Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will reveals that he knows the truth and found what EJ has been hiding. Will informs EJ that he knows that Stefano is not his father and EJ is not a DiMera. EJ laughs it off and calls it a wild accusation. EJ tells him to get his facts straight because it's highly inaccurate and insulting. EJ says he doesn't know what Will is thinking but suggests he stops now. Will tells EJ that now he will start using what he knows to his advantage.

Chad and Gabi walk through the town square. They sit down as Chad complains about being unable to concentrate and talks about how he was supposed to spend the 4th of July with Melanie. Chad can't believe Melanie didn't call him back after hearing about Lexie. Chad calls it so unlike her and wonders if something happened to her.

Melanie remains locked up as Andrew enters the room. Andrew tells her that she is not going anywhere. Melanie questions if he means ever.

Carrie runs into Rafe outside the town square and they greet each other. Rafe says he's glad he ran into her because something happened that he wanted to tell her about. Carrie says she has something to tell Rafe too.

EJ tells Will that he is wrong and is making a foolish mistake. Will brings up the letter that said Stefano wasn't his father. Will opens up the drawer to show that it is now empty and asks EJ who's foolish now. EJ says he should be impressed by his ability to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. Will says he just got lucky. EJ questions what he intends on doing now. Will talks about how he could keep it a secret like EJ. EJ warns him that he's on thin ice. EJ questions if Will thinks it's funny. Will points out EJ acting like nothing has changed. EJ claims that nothing has changed. Will states that information like this is very dangerous. Will says if it got out that Stefano knew he wasn't EJ's father so he took him out of his will then he wonders what people would think. EJ calls it wild speculation but Will thinks it's an outstanding motive for murder. EJ questions if Will is on their side now that thinks he killed his father. EJ declares that Stefano was his father in every way that mattered. Will says Stefano disowned him and that's how the police will see it. EJ questions if Will plans to give the letter to the police. Will asks if there's any reason that he shouldn't. EJ asks Will what exactly he wants.

Andrew gives Melanie some hot tea to calm her down. Melanie wonders why he won't let her go as she just wants to go home. Andrew talks about seeing her playlist on her phone and liking the same music. Andrew gives her the newspaper. Melanie sees it's the 4th of July and then finds out that Lexie died. Melanie worries about Chad being devastated and wants to go to him. Melanie begs Andrew to let her go be with Chad but he replies that he can't.

Carrie tells Rafe to go first. Rafe says he just ran into Sami earlier and felt that she laid into her. Carrie admits she did to Marlena too in quite the scene. Rafe talks about Sami believing Carrie's baby is his. They talk about how they both told Sami that they never slept together but she doesn't believe them. Carrie wonders if Sami is partly right but Rafe assures that she's not. Rafe tells her that he told Sami off but probably made things worse. Carrie doesn't think things could get much worse since Sami will always see her as the enemy. Carrie is sorry that Sami took it out on Rafe. Carrie points out that Sami only did it to hurt Rafe.

Will tells EJ that he's not there to make a trade. EJ thinks that's how it works and they both get what they want. Will tells him that he'll get what he wants but he won't give him the letter back so he won't go back on his word. Will says he has the leverage.

Carrie and Rafe sit together and talk about Sami already thinking Rafe is having Nicole's baby. Rafe doesn't care what Sami thinks anymore. Rafe says Carrie knows the truth and that's all that matters. Carrie is glad that he told her. Rafe wishes he told her sooner since maybe things would've been different. Rafe calls it a complicated last few months with a lot of misunderstandings.

Melanie questions Andrew hiding behind his mask like a coward which makes him mad. He yells at her to stop asking questions.

Gabi tells Chad that he's a great guy that any girl would love to have. Gabi says Melanie should be there for him after he just lost his dad and sister. Gabi thinks it's not right that Melanie is punishing him. Chad thinks it's not right that he blamed Will for Stefano's murder and says Melanie was right. Gabi's phone rings so Chad wonders who it is. Gabi claims it's nothing but Chad wants to know if it's her stalker.

Melanie throws her tea on Andrew and tries to escape but he stops her and pulls her back.

EJ tells Will that he's not in the mood for his juvenile games. Will says he'll go if he's not going to take him seriously. EJ stops him and wants to hear his terms. EJ asks what Will wants in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. Will says he wants his car and his apartment back so EJ gives them the keys. EJ asks if there's anything else or if they are finished. Will wants an official job position with his company with a salary. EJ asks if they are done but Will responds that they are just getting started. EJ asks what else he wants. Will informs EJ that he wants power.

Carrie tells Rafe that she never thought it would be like this, being married with a career and about to have a baby with so many things unresolved that make her question her choices. Rafe says he thought he had it all figured out but one day it all changed.

Gabi tells Chad it wasn't her stalker calling and says she hasn't heard from him since he put the dead rat in her salad. Gabi says it was her friend Megan that wanted to meet up. Chad doesn't think it's good for Gabi to be alone and offers to stay until her friend comes. Gabi insists that she will be fine. Chad suggests it may be time for Gabi to move back into her old apartment but she doesn't want to. Chad then decides to walk her to the book store where she said she would be meeting her friend.

Will asks EJ if he's surprised that he wants power. EJ tells him he can't expect him to just hand over DiMera Enterprises to him. Will says that's not what he's asking. EJ asks if he wants the house or his bank accounts. Will tells him that's not the power he is talking about. Will says real power is the ability to be in control and to be able to make something happen. Will calls power knowing that you have the fate of another person in your hands and whatever happens to them is up to you. EJ asks if that's how he's feeling now. Will says it is and it feels pretty good.

Andrew puts Melanie back in the bed unconscious and she dreams about Chad bursting in. She dreams that Chad knocks Andrew out with a punch and checks on Melanie, telling her that it's over.

Rafe talks to Carrie about things being unfair for her. Carrie says it will just take time to get used to. Carrie says it should be easy not to hurt the people they love. Rafe says he just wanted to say he was sorry because of Sami. Carrie says she's used to it. Rafe adds that they both are by now. Rafe hopes it doesn't happen again but Carrie reminds him that they are talking about Sami. Rafe decides he should go but Carrie stops him and says there is still something she has to tell him.

Melanie dreams waking up to see Chad and hugs him but ends up still unconscious. Andrew watches from outside the door as Gabi arrives and says she got him text so she wants to know what he wants since their agreement was that she contacts him and not the other way around. Andrew tells her that he's figured out what to do next.

EJ tells Will that power can't just be handed to him. Will says he knows he has a lot to learn but he was doing something with his life and had a chance to be somebody until EJ took it away from him. EJ doesn't see it that way but wants to know who he thought he would be. Will responds that he wants to be him. EJ says he's flattered but wonders how he ever expected that to happen. Will wants EJ to make him his right hand man because he wants to know what he does, how he does it, and why he does it. EJ laughs and says he really is Sami's son. Will says it isn't about Sami's son as he just wants to be like EJ and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. EJ tells him he can't give him what he wants because at his core, he's not him. EJ says Will is not a DiMera. Will says EJ isn't a DiMera either and is just a nobody like him. Will calls it ironic that DiMera Empire could be run by two people without a drop of DiMera blood in them. Will asks EJ if he can think of a better way to get back at Stefano for what he did to him.

Gabi asks Andrew what he's come up with. He says he has a couple of different options that depend on how far Gabi is willing to take things. Gabi wants no physical attacks or dead rats. Andrew laughs at her reaction to the dead rat. Gabi suggests something simple like sending a gift. Andrew calls it boring but says it's her call. Andrew wants a few days but Gabi says it has to happen now. Andrew questions why she's in a hurry.

Carrie tells Rafe that she was at the hospital with Austin before. Rafe worries about the baby but Carrie assures him that everything is fine as they heard the heartbeat. Carrie starts to cry as Rafe says she should be happy. Carrie says she can't do whatever this is between them since it's not fair to them. Carrie says her baby is Austin's so if she sees Rafe anywhere then she's going to turn around because she has to as she has no idea how to do this.

Melanie remains unconscious and resumes her dream about reuniting with Chad.

Gabi informs Andrew that Chad asked about her stalker but didn't react the way she thought he would. Gabi questions Chad wanting to be alone rather than have her living with him. Andrew laughs at Gabi living with Chad and still being unable to get him to make a move on her.

EJ advises Will to be very careful about what he says about Stefano. Will questions why he still calls Stefano his father. EJ says he was his father in every way to him. EJ warns Will not to forget who he's dealing with. EJ reminds Will that he protected him and kept his secret. Will accuses him of only using him. EJ questions if Will is now trying to use him to better his position in life. EJ asks if he really thinks it will work. Will calls it worth a shot. EJ tells him that he can make one quick phone call and this entire situation would no longer exist. Will figured he would go there and threaten him. EJ calls it not a threat but conflict resolution. Will tells EJ that he won't do it. Will says he knows a little about how EJ thinks and that's why he had a backup plan. EJ hoped he didn't actually think this through. Will tells EJ that someone else has Stefano's letter so if anything happens to him then they have instruction to take it to the police. EJ mocks the idea and doesn't think anyone else has the letter. Will tells EJ that he will not be able to find it. EJ responds that he will find it with resources that he can't wrap his head around. Will claims to have given it to a lawyer out of the phonebook so there's no paper trail or search history. EJ asks Will if he remembers the last time he tried to blackmail him. EJ tells him that 20 years for attempted murder is a very long time. Will offers him his phone to call the police and adds that they both know what will happen to EJ if he does.

Gabi tells Andrew to stop laughing at her. Andrew calls the whole situation kind of funny. Gabi admits she thought it would be so much easier. Gabi talks about her history with Chad and worries that she's running out of time to make Chad fall in love with her. Gabi worries about Melanie coming back but Andrew tells her that it's not going to happen as Melanie is not going to be a problem. Gabi questions why he would say that but he tells her to forget it. Gabi asks what he knows that he's not telling her.

Rafe asks Carrie if she's sure about this and if she thinks this is the right thing to do. Rafe doesn't think it should be this hard and questions it being the right thing to do. Rafe questions Carrie trying to avoid him in the future but she tells him to stop. Rafe apologizes and decides that she's right that she needs to focus on her family and baby. Rafe wants what's best for her so he agrees to step aside.

Will tells EJ that if he tells the police that he shot him then he will go to prison but then he will reveal that EJ is not Stefano's son and that would be the beginning of the end for him as he would lose his identity and inheritance. Will says Chad would be the only DiMera left and he doesn't want the family business so he might just let it go. EJ questions Will thinking he has it all figured out. Will says all EJ would need to figure out is his defense when he's arrested for Stefano's murder. Will talks about EJ's past mistakes and tells him that it's his call.

Carrie tells Rafe that this can't happen again. They say goodbye to each other and Rafe then walks away.

Gabi thinks Andrew is acting really weird but he denies it. She questions him acting like Melanie not coming back is a fact. Gabi notices Andrew keeps looking at the door behind her so she goes and looks in where she sees Melanie. Gabi freaks out and wants to know what he did to Melanie.

Will tells EJ that they are on the same page and it's a good thing that they take their relationship to the next level which will be very rewarding. Will calls it a happy independence day to him. Will stops before leaving and tells EJ that he owns him now.

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