Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie walks past the Pub as Andrew continues to follow her around the corner.

Chad tells Gabi at the town square that he wants to apologize to Melanie but Gabi points out that she hasn't texted him back so she must need space. Chad insists on finding her to apologize in person and rushes off as Gabi follows after him.

Lexie sits at home and her hands begin shaking as Abe returns home. Abe suggests a picnic for dinner but Lexie tells him that she's not up to it today. Abe says they can do whatever she'd like instead. Lexie suggests they just spend the rest of the day together as Abe holds her.

Sami meets with Justin at the Pub. She thanks him for meeting with her and agreeing to find help for Will. Justin tells her that his firm has someone perfect for the job as Carrie enters which Sami does not like.

Billie joins Rafe at the police station and offers to help with the case. Billie tells him that Will did not kill Stefano but EJ did.

EJ points out that Will hasn't left the mansion yet. Will reminds him that he told him not to leave and that he asked him a question. EJ tells Will that he has some nerve to insinuate that he killed his father. Will says his life is on the line for something he didn't do so he just wants some answers. Will brings up Stefano ruining EJ's marriage and future and he knows how angry that made him. Will calls it a hell of a reason to kill him.

Melanie walks down the alley and calls out saying she knows someone is out there. Andrew comes up behind in a mask and grabs her.

Justin tells Sami why he's brought in Carrie due to her record. Sami comments on her working with Rafe in the past. Justin gives them time alone to let him know what they want to do. Carrie sits with Sami and says she knows they have their issues. Sami questions Carrie's judgment and blames her for ruining her marriage. Carrie apologizes for what happened and asks her not to let her mistakes get in the way of what's best for Will. Sami accuses Carrie of being in bed with the cops and doesn't know if she's focused. Carrie points out that she'd do anything for Will. Carrie insists that she can help Will if she lets her. Sami doesn't think it will go to trial. Sami tells Carrie if that she wants to help Will then she has to help him now.

EJ brings up Marlena to Will as a possible suspect. Will thinks there's a big difference between them in that Marlena is a good person. EJ warns him to be careful. Will doesn't care if EJ killed Stefano since he's not there to judge, he just wants the truth. Will wants EJ to answer his question and asks if he shot Stefano or not.

Rafe asks Billie if she really thinks EJ did it. Billie brings up the bank statements she found hidden in the DiMera Mansion. Billie has no doubt that they were connected to the penchant funds stolen from John. Rafe brings up that they don't have proof. Billie points out that EJ had no idea Stefano had stolen from him.

Melanie struggles as Andrew overpowers her. Chad and Gabi walk through the alley so Andrew hides with Melanie. Chad hears a noise and looks around then assumes he just thought he heard something. Gabi says she didn't hear anything and wants to leave so they walk away. Andrew used a rag to make Melanie pass out and remarks that she almost ruined everything.

Abe takes Lexie to the garden for their picnic. Lexie talks about how much the garden means to her and how it makes her think of him. Lexie talks about how hard Abe worked on the garden for her. Abe says it was worth it to see her smile. Lexie thanks him for always putting her first. Abe thanks her for giving him a chance. Abe adds that he's grateful that she chose him.

Carrie tells Sami that she needs to know everything about the case as far as evidence and motive. Sami says he didn't do it so there is no motive. Justin comes back and says if Sami doesn't want to use Carrie then he needs to know now. Sami says Will needs to be represented so if Carrie really thinks she can help then she has the job. Sami reminds Carrie that Will's whole life is now resting on her shoulders.

EJ asks why he helped Will if he killed Stefano. Will thinks it would make him look like the good guy. EJ doesn't care about looking like the good guy and questions why he would bail out the one person who would take the fall for him. Will gets it and apologizes for asking. EJ warns him to be careful or he will be sorry. EJ states that innocent people go to prison all the time.

Rafe tells Billie that they still need proof. Billie offers to get the evidence. Rafe brings up how the DiMeras make things disappear. Billie likes the challenge and promises to get EJ if he's the murderer.

EJ tells Will that he wants to help him since he wouldn't be any good to him behind bars. EJ adds that if he's going to help him, then Will needs to tell him everything that happened on the night of Stefano's death. Will thought EJ already knew what happened. EJ says they both know that Will left certain things out in telling the police.

Justin, Sami, and Carrie go to the station and Justin reveals to them that Roman is no longer leading the investigation. Rafe enters and informs them that he's now leading the investigation since Roman felt too close to the suspects. Carrie can't believe it but Sami accuses Carrie of knowing that Rafe would be in charge.

Chad and Gabi walk through the town square unable to find Melanie. Gabi assumes Melanie doesn't want to be found. Chad tries calling her again.

Andrew brings Melanie to the room he set up and puts her in the bed. Her phone rings so Andrew grabs the phone and looks at it, then says to himself that Melanie is not available.

Lexie and Abe lay together in the garden and look at the clouds. They talk about Theo and Abe mentions picking up food.

Sami tells Justin that she's concerned that Carrie won't be able to work while distracted by Rafe. Sami complains about Rafe and Carrie then storms out. Carrie tells Rafe that she didn't know and offers to step off the case but Rafe insists that they need her help and are both professionals so they will be fine.

Gabi and Chad sit in the town square. Gabi suggests it's time to stop but Chad shouts that he can't because he has to apologize. Gabi reminds him that Melanie isn't the only person that he yelled at. Chad agrees that he needs to call Will and apologize so he calls Will. Will answers and tells him that it's not a good time so he offers to call later. Chad says he just wanted to apologize for going off on him earlier. Will says he doesn't have to but Chad informs him that he now knows that Will couldn't possibly be involved in Stefano's death so he apologizes. Chad asks Will if he's seen Melanie but he hasn't. Chad asks him to tell her that he's looking for her if he does see her.

Andrew sits with Melanie's phone as Chad texts again saying he's sorry for being a jerk and asking her to call him. Andrew deletes the text message.

Abe talks with Lexie about riding bikes with Theo and thinks Theo is ready to get rid of his training wheels. Lexie calls him an amazing father. Abe says he's doing his best and hopes that's enough to make up for not having her. Abe worries about what he's going to do when he makes a wrong decision or a mistake and she's not there to fix it. Lexie tells Abe that parents make hundreds of mistakes but he has family as backup. Abe promises her that he will do everything he can to make her proud and kisses her as she tells him that he already makes her proud every day.

Will finishes telling EJ what happened and how he didn't tell any of it to the police because he can't have Roman finding out about it. EJ reminds him that these are incredibly serious charges. Will knows it looks bad but doesn't know what to do.

Gabi tells Chad he's gone all over town and done all he could. Chad is beginning to worry about Melanie. Gabi suggests Chad just give her the night to be dramatic and she'll probably call the next morning.

Andrew watches Melanie from behind a door as she begins to wake up. Melanie wakes up and wonders where she is.

Carrie talks to Rafe about the suspects and how everyone has motive but Will. Rafe says he will find any evidence there is to clear him. Carrie says she will clear Will but is worried about Rafe as he could end up unemployed all over again. Carrie tells Rafe to try and be objective with the case. Rafe says he will follow his gut. Carrie wonders how they prove that the gun that Will fired wasn't the murder weapon. Rafe doesn't know but thinks there is a missing piece to the puzzle that they need to find.

EJ tells Will that he's going to help him. Will thinks it's just so that he can hold it over him later. EJ states that he believes Will and doesn't think he's a bad person but a foolish person. Will asks what he has to do. EJ tells him to do exactly what he tells him to.

Abe suggests to Lexie that they can renew their wedding vows tomorrow. Abe says he was just thinking about how much he loves her and how it would feel good to marry her all over again. Lexie cries that it's the romantic thing he's ever said to her and agrees to marry him again. Lexie tells him that she loves him so much that nothing would make her happier. Abe tells her that she makes him happy and he can't believe how lucky he is to have her. Lexie feels the same way and thinks sometimes that they are the two luckiest people in the world. They say they love each other again. Abe decides they should go in and fix dinner but Lexie wants to stay out until it's dark and count the stars. Abe agrees and hugs her.

Melanie screams out and bangs on the door trying to get out. Andrew remains outside the door with her cell phone. Andrew says to himself that they are going to make sure no one comes to her rescue.

Gabi returns to Chad with coffees as Chad gets an e-mail from Melanie's phone that Andrew sent. Chad says he can't believe it and shows it to Gabi. Gabi reads the e-mail that says she can't forgive what he said and that they need a break so she's going to Europe to be with her mother and tells him not to call or text. Chad gets upset and walks away while Gabi gets happy.

Melanie continues trying to get out but the door is locked. Andrew sits behind the door with Melanie's phone and gets Chad's text that asks her not to leave and promises to make it up to her. Andrew then takes the battery out of her phone and says to himself that Melanie has already moved on. He then looks back through the door slip at Melanie.

Gabi tells Chad it will be alright. Chad is upset about Melanie going to another country to get away from him. Gabi insists that Melanie will get over it after she gets some space.

Sami returns to Carrie and Rafe and asks if Carrie has found a way to get Will's charges dropped. Carrie says not yet. Sami warns her not to waste time flirting with Rafe. Rafe stops them from arguing and reminds them that they need to help Will. Will's friend Neil arrives and informs Rafe that the news is impossible because Will was with him that night at the gay bar.

Will tells EJ that there has to be another way but EJ says the evidence is stacked against him and he will look guilty to the jury. Will realizes it won't be easy. EJ says it won't be easy but it will save his life.

Abe holds Lexie and says it's starting to get chilly so he offers to go get another blanket but Lexie does not respond. Abe begins to worry and tries to wake her up. Abe then breaks down in tears as he holds Lexie in his arms.

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