Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits at the Pub watching Ciara. Bo arrives and greets them. Hope tells Bo about how Ciara wanted to listen to James Brown who was Lexie's favorite. They think about how Abe must be feeling now. Hope looks over at Ciara and says they are very blessed. Bo calls it their responsibility to make the most of every second with the one they love.

Lucas wakes Sami up at home with a rose. Lucas surprised her with brunch and praises her for taking care of her job and her kids. Lucas talks about everything Sami is doing and how she stayed with Will at the station, worked on their ad campaign, and made sure the kids got their homework done. Sami asks why he's being so nice. He tells her it's because he loves her.

Will picks up the paper that dropped out of EJ's jacket at the mansion and prepares to read it but EJ storms back into the room and asks what he's doing before taking it from him. Will apologizes and says he was just cleaning up. EJ tells him not to stick his nose in other business. EJ tells him to leave since his work is done. Will looks back at EJ before then leaving.

Lucas talks with Sami about cooking while he was in Hong Kong. Sami asks if he's really being nice or just preparing her for bad news. Lucas assures her that he's just being nice. Lucas says he's figured out there's no one like her. Sami wonders who would have ever thought that they would find their way back to each other after everything they had been through. Sami declares that she doesn't deserve him after everything she did to him.

Daniel finishes a phone call as he heads into his office at the hospital, only to find Nicole seated in his chair.

Lucas tells Sami the food is no big deal but Sami tells Lucas that she's talking about making a mess of her life again so Lucas had to come rescue her again and ended up losing his fiancee. Lucas says that wasn't meant to be and feels they'd still be married if not for Kate. Sami blames herself also and apologizes to Lucas for everything. She adds that she is sorry that two of her kids are EJ's and that EJ will always be part of his life. Sami tells Lucas to run, get out of her life and away from her because it's not a good idea for him. Lucas says he's tried but something keeps pulling him back. Sami assumes it's just the kids but Lucas tells her that it's also her. Lucas tells her that he's not listening to her. He adds that they aren't kids anymore and are all grown up. Lucas admits he's finally realized that he never stopped loving her. Sami doesn't know what she did to deserve him. Lucas says she was just being herself. Sami decides she's not that hungry and kisses Lucas. He removes his shirt as they continue kissing.

Hope and Bo watch Ciara drawing and wonder what she's making. They talk about Lexie being family. They talk about Lexie being with Zack in heaven now. Hope says Lexie was always the next person after Bo that she wanted to share news with. Hope talks about Lexie being the one that always listened and kept her going. Bo recalls Lexie helping him too. Bo declares they are not going to take for granted what they have as a way to honor Lexie. Bo calls Hope the best thing to ever happen to him and then kisses her. Hope tells him that she loves and appreciates him. Hope apologizes if she's ever taken him for granted and Bo says the same as they kiss again. Hope says she has to get going soon but their food still hadn't come. Bo talks about Kayla probably having some problems. Hope decides to go check and give her a hand but Ciara runs up and asks where she's going. Ciara hugs her as Hope says she was just going to the kitchen. Ciara asks Hope not to go because she won't know where she is.

EJ sits at home as Stefano's lawyer, Arthur enters and tells him that he's sorry about Lexie. EJ thanks him for coming on short notice. He tells EJ that he was expecting a call after Stefano's death and assumes he wants to talk about his estate. EJ gives him a copy of Stefano's will. Arthur points out that it's not the latest version since Stefano came to him several weeks ago and said he wanted to revise his will because EJ was not his biological son so he could not be his heir. Arthur adds that Stefano was adamant about no one knowing so EJ tells him that no one can know.

Will walks through the town square where people are reading the newspaper and looking at him. Will looks at a paper and reads a headline of "Will Horton in Gay Drama". Will runs into Sonny and comments that he thinks the whole town is staring at him. Sonny thinks it's good that they don't think he's a murderer. Sonny tells Will that his life can go back to normal. Will says it can as soon as he finds out how to get back in the closet and rushes off as Sonny follows after him.

Hope holds Ciara and explains that she was just going to help Kayla and Caroline. Ciara states that she was afraid she wouldn't come back like Lexie. Hope explains that Lexie was very sick. Bo adds that they are fine and not going anywhere. Hope tells Ciara that Lexie is still watching over Theo from Heaven. Bo says Theo will miss Lexie but he still has Abe and friends like Ciara who will be there for him. Ciara informs them that what she was drawing was a card for Theo. Hope hugs her and tells her they love her. Hope sends Ciara back to finish her card. Hope tells Bo that it was really tough as Bo states that they have one great kid while they watch her.

EJ tells Arthur that the problem is that he and Stefano reached an agreement after his revising. Arthur asks about the agreement. EJ says it appears that Stefano lied to them and he is actually his biological son. Arthur wonders why he said he wasn't and changed his will. EJ says it was all about control. Arthur agrees that it sounds like Stefano. Arthur brings up Stefano showing him the paperwork and saw his face when he told him that he wasn't lying about him not being his son. EJ calls it a shame that he's not there to speak for himself. Arthur declares he must go by Stefano's last instruction. EJ asks if Stefano ever signed this newest will. Arthur states that his untimely death made that impossible. Arthur asks EJ what he wants him to do. EJ informs him that his provisions of his old will are still clear and he wants Arthur to make sure they stand.

Sonny catches up to Will and sits down with him. Will says he was joking about going back into the closet as he just feels like his life would be less complicated. Will talks about being the only gay guy in the Brady and Horton families. Sonny reminds him how his family were all great at the Pub. Will thinks people are more freaked out about him being gay them him maybe shooting someone. Sonny tells Will that the only way to stop it from being a big deal is to get rid of the closet. Sonny explains that the more people know they will stop thinking it's a bad thing. Will hopes it gets easier and won't be a big deal anymore. Sonny wishes he could tell him that.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's surprised to find her behind his desk. They talk as Daniel states he may have to run at any moment. Nicole doesn't like to leave loose ends and likes to finish what she starts. Daniel says the same and they talk about how long they have known each other and not knowing this before as they then begin kissing.

Sami and Lucas talk about not having anymore drama. Sami asks if he really thinks that's possible and they can just focus on their kids and vacations. Lucas tells her to read the paper while he does the dishes for her. Sami says she could get used to that. Sami reads the paper and comes across the article on Will and shows it to Lucas.

Sonny tells Will that it does get a lot easier but it's just the way people react sometimes. Sonny explains that sometimes he'll wonder if people will talk behind his back. Will says he'd rather that than the look on Roman's face. Sonny explains how it's new to Roman and points out how Sami came around. Will thinks it was mostly EJ who talked Sami into it which surprises Sonny. Will informs Sonny that it was EJ who paid his bail and offered him his old job back. Sonny hopes Will said no to the job.

Bo reads Hope a speech he is writing about Lexie where he talks about Lexie becoming a loving wife and an affectionate daughter. Bo holds back tears as he continues about how it's unfair for Lexie to be taken so soon. Bo finishes saying that the kind of love between Lexie and Abe is the kind that never dies.

Lucas tries calling Will but it goes to voicemail. He leaves a message saying they just want to make sure everything is okay with him and says to call him back when he gets the chance. Sami can't believe the paper are doing this since they are making it seem like a huge scandal. Lucas understands that they are just trying to sell papers. Sami doesn't think it's right and hope they can tell Will before he sees it. Sami continues complaining about it being on the front page. Sami admits that it makes her uncomfortable that everyone knows their son is gay.

Sonny tells Will that it's stupid to work for EJ. Will says it's not that bad but Sonny calls him a creep and asks why he's doing it. Will says EJ thinks he owes him. Sonny wonders why he cares what EJ thinks. Will doesn't know but he does care. Sonny asks Will what EJ would do if he says no. Will tells him that he doesn't want to know.

EJ and Arthur come to an agreement to use Stefano's old will and destroy the information about his paternity. Arthur says if it gets out then it won't be from him. EJ questions him saying if and reminds him who he is in this town. EJ says he's not just the mayor but is also in charge of DiMera Enterprises so he wields a lot of power. Arthur tells him that he might not be Stefano's son but he is exactly like him.

Lucas questions Sami wanting Will to be in the closet. Sami says she didn't mean it like that but hates that it happened like this and hates the thought people being hateful to him because he's gay. Lucas thinks things have changed. Lucas says Will can handle himself and has a very supportive family. They talk about Roman needing time to accept it. Sami is glad they are going through it together. Lucas wonders why Will hasn't been upfront with them about everything he's going through. Sami agrees that it's hard to be there for him when he doesn't tell them everything. Sami talks about Will not giving them his alibi and then they talk about being unable to believe he's working for EJ again. Lucas is concerned about what sick game EJ is playing with Will. Sami decides she's going to go make EJ tell what's going on if Will won't. Lucas tells her that they are going to get to the bottom of it together but she's not going anywhere near EJ.

Sonny tries to tell Will that he doesn't have to work for EJ but he tells him that he doesn't know the whole story. Sonny asks if he's threatening him and suggests going to the cops. Will tells Sonny that he's planning on getting something on EJ. Will says he thinks EJ is hiding something big and tells Sonny about the paper he almost found. Will tells Sonny that he's going to keep working for EJ to find out what it is so that he can put him away. Sonny questions Will thinking he can turn the tables on a guy like EJ. Will states that it would be justice but Sonny warns him that he would be lucky to get out alive.

Daniel and Nicole continue kissing. Daniel calls it crazy but Nicole likes it as she removes Daniel's shirt. Daniel clears off his desk and kisses her onto it.

Ciara tells Bo and Hope that she finished her card for Theo and shows it to them. Ciara shows how she drew Lexie as an angel. Bo and Hope think it will make Theo feel better. Ciara goes to put her crayons up. Bo and Hope think about Zack and talk about how he would be 12 and they miss him every day. Bo dreads going to Abe's as Hope talks about how the house will never be the same without Lexie in it. Bo says she will always be with them watching over them. Hope agrees even if they can't see them.

Arthur tells EJ that he was Stefano's attorney for many years and in all that time, he never betrayed his trust. EJ says he's concerned about his loyalty and then mistaking his last wishes. Arthur clarifies that he's now EJ's attorney and gives him his word that anything he tells him goes no further. EJ hopes he can take his secrets to the grave.

Lucas and Sami walk through the town square as Lucas calls it a nice day that beats confronting EJ at the mansion. Sami still wants to figure out what EJ is up to. Lucas says they will figure it out together.

Will tells Sonny that EJ won't kill him. Sonny doesn't want Will to give EJ anything to hold over his head. Will says it's too late for that since he has something on him already and is using it for all it's worth. Will says if he didn't then he would never go back to work for him. Sami and Lucas walk by having overheard and Sami says she knew that it's EJ and wants to know what he's done.

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