Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ian finds Kate at the town square and calls it perfect timing for lunch and champagne but Kate tells him that she has to meet Madison and Brady at Mad World. Ian tells her that Brady is going to be stoned. Kate asks him again if he's doing it to Brady as she isn't sure she believes him.

Madison wakes up Brady as she says she wants to help him through what he's going through.

Abigail and Cameron walk through the town square with Theo and Ciara. Cameron thanks her for helping with the kids. They talk about playing baseball earlier. Cameron says he can't wait to find out more about her and kisses her.

Abe sits at home with a photo of Lexie as Kayla tells him that she stocked the kitchen full of food. He thanks her for helping out. Kayla decides to leave but Abe stops her and asks her not to leave.

Melanie remains unconscious in Andrew's basement as Gabi asks Andrew what he's done. Andrew says she wanted Melanie out of the way and now she is. Gabi asks if he's out of his mind.

Ciara jokes about Cameron and Abigail kissing. Cameron tells the kids it's time to go home but Theo doesn't want to go. Cameron asks if he wants to go see Abe but Theo responds that his mom won't be there. Cameron reminds him that his dad will be waiting to see him. Cameron brings up Theo saying that Lexie told him to help Abe so they have to go see how he's doing. Cameron promises to help Theo look after Abe as well. Theo then hugs him.

Kayla tells Abe that she can stay as long as Abe needs her to and asks if there is anything else she can do. Abe tells her that he could just use a little company since he's really missing Lexie today. Kayla agrees to stay as long as he needs and he thanks her. Kayla assures him that it will get easier but Abe questions if it will. Kayla tells him that she has been there when she thought she lost Steve. Kayla talks about being unable to believe that Steve wouldn't see Stephanie grow up. Kayla tells Abe that he will still make a difference. Abe wants to find a good job to leave a good example for Theo. Kayla tells him that he already sets a good example. Kayla tells Abe that he is the keeper of Lexie's memory.

Gabi tells Andrew that he's crossed the line by kidnapping Melanie. Gabi worries that he hurt her. He assures Gabi that Melanie is fine. Gabi warns him of how much trouble he will be in if he gets caught but Andrew reminds her that they are in it together so she would be in just as much trouble.

Kate wants Ian to tell her the truth if he's the reason that Brady has been high. Ian brings up Brady's past as a drug user. Kate points out that nothing happening until Brady got with Madison. Ian continues to deny any involvement and calls Brady weak.

Madison tries to calm Brady down as he wakes up. She wants to understand what's going on so she can help him. Brady says he's coming down from a high but hasn't done any drugs. Madison wants him to be honest and questions how he could be coming off a drug without doing anything. Brady screams that he doesn't know and says someone's gotten something into him and thinks they both know who it is.

Kayla tells Abe that she doesn't want to burden him with her problems as he has a lot on his plate. Abe says he's not the only one dealing with loss but Kayla says it isn't the same. Abe tells her that things could change and Kayla and Steve could have a future but she doesn't think so. Kayla says she's finally accepting what she's known for a long time. Kayla is pretty sure that their marriage is over. Abigail arrives and asks if that's really true. Cameron then comes in as the kids run to Abe and Kayla.

Gabi can't believe Andrew would do this to her and Melanie. He wonders what Chad will believe. Gabi doesn't think he would tell Chad but Andrew teases her about what Chad will say when he finds out that Gabi was the one who stood between him and Melanie.

Abigail asks Kayla if she and Steve are splitting up. Kayla offers to take Abigail to the garden to talk about it so they walk out together. Abe asks Theo and Ciara about their day. Theo tells him that they played baseball while Ciara informs him that she saw Cameron and Abigail kiss. Theo and Ciara head upstairs to play games. Abe tells Cameron there's no need to explain as he knows he and Abigail care about each other. Abe tells him that Lexie approved and so does he.

Abigail talks to Kayla in the garden and says she didn't even know Kayla and Steve were having problems. Kayla talks about not saying much about it and how they've been having problems for a while. Kayla says they are moving ahead with the divorce. Abigail asks if Jack or Adrian know. Kayla says they know of the separation but not the divorce. Kayla asks Abigail not to say anything yet. Abigail agrees not to but advises Kayla not wait too long to tell anyone since Ciara overheard. Abigail brings up Ciara seeing her kiss Cameron but she doesn't think it means much since Cameron might leave Salem. Abigail talks about knowing Cameron was looking at other jobs. Kayla knows Abigail doesn't want it to end. Kayla suggests Abigail give Cameron another reason to stay.

Madison tells Brady that she doesn't want to fight but wants him to be honest. Brady accuses Ian of slipping him drugs but Madison doesn't believe him. Brady says Ian wants to rip them apart. Madison reminds him that Ian let them be together in the first place and he's with Kate now. Brady calls Ian a jealous man that's infuriated that Madison chose him over Ian. Madison says she lived with Ian and was married to him so she knows who he is. Brady tells her to think about it. Madison doesn't think it makes sense and wonders how Ian could get drugs into his system but Brady doesn't know. Madison decides to get ready for the meeting. Brady wants to shower and get ready too but Madison tells him to rest and focus on getting better. Madison kisses him and says she will see him later as she leaves for the meeting. Brady gets his phone and calls Maggie so he can talk to his sponsor but doesn't get an answer. Brady states that there's only one thing that will help him now.

Ian tells Kate that she must think the worst of him if she thinks that he would give drugs to a drug addict. Kate says she doesn't want to. Ian questions what he would gain. Kate says he'd be keeping her away from Madison. Ian wonders why he would want to since he has Kate. Ian says he doesn't care about Brady or Madison. Kate vows not to let it screw up their business but Ian reminds her that it already has. Kate gets a message on her phone from Madison that Brady won't make the meeting. Kate decides she should get going and kisses Ian as he tells her to keep him posted. Kate walks off and Ian then pulls out his phone. Ian makes a call and says they have Brady right where they want him so he's going to need something soon. Ian instructs his contact to keep watch on him so they don't lose this opportunity.

Gabi begs Andrew not to tell Chad. Andrew agrees not to as long as Gabi promises not to say anything. Andrew warns Gabi that there's no going back and he thinks he did her a huge favor. Gabi says she never asked him to do something this extreme. Andrew points out that it gave her time alone with Chad and she has him to thank for it. Gabi tells him that he can't go around kidnapping people since people will think the worst. Andrew questions if Gabi really cares what other people think. Gabi says she does care and decides she can't go through with this.

Cameron thanks Abe for he and Lexie approving because he really likes Abigail a lot. Cameron says they just get each other and he doesn't think that happens often. Abe talks about knowing Abigail her whole life. They joke about Theo being Abigail's biggest fan. They talk about Theo being a great kid and Cameron is glad to get to know him but wishes he could have gotten to know Lexie earlier. Abe calls Lexie a remarkable woman and one of the most selfless people he's ever met. Abe says they had their problems from time to time but knows she was his one true love. Cameron hopes he finds that love one day. Abe suggests that maybe he already has.

Abigail tells Kayla that she thinks Cameron knows how she feels about him. Kayla tells her that she needs to be sure. Abigail brings up her past mistakes in relationships like Austin and Chad. Abigail doesn't want to make those mistakes again so she's afraid to put herself out there. Abigail worries about Cameron not feeling the same way. Kayla thinks it's good to know either way. Abigail isn't sure about taking the risk. Kayla encourages her to ask how he feels and she thinks she will be surprised.

Andrew tells Gabi that he can just release Melanie if Gabi wants to take her chances with the law. Andrew reminds her that she'd be risking losing Chad forever. Gabi calls it the right thing to do and says she has no choice. Andrew tells her that Melanie will go straight to the cops and they will end up spending a very long time in prison. Andrew decides there's no use in prolonging the inevitable. He starts to let Melanie go but Gabi stops him and says she only wanted him to pretend to be her stalker. Andrew says the stakes have risen. Andrew tells her that they will release Melanie in time but they will do it to where she has no idea who held her or where it was. Gabi wonders if that's possible. Andrew reminds her that Melanie hasn't seen his face since he wears a mask and she has no idea of Gabi's involvement. Andrew declares that by the time they release her then Chad will be in love with Gabi. Gabi insists that she can make Chad fall in love with her but she doesn't want Melanie to get hurt. Andrew promises that Melanie will be fine as he will take care of her.

Abigail tells Kayla that she's really self-conscious about her feelings after what happened with Austin. Abigail thinks Cameron has to know how she feels. Kayla encourages her to follow her heart. Kayla talks about when she first met Steve and knowing they had something special. Kayla says they might not be spending their lives together but had many wonderful years and two kids. Abigail is sorry it didn't last a lifetime. Kayla says sometimes it doesn't last no matter how much love there is. Kayla talks about how long Abe and Lexie were together. Abigail agrees that she has to tell Cameron how she feels about him no matter what as Kayla hugs her.

Cameron tells Abe that he does like Abigail a lot and wants to get to know her better. Cameron gets a call and says it's the call he's been waiting for. He answers and says he's very grateful for the offer. Cameron asks when he would have to be in Chicago to start as Abigail and Kayla come back in and overhear.

Gabi tells Andrew not to hurt Melanie. Andrew tells her about Melanie trying to escape but he took care of it. Gabi worries about Melanie escaping and again tells him not to hurt Melanie as she had been a good friend to her. Andrew says Melanie just had the bad luck of falling in love with Chad who happens to be the dream guy of Gabi. Andrew talks about Gabi plotting and scheming and doing anything to take him away from Melanie. She tells him to shut up because he doesn't know what he's talking about. Andrew says he's the reason that Melanie is gone from Chad and the longer she's gone is the better for Gabi. Andrew tells her to stop disrespecting him and instead take advantage of the opportunity that he's given her.

Brady gets dressed after his shower and gets a message on his phone. Brady says it's great and responds for the person to meet him as he then exits the room.

Madison prepares things in the office as Kate arrives and asks if everything is under control. Madison tells her that they should be ready to start soon. Kate questions Madison being prepared and asks about Brady. Madison insists that she's fine and Brady needed to stay home due to a sickness. Kate tells Madison to face the facts that Brady is on drugs again.

Cameron finishes his call saying he accepts the job and can't wait to start. Kayla tells Abe they should go check on the kids to let Cameron and Abigail have a moment alone so they head upstairs. Abigail tells Cameron that it sounds like congratulations are in order. Cameron admits he's excited and tells her that he starts the new job tomorrow. Abigail assumes they should say their goodbyes now which seems to confuse Cameron.

Andrew asks Gabi if they are going to let Melanie go or not. Gabi agrees to let him keep Melanie out of the way for now and tells him to not let her get in the way. Gabi says she doesn't want to be involved as she's only focused on getting Chad. Gabi makes Andrew promise to take care of Melanie as he tells her not to worry.

Madison tells Kate that she doesn't know what she's talking about and Brady's fine. Kate wants to talk about Brady's drug use but Madison refuses to have the conversation. Kate suggests she should because Kate's been through it which surprises Madison. Kate tells her that Lucas is a recovering alcoholic and Billie was an addict but they are now clean and sober after a struggle with hard work. Kate calls it a terrible time. Madison says she's sorry. Kate tells her not to be sorry but just to listen. Kate says there is first denial then guilt and then she can only think about whether they will get better or end up dead. Kate tells Madison that if she loves Brady as much as she says then she needs to take action before it's too late.

Brady goes outside the town square and meets with a guy. Brady thanks him for coming so fast. He tells Brady that he's happy to help out an old friend but thought he was clean. Brady says he thought so too but needs a little pick me up. He hands Brady drugs and then walks away.

Cameron tells Abigail that he doesn't understand why they would say goodbye when they should be celebrating. Abigail says she overheard him say the job is in Chicago but Cameron reveals that he has to drive to Chicago for training but the job is in Salem at the hospital. Abigail is surprised and happy as Cameron tells her that he's staying with her in Salem and they kiss.

Gabi asks Andrew what's in it for him. Andrew says he has the pleasure of helping her get her one true love. Gabi admits she thinks Chad is better with her than Melanie. Andrew points out that's why they have Melanie locked up. Andrew tells Gabi that they will realize they did the right thing when she's alone with Chad.

Madison thanks Kate for her honesty but she knows Brady. Kate says she knows him too. Madison tells her to accept that Brady is just sick and she'll do whatever she can to help him. Kate tells her to wake up as their client arrives for the meeting. Kate tells Madison that Brady needs her help and not excuses to enable him.

Ian gets a call from a man that says he got the pictures that he was hoping for and sent them to his phone. Ian calls it excellent work and says his check will be in the mail as he looks at his phone with pictures of Brady getting the drugs.

Brady goes back to Madison's room and lines out cocaine as he prepares to take it.

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