Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will tells Lucas that EJ is not going to drag him down with him since they have an understanding. Lucas is still not okay with it. Will is confident that EJ won't use his past against him again. Lucas reminds him that Will can't trust EJ since he will never change. Lucas calls it a matter of time before EJ stabs him in the back and makes him pay for his crimes. Will says not this time. Lucas wonders why he sounds so sure and if there's something he's not telling him.

Gabi finds Chad at the town square. Chad tells her that he's looking at Melanie's online page and she hasn't made a post in weeks. Chad decides to call Melanie's mom which Gabi thinks is not a good idea. Chad's call goes to voicemail so he leaves a message wanting to talk to Melanie. Chad then goes to get some coffee. Gabi then pulls out her phone and calls Andrew. Gabi tells Andrew that she's falling apart because of him kidnapping Melanie. Andrew assures her that Melanie is fine. Gabi thinks Andrew should have asked her before taking Melanie. Andrew points out that Gabi would be sitting on the sidelines if he didn't do it. Gabi asks when he's going to let Melanie go. Andrew looks back in on her and says maybe when Gabi gets Chad to fall in love with her then they will both get what they want and he hangs up.

John and Marlena sit at home together as Marlena calls it nice to be home and quiet together. John tells her that it doesn't get much better than this. Marlena calls it normal life. John is happy not to have Stefano in it.

Lucas questions Will as to how he's sure that EJ won't turn on him. Will thinks back to telling EJ what he knows. Will tells Lucas just to trust him. Lucas can't trust when it involves EJ. Will tells him that he's gotten to know EJ and knows him better than anyone. Lucas brings up EJ trying to blackmail him. Will says things have been different ever since EJ bailed him out of jail. They sit together as Lucas warns EJ that he could take everything away from Will with his job. Will insists that won't happen and says they have a new understanding.

Sami returns home with EJ. EJ tells her to watch what she says to him in public because he's the mayor and she can't accuse him of murder. Sami brings up EJ admitting he failed the lie detector test. EJ insists he's innocent but Sami questions why she should believe him. EJ calls it the truth. Sami says she has her own problems to worry about like Will working for him. EJ tells her that he did not kill Stefano and he needs her to believe it. Sami accepts it and blows it off. EJ continues saying he's innocent but Sami brings up failing the lie detector test. EJ thinks they aren't accurate. EJ tells her that she knows how he feels about family and asks if she really thinks he'd kill his father. Sami tells EJ that when she looks into his eyes, she knows he's lying to her.

Lucas warns Will that EJ could have ulterior motives but Will tells him that EJ isn't who Lucas thinks he is. Lucas wants him to understand his concerns. Will says he does but he thinks EJ changed when he lost Stefano and Lexie. Lucas warns him that his grief will fade and he'll be the same person he's always been. Will says he permanently changed when Grace died. Lucas questions what Will is saying and thought he was smarter than this. Will doesn't want to fight with him about this. Lucas is scared about what might happen to Will. Will asks him not to worry. Will gets a message on his phone and decides he has to go. Lucas wants to know where he's going but Will just says it's his job so it has to do with EJ. Will asks Lucas to not worry and just trust him. Will states that he can handle EJ as he exits the Pub.

EJ tells Sami that she should know that if he was going to kill someone then he would make sure it's not traced to him. EJ says he wouldn't be amateur. Sami wonders if that's why they went after Will. Sami says every word EJ says makes her believe even more that he murdered Stefano.

Andrew puts his mask on and enters the basement room to bring Melanie food. Andrew tells her that he doesn't want her to think of him as her enemy and suggests they could even be friends.

Gabi tells Chad that she gets that he's always thinking about Melanie but she thinks he should give himself a break since he's tense all the time. Chad is upset about Melanie missing but Gabi tells him that she's not missing and his obsession is unhealthy with all he's going through. Gabi tells Chad that he needs to something fun for himself and talks about everything he's done for her. Gabi wants to do something for him to return the favor and refuses to take no for an answer. Chad agrees and asks what she has in mind. Gabi calls it a surprise and takes him out of the town square.

John massages Marlena's feet as she talks about how lucky they are and then they kiss. Marlena brings up Abe losing Lexie and having to make a whole life without her. John says it makes them stop and think. Marlena tells him that she is grateful to be together with him. Marlena says she loves him. John tells her that she and the kids are his life and Marlena feels the same way as they continue kissing until the doorbell rings. Marlena gets up and answers the door to see Lucas. Lucas hopes it isn't a bad time as Marlena invites him in. Lucas apologizes for not calling before showing up but he didn't know where else to go. Lucas informs them that he's worried about Will because he's in trouble and can't even see it.

EJ tells Sami that there is no way to get through to her. Sami thinks he's proved her point. EJ thinks she's just believing what she wants to believe. Sami feels he just laid out how he could murder Stefano. EJ says he was making a point. Sami thinks that EJ thinks he's untouchable. EJ questions why he would kill Stefano so sloppily if he did. Sami brings up EJ being mad at Stefano. Sami mentions Rafe being the father of Nicole's baby which EJ refuses to believe. Sami talks about everything Stefano did to make EJ mad and how he could've snapped and shot him in the moment which would make it sloppy. EJ tells Sami that she's wrong but he thinks nothing would make her happier than to see him go to prison for the rest of his life.

Gabi takes Chad to the Pub and picks up food. Chad decides he doesn't feel right trying to have fun without Melanie but Gabi encourages him. Gabi asks for one hour so Chad agrees and they walk off together.

Melanie talks to Andrew about having similar taste in music. Melanie offers to go to a concert with him which he laughs off because he thinks Melanie hates him but she says she does not hate him.

Marlena tells Lucas that she was surprised when Will moved out. Lucas talks about Will not listening to anyone since taking the job with EJ and how's its affecting him. Lucas tells them that Will thinks EJ has changed but he believes Will is the one that's changed. Lucas says he can't get through to Will which Marlena thinks sounds like Sami. Lucas talks about Will thinking EJ will look out for him. John notes that DiMeras only look out for themselves. Lucas tells them about Will saying he could handle EJ. John says it won't last. Marlena wonders what they can do to help but Lucas doesn't know. Lucas brings up Will respecting Marlena and he wonders if Marlena can get through to him in a way that he and Sami can't. Marlena agrees to try. Lucas tells John that there's also something he can do since he has a long history with the DiMeras. Lucas worries that Will's association with EJ could ruin his life or get him killed.

EJ questions Sami wanting him to be guilty after everything he's done to her. EJ talks about Rafe and Will leaving her and Kate almost throwing her in jail except he was there and gave her somewhere to live. EJ says Sami is now repaying him by calling him guilty. Sami yells about how she has always stood by him even when he doesn't give her a reason to. Sami thinks EJ is lying to her but EJ tells her that she knows he wouldn't kill Stefano. EJ talks about Sami wanting everyone to agree with her. EJ brings up Will's arrest and how Sami assumed the worst. Sami tells EJ to get out. EJ calls her self-absorbed and says she has no idea how to know the people she loves. EJ declares that Sami will be alone for the rest of her life as Will arrives and agrees.

Gabi and Chad return from biking to the Pub as Gabi hurt her knee on a tree. Chad checks on her and jokes about having peanut butter in her hair. Chad laughs at Gabi hitting a tree on her bike. Chad puts water on her knee where she hurt it. Gabi says she just wanted him to have a good time. Chad admits he needed to get out of his head and he did so he thanks her.

Melanie asks Andrew what he likes to do in his free time. Andrew says that he reads a lot, listens to music, and follows the stock market. Andrew offers to show her the stock market some time. Melanie offers to show him a song to see if he knows it on her phone so he listens to it. As he's listening to the headphones, she sneaks behind him and gets to the door.

Sami asks Will why he likes the fact that she'll end up all alone. Will says he could just see it happening considering what she's done to people. Sami blames EJ for Will sounding like him now. Will says it's not EJ's fault as it's just the truth that Sami can't face. Sami tells EJ not to get involved as she can face the truth. Sami tells EJ that she thinks he's guilty as hell. Will asks what's wrong with them. Will questions why Sami is judging EJ and why EJ cares what Sami thinks.

Melanie sneaks out of the room and Andrew then notices and goes after her.

Gabi tells Chad they could get some sandwiches but Chad gets a call and says it's from Melanie which surpises him

Marlena tells Lucas that she's tried to talk to Will about this before. Lucas wants her to try again and maybe she could figure out why he's been on a power trip lately. Lucas doesn't know what's behind it as he's acting like EJ. John says if Will is going to make a move on EJ then it will backfire with his inexperience. Marlena thought their family would be safe without Stefano. John says they didn't figure on EJ stepping up. Marlena thinks they should have seen it coming since EJ is just like Stefano but John points out that EJ is more reckless. Lucas worries about that hurting Will. Marlena wishes they could do something as John wants to stop the DiMeras once and for all.

EJ says Will has a point that he shouldn't try to convince Sami. Sami wants EJ to tell her why he failed the lie detector test. Will is surprised EJ told her about that. Sami wants EJ to explain it and defend himself. Will tells Sami that's enough because there's a lot going on that she doesn't know about and she's making it worse by butting in. Sami questions Will how she's making it worse. Will tells her to forget about it. Sami says she's worried about him but Will tells her not to be. Sami asks what EJ is doing to Will. Will questions why she cares since it doesn't involve her. Will says if she wants to know why he's more loyal to EJ than her, she should just think about it. Will then wonders why he's even there and exits. Sami thanks EJ and tells him that she doesn't believe his innocence because he has stabbed her in the back every chance he gets. Sami calls EJ nothing but a crook. EJ starts to leave but Sami tells him that he's not leaving until he hears her out.

Gabi asks Chad how he knows it's Melanie calling. Chad says the number is from Europe and answers but it's Melanie's mom, Carly instead. Chad asks if she's there but is surprised to learn that Melanie is not with her. Chad wonders where else she could be.

Melanie tries to escape the basement by going up the stairs and banging on the door. Andrew follows her and tells her that no one can hear her because nobody else is down there. Andrew says since she tried to escape so many times, he locked the door from the inside. Melanie wants to go home but Andrew says no and orders her to get back into the room before he puts her back in there physically so he walks her back to the room.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't have faith in him because she gave him the benefit of the doubt too many times and he hurt her or blackmailed every time. Sami tells EJ that she's sick of him and calls him unkind and uncompassionate. Sami tells EJ that she thinks he's capable of killing his father and enjoying it. EJ tries to leave again but Sami yells in his face that he's not going anywhere until she says he can.

Chad thanks Carly for calling and says he will let her know if he hears anything. Gabi asks what she said. Chad tells her that she hasn't heard anything either. Gabi wonders if Carly is covering up for Melanie but Chad states that Melanie never went to see her and never made plans to. Chad doesn't like this and thinks Melanie is in trouble.

Andrew tells Melanie that he can't believe this. Melanie tries to apologize but Andrew calls her a lying bitch that just made a big mistake.

Marlena asks John if he's going to try to stop EJ. John says he is going to stop EJ. Marlena thought they were done with all this. John doesn't want the next generation of his family hurt by the DiMeras. Lucas apologizes for bringing this to them. Marlena asks John what he's going to do. John wonders what would happen if they took away the DiMera money and power. Marlena calls it impossible and Lucas adds that he can't contest Stefano's will. John reminds them that he is a DiMera and he's been waiting for the opportunity to go after what is rightfully his in the family empire.

EJ advises Sami to take her hands off of him now so she does. Sami tells him that she hopes they lock him away for the rest of his miserable life. EJ brings up the kids but Sami says they are better off without him. EJ points out the job she did with Will. Sami tries to slap EJ but he catches her arm. EJ asks her how long it will be before the kids get sick of her as they end up in close face to face.

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