Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/2/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena and Carrie walk through the town square after finishing shopping. Carrie tells her how much better it is than shopping with Kate was. Marlena jokes with her about buying baby clothes. Carrie talks about still being unable to believe she's pregnant. Sami arrives and asks them what's going on.

Spencer and Rafe talk outside of the DiMera Mansion about the case. Spencer talks to Rafe about Nicole blowing the case with an illegal search since they could never use that evidence. Rafe reminds him that EJ doesn't know about the bullets and wants to head inside. They knock on the door so EJ puts his letter about his paternity in a drawer.

Will sits with Sonny at the Pub and talk about Will's sexual orientation being in the newspaper. Sonny reminds him that it cleared him of murder. Sonny tells Will that the club's business has spiked since the news broke. Sonny informs Will that people think EJ killed Stefano and Sonny guesses that Will thinks EJ did it too.

EJ opens the door to see Rafe and Spencer so he assumes it's not a social call.

Carrie informs Sami that she's pregnant. Sami accuses her of rushing out to go baby shopping and then questions if she and Marlena kept it from her. Sami assumes everyone knew but her. Carrie tells her that she's right. Sami wonders why she didn't want her to know.

Will tells Sonny that he never said he thought EJ killed Stefano. Sonny feels Will thinks it. Sonny brings up that Will said EJ was hiding something or keeping a secret. Will thinks there could be something else being kept secret. Will states that whenever he finds EJ's secret, he will use it to his advantage. Will doesn't think EJ killed Stefano. Sonny points out that EJ has to be a prime suspect with it's history. Will says flesh and blood is everything to the DiMeras.

Rafe and Spencer go into the mansion and Rafe thanks EJ for talking with them again. EJ thinks it must be important for them to come to his home the day after he buried his sister. Rafe says nothing is more important than finding Stefano's killer. Rafe tells EJ that he's surprised by his lack of cooperation in the investigation. EJ doesn't think he's trying to find the killer and just wants to harass him. EJ thinks they are just showing baseless accusations at him. Rafe points out that they haven't accused him of anything. EJ questions them trying to get a search warrant. Rafe calls it just doing his job. EJ tells Rafe to enjoy his job while he still has it. Rafe tells EJ that he knows what it's like to lose a sister and adds that he wouldn't be here if it weren't a murder investigation. Rafe tells EJ that threatening his job is out of line and kind of stupid. Rafe questions if Stefano would make that mistake. Rafe reminds EJ that Spencer reports to the governor. EJ questions if he's threatening him. Rafe clarifies that he's just trying to help him not make a huge mistake while he's off his game. Rafe tells Spencer that they can just forget what he said since he's mourning and Spencer agrees. EJ says his comment about Rafe's job wasn't a threat but a valid concern. EJ asks what he thinks is going to happen when the news of the search warrant gets out and what the people will think about his witch hunt against him. EJ thinks with Stefano gone they could not nail him for the crimes so that's why they are going after him.

Will tells Sonny that when he finds what EJ is hiding then he will have something to negotiate with and get him off of his back. Sonny reminds him that it's EJ and that Will could get hurt. Will says he's watched and learned from EJ while working from him so if anyone can do it, it's him. Sonny warns Will that he might have learned from him but now he's starting to sound like him. Will says it's only because he's been forced to.

Marlena tells Sami not to be confrontational. Sami asks Carrie how far along she is. Carrie says it's a couple months. Sami questions why she didn't tell her since everyone else knows. Carrie says she's sorry but should have. Sami asks Carrie whether the father is Rafe or Austin.

Sonny tells Will that he doesn't like where this is going. Will feels he doesn't have a choice but Sonny thinks he does. Will says he's been backed into a corner. Sonny offers to help. Will brings up how dangerous EJ is and questions what Sonny could do. Will doesn't want Sonny to be EJ's enemy since it's his fight. Sonny wants to help. Will wonders what he could do other than get on EJ's hit list. Sonny says he just wants to be by his side. Sonny jokes about ways he could help. A guy named Ryan arrives and Will gets up to greet him. Will introduces him to Sonny. Ryan brings up not seeing Will around The Spot gay club lately and wonders why.

Carrie tells Sami that she knew she would turn something happy into something ugly. Carrie says Sami is still jealous of her. Sami just wants to know why she ignored the question about who the father is. Marlena tries to stop the fight. Carrie assures Sami that Austin is the father since she never slept with Rafe. Sami doesn't believe her. Carrie says they were both married and vows actually mean something to them. Sami accuses her of stealing her husband. Marlena tells Carrie that they should go. Carrie tells Sami that Sami sleeping with EJ destroyed her marriage and she had nothing to do with it so she shouldn't blame her.

Rafe tells EJ that he is sympathetic to his situation. Rafe talks about EJ being a high profile person in a high profile murder investigation. Rafe doesn't believe all publicity is good publicity. EJ tells Rafe that his father was murdered and he just lost his sister so he's not that concerned with publicity. Rafe thinks EJ is concerned with being mayor since that's all he has left so he thinks it'd be hard for him to follow through with all of his campaign promises. EJ thinks any investigator would have EJ as a suspect. Rafe suggests EJ try to clear his name so they can move on. EJ says he already told him that he didn't kill his father but he won't believe him so he's not sure what else he can do. Rafe then suggests that EJ take a lie detector test today. EJ agrees that it's not a bad idea. Rafe thanks him as he thinks it's a good idea. EJ asks if he's just supposed to go to the station and mocks the idea of them being unbiased and brings up it not being admissible in court. Rafe tells him it's not invading his privacy but an opportunity for EJ to show everyone that he's not afraid of showing the truth. EJ assures that he's not afraid of showing the truth but he's not afraid of the Salem PD that seem to have a vendetta against his family. EJ doesn't trust Rafe or the department not to skew the results of the lie detector test. Rafe offers to promise him confidentiality. EJ points out that he could not guarantee it. Rafe tells him that's an image problem and wonders what would happen if it got out that he refused to take a lie detector test. EJ thinks Rafe is threatening him again. EJ says only three of them are in the room so it shouldn't be getting out. Rafe says EJ doesn't care for their questions or solutions so the ball is in his court. EJ says he will give it some thought and tells them that he has work to do so they can leave. Rafe stops and asks EJ if he has a gun.

Will tells Ryan that he's just been busy lately. Ryan brings up how Will could've gotten the murder charges off much quicker if he just said he was at The Spot with him and Neil. He wonders why Will waited so long and questions if he was trying to avoid coming out. Will tells him that he doesn't understand the circumstances since his whole family is basically on the police force so he didn't want to come out like that. Will says he just didn't want it in the papers that he was gay. Ryan questions it being better that he's a murder suspect. Ryan doesn't understand why he went to such extremes to hide that he's gay. Will insists that he's not hiding anything. Ryan wonders if Will still would've came out if he wasn't charged with murder. Ryan gets a call and walks off. Will then asks Sonny what Ryan's problem is. Sonny tries to explain that some people just get that way when they feel people are uncomfortable about being gay. Will says being gay is his business. Sonny asks Will how he would feel if people in his family didn't want him to know he was a Brady due to being ashamed. Will insists that he's not ashamed of being gay. Sonny suggests it could come off that way to Ryan. Will decides he has to go, thanks Sonny, and exits.

Carrie tells Sami that she no longer has any claim on Rafe as she threw away the best thing that ever happened to her. Carrie says Sami never appreciated Rafe for being a good guy that she could actually count on. Carrie adds that she doesn't deserve him since she just ran back to EJ even after all the things EJ did to Rafe. Sami tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Sami starts to storm off but Carrie stops her and says part of her wishes it was Rafe's baby because Sami would deserve that. Sami tries to go after Carrie but Marlena steps in between and says that's enough.

EJ questions Rafe asking if he owns a gun. EJ calls it an unnecessary question since they both know that Rafe checked the gun registration so they know that he does not own a gun. Rafe admits he checked the database but still doesn't know if he owns a gun. Rafe suggests he might not have registered his gun. EJ questions what he's trying to imply. Rafe says he can only conclude so much. EJ suggests they leave. Rafe then asks EJ if he happens to have a 45 caliber lying around that he may have forgot to license. EJ asks if he looks like the type of person who would forget to license a gun. EJ reminds them that he's the mayor so it's his job to uphold the law and not to break it. Rafe states that's true but he's just making sure. Rafe decides that they should go and thanks EJ for his time. Rafe tells EJ to call if he changes his mind about the lie detector test.

Marlena tells Carrie to stop. Marlena then questions Sami not being happy about Carrie and Austin finally having the baby they thought they would never have. Marlena tells Sami that she has a right to be upset about her marriage and family falling apart but this is not the way to do it. Marlena tells Sami that Carrie is putting her family back together and calls the baby a blessing but nothing has changed for Sami. Marlena accuses Sami of begrudging Carrie's happiness. Sami disagrees so Marlena wants Sami to tell Carrie that she's happy for her. Sami then accuses Marlena of always being on Carrie's side.

Ryan sits with Sonny after Will leaves the Pub. Sonny thinks Ryan was a little hard on Will. Ryan questions why Sonny wasn't hard on Will. Sonny says he's had a lot more time to adjust than Will has and doesn't want to force Will to be someone he's not. Ryan talks about Will being just as gay as them but he wanted people to think he was a murderer rather than gay. Sonny tells him that he doesn't know what Will has been through and how it wasn't easy for him to come out. Ryan says Will is out now and he wishes Will would realize that it's a good thing. Sonny says he will eventually. Ryan assumes Sonny is into Will. Sonny calls Will a good friend. Ryan realizes Sonny wants more with Will and doesn't blame him. Ryan adds that someone like Will comes with a lot of baggage and wishes him luck before leaving the Pub.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ was seated with the letter on his paternity. EJ scrambles to put it back in the drawer as Will enters. Will brings up seeing Rafe leaving. EJ says Rafe and Spencer were just throwing around accusations. Will asks if Rafe got to him a bit but EJ insists that he didn't. EJ brings up that they want him to take a lie detector test as if he has anything to hide. Will then asks if he does have anything to hide. EJ warns Will to be careful how he speaks to him. EJ says whatever secret Will thinks he has on him will be nothing compared to what he has on him. Will talks about EJ blackmailing him. EJ says he's teaching Will that his actions have consequences. Will questions that not applying to DiMeras. EJ again warns him to be careful how he speaks to him. EJ reminds him that he bailed him out and got him cleared. EJ states that he's the best friend Will has and threatens to drop him as a friend. EJ adds that the police would be interested to know that Will shot him. Will suggests that he could plead temporary insanity but thinks it was one of his more saner moments. EJ tells Will to stop smiling and sends him to finish work at his desk as EJ then exits the room. Will sits at EJ's desk and looks down at the drawer.

Rafe and Spencer go to the station. Rafe thinks things went well since he knew EJ wouldn't agree to the lie detector test. Rafe says he only brought it up to see how he would react. Rafe admits he doesn't like EJ. Spencer jokes that he never would've guessed. Spencer brings up how he didn't say much while they were there. Spencer thinks Rafe is comfortable solo without a partner. Spencer instructs Rafe not to pull anymore stunts. Spencer orders Rafe to run his plans by him first from now on. Rafe wants Spencer to admit it was a good idea. Spencer says it wasn't good but great.

Marlena tells Sami that she knows that she doesn't play favorites. Sami complains about this going on for her whole life. Sami accuses Carrie of stealing her husband again. Carrie says she drove him away. Sami admits she made a mistake but wanted to work through her marriage but she couldn't because Carrie was in the way. Sami says the one truth Carrie said was wishing the baby was Rafe's. Sami wishes her luck and then storms off. Marlena apologizes to Carrie and tells her to ignore what Sami said since she's only lashing out. Carrie can't ignore it because part of it may be true. Carrie suggests that maybe she is the reason that Sami and Rafe didn't work things out. Marlena tells her that they don't know that it's true and it doesn't matter now since Carrie and Austin are committed to each other. Carrie says it's not that easy. Carrie knows it will take some time to get over Rafe but doesn't know if she can.

Rafe tells Spencer that he knew EJ would refuse the lie detector test but his face was priceless. Spencer liked his reaction to Rafe casually asking if he had a gun as well. Rafe thinks everything is starting to add up. Spencer reminds him not to forget about the other suspects by focusing only on EJ. Spencer goes to check in with the governor and exits the room. Sami then bursts in and asks Rafe how long he has known that Carrie is pregnant.

Will opens EJ's drawer and pulls out the letter from Alice to Stefano revealing that EJ is not Stefano's son. Will reads it and is shocked by what he sees.

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