Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/28/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe gets prepared to go to Lexie's memorial. John and Marlena arrive and get ready to go with him as they wish they could do more. Abe doesn't know how to do this as he is not ready to say goodbye.

Brady storms into Ian's office and says he's going to kill him because he knows what he did. Ian tells him to be more specific. Brady grabs him and accuses him of setting him up. Ian questions how he's feeling. Brady accuses him of slipping him drugs. Ian calls it absurd. Ian tells him to calm down but Brady refuses to go anywhere until Ian admits what he's done.

Rafe and Spencer go over the files at the station. Roman joins them and informs them that he's got an old friend working on getting them the warrant to search EJ's apartment. Rafe is glad and says they are finally getting somewhere as it could be the proof they need that EJ killed Stefano.

Nicole finds a box of bullets in a drawer in EJ's kitchen. EJ returns so she hides it behind her back as EJ questions what she's doing up instead of resting. Nicole claims she was just thirsty but EJ thinks she's hiding something and questions the way she's acting.

John tells Abe to take things one day at a time. Abe sits with them and talks about Lexie. Abe recalls staying up the night before and wishing Lexie would join him. Abe talks about not having enough time with Lexie. He cries that he doesn't remember his life before Lexie and doesn't remember who he is without her.

Nicole tells EJ that she just got jittery after fainting. EJ tells her that he brought dessert from the Pub. EJ goes to the kitchen to get some silverware as Nicole sits down and hides the box of bullets in her purse.

Ian threatens to call security on Brady. Brady thinks Ian couldn't stand to see them happy and says he's figured him out. Ian questions if Brady is high. Brady wonders how Ian got the drugs in his system. Ian says he thinks Brady is suffering from paranoia. Brady asks why he did it and if it was because he stole his wife. Ian claims he gave Madison to him. Brady says he sure came after him. Ian tells him that he's wrong and says he couldn't be happier.

Rafe talks with Roman about hoping they get the warrant. Spencer talks about the various suspects. Spencer brings up Stefano trying to blow everybody up. Spencer reminds Rafe that just because he wants EJ to be guilty doesn't mean that he is.

John and Marlena gather some of Lexie's favorite flowers from the garden to take to her memorial. John wants to go back in and check on Abe but Marlena suggests they give him some space. John hates seeing Abe like this and says he can't remember the last time he had seen him cry. Marlena tells him it's important for Abe. John recalls the time he thought he lost Marlena. Marlena tells him that they always find their way back together.

EJ sits with Nicole as she eats dessert. She shares some with EJ and then asks him about what he's going to do after inheriting the DiMera Mansion. EJ says he's keeping the apartment because the kids are across the hall. EJ jokes with Nicole about her past pregnancy food cravings. Nicole says she wouldn't forget a second of that pregnancy because memories are all she has. Nicole starts to feel the baby kicking and lets EJ feel as they get excited.

Brady tells Ian that he's going to bring him down. Ian questions what proof he has. Brady tells him that he took a drug test that came back positive. Ian claims it proves Brady has no willpower and fell off the wagon. Brady tells him that he hasn't touched a drug in years but Ian blows him off as being high. Brady continues to accuse him of setting him up. Ian mocks the idea of admitting it. Brady warns Ian that he will be the one who laughs last. Ian suggests he stay away from drugs.

Rafe asks Spencer if he thinks he's not being objective. Roman interrupts and tells them to stop before they say anything they regret. Roman agrees that EJ looks suspicious but they have a board full of suspects. Rafe thinks they know it's EJ but Roman reminds him that they have to remain unbiased. Spencer reveals that he's been following up on the other suspects while they went after EJ. Spencer brings up a rumor of Marlena putting Stefano in a coma a few years ago and that Marlena shot Stefano in the past. Spencer thinks there's a pattern of Marlena and Stefano going after each other and suggests that it could be history repeating itself.

John gives Marlena a rose in the garden. Marlena can't believe Lexie is gone. John assures her that Lexie isn't gone but is all around them. Marlena agrees as John tells her that he's always right ever since he married her which was the rightest thing he's ever done. John tells her that he loves her and she says the same as they kiss.

Kayla goes to Abe's and asks how he's doing. Abe says he's had better days but is getting through. Abe tells her that John and Marlena are getting flowers. Kayla gives Abe an envelope which she calls a present from Lexie.

EJ and Nicole talk about the baby kicking. Nicole never thought she'd feel this again and says she often wonders what would've been if their baby had survived. EJ brings up Nicole lying about the miscarriage but she doesn't want to go there since they were getting along. EJ corrects her that they are not getting along because she's lying to him again and he's not going to stand for it anymore. EJ talks about Nicole trying to give him a child and trying to take one away from him. Nicole gets upset and wants to leave but EJ stops her. Nicole insists that she's fine and has now lost her appetite. EJ tells her to wait and apologizes. EJ says he's not angry about what happened anymore as he forgave her. Nicole questions why he brought it up. EJ feels like they are back in the same place. EJ calls this a second chance to have the family they wanted. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her and says they can have that family. Nicole hugs him as he kisses her on the cheek. Nicole remains adamant and tells EJ that she told him the truth over and over but he just doesn't want to hear it. Nicole then turns and exits.

John and Marlena return as Kayla tells Abe that it's something Lexie wanted her to give him on the day of her funeral. John and Marlena offer to give him some privacy but Abe asks them to stay as he doesn't think he can face this alone. Abe opens the envelope and inside is a DVD which he puts in the TV. It shows Lexie talking in the garden about how she made videos for Theo and wanted to make one for Abe too. Lexie says she knows the day is going to be hard for Abe so she won't ask him not to be sad but she wants him not to dwell on what they've lost and instead to remember all that they shared. Lexie recalls their wedding day as the happiest day of her life since she got to marry him. Lexie says they had 23 years together and they were all worthwhile. Lexie says they loved every minute of their life together and says the day they had Theo was when their lives became complete. Lexie says Theo will grow up to be like Abe. Lexie says she wants Abe to think about all the gifts they have been given and celebrate the love they shared. Lexie finishes the video saying that she doesn't regret a single second of her life since she got to spend it with Abe and someday they will be together again. Abe cries out that he loves Lexie.

Ian tells Brady that he thinks he's in denial about his actions. Brady tells him not to put him on him since he did it to him. Ian offers to help him by booking him in an out of town rehab facility. Brady laughs it off and figures Ian would love that since he'd be the hero and could have Madison. Ian tells him that he already had Madison and doesn't want her anymore. Ian asks if he wants his help. Brady thinks Ian just wants to get rid of him but assures him that he's not going anywhere.

EJ goes to Abe's and asks if he's ready for the service. Abe says he had something to ask EJ first. Kayla remarks to Marlena and John that she knows EJ is Lexie's brother but she doesn't trust him. Abe asks EJ to be the pallbearer and he says he would be honored. Abe reminds EJ that Lexie loved him. EJ states that Lexie always saw the best of him through all his faults. EJ tells Abe that they are family and so will look out for one another. Abe adds that he couldn't agree more.

Roman finishes a phone call with his contact and informs Rafe that he couldn't get the search warrant. Rafe states that without the warrant, they won't get EJ so they need it. Nicole arrives and tells Rafe that he doesn't need a warrant because he's got her and she has a surprise for him. Rafe reminds her that he told her not to get involved since this is an official murder investigation so they can't have people breaking in and stealing evidence. Nicole informs him that EJ invited her in so she didn't break in. Rafe questions if she stole something. Nicole says she might have since she found something to link EJ to Stefano's murder. Roman thinks they could have found it when they got the warrant. Nicole says they were never going to get the warrant with EJ's people. Nicole asks if they want what she found but Roman says they can't use it in court without the warrant. Nicole decides to leave but Rafe stops her. Roman reminds him that they can't use it. Rafe thinks Nicole is right that they will never get the warrant so they might as well look at what she got. Roman reluctantly agrees so Nicole reveals that she searched everything and found a box of bullets. Nicole asks what they think.

Ian questions what happened to Brady since he was so collected when he met him and now he's a mess. Brady tells him to stop and not put it on him since it's all his fault. Ian says they both know the truth that Brady can't handle the pressure of being with a woman out of his league. Brady assures him that Madison loves him. Ian questions if she will still love him with his addiction. Brady grabs the office phone off his desk and throws it across the room. Brady tells Ian that he's keeping Madison no matter what he does.

Rafe examines the box of bullets as Roman tells Nicole that they appreciate her effort but it's not really evidence since a lot of people have guns. Nicole recalls living with EJ and knows he wouldn't leave bullets around especially since when he wanted someone dead, he hired others. Rafe asks Nicole for a moment alone with Roman so she exits the room. Rafe tells Roman that they can't dismiss that EJ has a box of bullets that matches the murder weapon since a bullet is missing. Roman reminds him that the gun was Abe's and only fired once so he doesn't think it makes sense. Roman declares they have nothing here. Rafe thinks they at least have some interesting questions like why EJ has a box of bullets that fit the murder weapon and why was he hiding them.

Brady throws things in Ian's office and then sits down. Ian asks if he feels better which he says he does. Ian asks if he needs to get an ambulance. Brady tells him he's fine. Ian says he hates to leave him like this but he has a meeting to go to. Brady assures him he will let himself out. Ian stops before leaving and tells him that he will be billing him for all the damage. Brady grabs him and says he knows what he did and he's going to prove it. Ian wishes him luck and then exits as Brady slams the door behind him.

Kayla, EJ, John, Marlena, and Abe leave for Lexie's memorial. Abe stops and realizes he forgot his keys so he heads back in to get them. Abe looks at a family photo and says he misses Lexie and feels like half his heart is missing. Abe says he's going to keep the promise he made to Lexie to make her proud. Abe says he loves Lexie and then exits the house.

Nicole goes back in and asks Rafe and Roman if that closes the case. Rafe tells her that they can't do much since the bullets came to them illegally. Nicole thinks it proves EJ. Roman says they have nothing but Rafe thinks they have a link and need to figure out what it is. Nicole asks Rafe if he believes EJ is guilty. Rafe declares that he knows EJ is hiding something and is not going to stop until he finds out what it is.

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