Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Nicole kiss back into Nicole's hotel room and she quickly begins undressing him.

Sami returns home talking on the phone about work. Lucas takes the phone from her and finishes the call and then kisses her.

The man that ran the lie detector test is paid off with an envelope of cash by someone. He assures with them that the test can make someone look guilty and declares it was nice doing business as he then exits.

EJ calls it ridiculous and impossible for him to fail the test. EJ thinks something must have been wrong. Roman tells him that the test was ran by an objective professional so the test results show he's guilty. Spencer says they can't argue with the test. Will thinks something must be wrong but Roman suggests they have finally found Stefano's murderer.

Daniel and Nicole kiss into bed.

Lucas and Sami continue kissing as he jokes with her about hanging up her phone call.

EJ explains how he came voluntarily to exonerate himself and hoped that it would motivate them to stop wasting their time and start looking for the real murderer. EJ calls the department a flawed joke. Roman says the only flaw is EJ's version of the truth. EJ says he has better things to do than listen to them try and intimidate him. EJ tells them that their evidence is not even admissible in court. Roman tells him that he's right but the results are still telling. EJ calls the lie detector a sham. EJ questions why he would voluntarily come in if he had something to hide. Will stands by EJ's story and defends him. Roman thinks Will is being naive. Roman remarks that the test showed that EJ is not Stefano's son since Stefano wouldn't slip. Roman thinks it showed they have exactly the right suspect in Stefano's murder.

Sami and Lucas continue kissing on the couch until Sami brings up the kids. Lucas remembers he has to pick up the kids from a sleepover and Sami has work to do. Lucas wants to talk before they leave about them. Lucas tells her that everything is great as they've gone from friends to enemies to in love to enemies again and it's taken them a long time to get back to a good place and now he thinks things are going really good. Sami agrees. Lucas doesn't want anything to ruin that. Sami wonders why he'd think that. Lucas talks about things getting complicated. Lucas wants to know that they are on the same page and not just friends with benefits. Sami tells him that she feels the same that it's more than that. Sami says she doesn't want things to change. Sami insists that she knows what she wants. Lucas is glad to hear her say that. Lucas gives her a present which inside is a bracelet. She thanks him and calls it beautiful as Lucas says they're getting it right this time and they continue kissing.

EJ declares he did not kill his father. Roman brings up EJ being determined to uphold the DiMera name and it would never be respectable with Stefano around. EJ questions Roman thinking he killed Stefano to clear their name. Will says it doesn't make sense and questions why he would do that since he idolized Stefano. Roman tells Will not to be so quick to defend EJ since he nearly let Will take the blame for the crime that they think EJ himself did. Will explains that EJ bailed him out and how EJ is the one that encouraged him to come out about being gay. Roman questions why Will is defending EJ so strongly. Will tells him that EJ helped him when he didn't have to. EJ thinks it's a great point and wonders why he'd help Will if he was guilty. Will asks if they have any answer for that. EJ says he's sure they'd love to pin the crime on him and throw another DiMera out of town. EJ says he's had enough of their witch hunt. Rafe tells him not to leave town. Roman reminds him that while they can't use the lie detector to arrest him, it did show them that they are on the right track. Spencer adds that they will be watching his every move as EJ exits.

Nicole and Daniel lay in bed together. Nicole asks if he wants to talk about what happened with Rafe but Daniel doesn't want to ruin their great time. Daniel tells her to forget about that and they joke around about playing a game of pool and then they kiss.

Sami puts on her bracelet as Lucas informs her that it belonged to Alice. Sami worries about wearing it but Lucas assures her that Alice wanted Sami to have it.

Spencer talks with Rafe and Roman about how EJ had a lot to gain by getting Stefano out of the picture. Roman adds that Stefano would never give EJ that kind of power while he was still around and points out the will. Rafe says they need to rethink some things. Rafe says he still sees EJ as a prime suspect but brings up how EJ failed the lie detector test when he's usually more clever. Roman talks about how he thought EJ would manipulate the lie detector so maybe he thought he did. Rafe says he saw EJ's face and knows EJ thinks he passed. Roman thinks EJ thought he'd pass but they caught him in his lie. Roman asks Rafe if he's changing his mind about thinking EJ is their guy.

EJ and Will walk through the town square as EJ complains about how he should have never taken the lie detector test. Will tries to calm him down but EJ worries about them building evidence against him now. EJ thinks this could end his political career when the media gets a hold of it. Will tells him he's sorry as he was just trying to help him since he thought the lie detector would put an end to his involvement. Will talks about EJ seeming so sure about passing it. Will tells EJ that if he's innocent then he has nothing to worry about. EJ calls him naive and says innocent people go to jail every day like he almost did. Will reminds him that there is no real evidence against him. EJ states not yet. Will questions what that means since he told him he didn't kill Stefano. Will brings up EJ not being Stefano's son. EJ warns him to be careful as Will asks EJ if he killed Stefano.

Nicole and Daniel finish making love again and Nicole then calls in an order from room service. They joke about sharing the food. Daniel goes to kiss her again but Nicole decides to get up from bed. She tells him that no one is forcing him to stay if he needs to leave like he did before. Nicole starts to go take a shower but Daniel stops her and asks her not to go.

Sami tells Lucas that she can't believe Alice wanted her to have the bracelet. Lucas says he couldn't either since she was with Rafe and he had just left Chloe at the time when she sent it to him. Lucas talks about not knowing they'd ever end up back together but assumes Alice must have knew what they didn't. Sami recalls visiting Alice when she was young and how she would listen to her. Sami brings up Alice telling her that her determination would take her places. They say Alice must have known they were going to get back together and now they're going to stay that way as they kiss.

Roman asks Rafe if he no longer thinks EJ is the killer. Rafe says they need hard evidence. Spencer agrees that Rafe has a point and they need more hard evidence. They talk about needing to take it to EJ.

EJ tells Will that no one is going to find out about EJ not being Stefano's son. Will talks about keeping his word and EJ tells him he better and then warns him to stop talking about it in public as he then walks away.

Lucas holds Sami as she talks about Lucas sounding like he thinks it will really work out this time. Lucas thinks their relationship has been great. They talk about knowing everything about each other and being best friends. Sami then gets a phone call from work and says she'll be right there. Lucas tells her he has to go pickup the kids too and they kiss one more time.

Nicole tells Daniel that he's right that she shouldn't leave her room. Nicole tells Daniel that he needs to talk to her. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it and hoped they could keep it light. Nicole says earlier and now wasn't light and wants to know what's going on. Daniel tells her it's a complicated situation since she's pregnant with EJ's baby and Rafe is pretending to be the father while he helped switch her DNA tests. Daniel says he's having fun but can't deal with a woman torn between two men since he did that with Jennifer. Nicole doesn't understand what that has to do with them but Daniel points out that Rafe was her whole focus when he showed up. Daniel comments that she was more concerned with Rafe than him.

Will goes to the Pub making a call to have a new car delivered to him. Will says he's EJ's right hand man and finishes the call as Lucas overhears from behind him. Lucas tells him he was just dropping off the kids and asks what all that on the phone was about. Will says some people can be hard to deal with and need a firm hand. Lucas says it's like he's becoming EJ. Will feels like all of their conversations are the same and says he likes working for EJ. Lucas warns him that EJ will turn on him again in a matter of time.

Sami walks through the town square and runs into EJ who just finished a phone call. Sami asks if everything is okay. EJ says things are fine and she doesn't need to concern herself. Sami knows something is wrong and wants to know what it is since she will find out anyway.

Nicole tells Daniel that there's nothing going on with Rafe. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it and tells her to sort out her feelings. Daniel then gets up and goes to take a shower.

Will tells Lucas to trust him that EJ is not going to turn on him. Lucas wonders how he can say that when he already has twice and has blackmailed him. Will appreciates his concern. Will says there is no way that EJ will use that against him again. Lucas wonders how he's so sure. Will states that he has EJ right where he wants him. Lucas asks where that leaves Will when EJ gets what's coming to him and what will stop him from taking Will down with him.

Roman says Rafe and Spencer are making him question how committed they are to proving EJ guilty. Spencer says he's still high on the list of suspects. Rafe says they have to do it by the book in order to take him down. Spencer brings up how EJ would get a high profile attorney. Rafe adds that they will have to think like a DiMera to take EJ down. Rafe suggests thinking outside the box. Roman agrees but is concerned about his friends and family getting hurt in the process as he looks over the suspect board.

EJ tells Sami that it's just been a tough couple of weeks. Sami thinks it seems like more than that to her. Sami brings up how EJ used to turn Lexie but since he can't now, she's offering her services to talk. EJ admits something is bothering him and his entire reputation is at stake. EJ says everything good he's done is about to go out the window because of Roman and Rafe.

Daniel comes back from the shower and Nicole has their banana split from room service waiting for him. Daniel tells her that she's not making this very easy. Nicole responds that's because she wants to make it very hard and then they kiss.

Will tells Lucas that EJ is not going to drag him down with him since they have an understanding. Lucas is still not okay with it. Will is confident that EJ won't use his past against him again. Lucas reminds him that Will can't trust EJ since he will never change. Lucas calls it a matter of time before EJ stabs him in the back and makes him pay for his crimes. Will says not this time. Lucas wonders why he sounds so sure and if there's something he's not telling him.

Rafe says they just need one thing to connect EJ to Stefano's murder and then they will put him away for life. Rafe declares that he's determined to find Stefano's murderer and if it's EJ then it's been a long time coming.

The person that paid off the lie detector test is shown with the black gloves they wore. They flashback to getting the black gloves after EJ had thrown them in the dumpster in the alley.

EJ talks to Sami about being under investigation for Stefano's murder so he took a lie detector test to prove his innocence but he failed the test. EJ says now everything he's worked to develop in his reputation is gone. Sami questions if that means he shot Stefano.

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