Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/9/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Nicole sit together at the Pub and he asks her if she wants to have some crazy fun. Nicole asks what he has in mind. Daniel says it's something they both will enjoy that requires skill but they might get sweaty. Nicole thinks it's early for that. Daniel suggests playing ball at the Pub as Nicole thinks they should go back to her place until Daniel reveals a mini basketball game in the Pub. Daniel tells her that he's getting mixed signals because she pursued him and then asks if she wants to have fun with him or not.

Kate has an envelope delivered to her at her office. She puts it away in a drawer and locks it as Ian peeks in from the doorway. Kate sits back down and Ian then enters acting surprised that she is still working. Ian tells her that he passed the messenger on the way and wants to know what he brought. Kate claims it was just some paperwork but Ian wants to know what she's hiding.

Brady tells Madison that he did not lie to her. Madison wants to believe him but says he can't get his story straight. Madison brings up Brady buying drugs. He tries to explain but Madison tells him that he's an addict and needs to get honest. Brady tries to explain that he was coming off a high because of Ian but Madison points out that he doesn't have any evidence. Brady says he doesn't but wants her to believe it's the only explanation. Madison says she's sorry but doesn't know if she can.

Austin interrupts Carrie and Rafe and asks Carrie what she can't do. Carrie claims she can't remember what they were talking about. Rafe says they were talking about work and Carrie having a new case. Austin tells Carrie to remind herself that her case is just her work and not her life. Austin reminds her that he and their baby are her life as he glares back at Rafe.

EJ prepares to take the lie detector test and tells Will that he's ready. Spencer comes in with Roman, who says he's shocked to see EJ there. EJ says he has nothing to hide. Roman asks for a moment alone with EJ so Will and Spencer exit the room. Roman assumes EJ won't mind answering questions about Stefano's murder since he has nothing to hide. Roman reminds him that they will know if he's lying due to the test. Roman warns him that if he fails then they have him because they will come after him and Roman vows to get the evidence he needs to put him away.

Nicole tells Daniel that she wants to have fun with him but doesn't want to lose a game. Daniel questions how she knows she will lose and jokes that she can't be that bad. Daniel offers to teach her basketball and promises it will be fun. Nicole agrees so Daniel holds her from behind.

Austin asks Carrie to tell him about the case. Carrie thinks there isn't much to tell until Rafe adds that it's a case of a first time mother. Carrie goes along with it and Austin encourages her. Carrie hugs him and tells him that she's so lucky.

EJ tells Roman that he doesn't intimidate him because he's innocent and has nothing to worry about. Roman says they will see. EJ questions if he's calling him a liar and reminds him that he's the mayor. Spencer comes back in and says they are good to go as Roman remarks that it could be the beginning of the end. EJ steps out of the room as they prepare while Roman warns Will to stay away from EJ. Outside the room, Will asks EJ if he's going to pass the test. EJ tells him it's a little late to ask that and asks if Will is changing his mind about it. Will thinks it's the best idea as long as he doesn't screw up. EJ comments that it's scary at the top and there's a long way to fall with a lot to lose. EJ warns Will to think about that before he gets into all of this. Roman comes back and says they are ready and EJ heads back in. Roman suggests Will wait outside but EJ demands that Will stays. Roman takes Will out of the room to speak with him anyways as EJ is being hooked up to the test. Roman questions what Will is doing getting hooked up with EJ. Will says they just work together and insists that he knows what he's doing. Roman hopes so and says he knows things haven't been good with them lately but it would mean a lot to him if they could sit down and have a real talk which Will agrees. Roman tells Will that he loves him as Spencer opens the door and says they are ready to begin the test. Roman asks Spencer what he thinks. Spencer thinks only the results matter. Roman brings up EJ having a lot of tricks up his sleeve and wonders if he found a way to manipulate the results.

Kate tells Ian that she received a personal package and apologizes. Kate decides to get going for a meeting and asks about Madison. Kate says she left Madison a message but she never got back to her. Ian agrees to let her know if he sees her. Kate then exits the office. Ian goes straight to the drawer but finds it locked so he tries to pick the lock until his phone rings. Ian answers the call and says he's glad they called because Brady has broken sooner than they thought. He asks them to bring the materials to him but to make sure they cannot be traced to him. Ian then looks at the photos of Brady buying drugs on his phone.

Brady tells Madison that they can work this out but Madison questions being able to trust him. Brady brings up Madison lying to him before. Madison calls it totally different. Brady tells her that he's going through something like she was and he stood by her so now it's his turn to need her. Madison doesn't know if she can stand by a man who buys drugs and lies to her about it. Brady tells her that he bought them but did not use them. Madison questions what he's talking about. Brady informs her that it took everything he had but he threw the drugs out because of her because he wasn't willing to lose her. Brady tells Madison that living with addiction is miserable and sometimes he feels like giving in but the thought of losing her has given him strength. Brady declares that he's not stopping now. Brady tells her that he will do whatever he has to in order to make it right. Madison wants to trust him but feels so much has happened and she doesn't know if she can. Brady assures her that he didn't do drugs and wouldn't betray her. Brady asks if he's ever lied to her before. Brady wants her to just tell him that she believes him.

Daniel and Nicole play the basketball game as Nicole misses a shot. Daniel jokes with her about being a sore loser. Nicole jokes with him about not losing. Nicole claims she doesn't care enough to win so she wants to raise the stakes. Nicole suggests if she wins then she gets whatever she wants and if Daniel wins then he gets whatever he wants.

Austin tells Carrie that they can go on with their dinner date plans and then go home so she can relax. Carrie wants to finish some work but Rafe tells her that he will send files to her office and encourages her to go so Carrie and Austin leave together.

EJ begins the lie detector test. The man in charge of it asks him basic questions to test the lie detector. He asks if his name is Elvis DiMera and if he's the mayor which he responds yes to. He is then asked if he is the son of Stefano DiMera which EJ hesitates on. He is asked again to answer the question. EJ questions what sort of question that is. Roman tells him it's a simple yes or no answer. EJ calls it ridiculous and says he didn't come here to answer simple questions. EJ gets upset and demands to be asked the questions he came to be asked. Rafe arrives and wonders what's going on. EJ yells about people wandering in and out of the room. Rafe tells him to take a breath. Rafe says he's working the investigation so he has every right to be there. EJ tells him to be on time. The man brings up that they will have to restart the test and Roman thinks that is what EJ wants because he has something to hide.

Daniel jokes with Nicole that they know he would win. He questions what she would want if she wins. She doesn't know yet and suggests she'll add in buying him a surfboard if he wins. Daniel doesn't think it's a good idea. Nicole questions him being scared so Daniel agrees to it. Nicole then begins playing and suddenly makes all of her shots.

Brady sits with Madison and tells her that he knows living with an addict is hard and he will always be one but he's been clean for years. Brady insists that he's strong enough to fight it because now he has something worth fighting for. Madison questions if he does and brings up planning their wedding. Brady says that's why Ian did this to split them up. Madison understands what Ian is capable of but doesn't see why he'd go after Brady at this point. Brady says it's not just him but going after them.

Ian has a guy meet with him as he gives Ian a box of pumped up protein powder. Ian thanks him and then goes back to trying to open Kate's drawer but can't get it. The man offers to get a crowbar to help him open it but Ian points out that it's locked for a reason and can't let it be known that he broke into it. Ian sends him out as Kate then returns and asks what he has. Kate questions it being a protein supplement. Ian claims he's giving it a try. Kate points out that it's just like the one Brady uses. Kate takes it from him and decides she's going to try it to see what all the fuss is about.

Daniel takes his turn at the basketball game and loses to Nicole as she jokes around about it. Daniel laughs about being hustled by her. He asks what he now owes her. Nicole decides she won't need anything but Daniel wants to pay his debt and not have her pity him. Daniel wants to know what he now owes her. Nicole decides she had a great idea and takes him out of the Pub.

Austin brings Carrie some soup and fruit in bed. Austin asks if he can do anything else for her. He offers to go to the market and get the juice she likes but she insists that she's fine. Carrie tells him that he doesn't have to wait on her hand and foot but he wants to. Carrie thanks him as Austin brings up house hunting. Carrie doesn't want to so Austin shows her that he set up a virtual house tour on his tablet.

Rafe asks EJ if he's trying to throw the test results. EJ says he came down to help them find the person responsible for Stefano's murder. Roman asks if he's sure. EJ says he is sure and did not come to be interrogated. Spencer suggests they give him a break but Roman wants answers. EJ tells him that he will get answers when he conducts the test in a professional manner. The man in charge of the test declares that they will have to start over because the results were compromised when EJ got upset. Roman calls it strange and tells EJ that they will be getting on with it.

Brady reminds Madison that she said Ian would never give her up and that's why he's trying to destroy them now. Brady swears that he's not lying to her. Madison decides she needs some time and is going to go. Brady stops her and wants her to understand why he became an addict. He asks if she will hear him out. Brady talks about his whole life feeling like something was missing and thinks it had something to do with losing his mom so he tried to fill it up anyway he could with anything he could find and then he found drugs that filled him up. Brady says he didn't feel anything then like sad or empty and felt free. Madison asks why he's telling her this. Brady wants her to know that the void was gone when he fell in love with her. Brady says he just needs her to understand that he chooses her every time. Brady says he loves her and hugs her.

Kate begins to try the protein powder as Ian watches. Ian stops her and kisses her then pretends to accidentally spill the drink. Ian suggests the powder tastes horrible so she should stay away from it. Kate opens her drawer and takes out the envelope which she says she needs for a presentation at her meeting. Ian offers to take her out for a night on the town as Kate kisses him and then exits leaving Ian upset that he didn't get the envelope out of the drawer.

Roman restarts EJ's lie detector test and asks if he had a complicated relationship with Stefano. EJ says they know full well he did and answers yes. Roman asks if he saw Stefano the day he was murdered and if they argued. EJ says yes to both. Roman asks EJ if he killed Stefano. EJ then answers no. Roman asks if there's any more questions. Rafe decides it's all they need. Roman tells EJ that his fate could be sealed. EJ suggests Roman will be surprised by the results. Roman states they will see.

Daniel massages Nicole's feet at the town square and asks if it's sure it's all she wants when she could have anything. Nicole says sometimes all a girl needs is a good massage so Daniel accepts that. Nicole then has him massage her shoulders. Nicole suggests racing back to her place and they run off together.

Austin talks to Carrie about a potential house and he thinks it's the one they have been looking for. Carrie agrees as Austin brings up the baby. Carrie then imagines seeing Rafe in Austin's place. Austin gets her attention back and asks if she's heard anything that he said. Austin tells her again that he thinks they could be really happy at this house which Carrie agrees with.

Will comments that EJ seems confident. EJ says it's because he is confident. Roman returns with the results from the lie detector test.

The man that was running the lie detector test stands outside the Pub as someone approaches.

EJ tells Roman to get to it as he won't hold his arrogance against him in the future.

Someone wearing black gloves hands the man that ran the lie detector test an envelope filled with money.

Roman reveals that the lie detector results came back that EJ failed meaning he did kill Stefano DiMera.

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