Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope watch Theo play with Ciara and talk about how Theo thinks it is just another day. They are glad that they got Abe and Lexie some time alone. Hope talks about not being ready to say goodbye.

Abe holds Lexie as she dies in his arms. Abe cries for her to come back and not to leave him as Lexie's spirit leaves her body.

Gabi finds Andrew outside of the town square and tells him that she has a great news that Melanie is gone. Andrew acts unaware and thinks back to capturing her. Gabi asks if he can believe she's gone. He calls it crazy. Gabi calls it crazy how she just sent him an e-mail. Andrew asks how Chad took it. Gabi says he was upset but she's been at his side the whole time. Andrew calls it a good thing. Gabi apologizes for getting mad at him before since now she got what she wanted. Gabi hopes Melanie doesn't come back any time soon. Andrew suggests she could be gone forever.

Melanie continues banging on her captive door trying to call for help.

EJ tells Will that he has to come forward. Will says he will soon. EJ warns him that his secret is not worth playing Russian roulette with his life. EJ tells him that he has a lot to lose if he doesn't tell him the truth of what happened the night of Stefano's death.

Will's friend Neil arrives at the police station and informs Rafe that the news is impossible because Will was with him that night at the gay bar. Roman comes in and asks what's going on. Rafe informs him that Neil is Will's alibi. Neil tells Roman that he knows for a fact that Will did not kill Stefano since they were at The Spot that night but Roman doesn't buy that Will spent the night in a gay bar. Neil responds that Roman doesn't know his grandson then.

Abe continues crying over Lexie leaving and says he needs more time. Lexie as a spirit tells Abe to believe that he will be fine. Abe cries out that he is alone without her. She reminds him that he has Theo and their friends. Abe cries that he will never be ready for her to leave. Lexie's spirit says she's sorry but will never leave them.

Will tells EJ that this isn't the way he wanted it to go as he wanted to do it on his own terms. EJ tells him that he's already been sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Will doesn't expect him to understand. EJ says that he understands a lot more than he knows. EJ knows the truth can be a frightening thing. EJ tells Will that he can't concern himself with what other people think of him. Will says he's not EJ and stuff doesn't roll off his back like him. EJ tells him that the truth will come out and he has an opportunity to dictate how and when it does.

Roman tells Neil that if Will was at that bar then he was there with Sonny. Neil tells him that he's sorry but he was there because that's where they go when they go out together. Roman asks Sami if she has any idea what Neil is talking about and she responds that she does.

Gabi tells Andrew that she doubts Melanie will stay away forever. Andrew tells her that she never knows as stranger things have happened.

Ciara asks Hope and Bo when Abe and Lexie are coming back. Theo tells her that Lexie isn't coming back. Bo and Hope question why he would say that. Theo responds that Lexie just went to Heaven which shocks Bo and Hope.

Abe continues crying over Lexie in the garden until Hope comes out to check on them. Hope breaks down in tears as Abe cries that she's gone and he can't let her go.

Will tells EJ that if he tells everyone the truth then it's over and all out. EJ suggests it could be for the best as they are talking about protecting his life. EJ then gets a phone call from Hope. Hope informs EJ that she's at Lexie's and that she passed away a few minutes ago. EJ thanks her for calling and hangs up the phone. EJ informs Will that Lexie just died. Will tells him that he's sorry and asks if he can do anything. EJ says no and asks to be excused as he then walks away.

Bo sits with Abe in the garden as Abe tells him it doesn't seem real. Bo can't imagine what he's feeling now. Abe says he feels nothing and part of him is missing. Abe says he just lost something that he will never get back. Bo tells him that at least they were together with Abe holding her. Abe talks about her life not being over yet since she had so much that she wanted to do. Bo encourages Abe that he and Theo at least got to say goodbye while many people don't get that chance. Abe is grateful for that and talks about how much pain Lexie was in. Bo tells him that the pain is over now. Bo believes Lexie was able to let go since she knew Abe and Theo would be okay. Bo tells him that she at least got to pass away in her home garden in the arms of the man she loves. Abe continues to cry as Bo tells him that he gave her everything she needed and wanted. Bo says Abe was everything to her as he comforts Abe.

Hope calls Celeste and tells her to come over as soon as she can. Lexie's spirit puts her hand on Theo's shoulder and he greets her.

Neil continues telling Roman the truth. Roman asks Sami if she knows any more to it. Sami suggests he ask Will. Will then arrives and asks Neil what he's doing there. Neil explains that he's trying to tell them that Will is not a murderer. Roman says he has a hard time believing the story since Neil said they were together at a gay bar called The Spot. Roman asks Will if it's true and Will responds that it is.

Melanie continues banging on the door trying to escape. She pulls out one of her hair clips and attempts to use it to pick the lock.

Gabi tells Andrew that she sometimes feels Chad only looks at her as a friend. Andrew wonders if she can change his mind. Gabi knows she can as she believes Chad proved to her that he cares about her. Gabi suggests it won't be as hard as she thought. Andrew reminds her that he won't just forget about Melanie but adds that she has her work cut out for her.

Theo talks with Lexie's spirit and asks if she has to go. She responds that she's sorry but she does. Theo says he doesn't want her to go. Lexie reminds Theo how important it is to look after Abe and he promises to do that for her. She tells him that she loves him and will always be there for him whenever he needs her. Theo makes her promise as she hugs him. Abe and Bo return to the room and Abe wonders how he tells Theo that Lexie is gone. Bo tells him that he doesn't have to since he's the one that told them after he sensed it. Abe isn't surprised since sometimes he senses people that others don't. Abe talks about Theo's amazing connection with Lexie. Abe goes over and sits with Theo. He tells him that they have to talk about something. Theo responds that he knows his mom is gone and he has to look after him now. Abe wonders who told him that and Theo responds that his mom did. Abe hugs him while Lexie's spirit blows a kiss.

Roman tells Will to be very clear with what he's saying since Neil is saying they were at a gay bar. Will says he knows that and that is his alibi. Will says he's sorry and wanted to tell him sooner but didn't know how. Sami smiles at him and encourages him. Roman starts to understand that he was just hanging out with a friend and that people might get the wrong impression. Will questions if Roman would rather have people think he murdered someone than think that he's gay. Will informs Roman that the impression people would be getting is not wrong. Will reveals to Roman that he is gay as Sami holds back tears while Rafe and Carrie watch on.

Andrew tells Gabi that he wants to show her something as keeping Chad and Melanie from talking won't be as difficult as she thinks.

Will apologizes to Roman because he wanted to tell him sooner and not come out to him like this. Rafe tells Will that he has nothing to be sorry about as this is good. Carrie agrees that he's made her job easier and she's relieved. Will says he's relieved as well. Roman asks Sami if she knew about this. Will says Sami, Lucas, Marlena, and Sonny knew and he was telling people as he wanted to tell Roman but he got arrested. Roman thinks telling him would've saved a lot of trouble. Sami thinks he handled it the best he could. Roman says he can't be expected to suddenly say this is great as this is new to him. Roman asks for a break since it will take some getting used to. Sami reminds him that Will is still himself. Will tells her it's okay. Rafe tells Will that it's great that he has an alibi but the press is going to get a hold of this so his coming out will become public. Carrie offers to talk to Justin about the media but first she takes Rafe and Roman to talk about the charges. Will turns back to Sami and apologizes. Sami tells Will not to worry about it because there's nothing for him to be sorry about. Sami tells him that she's proud of him and hugs him.

EJ goes to Abe's and thanks Hope for calling. Bo adds that they are sorry for his loss. Theo runs up and hugs EJ. Lexie's spirit watches with a smile. Theo runs off upstairs to go play with Ciara. EJ says he doesn't mean to be insensitive but asks what happened. Abe explains that they went out in the garden to enjoy the day and she just laid her head back and was at peace. Abe thanks Hope and Bo for making calls as they go to make more. EJ apologizes for intruding. Abe understands that Lexie was his sister and would want him there. EJ says Lexie always wanted him to be more like Abe. Abe tells him that she knew he tried at times. EJ calls Lexie his best friend and only friend. EJ calls her the most important person in his life and Abe says the same. EJ wonders what they do now without Lexie in their lives. Lexie's spirit encourages that they will find a way but first they need to make peace with each other.

Will apologizes to Sami for not coming forward sooner and asks if she's okay with this. Sami says she is and knows it wasn't easy but she's proud of him. Sami thanks Neil for coming down and saying what he said. Will thanks Neil and hugs him as Roman returns to the room. Will says he owes Neil one. Neil tells Will that he's going to take off. Will says he will call him later as he exits. Sami asks Roman if the charges are being dropped but he says they will have to see. Roman wishes Will came to him in the beginning. Sami clarifies that he handled it the best he could and is innocent. Sami asks Roman if he has a problem with Will being gay. Roman says his only problem is the reaction Will is going to get it when it comes out. Sami wants to focus on Roman's reaction. Roman says he knows the world is changing and people are more open now and he's glad that things are moving in the right direction. Roman says he's still seen things that he hopes they never do. Sami wants to focus on the positives and be proud of Will being brave to clear his name. Will reveals that it was EJ who made him see that he didn't have a choice. Carrie and Rafe return to announce that the charges have been dropped and Will is a free man.

Abe tells EJ that he can only think of how Lexie asked them to find a way to co-exist and become family for Theo. Abe cries as EJ says he remembers. Abe wants to honor her wishes. EJ asks if he thinks that's possible. Abe points out how Theo reacted when EJ arrived and how he only gives hugs to them. Abe says for Lexie and Theo, EJ is welcome there any time and Theo will know that EJ is their family. EJ thanks him. Abe states that Theo should know that EJ is his uncle since they've already lost so much. EJ and Abe then hug as they both cry while Lexie's spirit watches with a smile.

Melanie continues trying to unlock the door as Andrew brings Gabi down to the basement of his place where Melanie is kept behind the door. Gabi asks how he plans on keeping Chad and Melanie from talking and wants him to show her.

Hope and Bo return to the living room as Hope tells Abe that she called Celeste, Cameron, and Brandon. Bo talked to Kayla to tell the rest of the family. Abe thanks them. Bo and Hope say they are here to help as Abe says they lost Lexie too. EJ adds that she touched all of their lives. Bo states that they will never forget her. Lexie's spirit goes to the stairs and disappears.

Sami tells Roman that she wants to talk to him and make sure that he knows that being gay isn't a choice. Roman gets it and wishes they could have avoided the arrest. Carrie adds that no one knew his alibi had to do with Will being gay. Roman wishes Sami would have told him. Sami says she wouldn't have because it was Will's decision to come out. Roman asks how Sami took the news. Sami admits it was terrible but she realized that she wants what's best for Will and for him to be happy. Roman says he will always love Will and this doesn't change that as he's a great kid but he does have concerns about his job with EJ and that he had a gun so he can't figure out where his head is at.

Will meets with Sonny at the Pub and tells him the charges have been dropped. Sonny tells him that he never thought he was guilty. Will informs Sonny that he had to tell everybody that he was at The Spot with Neil to get the charges dropped. Sonny asks how he feels. Will doesn't know since telling some people was one thing and he was just getting used to the idea but now the whole town will know. Sonny encourages Will that it won't matter and that he should just live his life since the people who know him love and support him. Sonny then hugs Will.

Andrew starts to tell Gabi but she tells him to forget it since it won't matter if Chad and Melanie don't talk unless she gets Chad to fall in love with her first. Melanie continues trying to escape. Gabi tells Andrew that she hopes that wherever Melanie is, she hopes she is serious about forgetting about Chad and moving on.

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