Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/29/12


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Abe, John, and Marlena go to the funeral reception following Lexie's memorial service and they talk about how much good Lexie did. Abe talks about how it's not right that Lexie had to pass away.

Jennifer, Jack, and Kayla arrive. Jennifer and Jack talk about Abe being up for this as Kayla gets a text message from Steve, sending his condolences. They talk about how Steve should be there in person. Jack offers to talk to Steve but Kayla asks him not to since their marriage is already over. Bo and Hope overhear this and Bo asks Kayla what's going on.

Sami arrives with Johnny and Sydney and the kids run up to greet EJ. EJ thanks Sami for bringing them. EJ tells the kids how much Lexie loved them. Johnny asks when Lexie is coming back. EJ says she's not coming back and tries to explain that she is with Stefano now. Johnny asks if EJ is sad. He says he is but is grateful to have them here as he hugs the kids.

Nicole runs into Daniel at the hospital. They talk as Daniel mentions he was at Lexie's memorial but had to come back and check on a patient. Nicole starts to leave but Daniel mentions that he's about to get something to eat. Daniel admits to Nicole that he left the memorial as the funeral was all he could handle. Daniel offers to take Nicole to dinner but Nicole tells him that he doesn't have to take her to dinner just because they slept together. Nicole suggests they could pretend it ever happened which Daniel agrees with if that's what she wants.

Celeste and Cameron arrive with Theo. Celeste takes Theo to see Johnny and Sydney. Abigail arrives with Chad and Gabi and they greet Cameron. Chad talks to Cameron about being uncles to Theo. Abigail assures Cameron that Theo is lucky to have him in his life. Cameron regrets not getting to know Lexie more. Abe, Marlena, and John join them and talk about how they want to tell Cameron more about Lexie. They sit down together as Cameron asks Abe how he met Lexie. Abe recalls meeting her on the police force. Cameron jokes about being unable to manage Lexie in uniform. Abe and Marlena talk about Lexie leaving the force and going rogue. Marlena thinks back to Lexie telling her about going rogue in the past. Abe explains how he had to fire her from the force when she was caught and how she turned down the offer to get the job back. They talk about Lexie then going to med school.

EJ talks with Sami and asks if Lucas and Will are not coming. Sami explains that Allie was tired and asks EJ if he was asking because he has an errand for Will to run. EJ hopes they can not go there today. Sami wonders what Lexie would think about what he's doing to Will. EJ asks if they if can call a truce.

Daniel takes Nicole into his office. Nicole says she didn't mean to put him on the spot as he doesn't owe her anything. Daniel wants to get to know her better. Nicole talks about bad things she's done in the past. Daniel recalls Nicole telling him about her miscarriage in the past and it made him think he doesn't know her very well. Nicole asks him not to make her out to be someone she isn't. Daniel just wants to go to dinner so Nicole agrees and they exit the office.

Bo and Hope talk to Kayla about being unable to believe she didn't say anything about her problems with Steve when she first came back. Kayla says she just wanted to help Caroline and was waiting and hoping that Steve would change his mind. Bo questions how she could say her marriage is over and can't believe that Steve is treating her like this. Hope suggests he could come to his senses. Bo threatens that he will when he's through with him but Kayla tells them it's already over as they are filing for divorce. Bo tells her that he's sorry and hugs her as he adds that she deserves better.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't want to make a scene at Lexie's memorial and asks how he's doing. EJ admits he's finding the whole thing difficult. Sami notes how it happened so fast. EJ talks about Lexie would always call him and leave a message if they didn't talk for a few days. Sami assures EJ that Lexie loved him and was proud of him as she knew what a wonderful father he is.

Kayla, Bo, and Hope join Marlena, John, and Abe telling stories about Lexie. Abe recalls supporting Lexie through med school. Abe says she finally found what she was born to do. Hope praises Lexie as an amazing doctor. Abe wishes she could have found a way to beat this. Jennifer assures that she would have done anything to stay with them. Jennifer declares that all of their lives will be completely different without Lexie.

Nicole and Daniel sit together at the town square. Nicole notes that Daniel is not drinking and wants to know why. Daniel says he doesn't want to drink in front of her while she's pregnant. Nicole encourages him to have a drink but he says he's fine. Nicole tells him that she's not having a bad time with him. Daniel thinks she sounds surprised as she jokes that it could have gone either way. Nicole talks about Daniel being charming but admits she's usually more attracted to men that are less predictable. Daniel decides he's going to live in the moment to be unpredictable so he gets up and grabs a guitar but Nicole stops him from continuing. Daniel tells her that he was just proving he's not predictable.

Abe recalls the day that Lexie told him that they were going to have a baby. Hope hugs Abe as they talk about being glad he has Theo.

EJ gets up from his table. Sami follows him and suggests he go talk to Abe and everybody. EJ considers himself persona non grata with her family and tells Sami that she could go. Sami decides to stay with EJ as she says she and Lexie weren't tight and didn't get along that well. EJ didn't think things were that bad. Sami says it was a long time ago but Lexie hated her guts and she gave her a good reason too as she recalls fighting with Lexie in the past.

Abe talks about he and Lexie raising Theo as he flashes back to Theo growing up. Abe explains that's why he created this foundation in Lexie's name to help other families dealing with autism like Theo. Abe hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo on his own. Bo, Cameron, Chad, Kayla, and Hope remind Abe that he won't be alone as they will always be there for he and Theo.

Sami and EJ talk about how Lexie thought Sami and EJ could make each other happy and how that's obviously not true. Sami talks about how she knows Lexie believed he could change and suggests this could be his moment since Stefano's dead so he doesn't have to follow in his footsteps or impress him. EJ doesn't think it's that easy to change course. Sami compares it to Lexie getting out from Stefano's influence and believing EJ could do the same thing unless he doesn't want to. EJ stops the conversation before their truce ends. Sami thinks he should think about it for the kids and then walks away.

Abigail, Cameron, Gabi, and Chad sit together. Abigail wonders if Melanie knows about Lexie since they worked together. Chad says he left a ton of messages and figured she'd have to call him after that but hasn't heard anything. Abigail calls it strange for Melanie. Gabi tells Chad that he has them in the meantime.

Abe finishes a phone call with Brandon and tells Bo how he couldn't make it to the funeral. Abe brings up Zack and knows Bo and Hope must be thinking about him a lot today. Abe brings up Lexie never getting over the guilt of trying to keep Zack. Bo says they forgave her a long time ago. Hope tells Abe that friends always find their way back to each other and they are family as Abe hugs them.

Celeste approaches EJ and asks how he is doing. EJ asks if she really cares. Celeste sits with him and reminds him that Lexie wanted them all to try and get along for Theo. EJ brings up Celeste's supposed sixth sense and asks her if they are ever going to catch the person who murdered Stefano. Celeste tells him that whatever happened that night will eventually come out and then she asks if that's what he really wants.

Nicole thanks Daniel for dinner. He offers to walk her to her car but she tells him that he doesn't have to. Nicole tells him that gentle kisses and holding hands aren't for people like them. Nicole says she'll see him around. Daniel tells her to take care as they head their separate ways.

EJ asks Celeste why he wouldn't want Stefano's killer brought to justice. Celeste says she was asking herself that too. EJ says he knows what she's thinking and tells her that he did not kill Stefano. Celeste believes him as something tells her that he is speaking the truth. Celeste apologizes if she upset him and then steps away.

Abe calls for everyone's attention and speaks at the podium about how this gathering was Lexie's idea. Abe says Lexie made him promise that their would be dancing since that's what she wants. John and Marlena start to dance. Gabi asks Chad if he wants to dance with her since Melanie is not there. Chad agrees to and they start dancing along with Cameron and Abigal. Kayla asks Abe to dance but he doesn't think it's a good idea. Kayla reminds him that Lexie wanted everyone to dance so they dance alongside Jack and Jennifer and Bo and Hope. Johnny pulls Sami over to EJ and asks why they aren't dancing together. Sami doesn't think that's a good idea but Johnny reminds them that Lexie wanted everyone to dance so EJ and Sami agree to dance together. Abe tells Kayla that Lexie got what she wanted. Kayla thinks Lexie is looking down on all of them right now and Abe agrees. Hope calls everyone's attention for a toast. Hope says if a woman is lucky, she gets to have a friend like Lexie that always listens without ever judging and understands when you just have to vent about life then reminds you of the importance of forgiveness. Hope talks about Lexie still reminding them to cherish the ones they love even while going through the worst time of her life. Hope says she was lucky and blessed to have Lexie as a friend as she raises a toast to Lexie, saying she will never forget her.

Nicole walks through the town square and looks down at her phone at Daniel's number then wonders if she's stupid. She turns around as Daniel returns and kisses her.

Marlena stands at the podium to share a memory of Lexie and recalls seeing a Shakespeare act in Chicago together. Marlena reads a Shakespeare quote over a montage of moments from Lexie's life. She finishes by saying goodnight to the photo of Lexie.

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