it could put stress on the baby. Marlena insists the baby is fine but Carrie says she is not. Carrie tells Marlena about seeing Rafe and Nicole together at the town square and how she wanted that to be her and Rafe which she can't have. She adds that she can't stop wanting it but it's not fair to Austin or the baby since they deserve a real wife and mother. Marlena asks what she deserves and what's fair to her since she has feelings too. Marlena tells her it's not healthy to hate herself for having feelings. Carrie says her feelings hurt but she's made her right decision since it's Austin's baby and they've wanted this forever. Carrie adds that she loves him and knows they can make it work until she sees Rafe then she feels like she's dying inside. Marlena is sorry to see her in so much pain. Carrie calls it the exact same situation as when she left Austin for Mike and thought they'd have a wonderful life but it was a fantasy. Carrie says she and Austin went through hell to find happiness again. Carrie states that she had no business walking away from a good marriage and decide on a life with her sister's husband. Marlena insists that she had nothing to do with Sami and Rafe's marriage ending. Carrie wonders how she can break Austin's heart when he's done nothing but be a good husband. Carrie says she thought she was doing the right thing but knows she was being selfish. Carrie thinks the baby is God's way of telling her that it's not her choice to make.

Rafe brings Nicole a water as she talks about the baby kicking. Rafe offers to take her home so that she can rest but she looks over at Daniel and says she can't leave him. Rafe mentions that they seem pretty tight since she's been there for him through everything with Melanie. Nicole says she's just doing what any good friend would do. Rafe suggests that Nicole's not the person that he used to think she was. Nicole says she was that person for a long time. Rafe adds that he's glad they are friends.

Chad points out that the last four digits in the phone number are the same as Gabi's and so is the rest. Gabi says it doesn't make sense and wonders why he would have her number on a paper. Bo wonders if there's something she isn't telling them but she swears she isn't. Chad then begins to wonder if the guy who took Melanie was also Gabi's stalker.

Andrew makes sure that Melanie is chained to a pole. Melanie promises not to tell anyone but Andrew tells her that he's not letting her out of sight. Melanie begins saying that she smells gas and worries about a gas leak but Andrew doesn't believe her.

Marlena tells Carrie that she's built a tiny box for herself. Carrie feels like she's in a box but doesn't feel she built it. Marlena feels suspicious when someone says they don't have a choice. Marlena thinks Carrie means that she doesn't have a choice where everyone is happy and no one gets hurt or where she'll feel like a good person. Carrie doesn't think it's true. Marlena explains that Carrie chose to stay with Austin but feels it's unfair to him because of her feelings for Rafe but if she goes to Rafe then she feels guilty about hurting Austin. Marlena tells her that she's built a box that's airtight and she knows how she feels. Carrie brings up Marlena choosing to go to John. Marlena says she knows that broke Roman's heart and she anguished over it for years but she knows she made the right choice. Carrie questions if she's saying she should go with Rafe and brings up carrying Austin's child. Marlena says she'll never tell her what to do but she needs to be kinder to herself. Marlena says she's never seen Carrie judge anyone like she does herself. Marlena tells her that she's just human as Carrie holds back tears. Marlena tells her that she will be there for her no matter what path she chooses and will always love her as she hugs her.

Bo and Hope bag the note and wonder if the guy targeted Gabi and grabbed Melanie instead. Hope tells Gabi that she knows it's scary to think about but it might help them find Melanie. Bo tells Gabi that they need to know everything she knows about this guy. Bo and Hope ask if she thinks he was working with someone else. Gabi swears she's told them everything she knows. Hope brings up Gabi being a target while being a model and points out that Melanie did some modeling also. Bo thinks they are missing something that's staring them in the face.

Daniel returns to Nicole and Rafe. Nicole hopes he'd have good news but guesses no. Daniel says he was just trying to calm Carly down but they both know the longer it goes on then the worse it is. Daniel vows to find his daughter.

Melanie tells Andrew that they are not safe with gas in the tunnel. Andrew says they are never safe. Melanie tells him that they need to get out before they die but Andrew tells her that they aren't going anywhere until he's ready and when he knows where they are going. Andrew says it doesn't matter. Melanie tells him it doesn't matter because there's no way she's ever going anywhere with him.

Carrie returns home and starts packing her bag. Austin comes in and she tells him that they are leaving Salem and moving back to Switzerland.

Rafe encourages Daniel that they will find Melanie and tries to find out when they last talked.

Chad wonders what to do now. Bo says the lab will sweep the room and test the note for fingerprints which worries Gabi as she thinks back to reading the note. Chad wonders if they're just supposed to sit around and talk which he thinks is wasting time. Hope tries to calm him down and say they will find her but Chad shouts that it's not good enough and need to find her now.

Andrew tells Melanie that she doesn't have a choice and is going with him whether she wants to or not.

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