Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami questions Will about what EJ is up to now. Will tells her he can handle it. Sami assumes he's forcing him to work for him again. Lucas asks Sonny to give them some time with Will so Sonny leaves. Sami tries to argue against Will working for EJ. Lucas warns Will that associating with the DiMeras is bad news.

Rafe arrives at the Pub and finds Nicole seated there. Rafe says he's glad he ran into her and wants an explanation on who switched the DNA test results. Nicole thinks he's better off not knowing. Rafe points out that if EJ finds out then he could go after him, Nicole, or Daniel. Nicole apologizes and says she couldn't let EJ find out the truth. Rafe says he doesn't want EJ to find out and offers to do anything to help her. Rafe brings up that EJ will want another DNA Test. Nicole says she will deal with it if that happens. Rafe says they will deal with it together. Nicole says EJ has no claim on her baby as EJ arrives and says at least he doesn't now.

Will tells Sami and Lucas to be grateful that EJ bailed him out of jail. Lucas thinks EJ just has an agenda. Sami wants to know what EJ expects in return. Will says he just wants him to work for him. Lucas questions EJ paying him for it. Sami warns Will to get out while he still can. Will tells them that they know he can't. Sami asks Will if he's still holding the shooting over his head. Sami says she isn't surprised and thinks EJ will use it against him for the rest of his life. Lucas wants to do something about it but Will tells them that it's his life and he will handle it.

EJ apologizes for interrupting but says he overheard their conversation about him. EJ senses stress and tells Nicole that it's not good for the baby. Nicole tells EJ that his name stresses her and it makes Rafe concerned about EJ's threats and demands. Nicole tells EJ that now that the DNA test is over, he has no claim on her baby. Nicole goes to order food. EJ sits with Rafe and comments that he thinks he touched a nerve. EJ tells Rafe that he's glad he bumped into him so they could have a conversation about Stefano's murder. Rafe brings up EJ kicking him out of his house before. EJ wants to know if there's any new evidence or suspects. Rafe tells him he can't discuss that as EJ is still a suspect. Rafe tells EJ that if he dismisses him then everyone will know he's hiding something. EJ thinks everyone already knows the close ties that Rafe and Roman have with the suspects. Agent Spencer arrives and is surprised to see EJ with Rafe. Spencer questions if EJ changed his mind about cooperating and if he's ready to tell them everything he knows.

Lucas tells Will that they have more experience with EJ than he does. Will sits with them as Lucas explains that EJ will eventually run out of use for him and then tell everyone about how he shot him. Will wants to take his chances. Will compares it to any other job. Will thinks this job will help on his resume. Lucas wants him to think about school instead of work. Will feels he had no choice but to grow up quick. Sami takes it as an insult and says she deserves it. Sami says she knows it's a rough time for Will as he got outed in the paper and is being forced to work for EJ. Sami wants him to let them help but Will says he is handling it on his own and knows how to handle EJ. Will gets up but Lucas says they aren't finished. Will tells them not to worry about him as he walks away. Sami tells Lucas that they have to do something to help him.

EJ tells Spencer that he hoped he would bring a breath of fresh air to the case but he's disappointed that he's following the Salem PD down the same tired road that leads to him being a suspect. Spencer brings up EJ's fingerprints being on the murder weapon. Spencer says they could've eliminated him as a suspect if he cooperated. EJ tells them that flimsy circumstantial evidence won't convict him as he loved Stefano very much. EJ reminds them that he's the mayor so if they use slander against him then he will make them pay. EJ warns them to think hard before making any decisions. EJ declares the conversation over and exits the Pub. Nicole follows EJ out of the Pub and asks him to wait. EJ asks what she wants. Nicole says there is something that she needs to tell him. Nicole tells him how sorry she is to hear about Lexie's death since she knows how much he loved her and can't imagine how difficult it must be for him. EJ thanks her and says it means a lot to hear her say that. EJ hopes Nicole would understand what he's doing in the circumstances. EJ says he just lost two members of his family so he's quite determined not to lose her child as well. Nicole reminds him of the DNA test but EJ doesn't care and says it's his child. EJ gets a phone call from the hospital which Nicole questions. EJ wonders why she's concerned about it.

Spencer tells Rafe that they turned up the pressure but EJ won't slip. Spencer thinks EJ won't cooperate until they get evidence against him. They talk about the other suspects and having a lot of work to do there too. Rafe says they all have motive and fingerprints but none tested positive on the gunshot residue test. Spencer thinks they could've used gloves. Rafe thinks it's still EJ but is trying not to be biased. Rafe brings up the history of EJ doing despicable things and the bad blood between EJ and Stefano due to the will. Spencer calls it means, motive, and opportunity. Rafe thinks EJ is the only suspect that is capable of murder.

Will sits in the town square alone as Sonny returns to check on him and make sure he's okay. Will thanks him as Sonny asks what happened with his parents. Will says they were just arguing about working for EJ and not thinking he could handle him. Sonny suggests that they could be right.

Lucas and Sami walk together as Sami wants to find EJ and give him a piece of her mind but Lucas advises her not to. Lucas warns her that EJ will push back harder if she pushes him. Lucas tells her to forget it and they will talk to Will to figure something out. Sami tells Lucas that she understands. Lucas kisses her and tells her to be good as he will then see her at home. Lucas says they will talk about it at home because whatever they do, they do together. Lucas then walks off. Sami pulls out her phone and makes a call, canceling all her meetings.

EJ asks Nicole why she's so concerned about him talking to the hospital administrator and asks if she's worried about Daniel. Nicole thinks he could cause trouble for Daniel and Rafe. EJ informs her that he was calling to discuss making a contribution to Lexie's memorial. Nicole calls it a wonderful thing to do and knows Lexie, Abe, and Theo would be happy about that. EJ calls his family precious to him. Nicole says she knows. EJ tells her that she should know that there's nothing she can do to keep him from her child.

Rafe thinks EJ's reluctance to be questioned is evidence against him. Rafe brings up everything they have against EJ. Spencer doesn't think it makes EJ more of a suspect than anyone else. Rafe brings up that EJ has another residence aside from the mansion and that's the apartment across from Sami's. Rafe is surprised he didnt' think of that and decides that's the place they need to search

EJ returns to his apartment and Sami then arrives. Sami calls EJ a psychopath and accuses him of blackmailing Will about the shooting. Sami tells him enough is enough and asks him to leave Will alone.

Will tells Sonny not to worry about him since his parents are making more out of it than it is. Sonny isn't sure and reminds him what EJ has done to his family. Will explains that he's doing this to even the playing field so he can be free. Sonny wants him to be careful and doesn't want anything to happen to him.

EJ tells Sami he thought they were getting along and Sami thought so too. EJ says he was trying to do Will a favor by bailing him out. Sami says she and Lucas would have bailed him out. Sami talks about thinking EJ did something kind at first when he bailed Will out. EJ tells her that his concern for Will is genuine. Sami questions EJ forcing him to work for him. EJ shouts back that Will likes working for him and says so all the time. Sami yells about Will coming out of the closet and having bigger issues to deal with. EJ snaps back that he just lost his sister and his father and tells Sami to think about that before she starts digging her claws into him. EJ accuses her of not taking a second to think about that. EJ calls losing Lexie devastating. EJ says he doesn't care what people thought about Stefano as he was still his father. EJ tells Sami that she is not the only person who is suffering. Sami says she knows how much he cared about Lexie and how important she was to him so she can only imagine how he must be feeling. EJ questions Sami coming over to make him feel worse. Sami says she is really sorry for his loss.

Will thanks Sonny but says he has to go do some stuff for EJ. Will asks Sonny if he wants to go see a movie after. Sonny agrees and Will starts to leave but Lucas arrives and wants to talk to Will. Will tells Lucas that he's got to go but he shouldn't worry. Lucas says it's his job to worry as his dad. Will says they will talk later but Lucas says that's not what he had in mind. Will rushes off as Lucas asks Sonny if Will talked to him about it. Sonny says Will just said he's on top of it. Lucas brings up Will having a lot to deal with. Sonny talks about being glad he didn't have anything like this when he came out. Sonny talks to Lucas about coming out to Victor and how it was weird at first but now they are closer than ever. Lucas asks Sonny if he has any advice on how he can make things easier for Will. Sonny mentions that Will said Lucas has been very supportive so Sonny suggests that Lucas continue loving and supporting him and to let him know that nothing has changed.

Spencer tells Rafe that they need to find more evidence linking EJ to the crime. Spencer says they will get the ball rolling and goes to make some calls. Rafe goes back to sit with Nicole and asks if EJ is still not buying the DNA test results. Nicole tells him that EJ is more determined than ever to prove the baby is his. Nicole talks about how Lexie's death has made EJ feel like all he has left is his children and since Sami has custody of Johnny and Sydney, that just leaves her baby. Nicole tells him that EJ vowed not to back down and to claim her baby.

EJ tells Sami that Lexie gave him so much and asked so little in return. EJ brings up that one thing she asked was that he make sure that Theo stays in contact with Johnny and Sydney. Sami is ok with that. EJ thanks her and wants to talk about Will. EJ explains that Will is an adult and capable of making his own choices. Sami doesn't think it's a choice since he's forcing him to work for him. EJ says he's the mayor and runs DiMera Enterprises. EJ claims it's not a nefarious organization which Sami doesn't believe. EJ tells Sami that he could get him a job with Countess Wilhelmina instead. Sami likes the idea of Will working for her but EJ instead suggests that he could make it to where Sami would be working for Will. Sami yells at EJ that he said she could run Countess Wilhelmina. EJ says he can change his mind. EJ brings up Sami thinking she can run a company and talks about Will being capable. Sami calls EJ the worst influence that Will could have. EJ suggests Sami let Will work for him if she wants to keep her job. Sami yells at EJ that she hates him. She dares him to underestimate her as she then exits.

Sonny tells Lucas that Will is tough and been through a lot lately that has made him stronger. Lucas thinks Sonny had a lot to do with it since he was in his corner and kept things from getting worse. Lucas states that he's grateful that Sonny is in Will's life. Sonny says he is too and would do anything for Will. That makes Lucas think that Sonny has feelings for Will as more than a friend.

Rafe tells Nicole that EJ might not be in the picture by the time her baby is born since he's still a suspect in Stefano's murder and if prosecuted, he could go to jail. Nicole doesn't want to believe that EJ would shoot his own father but she does know that they weren't on the best of terms. Spencer returns to the Pub so Rafe gets up to talk with him. Spencer talks to Rafe about getting a warrant to search EJ's apartment. Nicole interrupts and introduces herself to Spencer as EJ's wife and adds that she's happy to help in the investigation in any way she can. Nicole tells him that he doesn't need a warrant as she can do that for him which surprises Rafe.

Will goes to EJ's with documents that he asked for. EJ tells him that Sami stopped by to read him the riot act about his employment. EJ thinks he's too old to be running to Sami whenever he has a problem. Will swears that he didn't do that. EJ reminds him that he is the reason he is not in jail and would appreciate a bit more loyalty in return.

Sonny tells Lucas that he and Will have become really good friends. Lucas doesn't mean to make him feel uncomfortable but has the feeling that Sonny wants to be more than friends with Will. Sonny can't believe he's saying this but admits that he has feelings for Will that go beyond friendship. Lucas thanks him for being honest. Sonny doesn't think Will is ready for those feelings yet as he's still figuring himself out. Sonny thinks Will needs to feel comfortable with who he is before he can fall in love with someone so he thinks being friends is the best option. Lucas is glad and thinks that means Sonny feels Will is worth waiting for so he approves. Sonny thanks him but doesn't know if Will feels the same way about him so he'll have to wait and see. Lucas says time will tell. Sonny asks Lucas not to tell him what he said. Lucas assures him that his secret is safe with him. Sonny doesn't want Will to feel any more pressure right now.

Will swears to EJ that he didn't tell Sami but she and Lucas overheard him talking to Sonny and figured things out. EJ tells Will the old expression of loose lips sink ships. Will says he didn't have to say much since they already knew he blackmailed him a couple months ago. EJ reminds him that he's captain of the ship so Will is either with him or against him.

Spencer thanks Nicole for her offer but says they do need a warrant since it's a high profile case and that they need to do everything by the book. Spencer heads off to go back to the station. Nicole asks Rafe why she can't help and thinks it could be her way of paying Rafe back for all the help he gave her. Rafe says he knows her intent and how they want to put EJ behind bars but they have to play by the rules.

Lucas finds Sami walking through the town square and questions what she's doing back there. Lucas thought she had a meeting and figures out that she went to see EJ. Sami tells him that he had to and told him to leave Will alone.

Will tells EJ that they both know his family has a problem with him working for EJ but he doesn't care so EJ shouldn't care. Will admits that the position was more enjoyable when he had perks but he can't beat the on the job training. Will says he's learned a lot from EJ and how to use information to his advantage which he isn't taught at Salem U. EJ tells Will that the first day that he tried to blackmail him for sleeping with Sami he was very wet behind the ears but he now sees that Will has come a long way. Will thanks him and says he wanted to ask him something about Sami. Will asks EJ what he sees in Sami. Will says EJ is a smart guy so he wonders how he ended up with Sami of all people. EJ tells Will that in life, everybody makes mistakes including him. EJ says that's enough of the past and sends Will on more errands. Will then exits as EJ looks at a photo of Sami with the kids.

Lucas tells Sami that he thought they had an agreement. Sami says he was just telling her what to do. Lucas questions what Sami thought she would accomplish. Sami admits she accomplished nothing and that it was totally pointless. Lucas wonders when she's going to stop banging her head against the wall with EJ. Lucas tells her to back off from EJ because no good can come from it so she needs to stay away from him.

Spencer finishes a call outside the Pub as Rafe follows him out. They talk about searching EJ's apartment. Spencer figures they won't find anything but Rafe thinks it's worth a shot and says they need to find a way to get a warrant.

EJ sits at his apartment as Nicole arrives. EJ calls her the last person he expected to see. Nicole asks if she can come in so EJ invites her in.

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