Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will reads the letter revealing that EJ is not Stefano's son and is shocked by what he finds out as EJ begins coming down the stairs.

Carrie sits at the Pub and Austin joins her, apologizing for being late. Carrie tells him it's okay as she isn't hungry anyway. Austin assumes it's because of morning sickness but Carrie informs him that it's because of Sami.

Rafe tells Sami that she can't burst into the station and interrupt his work with personal stuff. Sami just wants to know how long he's known about Carrie being pregnant but Rafe doesn't know why she cares. Sami brings up Rafe telling her that Carrie and Austin were working things out but not saying why. Rafe felt it wasn't his place to tell her. Sami wonders if he didn't tell her because he's the father.

Daniel and Nicole lay in bed, having made love and slept together. Nicole wakes up and is surprised that Daniel is still there as she didn't expect him to stay.

EJ walks by the living room talking on the phone where Will is inside with the letter he read. EJ walks in and asks Will what he's doing as he thought he would be finished by now. Will says he had to get his phone in case he needed him. EJ tells him that he needs him to go pick up a package for him. EJ says it's a package of money which Will calls shady. EJ asks if he has a problem with it. Will says he's just curious about the deal. EJ doesn't think Will is in a position to question him. Will apologizes him and says he should thank him for keeping his secret with all of his other secrets. Will states that he knows better than to get on the wrong side of a DiMera.

Austin tells Carrie that he knows how Sami operates. Carrie doesn't want to upset him as she explains how Sami confronted her and Marlena. Carrie reveals that Sami accused her of Rafe being the father.

Rafe tells Sami it's ridiculous and adds that he and Carrie never slept together. Sami questions them not sleeping together even once. Rafe brings up how he and Carrie were both married. Rafe brings up Sami sleeping with EJ so she throws up Rafe sleeping with Nicole and getting her pregnant.

Nicole tells Daniel that she hasn't slept with anyone since EJ and reveals to him that she and Rafe never really slept together. Daniel thinks they've made the best of a bad situation and Nicole agrees as they then kiss.

Rafe and Sami argue as Rafe tells Sami to stop acting like she is the victim. Sami believes that she and Rafe could have found a way to save their marriage. Rafe says if she told him about EJ but Sami suggests if it wasn't for Carrie.

Austin and Carrie talk about Sami never being happy. Austin thinks Sami is just mad that their marriage survived while hers didn't. Carrie starts to blame herself and says what happened with Rafe never should have. Austin says if they can get past it then Sami can too some day. Carrie thinks it's not okay because she let him down. Austin tells her that everyone makes mistakes. Carrie assures Austin that she never slept with Rafe.

Daniel and Nicole make love again. Daniel catches his breath and tells her that today is his day off so he offers to take her out to Chez Rouge. Nicole thinks they could just go to the Pub but Daniel insists. Nicole jokes about ordering champagne as they continue kissing.

EJ tells Will that he will run things how he sees fit so Will has to do as he says. Will tells him that he knows. EJ tells him to go but Will says he thinks he could help him more if he knew more. EJ tells him that the less he knows, the more productive their relationship will be. Will calls it not very nice. EJ tells him that he should be grateful for the opportunity. Will says he is as he has learned more than he thought he would. EJ tells Will that he has no idea how or when to execute a plan. Will hopes things will change sooner or later. EJ warns him that hope can be a dangerous thing as Will then exits. Will stops outside and keeps the letter in his pocket before walking on.

Daniel and Nicole sit together at Chez Rouge. Daniel brings up Victor talking negatively about Nicole. Nicole says a lot of people have bad things to say about her as she's done things that she regrets. Nicole talks about doing what she has to in order to survive. Daniel brings up switching the paternity test and asks if she's sure she is ready to raise her baby. Nicole assures him that she doesn't want her child raised as a DiMera. Nicole knows it won't be easy being a single parent but says she will make it happen. Nicole suggests that one day she could find someone to help her. Nicole vows not to make the same mistakes when it comes to men that she has in the past. Daniel tells her that she's already proven that she will stop at nothing to protect her baby.

Austin tells Carrie that he knows she didn't sleep with Rafe and assures that they are okay. Carrie loves that he has faith in her but isn't sure that she deserves it. Carrie talks about her and Rafe having feelings for each other that she hid from him before they kissed. Austin says they are both to blame because their marriage was on shaky ground after things they both did. Carrie is not sure that she deserves his forgiveness. Austin wonders why and then asks if it's because she still has feelings for Rafe.

Rafe asks Sami why she's bringing this up now since their marriage is already over and Sami's with Lucas so he doesn't see the point in this. Sami wants to hear Rafe admit that he had a part in their marriage ending. Rafe agrees to if it gets Sami to leave. Rafe admits he started to have feelings for Carrie when they started working together though he knew it was wrong and feels terrible about it. Rafe tells her that he's sorry and that's it. Rafe asks what more she wants from him since Carrie and Austin are together now. Sami asks Rafe if he's really not the father of Carrie's baby. Rafe shouts out that he never got her pregnant as EJ arrives and questions hearing that, assuming he is talking about Nicole. EJ calls it very interesting and questions Rafe about the paternity test. Rafe clarifies that they were talking about Carrie. Rafe tells Sami to get out since he has work to do but she stays put. Rafe explains that EJ is there on police business so he's done talking about his personal life but EJ says he's not done since he knows Nicole's child is his.

Daniel talks with Nicole about Chloe lying to him about Parker's paternity and how that was about herself while what Nicole is doing is about her kid. Nicole talks about getting away from EJ and how she's been alone all of her life. Nicole adds that them getting together off a rebound would be trouble. Daniel jokes that they both like trouble. Daniel declares he's done with that. Nicole asks if that's why they are here having brunch after a date that started the day before. Nicole asks Daniel why he gets involved with all of his patients from his wife to Chelsea, Kate, Chloe, and Jennifer. Daniel figures it must have been a phase. Nicole laughs at the idea. Daniel assumes that he just didn't want anything complicated but that's what he ended up with. Nicole tells Daniel that he still doesn't get it and if he did then he wouldn't be sleeping with her.

Austin assures Carrie that he believes she will get over her feelings for Rafe and tells her that they are good. Austin says they have to get going to the doctor's appointment now. Carrie thanks him for understanding and tells him that she loves him as she kisses him. Austin says they put so much time into their marriage and now they are going to have their family. Austin promises to make her the happiest wife and mother on the planet and then kisses her as they exit the Pub.

Rafe tells EJ that the paternity test showed he is the father so he's done debating the truth. Rafe tells Sami that they are also done. Rafe offers to take EJ to the lie detector test assuming that's why he is there but EJ informs him that he came to talk about the budget with he and Roman. Rafe tells him that Roman isn't there so he can take the lie detector test and be done before his next meeting. EJ questions Rafe continuing to go after him as the suspect. EJ tells him that he did not murder Stefano and adds that they have no evidence linking him to it.

Will goes to the Pub with Stefano's letter and hides it in the safe. Sonny arrives so Will greets him with a hug. Will offers him food and they sit together. Sonny asks why he's so happy and if he won the lottery. Will says he hasn't yet but he's going to.

Daniel tells Nicole that she's technically not his patient anymore and says he's learned his mistakes. Nicole questions him being out of his complicated phase now. Nicole brings up Rafe pretending to be her father's baby while EJ really is which will last because Daniel let her get away with switching the DNA samples which she still can't believe he did for her. Daniel can't believe it either. Nicole says she's not that horrible person that people say she is. Nicole questions if Daniel would be sleeping with her if she was that person. Daniel admits that sleeping together may have crossed a line that they shouldn't have. Nicole asks if he regrets it. Daniel says he doesn't but crossing that line made this complicated. Nicole jokes that she thinks Daniel likes complicated.

EJ leaves Rafe's office so he tells Sami to leave too now. Sami questions EJ being the main suspect. Rafe says he can't discuss police business with her. Sami tells him about worrying about Will when he was arrested and thought maybe EJ forced Will to murder Stefano. Rafe questions why she would think EJ could force Will to commit murder.

EJ returns to the DiMera Mansion and gets a message on his phone that upsets him. EJ calls Will asking where he is since he has not made the pickup. EJ leaves a message demanding Will have a good excuse as to where he is.

Will blows off EJ's message and says he'd rather hang out with Sonny. Sonny thanks him but questions him ignoring EJ which could get him in trouble. Will says he's going to handle his business with EJ. Sonny calls it either gutsy or stupid. Will declares that things are going to be very different between he and EJ from now on. Sonny wants to know how so Will tells him to trust him.

Austin and Carrie walk outside the town square after their doctor's appointment with their first early picture of their baby. They talk about how they can't wait to hold their baby for the first time.

Rafe shuts the door as Sami explains that Will was on EJ's payroll so they were always worried about what EJ would make him do. Rafe calls it strange how EJ fired Will then bailed him out and hired him again. Sami admits it bothers her a lot but Will does the opposite of what she tells him. Rafe tells Sami that even though he's not around her and the kids anymore, he still cares. Sami says she knows. Rafe offers to talk to Will about staying away from EJ. Sami asks about EJ being a suspect but Rafe can't comment on the case. Sami says it's hard to think EJ would murder his own father.

Will returns to the DiMera Mansion and EJ questions where he's been. Will says he was running his errand. EJ tells him that he was late meeting their contact. Will says he stopped to eat. EJ asks why he didn't do that after picking up the package. Will says he could have but didn't. EJ questions where the package is. Will says he totally forgot about it. EJ asks what's wrong with him. Will thinks EJ is about to tell him himself. EJ warns Will to be careful because this little slip could cause him time in prison. Will responds that he doesn't think he's going to prison but to the top if EJ stops holding him back. EJ assumes he's either drunk or high which is not acceptable. Will tells EJ that he was thinking things need to change and he thinks they will because from now on, he will be calling the shots.

Rafe tells Sami that his job is to find Stefano's killer while Sami needs to stay out of police business as well as Carrie and Austin's life. Sami questions Rafe not being in Carrie and Austin's lives. Rafe tells her to stay out of everyone's business as she exits and Rafe leaves behind her.

Nicole tells Daniel that she likes spending time with him and he says the same. They agree that the sex is incredible. Nicole asks that they not get ahead of themselves. Daniel questions what that means to her. Nicole doesn't want to put a name on it so they don't have expectations to get disappointed over. Daniel tells her that whatever they have is good so they shouldn't mess it up. Nicole thanks him for brunch and for last night as she says both were great. Daniel calls it his pleasure as they get up from their table. Nicole tells him that she will see him around as she then walks away. She stops and looks back at Daniel.

Austin lets Carrie keep the baby picture and kisses her. Carrie thanks him for understanding about Rafe and everything. Austin says he loves her and knows she loves him. Carrie promises to show him that their marriage means as much to her as it does to him as they then kiss. Austin then exits saying he will call her later. Carrie turns to go the other way but runs into Rafe.

EJ questions Will calling the shots. EJ thinks Will is suffering from delusions of grandeur. Will states that he has learned a lot from EJ including that knowledge is power and that's how he knows that things are going to change. EJ suggests he say whatever he's so desperate to get out. Will reveals that he knows the truth and found what he's been hiding. Will informs EJ that he knows that Stefano is not his father and EJ is not a DiMera.

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