Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi follows Chad through the town square, trying to calm him down as Chad wants to talk to Daniel about Melanie disappearing. Gabi tells him that it doesn't mean something bad happened to Melanie. Daniel arrives and tells Chad that he just talked to Carly. Abigail and Cameron join them as Chad informs them that Melanie never went to her mom's.

Andrew questions what Melanie thinks she was doing. She says she made a mistake and tries to apologize. Melanie tries to say Andrew is not a bad guy. Andrew shouts back that when a girl likes a guy, they don't try to escape from them.

Lucas asks John about wanting to take over DiMera Enterprises since it's a family run business. John reminds him that he's a DiMera and feels he can cut off EJ. Marlena says that would make Salem a safer place to live. Lucas tells John that he's in for whatever he needs.

EJ advises Sami to take her hands off of him now so she does. Sami tells him that she hopes they lock him away for the rest of his miserable life. EJ brings up the kids but Sami says they are better off without him. EJ points out the job she did with Will. Sami tries to slap EJ but he catches her arm. EJ asks her how long it will be before the kids get sick of her as they end up in close face to face. Sami tells him that she hates him. They almost kiss but Sami pulls away and screams about that always happening. EJ tells her to keep her hands off of him then. They agree that nothing happened.

Lucas asks John if they are really going to take EJ's company away from him. John says they will or die trying. Marlena wants him to be careful. John tells her not to worry. John talks with Lucas about reaching out to the board members. Lucas is anxious to start now.

Chad thinks they should call the cops and tells Gabi to check with people he hasn't checked yet. Abigail goes to make more calls. Gabi argues against getting involved but Chad yells to just do it. Chad walks off with Daniel as Abigail wonders what happened to Melanie. Abigail tells Cameron that Melanie would never leave without telling Daniel or Chad. Abigail worries that she may never see Melanie again as Cameron hugs her.

Bo sits with Hope at the station as Hope talks on the phone with Ciara. Hope tells Ciara about going out for pizza later as Chad and Daniel arrive. Chad informs Bo and Hope that Melanie is missing and they are afraid that something happened to her.

Andrew questions why Melanie is trying to run away from him if she thinks he's a good guy. Melanie claims that she's claustrophobic. Andrew complains about everything he's done for Melanie like bring her food and give her music. Andrew gets a text message from Gabi that she's there and they need to talk. Andrew then ties Melanie up with rope and tells her that she's not going anywhere. Gabi comes down the stairs looking for Andrew. He comes out of the room and Gabi tells him that Daniel and Chad are at the police station now so she's begging him to let Melanie go now.

Abigail and Cameron go to the Pub making calls about Melanie, trying to find out where she is. They both finish their calls. Abigail says she talked to Maggie but she's out of town with Victor so she hasn't heard anything. Cameron says he called a friend from the hospital but she doesn't know where she is either. Abigail wonders where she could be as they sit down together. Abigail talks about not knowing a lot about Melanie's life before Salem. Abigail talks about imagining the worst. Cameron encourages her to have hope and faith. Abigail brings up Jack disappearing and not knowing if she would ever see him again. Cameron reminds her that he did come back. Cameron suggests Melanie just needed to get away after fighting with Chad. Abigail wonders why she hadn't been in touch with anyone.

Chad tells Bo that he knows something happened to Melanie. Daniel adds that he knows he would've heard from her. Chad says he called all of her family and no one has heard from her. Bo tells them not to assume the worst. Hope wants to go check Chad's place. Bo decides to check her e-mail account.

Gabi tells Andrew that Chad and Daniel know that Melanie didn't go to Europe to see her mom. Gabi tells him that if the police find out then Rafe will never talk to her again. Andrew tells her that she wasn't worried about this when she hired him. Gabi didn't think he'd go this far and begs him to let her go. Andrew warns her that if he lets her go then she will run to the cops and tell them everything. Gabi reminds him that she doesn't know who he is. Andrew says if the cops come looking for him then he will tell them that Gabi put him up to it. Andrew declares that he's in control now and there's nothing Gabi can do about it.

EJ says he should've known better than to think Sami would stand by him. EJ talks about being there for the kids. EJ questions if she thinks he's a murderer. Sami talks about EJ doing the dirty work himself. EJ talks about how much Stefano meant to him and how he was their children's grandfather. EJ thought Sami knew him better than that. EJ starts to leave but Sami stops him and says she doesn't want him to go.

Abigail finishes a phone call with Phillip and he hasn't heard from Melanie either. Abigail wonders who else she could call. Cameron tries to calm her down. Cameron wants her to tell him about herself. Abigail talks about being the daughter of Jack and Jennifer. Abigail apologizes for going on about her mom while Cameron grew up without Celeste for most of his life. Cameron talks about always imagining what it would be like. Cameron jokes that Celeste was like nothing he ever imagined.

Daniel reschedules his appointments at the hospital and calls in to get Melanie's log. Daniel tries to calm Chad down. Chad regrets fighting with Melanie. Daniel assures him that it has nothing to do with what happened. Bo finishes a call and Chad asks where she is.

Gabi threatens Andrew to go to Rafe and tell him that she suddenly remembered Andrew had a thing for Melanie. Andrew then reveals that he recorded Gabi ordering Andrew to keep Melanie locked up and not to let her get away. Andrew threatens that he can click one button and send the recording to the police. Andrew reminds her who's in control now.

Lucas finishes a call with a former business partner who is close with a member of the board that doesn't like EJ running things. John says they only had one more member to talk to but Marlena reveals that she took care of it. John says now they just sit and wait. Lucas tells him that they just need one board member to side with John and then they can push EJ out.

EJ questions Sami asking him to stay. Sami says EJ made her mad and always does. She apologizes for saying things that she shouldn't have said. Sami says she knows EJ loves his kids and how important family to him. Sami admits she knows how much EJ loved Stefano. Sami doesn't want to believe that EJ is lying to her or that he killed Stefano. Sami doesn't want to have to explain it to the kids. EJ points out that she still doesn't believe him. Sami again brings up failing the lie detector. Sami thinks EJ would be suspicious of her if the situation was reversed. Sami says he failed the lie detector, doesn't have an alibi, had his fingerprints on the murder weapon and Stefano was trying to cut him out of his will. EJ tells her that he didn't do it. Sami wants him to prove it but he says he wishes he could but he can't.

Abigail finishes a call with Dario but he hasn't heard from Melanie in months. Abigail hopes Chad and Daniel are having luck with the police but Cameron reminds her that Chad would call if they found anything. Abigail says she prayed for Melanie and hopes it works out. They talk about praying and end up kissing. They then go back to talking about making calls. Abigail brings up a shrink that Melanie used to talk to and wants Cameron to try and talk to her.

Bo tells Chad and Daniel that he's going to wait for Hope to come back as he has some questions for Chad. Bo asks Chad about fighting with Melanie. Chad explains that he had just found out about Will being arrested for Stefano's murder and how he went off on Melanie for getting involved. Bo asks what happens next which makes Chad wonder if he's a suspect now. Bo says that most often, the person responsible for a disappearance is someone they love. Chad continues explaining what happened as he never got a response from her until he got an email. Daniel tells Bo that it's obvious that Chad is tortured about it and didn't have anything to do with it. Daniel wants to know what Bo found out. Bo says they are still checking cameras. Bo reveals that the last time she used her phone was sending that e-mail and there's been no activity on her credit cards. Chad says he knows something is wrong and it's bad.

Gabi can't believe Andrew recording her. Andrew yells at her that she wanted Melanie out of the way and he took care of it for her so she can't push him around anymore.

Sami asks EJ what he was doing the night that Stefano was killed. EJ says he can't explain it and says his word doesn't seem to be good enough for her. EJ asks Sami to protect the kids no matter what happens. Sami then starts to question if they are in danger. EJ clarifies that he meant protecting them from what other children might be saying about it. EJ asks her to promise to look after the kids if all of this goes to hell. Sami says she always will. EJ tells her to make sure that they always know that he loves them.

John finishes a phone call and tells Lucas and Marlena that nobody took the bait. Marlena and Lucas come up the same. John says everybody is scared to go head to head with EJ. Lucas suggests trying something less direct. John tells him that he will think of something. Lucas thanks them for talking to him about Will and then exits.

EJ asks Sami what she's thinking. Sami talks about EJ's influence on Sydney and Johnny and how she's tried to cut him out of their lives before but as they get older, she's realized that EJ is a big part of what makes them special. Sami says they've both tried to keep each other out of the kids' lives but both realized how wrong it was. Sami tells EJ that she will never try to turn the kids against him. EJ thanks her.

Chad tells Bo that he knows no activity is not a good thing. Bo says they will see if Hope came up with anything and if not they will go to the media and interview people. Daniel worries about it taking a lot of time as Chad wonders if Melanie doesn't have that much time.

Sami asks EJ what happens now. EJ says he has to talk to the police. Sami asks if he's getting a lawyer. EJ says he will when the time comes. Sami reminds him that he doesn't have Stefano at his back now. EJ is sure he'll be fine and is glad they are in agreement about the children. EJ says that's something while Sami says it's a lot.

Abigail tells Cameron that she wishes the shrink would call back and wonders if they should leave another message. Cameron holds her as she says she's really glad he's there because she'd be going nuts if she was doing this alone. Cameron talks about how when they were little, she didn't know if her dad would come back and he didn't know if he'd know his mother but they both did. Cameron's phone rings and Abigail asks if it's about Melanie.

Chad starts sending a message to update Cameron and Abigail. Bo talks about getting word out to her friends. Daniel thinks there's got to be something else they can do. Bo says they need more information. Daniel reminds him that this is their daughter they are talking about. Hope returns from searching Chad's place and Daniel's storage where she found Melanie's passport. Bo says Melanie must not have left the country so Chad realizes that she didn't send the e-mail.

Gabi apologizes to Andrew and says she's scared. She doesn't think anyone has to know they were apart of this and wants to end it before anything happens. Gabi asks Andrew to take Melanie somewhere and let her go. Andrew says Melanie has it good since he gives her food, stuff to read, and music. Gabi questions if he's saying she likes it here. Andrew says maybe not yet but she will. Gabi tells him that the police are looking for Melanie so if they get caught then he will never get the chance to get her to like him. Andrew warns her not to say anything because she knows what will happen if she does. Gabi reminds him that if he sends those recordings to the police, then they will hear his voice too. Gabi points out that she knows his name and where he works. Gabi tells him that if they go to prison, then he will never see Melanie again. Gabi states that this has gone on for too long and asks him to let Melanie go.

Daniel and Chad talk about not wanting to believe it but they have to. Chad says whoever has Melanie sent that e-mail and knew enough about her to know what to say and who to send it to. Daniel wonders what else he's done to her.

Melanie struggles with the rope and tries to get loose. Andrew tells Gabi that he decides how this goes and not her as he thought he made it clear. Andrew tells Gabi that he likes Melanie's company so she's not going anywhere. Andrew tells Gabi that she can't change his mind on that.

EJ tells Sami that if he does go to prison, he doesn't want the kids to see him. Sami hopes he doesn't end up in prison then. EJ notes that she seems kind of supportive. EJ thinks it's because deep down she knows he didn't do it. EJ tells her that he couldn't kill Stefano and she knows he's innocent. EJ thanks her and they hug as Lucas arrives and says they've got to be kidding.

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