Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/6/12


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Carrie wakes up in bed with Austin and daydreams about kissing Rafe. She looks back at Austin and then gets up. Austin wakes up and asks what her hurry is then wants her to come back to bed.

Madison returns to her hotel room, leaving a message for Brady to call her back as she is sorry for leaving upset. She is frantic and wants him to call her back then she hurries out of the room.

Brady sits in the bathroom looking at the lines of cocaine. He gets up and goes back to it and prepares to use before throwing it on the floor.

Daniel and Nicole kiss in bed. Daniel tells Nicole that she's the sexiest woman he's ever seen. Nicole jokes about him saying that to everyone. Daniel claims it's not a line as Nicole tells him that he didn't need a line to get her. They talk about not needing to play games because this is what it is and nothing more then they continue kissing until Rafe knocks on the door which startles Nicole and she quickly gets up. Nicole puts her robe on and begins to answer the door leaving Daniel confused.

Will talks with EJ at the DiMera Mansion. Will says knowledge is power and now he knows something to back EJ in a corner. EJ warns Will that the prey is most dangerous when backed into a corner.

Carrie tells Austin that she wishes she could come back to bed but has a big day with a case. Austin reminds her she has another hour but Carrie wants to get a jumpstart on the day. Austin still wants her to come back to bed. Austin sits up and tells her how beautiful she is.

Nicole continues getting ready in the mirror and tells Daniel to stay in bed. She opens the door and greets Rafe. Nicole calls it a bad time as she was getting dressed. Rafe tells her he picked up her vitamins at the pharmacy. Rafe asks if she's okay. She says she is but just can't invite him in. Nicole assures her that EJ is not giving her a hard time. Rafe wonders what it is then.

Will tells EJ that their relationship has evolved as he has leveled the playing field. Will claims he just wants to help EJ by negotiating. EJ questions Will wanting to help him and calls it thoughtful. Will brings up when Rafe was pushing him to take the lie detector test and calls it an interesting turn of events but EJ disagrees. EJ talks about Rafe knowing he wasn't going to take a lie detector test but Will thinks he should take it because he's a suspect as long as he refuses to. Will talks about the people EJ working with thinking that he's Stefano's son. Will tells EJ that him being a murder suspect makes people uncomfortable and he thinks it hurts DiMera Enterprises. Will encourages EJ to take the lie detector test and clear his name unless he can't. EJ tells him that there are legal complexities that he can't understand. Will doesn't think it's complex. Will reminds EJ that it will look bad for him if it gets out that he lied about not being Stefano's son. Will adds that he thinks it will make him look guilty.

Madison goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and Maggie tells her she looks like she hasn't slept. Madison talks about not being able to get a hold of Brady. Maggie mentions that Brady called her but didn't leave a message. Madison worries as Maggie suggests Brady could've needed time or space. Madison wants to be sure that he's alright as she feels like he's punishing her. Madison blames herself for being so defensive with him. Maggie tells her it's not her fault since Brady is an addict.

Brady starts cleaning up the cocaine off the floor and stops to look in the mirror as he then washes it down the sink.

Nicole tells Rafe that she's just not feeling very sociable. Rafe apologizes for interrupting. Nicole thanks him and says she will call him later. Rafe says she looks great and then leaves. Nicole shuts the door as Daniel calls it funny because she seemed sociable to him.

Will questions EJ thinking things are funny. EJ wonders why the lie detector test matters to Will. Will tells him that he's the least of his problems. EJ isn't sure if he agrees. Will warns EJ that if he doesn't watch himself then he will get arrested and sent to jail for Stefano's murder whether he's guilty or not. EJ tells him to trust him that he's innocent. Will thinks he should take the test then to clear his name. EJ brings up all the legal ramifications. EJ thinks Rafe will use the test to try and pin anything on him. Will suggests he just be careful about what he says. EJ doesn't want to give the police more ammunition but Will thinks they have all they need except the information that he holds. Will says everyone thinks he's a DiMera so that means he had the most to gain from Stefano's death and all of the other suspects are upstanding citizens. EJ points out that all of the others are related to the police commissioner. Will reminds him that Rafe is highly motivated to take him down so he's going to get in his way. Will tells EJ that if he takes the test and passes then Rafe would have no choice but to back off. EJ reluctantly agrees to maybe take the test.

Nicole tells Daniel that she had no idea Rafe was coming over. Nicole wants to go back where they were but Daniel isn't sure. Nicole asks if something is wrong but Daniel decides he needs to get going. Daniel remarks that she had him under her spell and now he's come to his senses. Nicole asks if he wants to get together later. Daniel says he will see what's happening at the hospital. Daniel begins getting dressed. Nicole tells him she's never been known for being sensitive but she can tell there has been a mood change. Nicole stops him and wants him to tell her what the problem is. Daniel tells her that he's learned a few things in the past year from Jennifer and says he's never being in a situation with two guys wanting one woman ever again. Daniel says he knows when to back off. Nicole says she really doesn't know what he means. Nicole asks why he thinks he's a backup plan. Daniel brings up what just happened. Nicole says Rafe just brought her vitamins and asks if that's too much for him. Nicole asks what he wanted since what they have is private. Daniel claims he's not upset but brings up how Nicole was preparing herself in the mirror before answering the door. Nicole admits she's vain and asks if that bothers him. Daniel says it doesn't but thought they had some honesty and now he doesn't know if they do. Nicole tells him that she's been nothing but 100% honest with him. Daniel says it's hard to do that when she's not honest with herself. Daniel tells her that he will see her around and then exits.

Madison tells Maggie that she doesn't really understand what Brady is going through. Maggie says she can't understand when she's not an addict. Madison is concerned about Brady using again and worries about Brady not trusting her. Maggie talks about having faith and adds that Brady comes with baggage. Maggie isn't sure what he's doing but she doesn't like the silent treatment. Maggie tells her that if she feels like she can't be honest then that's not good because it always blows up eventually. Maggie says she and Brady have had to be tough every day in recovering. Madison thought Maggie would be angry with her for doubting Brady. Maggie tells her to stop and think how she really feels about all this because even when Brady's in recovery, he's still an addict. Maggie tells her there's never any guarantees. Maggie tells her to ask herself if she loves Brady enough to be there for him no matter what happens. Brady then enters and says that's a very good question as Madison runs up and hugs him, glad that he's okay.

Rafe sits with Spencer at the station and talks about EJ not knowing about Stefano's arms deal and EJ not being in the will. Rafe thinks something was going on. Rafe says he doesn't know if EJ killed Stefano or not but he's going to get into the mansion and find out what happened that night. Rafe adds that he wants the lie detector test.

Will assures EJ that taking the lie detector test is a good idea and tells him that he's in charge so he should take it. Will tells him to go ahead and call Rafe. EJ tells him that whatever he decides to do is his decision regardless of whatever control Will thinks he has over him.

Spencer asks Rafe what he's working on. Rafe says they can't use it in court but they know EJ had a box of bullets and didn't have a registered gun. Rafe hopes he can come up with something. Spencer points out that it wasn't the murder weapon so if he had a gun then it's probably at the bottom of the river. A guard comes in and tells Rafe there's a lawyer there wanting information on a case. Spencer exits to let Rafe talk and it turns out to be Carrie that arrives. Carrie instantly thinks back to kissing Rafe when she sees him.

Daniel sits at the Pub and makes a call asking for test results from the hospital. Nicole walks by outside and looks through the window at Daniel. Nicole then enters the Pub as Daniel finishes his call. Nicole brings him coffee and asks if she can sit down.

Madison tells Brady how glad she is to see him and asks if he's alright. Brady assures her that he is. Maggie tells him that they were worried about him. Madison wonders how Brady knew she was there. Brady admits he didn't as he came to see Maggie. Maggie thinks they should talk first so she decides to leave them alone and exits the room. Madison and Brady sit together. Brady tells her that he had a really bad night but he wants to know the answer to Maggie's question as to whether or not she loves him enough to put up with him no matter what. Madison tells him that he would know the answer if he listened to any of her messages. Brady says he listened to all of them. Madison wonders why he still didn't call her. Brady apologizes for making her worry. Madison tells him that she was frantic and out of her mind so before he starts demanding proclamations of love, she wants to know where he was.

Rafe tells Carrie that he didn't know she was the lawyer in the Hamilton case. Carrie says she was just hired. Rafe asks what she needs. Carrie says she needs a lot but is there to go over the report from the undercover cop. Rafe calls it a routine drug bust. Carrie wants to talk to the cop. Rafe agrees to make an appointment. Carrie says that's it then and will see him soon. She goes to leave but Rafe stops her and brings up that she said they would steer clear of each other but it's only been a day so he wonders what they are going to do. Carrie admits she has no idea. Rafe offers to talk about it over coffee.

Brady tells Madison that he wasn't playing by not calling as he was just having a really rough night. Brady says he went to a place that he swore he'd never go to again but he came back and is alright. Brady declares that he came back because of her and he didn't want to lose her. Brady wants his life back. Madison asks what place he went to. Brady says it's all behind him now but Madison says it isn't behind her as he put her through hell. Brady tells her he's back now but Madison informs him that it doesn't make everything okay.

Rafe and Carrie have coffee at the town square. Rafe says their plan to avoid one another isn't happening so they need to figure out a way to be around each other without it being difficult. Carrie agrees and says she keeps thinking about what Rafe said yesterday. Rafe suggests he was a bit out of line but Carrie tells him that he wasn't wrong. Carrie starts to say something about it being hard for them to be apart as Austin comes around the corner and sees them together.

EJ tells Will that he's out of his league. Will reminds him that he could still mess him up. EJ asks if he loves his mother. Will wonders what she has to do with it. EJ responds everything. EJ says regardless of whether he takes the lie detector, he will be watching Will. EJ warns him that if he uses the information that he has, he will retaliate and assures Will that it will be deadly.

Daniel asks Nicole if she's following him. Nicole tells him that he forgot to make the coffee and one of them was his. Daniel agrees to let Nicole sit with him. Nicole says she was going to call him to make an appointment. Daniel says she looks fine to him. Nicole tells him that her issue is that whenever she's around him, she forgets to do things. Nicole spills her coffee on herself which makes Daniel laugh as he wipes her off. Nicole wonders who will make him laugh if he blows her off as Daniel jokes with her.

Brady tells Madison not to be mad and reveals that he got the craving and Maggie wasn't there so he did the only thing he knew to do so he went and bought cocaine. Madison gets upset and questions him as Brady tries to explain. Madison brings up how Brady said Ian was slipping him the drugs but now she doesn't believe it's true.

Rafe tells Carrie that he doesn't want to make things harder for her and knows she has so much at stake with Austin and the baby so he knows he needs to keep his distance and let them work things out. Carrie never thought it would be this hard. Carrie says she knows she said she needed to keep strong but isn't sure she can do this as Austin approaches and questions what Carrie isn't sure she can do.

Spencer sits at the police station looking at EJ's file. EJ then enters with Will and informs Spencer that he's changed his mind and has decided to take the lie detector test.

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