Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/22/12


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Nicole arrives at Daniel's office at the hospital. Nicole notices he looks upset. Daniel tells her that he's thinking about Lexie and how he doesn't feel right being at the hospital without her. Nicole tells him that she's sorry for his loss. They talk about Lexie and Nicole calls Lexie the only redeeming DiMera. Daniel comments on her baby being there soon. Nicole thanks Daniel again for not making things more difficult for her when he caught her switching the DNA tests and he didn't tell EJ the truth. Nicole says she can't give him anything to prove how grateful she is. Daniel asks why even try. Daniel tells Nicole that she got what she wanted so she can drop the act now.

Austin and Carrie go to the Pub to eat with Kate. Kate is happy for Carrie's pregnancy. Austin jokes with Kate about being a grandmother again. Kate hugs Carrie and tells her how happy she is for her. Kate says they have been through so much and can now put it behind them.

Agent Spencer meets with Roman and Rafe at the station about Stefano's murder. Rafe is surprised the ISA is involved. Spencer talks about Stefano's involvement with the CIA and asks them who they think the prime suspect is. Rafe and Roman both think the prime suspect is EJ.

EJ sits alone at home with tears in his eyes. He looks at a photo of Lexie and then looks at the envelope with the letter from Alice to Stefano saying he isn't Stefano's son. EJ gets up as Will arrives. EJ comments that he didn't hear him come in. Will asks him what is going on. EJ tells him that he is late as he expected him a half hour ago. Will apologizes and thought he didn't want him to come in today after Lexie died. Will looks at the photo of Lexie but EJ takes it away from him and tells him to leave it alone. EJ questions Will thinking he would just bury himself in grief and mourn his loss. EJ doesn't think that sounds like something he would do. Will tells him that no one would blame him as even the mayor can take a day off. EJ says he isn't just the mayor but he's also a DiMera.

Rafe tells Spencer that they considered the idea that the suspect was working with someone else but that fell out when Will proved his alibi. Spencer talks about the murder affecting everyone in the town. Roman doesn't like it since Will's private life is no one's business.

EJ shows Will the newspaper with his story as front page news. EJ tells him that no one thinks he's a murderer now. Will reminds him that the police will focus on someone else now which EJ says he's counting on.

Roman talks with Spencer about how Will said EJ encouraged him to come forward. Spencer asks about EJ as a suspect. Rafe informs him that Stefano drew up a new will disinheriting EJ but was killed before he could sign it. Spencer wonders why Stefano would cut EJ off of the family fortune.

EJ tells Will that he needs to learn how to protect himself. Will asks EJ if his family is his weakness. EJ says what's left of it is and it was Stefano's weakness too. EJ tells Will that it's always important to prepare himself.

Roman talks with Spencer about EJ having a falling out with Stefano. Rafe adds that Billie found out about Stefano helping clear John. Roman points out that she fed the information to EJ shortly before Stefano's death. They talk about EJ's plan to frame John being airtight until Stefano put an end to it. Rafe questions Stefano choosing his greatest enemy over EJ.

EJ tells Will that Stefano is gone and he now has no choice but to take his place at the head of the family. EJ says there can be no doubt as to who is in charge.

Spencer says they definitely have motive and opportunity but questions if EJ is the type of man to shoot his father in cold blood.

EJ has Will do work on his laptop and instructs him to print out copies of an article speculating EJ taking over Stefano's position and filling his shoes. EJ says that is exactly what he's doing. Will brings up Chad being a DiMera too. EJ states that Chad has made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the family business. EJ tells Will that loyalty is something very important in the world especially to him. Will says he knows but EJ questions if he really does. EJ reminds Will that he encouraged him to come forward with his alibi and now he's insinuating that he's taking away from Chad. Will denies doing that. EJ asks Will what he sees when he looks at him. EJ asks if he sees a heartless bastard that just takes whatever he wants like Stefano. Will says no but EJ tells him he should because that's who he is and who he has to be.

Austin tells Kate that he's sorry about Stefano. Kate says it is what it is but Austin tells her not to do that. Austin adds that he knew they were separated but also knew she loved him. Kate is glad that he didn't have to see his daughter die. Austin adds that he and Carrie are sad about Lexie. Kate is glad that they at least have good news with he and Carrie's baby. Austin says it's what they always wanted. Kate assures him that he will be a fantastic dad. Austin hopes so. Austin says he's made a lot of mistakes in his marriage before. Kate reminds him that he wasn't making them alone. Austin admits Carrie has done her part too. Austin says everything is behind them now and their baby is everything now. Austin states that things are good and are going to stay that way. Rafe then arrives and greets Carrie as he walks past them.

Nicole questions Daniel thinking this was an act. Daniel says he's just calling it like he sees it. Nicole tells him that if EJ finds out her baby is his then she will never see it again and that's why she is freaking out. Daniel accuses Nicole of manipulating him. Daniel wants her to admit that she played him. Nicole asks if he wouldn't be mad if she admitted that. Daniel thinks he would be happy to hear it. Nicole admits she may have laid it on a little thick and says it felt liberating to get it off her chest. Daniel asks if her act ended before or after they kissed. Nicole says he's now insulted her. Nicole tells him that it was only slightly true. They continue to argue. Nicole asks if Daniel thinks he's completely innocent in this situation. Nicole tells him that he's not innocent and brings up his past with women. Daniel asks what's her point is. Nicole suggests their kiss was part of his plan and not hers. Nicole believes Daniel tried playing her instead. Nicole thinks Daniel was curious to see how far she would go to get what she wanted from him. Daniel says he can only imagine how far she'd go. Nicole asks Daniel why he really kissed her.

Austin tells Kate that they are going to have to go because they have things to do. Kate thinks they can wait since she wants to take Carrie shopping. Carrie appreciates it but says she doesn't have to. Kate insists and says she won't take no for an answer so Carrie agrees. Austin says goodbye and tells them to have fun as he then exits the Pub. Kate glares as she follows Carrie out of the Pub.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera Mansion. Will asks if he's expecting anyone. EJ says he isn't but instructs him to go see who it is. Will check the door and tells EJ it's Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer. EJ tells him to let them in so he goes back to do that. Roman questions what Will is doing there and Rafe thought he was fired. Will explains that he got his job back after EJ bailed him out. Roman asks Will how he's doing with the newspaper headlines. Will says he doesn't care and invites them in. Agent Spencer introduces himself and tells Will that he is investigating Stefano's murder and wanted to speak with EJ. EJ joins them and says he's happy that Spencer is in charge of the investigation as he hopes he can find Stefano's killer. EJ asks if they have any lead on a suspect. Rafe responds that it depends on EJ. EJ questions how he can help find the killer. Rafe says in cases like this they need an open line of communication with the family. EJ hopes they would keep him in the loop. Rafe talks about people getting uncomfortable and defensive. EJ tells him that he has nothing to hide. Roman questions a DiMera with nothing to hide. EJ tells him to ask if he has a question. Rafe asks if they can sit down and then drops a folder filled with pictures of Stefano for the investigation. Rafe brings up EJ not seeing him that night and notices he went pale. Rafe questions EJ's feelings about if he's really sorry that Stefano is gone.

Nicole tells Daniel that he's getting worked up and they argue about it just being a kiss. Daniel says a kiss can tell you a lot about a person. Nicole asks who will come on top if she's a tramp and he's a man whore. Daniel tells her that he doesn't remember anything but the way it felt after the kiss. Daniel calls it two people truly connecting. Nicole admits that's what she remembers too.

Kate and Carrie finish shopping and sit together at the town square. Kate mentions Austin wanting a nursery and says he tells her everything. Kate talks about being able to look at something and judge its true worth. Carrie talks about not wanting to take on more than they can handle. Kate assures her that she will see her through the entire pregnancy since she wants what is best for them. Carrie says she's been generous already and thanks her. Kate tells her she has something else for her and gives her a gift. Kate tells her to open it as it's something with real meaning behind it. Carrie opens the box and finds a dagger inside which she questions. Kate calls it a warning of what stands to happen if she cheats on Austin with Rafe. Carrie tells Kate that she's wrong and that there's nothing going on with her and Rafe. Kate hopes not since she's pregnant. Carrie assures that it's Austin's baby which Kate does not doubt. Carrie asks why she brought up Rafe. Kate says she knows what she saw today when Rafe showed up at the Pub. Carrie says nothing happened but Kate tells her that she saw the way they looked at each other and says denying it makes it worse. Carrie thinks Kate is turning it into something that it is not. Kate wishes that were true but says she knows what it's like to have feelings for another man and knows the damage it can cause. Kate vows not to let Carrie do that to Austin again. Kate brings up Carrie almost destroying Austin in the past. Carrie says she is not having an affair with Rafe and couldn't because she's not that girl anymore. Kate tells her that she's wrong as she will always be that girl.

EJ tells Rafe that has some nerve asking if he's sorry for Stefano's death. Rafe reminds him that his questions might upset him. EJ threatens Rafe's job. Spencer points out that EJ is still a prime suspect. EJ brings up that they just thought Will was the prime suspect 24 hours ago. EJ suggests they leave but Spencer and Roman want to discuss motive. Roman brings up Stefano cutting EJ out of his will and how he was just about to sign it but someone stopped him. EJ says it wasn't him and said he already explained that Stefano was editing his will all the time so it means nothing. Roman and Spencer think this time is different. EJ tells Spencer that he doesn't bring anything to the investigation since there are real suspects out there while they are focusing on him. Spencer clarifies that they are exploring every angle. EJ says they came in to his house and accused him of his father's murder while he's mourning his father and his sister. EJ asks them if they could shoot their father in the heart. They don't respond as EJ questions them accusing him of the crime. EJ orders them to get out of his house so they exit. Will looks back at EJ so he questions what he's looking at. EJ walks over to the window as Will notices the paper from Alice's envelope tucked in EJ's jacket pocket on his chair.

Nicole tells Daniel that all of their cards are on the table. Nicole says she's no saint but neither is Daniel. Daniel points out that he never said he was. Nicole tells him that people still see him that way. Nicole asks him if they broke any doctor-patient rules. Daniel tells her that she's not really his patient anymore. Nicole asks what she is to him then. Daniel says he thinks of her more as a co-conspirator. Nicole says she likes that as they get close.

Rafe, Spencer, and Roman return to the station and talk about EJ's reaction to seeing the photos of Stefano and went on defensive. They talk about hating that Will had to witness it since he doesn't need to be in the middle of things. Spencer points out that they still have no proof that EJ is the murderer. Rafe hopes that Will can see EJ for who and what he really is before it's too late.

EJ complains about being accused of everything. Will tells him that he's sorry and EJ says he is too. EJ takes his jacket and tells Will that he has to go to a meeting and instructs Will to leave when he finishes organizing the files. EJ exits the room but Will notices the folded paper had fallen out of EJ's jacket.

Carrie tells Kate that she's committed to her marriage to Austin. Kate says they won't have a problem if she stays in the right bed. Carrie gives her the dagger back and says she won't need it but Kate is not sure. Carrie tells her it's not really her business. Kate points out that through everything Carrie has said, she hasn't heard her say that she's in love with Austin. Kate refuses to let the Brady girls tear Austin apart again.

Daniel and Nicole almost kiss but Daniel gets paged. Daniel tells her that he has to go and says he will see her again. They joke about being lucky as Daniel exits.

Roman says Rafe accomplished what he set out to do in rattling EJ's cage. Spencer wonders what's next. Rafe says they now wait for EJ to make a mistake. Spencer wonders if he will. Roman says if they are lucky he will. Rafe hopes the mistake will tell them exactly why he murdered his father.

Will goes over to the paper on the floor and looks around before picking it up.

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