Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe, Roman, and Spencer continue the search but haven't found anything. Spencer suggests they must have missed something. Rafe decides to approach the picture on the wall. Rafe pulls it down and finds the hidden gloves behind it.

Sami and Lucas kiss until Sami tells Lucas they need to talk and says he can't just boss her around and tell her what to do. Lucas says he only told EJ to stay away from her. Sami knows he was telling her to stay clear from EJ. Lucas tells her that he's protecting his family and he doesn't want to let EJ come between them again.

Kate and Ian talk at their office as Kate looks through her purse. Ian sees the envelope he tried to steal is still in Kate's purse. Kate finds what she was looking for and goes to get them tea. While she's gone, Ian takes the envelope from her purse and pulls out a folder.

Bo and Hope walk through the town square finishing calls as there are missing posters with Melanie's picture on them. They hope they will be able to find something on surveillance cameras.

Nicole finds Daniel at the town square and says she's been looking for him all day. Nicole wants to go eat but Daniel says not now and walks away as Nicole wonders what she's done now.

Gabi goes looking for Andrew telling him that the police is on their way. She rushes into the basement only to find that he and Melanie are gone. Gabi finds a note left from Andrew that says he still has Melanie and is going to keep her in a place where no one will ever find her. Gabi begins to worry what she's done.

Lucas tells Sami that EJ can go to hell. Sami is sorry for what he walked in on. Lucas doesn't blame her but refuses to let EJ continue pulling his crap. Sami stops him and assures him that she doesn't belong to anyone.

Rafe, Spencer, and Roman bag the gloves as EJ enters and questions what they are doing. Roman informs them that they got their warrant and were searching his apartment. EJ wonders where they got those gloves from.

Gabi wonders what to do and goes to leave Andrew's place but sees Chad coming out the window. Gabi hides as Chad knocks on the door asking if anyone's home. Gabi sees Melanie's bracelet on the floor and tries to get it but can't reach it. Chad looks through the window and sees the bracelet. Gabi worries that she will be going to jail. Chad realizes Melanie was there and kicks the door in. Chad runs in looking for Melanie. He picks up the bracelet and then begins frantically searching the house.

EJ questions where the gloves came from. Rafe tells him they should look familiar since they found them in his apartment. EJ thinks back to throwing the gloves in the dumpster. EJ tells Rafe that it's impossible.

Nicole follows Daniel and wonders if she did something to screw things up between them. Daniel tells her it's not about her. Bo and Hope join Daniel and say they haven't heard from Chad as Daniel informs Nicole that Melanie is missing. Nicole wants to help. Bo gets a call from Chad. Chad informs him that he found Melanie's bracelet in a house but no one is there. Bo orders Chad to get out since it could be a crime scene. Chad gives him the address so Bo says he's on his way. Bo tells Daniel and starts to leave with Hope. Daniel and Nicole go with them.

Sami questions Lucas saying that she belongs to him. Lucas calls it a figure of speech. Sami brings up the kids and how Lucas was in Hong Kong. They argue about their family. Lucas tries to explain that he was protecting her and got a little upset. Lucas says he hates EJ and thought Sami did too. Lucas reminds Sami that she's the woman he loves and vows to do whatever he has to not let EJ get in between them again. Sami points out that she's also the mother of EJ's children. Lucas asks if she's saying that EJ matters to her as much as he does.

Spencer questions EJ as to how it's impossible. Rafe says the gloves were there and they found them. EJ wants to know where they found them but Roman says no. EJ says they can't accuse him of something outrageous. Spencer says no one's accusing him. Roman reminds him that they had a warrant. EJ says they can't use anything in court but they explain that they recorded everything in the search. EJ thinks they just want to heckle him. Roman tells him that so far everything has led them to EJ.

Sami tells Lucas that EJ is always going to be a part of her life. Lucas says she means their life. Sami feels she has to get along with him for the kids. Lucas questions if that's what she was doing in his arms. Sami explains that EJ was upset about the kids and was just thanking her. Lucas thinks it's always about the children. Sami explains that EJ might go to prison and he's upset because he wants his children to know he loves them. Lucas reminds her that EJ is blackmailing their son. Lucas can't buy that EJ isn't a bad guy because he loves his kids. Lucas tells Sami that she's fooling herself and being delusional. Sami feels that she has to give him the benefit of the doubt. Lucas wonders why after everything he has done. Lucas tells her that he's willing to do anything to make them work this time but only if she can tell him that she wants the same thing.

EJ thinks they are going the extra mile without evidence. Roman says they have plenty and are adding to it. Roman tells him that things aren't looking good for EJ with his fingerprints on the murder weapon, no alibi, failing the lie detector test, being removed from Stefano's will and now finding hidden gloves. EJ wonders where the gloves were hid. EJ thinks they are trying to frame him. Rafe says most of the evidence is circumstantial but he can tell EJ was shaken when he saw the gloves. Rafe warns EJ that they got him.

Kate returns to Ian who is reading the folder from Kate's envelope. Kate questions what he's looking at. Ian says it's something she obviously didn't want to share with him which was Stefano's will. Ian questions how long she intended to keep it from him.

Bo, Hope, Daniel, and Nicole join Chad at Andrew's house. Chad explains how he saw Melanie's bracelet so he kicked the door in. Chad shows the bracelet to Daniel and they are sure it is hers. Chad tells Bo and Hope that there was no sign of anyone in there. Bo brings up the basement so Chad rushes down to the basement and they follow him. Gabi hides in the basement room where Melanie was kept as Chad tries to get in and Bo and Hope try to calm him down.

Kate tells Ian that she didn't think it was a big deal or that Ian would be interested in Stefano's estate since they both knew she wasn't getting anything from it. Ian tells her that he's more disappointed since he thought they were a team. Ian tells her that what happens to her affects him so they shouldn't have secrets. Ian tells her now is a good time to share anything else she's keeping from him.

Chad bangs on the basement door looking for Melanie until Bo pulls him off. Chad looks through the slip in the door and Bo does as well but they don't see anything as Gabi hides behind the wall. Chad wants to get in but Bo holds him back with Daniel. Daniel tells Chad to sit down as it's not helping.

Sami tells Lucas that he has to understand how much she cares about him and how happy she is that he's giving them another chance. Lucas questions why she's always sticking up for EJ then. Sami shouts that she doesn't know. Lucas feels Sami is gonna mess up and run out of chances. They start to argue until Lucas kisses her. They kiss until they overhear EJ arguing with Roman. EJ tells Roman that they know the gloves weren't there. Sami and Lucas rush in and Sami says they heard yelling and wanted to find out what's happening. Spencer explains that they found gloves that might tie EJ to Stefano's murder. EJ calls them desperate and says they planted evidence. EJ thinks they manufactured evidence. Lucas shouts that nobody has to plant anything on EJ. Lucas thinks everyone will be safer if EJ goes to prison. EJ tells Lucas that he's not thrilled with his kids being around him after he tried to kill him in the past.

Kate tells Ian that he can see nothing in the papers pertain to her. Ian offers to look through them and see if she's entitled to anything but Kate feels it's not necessary. Ian calls Stefano a miserable bastard and wonders why she'd want anything from him after the way he treated her especially now that he's in her life.

Lucas tells EJ that he wishes he died when he was shot. EJ asks if he really wants to talk about the shooting. Sami tells them to stop. Lucas tries to go after EJ but Roman holds him back. Lucas shouts that he's not done as Sami takes Lucas out. Roman orders EJ to stay there as he exits with Spencer and Rafe.

Chad wonders why they aren't going in the room in the basement. Bo says they need a search warrant before they can search the rest of the house. Bo tells Chad, Daniel, and Nicole that they need to leave. Hope reminds Chad that they need to do this to find Melanie. Bo heads upstairs with Daniel and Nicole. Chad stays behind as Hope looks through the slip in the door.

Spencer and Roman tell Lucas that he needs to stay out of the situation with EJ. Roman wants them to come to the station and cool off but Sami says she can't since she has work and will be fine by herself. Lucas questions Sami being by herself as Sami insists that she'll be fine. Lucas agrees to go with Roman in hopes that he can help put EJ behind bars. Lucas exits with Roman, Rafe, and Spencer. As soon as they leave, Sami runs to EJ's apartment. EJ sits alone drinking until Sami knocks on the door. EJ answers and Sami tells him that it's just her.

Kate asks Ian why Madison isn't there. Ian informs her that she had a meeting in New York. Kate reveals that she handled that meeting so Madison could accompany Brady to rehab. Kate thinks it surprises Ian as he talks about Madison staying with him.

Sami asks EJ if the gloves were his and if he was wearing them when Stefano was killed.

Roman, Lucas, Spencer, and Rafe go to the station. Lucas goes to get some coffee. Spencer, Rafe, and Roman talk about the gloves. Roman asks Spencer if he'll agree that the gloves could be enough to arrest EJ. Spencer wants to wait until they get the prints test back.

Chad paces as Hope tells him that he needs to wait outside with Daniel and Nicole but Chad says he can't. Chad says this is the closest he's been to Melanie so he can't leave until he knows if there's something there to help find her. Chad wonders if someone kidnapped her, why there is no ransom. Chad thinks it means there's some psycho with Melanie for another reason. Chad worries about Melanie being tortured. Hope tells him to stop and not think that way. Hope tells him that they have no reason not to believe they will bring Melanie home safely. Hope encourages Chad to think positively.

Daniel talks with Nicole outside as he feels he should've known something was wrong. Daniel talks about Melanie being impulsive and how he should've worried when he didn't hear from her. Daniel worries about something happened to her. Nicole encourages him but says she can't tell him that everything will be fine because she doesn't know. Daniel appreciates her honesty and says he feels the same way. Nicole adds that she has a lot of hope because Melanie is a survivor. Nicole wants him to know she's there no matter what happens if he wants her to be. Nicole talks about how he was there when she found out she was pregnant with EJ's baby. Nicole says she knew Daniel didn't want her to be scared or alone so she doesn't want him to be alone now. Nicole says he can say anything to her. Daniel thanks her for being there and for being her.

Chad tells Hope that Melanie is not like any other girl he's ever met and he's been going crazy for weeks thinking he lost her and wondering what he would ever do without her. Gabi listens from behind the wall. Chad wonders how he couldn't have known something was wrong. Hope tells him not to blame himself but he does. Hope insists that they will find her but Chad worries that it's too late.

Kate finishes a phone call and tells Ian that her contact at the station told her that EJ flunked the lie detector about Stefano's death and that Roman just searched his apartment. Ian wonders what they expected to find there.

Spencer talks to Roman about needing to make sure they have solid evidence since they were wrong once already. Roman wonders what else they have to do to put EJ behind the bars. Spencer asks Rafe for his opinion and he decides to go check on the prints test.

EJ asks Sami if she changed her mind and doesn't believe him anymore. Sami doesn't get the deal with the gloves. EJ says if they prove the gloves are his then they will have one more circumstantial piece of evidence against him. Sami asks if they are his and if they will test positive for gunshot residue. EJ responds yes on both accounts.

Daniel tells Nicole to go home and rest but she refuses to go anywhere. Bo returns with a search warrant and is ready to break down the door. They tell him that Chad is downstairs with Hope so Bo rushes down there with a battering ram. Bo breaks the door down and they find Gabi inside who is pretending to be passed out.

EJ tells Sami that it will be positive because he did fire a gun that night. EJ swears on their kids' lives that he did not kill Stefano.

Rafe returns with the test results and tells Roman and Spencer that the gloves tested positive for gunshot residue which Lucas is happy to overhear.

Kate tells Ian that she is just surprised. Ian comments on EJ gaining financially from Stefano's death. Kate thinks Ian doesn't like EJ. Ian says he doesn't care one way or the other and only cares about Kate. Kate goes to run an errand.

Sami tells EJ that there's a lot that she doesn't understand and wonders why he didn't just get rid of the gloves. EJ says he did but someone must have found them and put them there.

Ian sits alone in the office and thinks back to being the one that retrieved the gloves from the dumpster as well as planting the box of bullets and the gloves in EJ's apartment as he then smiles.

Sami and EJ sit together in EJ's apartment.

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