Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie remains locked up in Andrew's basement. He comes in wearing his mask. Melanie wants to know what he wants. He tells her to sit down. Melanie offers to give him money and demands to know what he wants.

Gabi joins Chad at the Pub. Chad talks about not getting any response from Melanie. Chad questions Melanie not talking to Gabi either. Gabi suggests she needs a break from everyone. Chad refuses to give up and wants to call Melanie's mom Carly but Gabi asks him not to.

Rafe looks at the list of suspects at the station as Carrie arrives wanting to talk about the case. Rafe sits with her and explains that Roman and Spencer won't be joining them so it's just going to be them two unless it's a problem.

Ian talks with Kate in their office. Ian offers to do the work and let Kate go home but she declines. Kate talks with Ian about her relationship with Lexie. Ian offers to come with her to Lexie's memorial but Kate doesn't think it's a good idea. Ian insists that he can handle it but Kate doesn't want to make a scene. Ian remarks that she better hope Brady doesn't show up high then. Kate calls it an odd thing to say and doesn't understand why Ian cares so much.

Brady goes to Madison's room after finishing a run and starts drinking his protein shake. Brady is hyped up and says he's never felt better as he then starts doing pushups.

Nicole thanks EJ for letting her in as EJ wants to know what she's doing there. Nicole states that she came because she wanted to apologize. EJ asks if she's going to admit her child is his because an apology isn't nearly enough.

Carrie tells Rafe it's no problem since they need to work together. Carrie asks what she's here for if Will is not involved. Rafe informs her that he needs her help.

Gabi takes Chad's phone from him and tells him that he would come off crazy if he called Melanie's mother. Chad agrees and says he just wants to talk to her. Gabi says she knows he thinks he should be apologizing to Melanie but Gabi thinks she should be apologizing to him.

Andrew gives Melanie a bag of food but she refuses to eat until he tells her what he wants.

Nicole tells EJ how she's sorry for everything that he's going through. EJ thinks she's lying and hiding something so he asks why she really came over.

Madison apologizes to Brady for the way she treated him before.

Andrew watches Melanie from outside the door as she starts eating.

Chad tells Gabi that he can't give up on Melanie because everyone he loved is gone. Gabi tells him that she is there and not going anywhere. Chad tells her that he appreciates it but it's just not the same.

Kate asks Ian if there's something she should know about Brady. Ian is frustrated about the way he's handling business and he hates to lose money. Ian regrets the partnership with Brady. Kate calls Brady's behavior bizarre. Ian assumes Brady is back on drugs again. Kate talks about things going well for Brady and mentions his engagement to Madison which causes her to realize that Ian is doing this to Brady.

Brady does more pushups as Madison remarks how energetic he is today. Brady wants to shower but Madison says she has to work. Brady wants to go do something and says they will have fun later and do something crazy. Madison reminds him that Lexie's memorial is today. Brady says they can do something fun after which makes Madison question what's wrong with him.

Nicole tells EJ that there's no hidden agenda and apologizes. EJ accepts her apology and says she's finished unless she's going to tell him that her child is his. Nicole says she can't tell him that because it's not true. Nicole wants a truce but he won't let her. Nicole admits she felt terrible for jumping to the wrong conclusion when she heard he was talking to the hospital board. Nicole realizes how difficult it must be for him to go through everything alone. Nicole wants to put their differences aside for today and try to be civil. Nicole wonders if she's crazy for thinking that's possible.

Madison tells Brady that Lexie's memorial service is today so that's not fun. Brady says they will be sad today and then have fun on the weekend. Madison asks about the results on his drug test. Brady says he hadn't forgot and wanted to wait to open them with her. Brady gets the envelope and lets her open it. Brady talks about they can put it all behind them as Madison opens it and looks upset.

Carrie agrees to help Rafe. Rafe tells her that what he tells her has to stay in this room. Rafe informs her that they are going after EJ. Carrie says it makes sense since he had motive. Rafe talks about how they were turned down for a warrant. Carrie asks what he needs from her. Rafe wants her advice as he needs to convince the judge to give them the search warrant. Rafe asks if she has any ideas. Carrie reminds him that he's a former FBI agent and worked with the ISA while she's just a defense lawyer so he doesn't need her for this. Rafe says he trusts her opinion. Carrie doesn't think that's why she's here and he doesn't need her advice. Rafe admits it's not why he asked her to come. Carrie asks what's really going on. Rafe admits that he just wanted to see her.

Chad tells Gabi that he's sorry if he hurt her feelings as he misses Melanie and knowing he has to go through Lexie's memorial without her will only hurt more. Gabi reminds him that he has a lot of people who love him that will all help him through it. Gabi tells Chad that she will call him and suggests he not think too much about Melanie.

Melanie tells Andrew that she doesn't want to be alone and asks him to stay with her. Melanie says that he has to let her go eventually.

EJ and Nicole argue until Nicole suddenly gets a pain and collapses. EJ runs to her and holds her up. EJ lays Nicole on the couch and starts to call 911 but Nicole wakes up. Nicole thinks she just got dizzy but EJ insists on taking her to the emergency room. Nicole thinks she just needs to eat and calls it morning sickness. EJ offers to go get her any food so he exits to go get it. Nicole quickly gets up and begins searching through EJ's drawers.

Madison yells at Brady asking how he could do this as the drug test results came back positive. Madison shouts that Brady lied to her and is back on drugs.

Carrie tells Rafe that she thought they agreed to keep things professional. Rafe tells her that he did have a reason to see her and is glad he had a reason but does need her advice since he needs to change the judge's mind. Carrie suggests finding more evidence and motive before repositioning the judge. Carrie also says Rafe could accuse the judge of giving EJ special treatment. Rafe thanks her. Carrie decides she should go. Rafe apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable but admits he misses her.

EJ goes to the Pub and sits at the counter as Chad walks by. EJ tells him that he should've been the one to call him about Lexie. Chad understands he was upset. EJ asks if he's ready for today. Chad can't believe their father and sister are gone while he barely knew them. EJ tells him it's not his fault as he just found out he was a DiMera. Chad blames himself for cutting them off and thinking he was better. EJ tells him that he didn't know but Chad says he should've known not to take them for granted because now he will never get that time back.

Andrew ties Melanie to the bed and says he has no choice after she tried to escape. Andrew says he can't risk it as he's expecting company and ties a cloth around her mouth then steps out of the room. Gabi comes downstairs and asks what he's doing in the basement as Melanie tries to free herself. Andrew tells Gabi that he was just working in his dark room. Andrew assumes Gabi can't get Chad to fall in love with her so she needs his help again.

Nicole continues searching through EJ's apartment and checks behind the couch cushions. She looks through more drawers but doesn't find anything. Nicole wonders aloud what EJ is hiding.

EJ advises Chad not to spend the day beating himself up and should remember the time he did have with them. Chad says he hardly has any time to remember and never will as his family is gone. EJ tells Chad that he is his family and his brother. Chad holds back tears as he says he's learned never to take the people he loves for granted. Chad promises to be a better brother from now on as EJ hugs him and hopes to bring justice to the DiMera name.

Kate asks Ian if he's slipping Brady drugs. Ian calls it absurd and claims he'd be hurting himself and his company. Kate thinks he's doing it to go after Madison. Ian claims he's happily divorcing her and moved on to Kate. Kate says that doesn't mean he wants Madison to be with anyone else. Ian says they can be happy together but he doesn't want Brady to ruin his company. Ian doesn't know how long things will last if Brady keeps up. Kate remarks it will be as long as Ian allows it.

Brady thinks there must be a joke as he hasn't touched drugs in years. Madison yells at him and they argue as Brady says he didn't do it. Brady offers to take more drug tests as Madison accuses him of being high right now which offends him. Brady says he hasn't done drugs in years. Madison asks if he's high and he admits that he thinks he is.

Rafe apologizes to Carrie for putting her in a position that makes things harder for her. Rafe says he shouldn't have done that and agrees that she should go. Carrie holds back tears as she looks back at him and says she doesn't want to go.

Melanie continues trying to free her hands. Gabi asks Andrew to be her stalker again but not today since it's Lexie's memorial and doesn't want any more rats. Andrew questions being insensitive and agrees to get on it. Gabi doesn't want to know what he plans so she can be surprised. Gabi asks him to come up with something because she needs Chad to fall in love with her before Melanie gets back. Andrew remarks that she will have all the time in the world but Gabi doesn't think she will be that lucky. Gabi says she will call him as she exits.

Chad tells EJ that he's ready to be a better brother but still doesn't want to be a part of the family business. EJ suggests he could change his mind after realizing what being a DiMera means. Chad says he's not like EJ. EJ suggests Chad eat something as he then exits the Pub with food for Nicole.

Nicole continues searching every drawer in EJ's kitchen until she comes across something.

Carrie sits with Rafe and tells him that everything he is feeling, she is feeling too. Carrie says she's trying to look forward and not back but she doesn't want to as she can't stop thinking about him and what could've been. Rafe tells her that he can't stop wondering what if she hadn't gotten pregnant. Carrie says they would be together right now. Rafe decides they shouldn't be talking about this but Carrie wonders why not since it's the truth.

Ian tells Kate that she can suspect him all she wants but calls Brady a junkie that doesn't need his help to ruin his life. Kate brings up Brady being clean for years. Ian declares he's done talking about it as he is not responsible for his actions. Kate decides she is going to Lexie's memorial and tells him that she will be just fine on her own.

Madison questions how Brady could do this. Brady swears he doesn't know. Madison accuses him of being in denial. Brady thinks someone slipped him something but Madison doesn't believe him. Brady realizes what happened and storms out of her room as she calls after him to stop.

Rafe and Carrie get close and almost kiss but Rafe says they can't do this. Carrie agrees that she should go.

Gabi returns to the Pub as Chad says that was fast. Gabi assumes he's still thinking about Melanie. Gabi tells him they should get going and ready for Lexie's memorial. Chad thanks her for everything and says it means a lot to him. Gabi tells him that she's there no matter what he needs as they walk out together.

Andrew goes back in to Melanie as she remains tied up. He tells her that she's not a good listener as he unties the cloth from her mouth. Andrew tells her that he thought he could trust her. She says he can but she was just tied really tight. Andrew lets her go so she knocks him out and makes a run for it.

Brady storms into Ian's office and says he's going to kill him because he knows what he did.

Nicole finds a box of bullets in a kitchen drawer as EJ then returns and questions what Nicole thinks she is doing.

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