Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor asks Maggie for another chance. Maggie talks about being warned about their relationship at first and how Jennifer and Hope told her to be careful. Victor knows they were afraid that he'd hurt her. Maggie talks about knowing Victor's history but she fell in love with him. Maggie suggests that they just got caught up in all of it but really they are too different, always have been and always will be. Maggie then turns and begins to walk out the door.

Madison and Brady sit with Ian at their office talking about their latest ad campaign. Brady drinks his protein shake and tells Madison that they are in complete agreement. Madison asks Ian to excuse them so they can talk. Ian says he will check in with them later as he exits. Madison asks Brady what's going on as she can tell he is not alright. She asks if he has a problem because she wants to help him but only if he's honest with her. She asks if he's using drugs again.

Abigail joins Cameron at the Pub. Cameron tells her that his favorite band is the Black Eyed Peas. Abigail surprises him with tickets to their sold out concert with backstage passes. Cameron is impressed. Abigail asks if he wants to go with her but Cameron tells her that he can't.

Brady tells Madison that he's not lying that he hasn't had drugs in years. Madison notes that he can't keep still and is all over the place without focus. Madison wants to know what's going on. Brady suggests he had too much coffee but assures that he won't do drugs. Madison wants him to schedule a drug test as soon as possible.

Abigail tells Cameron that it's okay since it was just a spur of the moment thing. She assumes it's because Cameron wants to spend time with Lexie but Cameron tells her that he volunteered to pick up Theo later. They talk about Theo as Cameron asks for a rain check on their plans.

Victor tells Maggie that old habits die hard and he's made a mess of all of his personal relationships. Victor tells Maggie that she is right as he doesn't deserve a woman like her. Maggie tells him that she wasn't looking for perfection and brings up being unfaithful to Mickey in the past. Victor points out that they got past it and were happy together. Maggie credits Alice for that. Victor thanks her for listening to him. Victor tells her that he won't fight her if she files for divorce.

Daniel walks through the town square and gets a phone call from Brady. Brady tells him that he needs a favor and wants to schedule a drug test. Daniel is surprised and wonders why. Daniel asks if he's sure he wants to do it today. Brady tells him the sooner the better. Daniel tells him to meet him at the town square and they can head to the hospital together. Brady hangs up and Madison asks if he's doing it right now. Brady says now is the time she is suspicious of him. Madison wishes she could forget about it. Brady says he'd do it anyway because he values their future. Brady tells her that he will be clean and everything will be fine. Brady says she will have proof that she can trust him. He hugs her and then exits the office. Ian comes back in so Madison tells him that Brady went to run errands. Ian asks about the concept she was running by earlier. Madison explains that their concept will make Titan a lot of money. Ian asks about Brady. She claims he's feeling a lot better and shows him some sketches. Ian comments that he will run them by Kate. Madison questions Ian not liking them. Ian says they are fine but Kate is her partner. Ian talks about them getting along and being invested. Madison says she will ask Kate for her help when she wants it. Ian states that it's obvious that Madison can't rely on Brady and he knows something is going on with him.

Brady joins Daniel at the town square and thanks him for helping him out. Daniel asks if he's okay. Brady assures that he isn't going down that road again. Brady says he doesn't feel like himself. Daniel agrees that he is on edge. Brady wants to prove to Madison that he's not taking anything. Brady adds that it kills him that Madison isn't believing him. Daniel says they just want to be sure. Brady asks Daniel if he believes him. Daniel says he does and offers to run a blood test with the drug test and they walk off.

Cameron tells Abigail to have a great time at the concert. Abigail doesn't know what to do with the other pass. Cameron suggests taking Chad but Abigail reminds him that his dad just died. Cameron thinks it could take his mind off of it so Abigail agrees to ask him. Cameron tells her not to forget about their rain check. Abigail agrees and starts to leave the Pub but stops and asks a boy if he's interested in tickets for the Black Eyed Peas concert. She gives both tickets to him for free and goes back to Cameron. Abigail tells Cameron that she's never seen that guy before. Cameron questions her not going to the show. Abigail says she only wanted to go with him.

Maggie questions Victor giving up and letting her go. Victor says he loves her that much and always will. Victor apologizes for hurting her. Maggie states that a marriage can't survive on love alone as it has to be nurtured with trust which only comes from honesty. Victor vows to never lie to her again. Maggie tells him that she does love him. Victor asks if that means she can forgive him. Maggie then kisses Victor.

Cameron and Abigail walk through the town square together. He tells he her has a couple hours before he has to pick up Theo so he asks what she wants to do. Abigail suggests picking blackberries. Cameron says he's never done it before. Abigail calls it one of life's greatest experiences and they talk about Salem being home to her.

Victor says he thought he lost Maggie but she responds that he has not. Maggie tells him that their one condition is that they have to be honest with Daniel as to how all this came about with Victor taking her eggs. Victor agrees to tell him together and takes her into the living room where they kiss again. Victor tells her that he missed her. Maggie says she knows it's just the afternoon and then kisses him again.

Daniel and Brady walk back through the town square and talk about how Brady is feeling. Brady talks about how he stopped going to meetings because he felt better. Daniel asks about Maggie still sponsors him. Brady thinks she's busy. Daniel says there's always time to help out each other. Daniel suggests they go see Maggie together. Brady questions if Daniel thinks he has to keep his eye on him. Daniel asks Brady to just let him help and walks on.

Madison asks Ian if he's going to keep distracting her with personal questions. Ian claims he has no desire to hear about her love life but he cares about her and wants to see her happy. Madison says she will have to take him at his word. Ian tells her that he's there if she wants to talk or needs help. Madison calls it strange for him to offer help without anything in it for him. Ian says he knows true love and Madison brings up Kate. Ian wishes everyone could be as happy as he is. Madison shouts back that she's happy. Ian doesn't want her to get upset but says he knows her better than anyone. Ian questions if Madison's relationship with Brady is another one of her mistakes. Madison says Brady is the best thing to ever happen to her. Madison talks about Ian never caring about her and made her suffer when she got tired of being controlled. Ian says Madison saddens her by thinking that he thinks so little of her. Ian talks about Madison telling him about her childhood. Ian says he cared for her then and still does today. Ian states that she is settling for Brady but she responds that she isn't settling and will have a wonderful life with Brady. Ian thinks Madison is desperately trying to ignore what is obvious to everyone else that Brady is a mess. Ian adds that Kate thinks he's taking drugs again. Madison argues and tells Ian that Brady just went to take a drug test.

Victor and Maggie start to go upstairs together but Brady and Daniel arrive. Daniel tells them that this isn't a social visit as Brady asks to talk to Maggie. Maggie asks what's wrong. Brady says he hasn't been to a meeting in awhile so he just wanted to talk. Maggie heads into the living room with him and asks what's going on. Brady swears that he hasn't slipped but feels like he has. Maggie questions what he means. Brady talks about feeling jumpy and agitated like craving drugs.

Abigail and Cameron walk through the town square with baskets of blackberries. They talk about how they spent time with Theo and Ciara. Cameron wipes a berry off of her face and they end up kissing. They talk about being disappointed that they didn't get to go to the concert. Cameron says he just wanted to spend time with her and is glad he still got to do that.

Victor talks to Daniel about Brady backsliding and ruining everything he's worked so hard for. Daniel points out that it's good that Brady recognizes his problem. Victor agrees that withholding things is never good and informs Daniel that he almost lost Maggie due to secrets. He adds that it will be something to sit down and talk about. Daniel understands they worked things out then. Victor says he's the luckiest man in the world to still be with Maggie. Victor brings up all of his ex-wives and Maggie being better. Daniel comments that he forgot Victor was once married to Nicole. Victor calls Nicole a sneaky gold digger.

Maggie talks to Brady about cravings being natural. Brady wonders why he feels this way now. Maggie says there are a lot of things that could make him feel that way. Brady talks about his relationship with Madison and his company with John working well. Brady insists that he's fine and close to getting everything he wants. Maggie suggests that he could be scared. Maggie talks about addicts having trouble dealing with success. Brady says he does not want to screw things up with Madison.

Ian talks to Madison about building her up and how he would be sad to see it all go to waste.

Abigail tells Cameron that she knows he wasn't impressed with Salem at first. Cameron admits that his mom had to talk him into coming and he gave in so he could meet his sister then he did and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor so he wasn't going anywhere. Abigail tells him that she knows Lexie is glad he's there. Cameron is glad too but wishes he came sooner. Cameron says it's hard knowing that they are counting down the days she has left but he wouldn't trade their time for anything. Abigail can't imagine what he's going through. Cameron says it's funny how you can meet someone, know them for a short time but feel like they have been in your life forever. Abigail asks if he's anxious to leave Salem and get back to his old life. Cameron tells her that he's thinking about staying in Salem which makes her happy.

Daniel asks Victor if Nicole was really that bad. Victor says she's worse and assures that Nicole always has an agenda. Victor says he knew it all but married her anyways. Victor adds that he's lucky to have gotten out of the marriage alive. Daniel thinks he's exaggerating but Victor insists. Daniel calls Nicole funny and smart. Victor agrees that she's beautiful but he wouldn't wish her on his worst enemy. Victor says she and EJ are a perfect match. Daniel brings up that they are getting divorced. Victor tells Daniel that he pities the next guy that falls for Nicole.

Maggie and Brady continue talking. Maggie tells him that it will take time and effort. Brady considers that he should go to meetings again. Maggie is glad that he came by to talk about it. Brady tells her that he went and took a drug test since Madison has doubts and he thought test results would fix everything. Maggie tells him that she's there for him so he can call or come by any time. Brady insists that he will be fine and says he can't go down that path again as he has too much to live for now.

Abigail assumes Cameron is staying for Theo. Cameron brings up that he promised to take him camping this summer. Abigail asks about Cameron's job. He mentions talking to the hospital in Salem. Abigail says it would be awesome for Theo but Cameron adds there's another reason that he's thinking about staying and that's because he doesn't want to say goodbye to her.

Brady returns to the office with Daniel. Daniel tells Madison that they ran the test and the lab is working on results. Madison says she believes Brady but he's been acting strange lately. Brady gives her his word that he's not hiding anything from her.

Victor tells Maggie that he doesn't understand why Brady would use drugs again. Maggie says he hasn't but the urge is not unnatural. Victor asks if Maggie has an urge to drink. Maggie says she's considered a recovering alcoholic still and she gets the idea every now and then. Victor apologizes for giving Maggie any challenges. Maggie believes that he's sorry and says she's not asking for miracles as long as she knows he's trying to be the man she knows he can be. Victor promises so Maggie says they will be okay and hugs him. Maggie says one day at a time and kisses him on the cheek.

Brady tells Madison that he did more than a drug test as he went to talk to Maggie. Madison wonders why if he's not using. Brady says something is going on with him and he wants to know what and do whatever he can to stay clean. Madison tells him that she's in his corner too and she's not going anywhere. Madison apologizes if she made him feel like she doesn't trust him. Madison understands that he was an addict and wants to put this behind them so when the test comes back negative then it will be over and done for good as Brady hugs her. Ian walks by the door and looks in at them.

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