Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/13/12


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Chad starts sending a message to update Cameron and Abigail. Bo talks about getting word out to her friends. Daniel thinks there's got to be something else they can do. Bo says they need more information. Daniel reminds him that this is their daughter they are talking about. Hope returns from searching Chad's place and Daniel's storage where she found Melanie's passport. Bo says Melanie must not have left the country so Chad realizes that she didn't send the e-mail.

Melanie struggles with the rope and tries to get loose. Andrew tells Gabi that he decides how this goes and not her as he thought he made it clear. Andrew tells Gabi that he likes Melanie's company so she's not going anywhere. Andrew tells Gabi that she can't change his mind on that.

EJ tells Sami that if he does go to prison, he doesn't want the kids to see him. Sami hopes he doesn't end up in prison then. EJ notes that she seems kind of supportive. Sami jokes that she doesn't have a choice. EJ thinks it's because deep down she knows he didn't do it. EJ tells her that he couldn't kill Stefano and she knows he's innocent. EJ thanks her and they hug as Lucas arrives and says they've got to be kidding which surprises Sami. Lucas questions Sami supporting EJ and asks if he conned her into thinking he didn't kill Stefano. Lucas calls EJ a liar and a killer. Sami wants to explain but Lucas doesn't want to hear it. Lucas yells at EJ to stay away from his family from now on.

Rafe, Spencer, and Roman talk at the station about trying to get a warrant to search EJ's place. They talk about looking for evidence against EJ and how he didn't pass the lie detector. The phone rings and Rafe answers, asking the judge if they get their warrant.

Daniel and Chad wonder who would take Melanie and why.

Andrew plays Gabi the recording of their conversation. Gabi begs him to let Melanie go before the police find out and arrests him. Andrew reminds her that she'd be arrested too. Andrew brings up what Chad would say when he finds out that Gabi was in on it. Gabi admits it was wrong not to tell Chad that Melanie was there. Andrew tells Gabi that she's the reason Melanie is tied up. Gabi tells him it's not her fault. Andrew says no one is blaming her but she's still a part of it. Gabi warns him that the police could already have information about Melanie so they are going to get caught. Andrew tells her that she's going to get caught if she doesn't shut up so he starts to go ahead and send the recording to the police but Gabi struggles to stop him.

Daniel and Chad want to tear the town apart until they find Melanie. Hope and Bo return with a map as they try to track where the e-mail was sent. Bo wants to go door to door asking people if they have seen Melanie. They put her photo onto the computer. Chad looks at it and begins to have flashbacks of spending time with her when he took that photo.

Melanie remains tied up and starts to cry as she struggles against the rope.

Gabi takes the phone from Andrew and says she's in charge now as she will make sure the recording will never get to the police by deleting them. Andrew instead starts laughing.

EJ questions Lucas ordering him to stay away from his family. EJ reminds him that Sami is the mother of his children so he can't. Lucas tells him to go to his own apartment. EJ says his children live here so he will come whenever he wishes. Lucas refuses to allow that. Sami tries to intervene and explains to Lucas that EJ was only there for the kids. Lucas doesn't care and wants to protect his family. Lucas wants to keep his family as far away from EJ as possible. EJ asks Lucas if he really thinks he can keep him away from Sami.

Melanie thinks back to having dinner with Chad in the town square. Melanie finishes her thought and continues crying.

Gabi questions what Andrew is laughing at. Andrew calls her hilarious if she thinks the only copies of the recording is on the phone. Gabi gets worried and her phone rings. She answers a call from Chad. Chad asks her if anyone's heard from Melanie but she says she hasn't. Chad asks her to join them at the police station so she agrees to be on her way. Gabi worries that it could be a trap and they're on to them. Andrew tells her to just go and find out. Andrew takes his phone back and Gabi worries that he's sending the recordings. Andrew tells her that he's backing up the files now as he didn't really before. Gabi tells him she hates him and storms out.

Rafe finishes his call with the judge and informs Roman and Spencer that they got the warrant so they go on their way.

Someone wearing a mask sneaks into EJ's apartment and pulls out the black gloves that EJ had thrown in the dumpster and prepares to plant them in the apartment.

Sami tells Lucas that they were just talking about the kids. Lucas questions Sami backing EJ. EJ insists he did not kill Stefano. Lucas thinks he will be proven guilty and then will go down. Lucas orders EJ to stay away from his family. Lucas says the only thing that follows EJ is misery and they've had enough. EJ tells Lucas to go to hell. EJ tells Lucas that he loves his family and his children. EJ starts to say he also loves someone else which makes Lucas question who he's going to say he loves.

Melanie continues thinking about being with Chad at the town square and talking about their future together.

Bo finds out the general area from where the e-mail came from Melanie's phone. Gabi arrives and watches them talk about finding out where Melanie is. Roman, Rafe, and Spencer arrive. Roman informs Bo and Hope that they got the warrant to search EJ's apartment. Bo hopes they can get the evidence to put him away. Rafe encourages Daniel to keep the faith about Melanie since they found Johnny when he was missing. Hope wishes them luck as Rafe, Roman, and Spencer go to make their search.

The person inside EJ's apartment plants the pair of black gloves by taping them behind a picture on the wall.

Lucas asks EJ again who he loves. EJ responds that he loved Stefano very much and he loves Lexie. Lucas calls it trouble for the rest of them and doesn't believe anything he says. Lucas brings up EJ and Will. Sami suggests it's not the right time. EJ reminds Lucas that Will works for him because he wants to. Lucas calls it too bad cause EJ's going to fire him. EJ wonders why he'd do that. Lucas warns EJ that if he doesn't fire Will then going to jail for murder will seem like a cakewalk compared to what he's going to do to him.

Andrew goes into the room with Melanie. He informs her that there's been a decision on whether or not he's going to let her go and he's not going to. Andrew tells her that they are going to be together forever.

Chad tells Bo and Hope that he brought Gabi in hopes that she can help them find Melanie. Bo and Hope say it looks like Melanie is in Salem. Chad and Daniel want to start searching but Hope reminds them that they have to stay there since it's a police search. Daniel says no way that's happening.

EJ asks Lucas what he's going to do to him. Lucas says he doesn't want to find out. EJ calls it empty threats. Lucas calls EJ a liar and a lowlife. EJ says family means as much to him as it does to Lucas. Lucas warns him to stay away from Sami, Allie, and Will. Sami says she's had enough. Lucas tells her that it has nothing to do with her. Sami shouts that she's the mother and is in charge of what's best for her children.

The person in EJ's apartment puts the picture back on the wall as Roman, Rafe, and Spencer make their way down the hall. Rafe opens the door, noting that it's weird that the door was not locked. They head inside and begin searching as the person that was in there hides.

Andrew brings food to Melanie and unties her so she can eat. He tells her to keep quiet and eat. Melanie notes that he seems angry and wonders if he wants someone to talk to. Andrew then exits the room. Melanie imagines that Chad arrives and she sees him say that he loves her and tells her to be strong until he's able to find her. She imagines Chad promising that he's coming for her. Andrew comes back into the room and wonders who Melanie is talking to.

Daniel tells Bo and Hope that they are going to help search. Chad says they can't stop them. Bo tells them that they can't. Chad shouts about loving Melanie and wanting to look for her. Gabi starts sending a text message to Andrew that things are bad. Chad wants Gabi to call Rafe so he can let Chad and Daniel be apart of the search. Chad doesn't know how it couldn't help for two more people to be involved. Hope insists that they need to let them do their job. Daniel agrees that he and Chad will stay at the station. Gabi decides to go home and e-mail classmates so she leaves. Bo and Hope exit to go search. Chad tells Daniel that he doesn't care and is going to look for Melanie himself but Daniel stops him.

Spencer says if there is evidence that EJ killed Stefano then this is their one chance to find it as they continue searching the apartment.

Sami tells EJ and Lucas to stop acting like she's a prize. They say that she knows what she means. Sami shouts that she decides who she sees. Lucas thought Sami decided that EJ was bad news and brings up Sami having full custody. They argue about being bad fathers. Sami doesn't want anyone to get hurt here especially the children. Lucas reminds Sami that's why she didn't want EJ in their lives. Lucas tells Sami not to back down to EJ. Lucas tells EJ to leave now and not ever come back.

Chad tells Daniel that he can't stay when he should be out looking for Melanie. Daniel thinks they'd be putting Melanie in more danger but Chad thinks they could find her. Daniel wants to be out there but feels they need to stay put. Chad agrees and says they better find Melanie soon. Daniel tells Chad to keep calm and goes to call Carly to check in. Chad looks at the picture of Melanie and then rushes off.

Gabi goes looking for Andrew telling him that the police is on their way. She rushes into the basement only to find that he and Melanie are gone.

Daniel returns to the station room but Chad's gone so he rushes out to find him.

Chad walks through the town square making a call to EJ. He leaves a message that Melanie is missing and knows the cops would hate EJ getting involved but he's desperate and hopes EJ could help find her.

Gabi finds a note left from Andrew that says he still has Melanie and is going to keep her in a place where no one will ever find her. Gabi begins to worry what she's done.

Rafe, Roman, and Spencer continue the search but haven't found anything. Spencer suggests they must have missed something. Rafe decides to approach the picture on the wall. Rafe pulls it down and finds the hidden gloves behind it.

Sami reminds Lucas that EJ owns the place and she doesn't want him to throw her out. Sami also points out that EJ is her boss. EJ says he could fire Lucas if he wanted. EJ says he has every right to stay as Sami's guest until she asks him to leave. Lucas encourages Sami to ask EJ to leave. EJ says he was about to leave on his own anyway since he has work to do. EJ tells Sami that he will be back to check on the kids and then exits. Sami questions Lucas what that was about and Lucas responds by kissing her.

Chad walks through the town square and sees Bo and Hope talking as they are informed that Chad took off so Chad rushes out the other way before they see him.

Sami tells Lucas they need to talk and says he can't just boss her around and tell her what to do. Lucas says he only told EJ to stay away from her. Sami knows he was telling her to stay clear from EJ. Lucas tells her that he's protecting his family and he doesn't want to let EJ come between them again.

Rafe, Spencer, and Roman bag the gloves as EJ enters and questions what they are doing. Roman informs them that they got their warrant and were searching his apartment. EJ wonders where they got those gloves from.

Daniel joins Bo and Hope at the town square but they have no update on Melanie or Chad. Daniel worries about Chad putting Melanie in more danger.

Gabi wonders what to do and goes to leave Andrew's place but sees Chad coming out the window. Gabi hides as Chad knocks on the door asking if anyone's home. Gabi sees Melanie's bracelet on the floor and tries to get it but can't reach it. Chad looks through the window and sees the bracelet. Chad realizes Melanie was there and kicks the door in.

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