Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/21/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami returns home where Lucas is. Sami tells Lucas that Will is out celebrating since all the charges are dropped. Lucas informs her that it's all over the news so he found out why the charges were dropped due to his alibi. Lucas is glad he had an alibi but it caught him off guard. Sami tells him that it works. Lucas is concerned that Neil outed Will to the world so he's out whether he wanted to be or not.

Will sits with Sonny at the Pub and asks what he's supposed to do now. Sonny tells him to smile because he's free. Will wishes he could see it that way. Sonny says he will before he knows it.

John and Marlena goes to Abe's. John greets Abe with a hug and tells him that he's sorry. Marlena hugs Abe as she cries. Marlena offers to do anything they can. Abe thanks them for just being there.

Celeste sits in the garden with a rose as Cameron joins her. Cameron suggests they should go back inside and talk to Abe. Celeste is not ready. Cameron understands it's hard. Celeste says she needs to be where Lexie left. Cameron sits with her and comforts her. Cameron wishes he had more time with her too. Celeste tells him that she's sorry. Cameron is grateful for the time they did have. Celeste assumes that Cameron will leave her too and go back to his old life but Cameron assures her that won't happen.

Abigail walks through the town square and spots Chad looking upset at his phone. She approaches and asks how he's doing after losing his father. Chad tells her it's a whole lot worse than that since he got in a fight with Melanie and she left him so he doesn't know what to do.

Melanie continues trying to use her hair pin to pick the lock on Andrew's basement door. Outside the door, Gabi tells Andrew that she'll be good as long as Melanie stays away. They start to head back upstairs but Andrew stops to look at the door so Gabi asks what's wrong but Andrew claims it's nothing as Melanie tries to get the door open.

Sami tells Lucas that she wishes Justin and Carrie could have kept Will's personal life out of the press. Sami talks about how Will being on a date is the whole story now. Lucas points out that he's innocent and not going to jail now. Lucas asks how he handled it. Sami explains that Will was surprised but didn't deny it. Sami says she was proud of how Will handled himself. Lucas thinks maybe Will can feel comfortable in his own skin now that everyone knows. Sami hopes so which makes Lucas question why she hopes so.

Will talks to Sonny about coming out to Roman and how he has concerns about bad stuff that could happen to him. Sonny compares it to what he went through with Victor. Sonny suggests Will just give Roman some time and he'll see he is still the same person. Will hopes he's right as Sonny jokes that he is always right.

Melanie gets the door open to escape but stops when she sees Andrew in his mask.

Celeste tells Cameron that he has a life to get back to with a job and a home but Cameron reveals he's thinking about making Salem home which surprises her. Cameron talks about getting attached to Theo and how he really likes the hospital which will make him feel like he's keeping Lexie's work alive. Celeste calls it marvelous but adds that she knows there is more behind his decision than family and work. Cameron wants to know what she thinks she knows. Celeste believes he's staying in Salem to be with Abigail.

Abigail questions Chad about Melanie leaving Salem. Chad tells her to ask Gabi since she was there. Chad talks about feeling bad and trying to apologize but she only sent an e-mail that she was going to Europe. Abigail doesn't think it sounds like Melanie. Chad remarks that it seems like she just disappeared. Chad asks Abigail if she thinks something else is wrong.

Andrew tells Melanie that he wouldn't just leave her there. Melanie says she just opened the door. She tries to run but Andrew stops her and grabs her from behind.

Abe talks with Marlena and John about Lexie. Marlena comments that Lexie never forgot anything about the people she cared about. They talk about Lexie passing away in her garden and Abe says he had no idea the time was so close. Abe talks about how Lexie was never bitter even knowing what Stefano did to her. Marlena is surprised as she didn't know about this so Abe explains that she was exposed to a toxic gas in the DiMera tunnels so she died because of Stefano. Abe adds that Lexie somehow was able to forgive Stefano. John comments that Stefano went to his grave knowing he was responsible for his daughter's death. Abe calls it the worst punishment. Marlena gets a message on her phone that Will has been released from jail. John and Abe call it great news as John asks how Carrie got him off but Marlena informs them that Will had a date with another man which surprises John and Abe.

Sonny tells Will that coming out will be a huge relief for him but sometimes others won't feel the same way. Will talks about Roman being unable to handle that he's different. Sonny thinks he will eventually have to but Will worries if he doesn't.

Sami talks to Lucas about Roman finding out about Will in front of everyone. Sami thinks she made up for how she reacted the first time with it today since she told Will that if anyone has a problem with it then they will answer to her.

Cameron tells Celeste that he's mainly staying in Salem to be close to his family because Lexie wanted him to be close with Theo. Celeste still thinks there's a bad aura about Abigail and she's hardly ever wrong. Celeste warns Cameron not to let Abigail's darkness involve him. Cameron wants to be the guy to protect Abigail if anything bad is going her way.

Abigail asks Chad what their fight was about. Chad talks about arguing about Stefano and about Will's arrest. Chad says he was just angry that he shut Stefano out of his life for as long as he did but he shouldn't have blamed Melanie for it. Abigail asks Chad what he's going to do. Chad doesn't know but wants to go to Europe himself to apologize in person. Gabi arrives and tells Chad that she thinks it's a really bad idea.

Melanie struggles with Andrew and wants to know who he is and why he's doing this. Andrew tells her that after she tried to escape, he might keep her locked up for the rest of her life.

John tells Marlena that just because Will was out with a friend doesn't mean he's gay. Marlena informs John that Will actually is gay. John questions Marlena knowing and wonders why she didn't tell him. Marlena says she's known for awhile but feels it's Will's place to tell him when he's ready. John states that he will tell Will that he loves him just the same. Marlena asks Abe if there's anything they can do for him. Abe mentions that Bo and Hope didn't call Chad with the news and EJ was so broken up that he didn't, so he sends Marlena to call Chad. Abe looks at a family photo. John tells him that he doesn't have to be so strong. John recalls crying in front of Abe so many times when he thought he lost Marlena and adds that it helped. Abe feels he is still in shock. Abe says he has to be strong for Theo and talks about how Theo knew when Lexie was gone and he said that she will always be watching over them. Abe says Theo said it with such certainty that he believed him. John tells him that children have gifts that they have lost along the line. John tells Abe not to forget that he has friends and they will always be there for him. John hugs Abe as Celeste and Cameron enter. Celeste tells Abe that he also has them as he hugs her.

Gabi explains to Chad that she thinks it's a big mistake for him to go running after Melanie. Abigail questions why she thinks that. Gabi thinks that Melanie needs space and compares it to her stalker. Gabi says Melanie went to Europe to get away from Chad so he shouldn't corner her. Abigail wonders what Chad is supposed to do then. Gabi suggests sitting and waiting but Chad doesn't know if he can. Abigail decides Gabi may have a point and suggests that Melanie could feel cornered already. Chad wants to fix things. Abigail suggests he give her breathing room. Abigail assures that Melanie will come home since she has family, friends, and loves him. Chad wishes he would've heard something. Chad gets a phone call from Marlena. Marlena informs Chad that Lexie died today in her garden. Chad starts to cry and assumes that's how she would have wanted it. Chad thanks her for calling and promises to be there soon. Chad hangs up and Abigail hugs him as he cries.

Andrew puts Melanie back in his basement room. Melanie wonders what he plans on doing. Andrew says it depends on her. Melanie warns him that her boyfriend is a DiMera and her grandmother is married to Victor Kiriakis. Andrew says he didn't know that. Melanie warns him that both families could be coming after him which would result in him being dead.

Marlena tells Abe that Chad will be coming soon. Abe tells Cameron and Celeste that he will need help with the funeral arrangements. John and Marlena wonder what they can do. Abe tells them to go be with Will and celebrate his freedom. John comments on the suspects of Stefano's murder still being investigated. John asks if Abe is sure they can't do anymore. Abe is sure and wants to spend some alone time with Theo. John and Marlena hug Abe. John reminds him that they are just a phone call away as they then exit. Celeste tells Abe that they will be going too and they hug Abe. Celeste exits with Cameron as Abe goes back to Theo. Theo asks Abe what do they do now.

Lucas tells Sami that he wishes he was at the station when all this happened. Sami apologizes for not giving him a heads up but insists that he would have been proud of Will. Lucas adds that he would have been proud of Sami too. Sami says she thinks Will be okay. They decide to go find Will and tell him how proud of him they are and they exit.

John and Marlena arrive at the Pub and see Will inside. Marlena gets a call so she tells John that he can go on in.

Will sits with Sonny and tells him that he has to give credit to Sami since she was really there for him this time and he hasn't felt that in a long time. John arrives and informs Will that he heard he's gay and John is proud of him for being truthful. John hugs him and says what Will did took some courage. Will thanks him as Marlena enters. Will thanks Sonny and says he wouldn't be okay with it if not for Sonny. Will then thanks Marlena and hugs her as he tells her that he wouldn't be himself without her. Marlena tells him that she's so happy for him and John adds that they all are. Will says he's starting to be too then. Will again credits Sonny for having a lot to do with it since he knew before he was sure and didn't push him but just listened to him all the time and told him the truth. Will thanks Sonny for making him see that he can be who he is. Sami and Lucas arrive as Sami tells Will that nothing could ever make them love him any less.

Abigail tells Chad that she hates to leave but has to go take an exam. Gabi says it's okay since she's there. Abigail promises to check in later and asks Chad to call if he needs anything as she then exits. Gabi asks Chad if there's anything he needs or wants right now. Chad states that there is.

Abigail keeps on walking and comes across Celeste and Cameron. She stops and tells them that she just heard about Lexie and is sorry for their loss. Cameron thanks her. Celeste tries to hurry them off but Cameron asks for a moment alone with Abigail so she walks away. Cameron apologizes for Celeste. Abigail understands that she's still in shock and says it must be so hard for him. Cameron says he's still reeling from it since he had a sister for years but only knew her for the last few months of her life. Cameron can only imagine what everyone else is going through but he feels cheated and upset. Abigail understands and is sorry. Cameron thanks her and hopes that he can be the kind of uncle to Theo that Lexie wanted him to be. Abigail hugs him and assures him that he will be all that and more as Celeste watches them from a distance.

Gabi asks Chad what he wants. Chad responds that he wants Melanie back.

Melanie tells Andrew that nothing has happened yet so he can just let her go and everything will be fine but he says no. Andrew tells her that no one will come looking for after her fight with Chad in the town square. Andrew says everyone thinks she's in Europe because he sent an e-mail to Chad. Melanie thinks Daniel and Maggie will know something's wrong if she doesn't check in with them but Andrew says he's going to check in with them through her phone and he will have her message say that she may never come home.

Sami tells Will that she and Lucas were talking about everything that's happened and how Will has handled it. Lucas says they can tell that Will's burden is now gone. They tell Will that they are happy for him. Sonny says they've come around just like his family. Sami says it took them a little longer but promises that everyone will come around. They tell him that they love him as Sami hugs Will.

Gabi tells Chad that she gets that he wants Melanie back but he just lost his dad and now his sister so he needs someone to talk to and be with and Melanie was that person before. Chad says now she's in Europe and he can't go after her because he has to bury his sister. Chad states that he needs her more than ever now but she's gone and has no idea what he's going to do. Gabi asks him to let her help and to lean on her.

Andrew locks Melanie up again. She bangs on the door wanting to get out and then sits on the bed. Behind the door, Andrew drops her phone in the trash can and heads upstairs leaving her locked up.

Theo comes back downstairs calling Abe. Theo sits with Abe and tells him that he misses Lexie. Abe hugs him and says he does too. Abe shows Theo the photo album that Lexie put together to remember her by so whenever they feel sad then they can remember all the wonderful times they had with her. Abe tells Theo that he sees Lexie in his eyes and his smile. Abe tells him that he loves him as they look through the photo album and have flashbacks to past moments of their life together as Abe holds Theo.

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