Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/15/12


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Bo and Hope go to Marlena's for a therapy session. Hope says they know it's been a long time but they feel with everything going on, they need to talk. Marlena asks if they are having a problem.

Jennifer sits in the Pub as Kayla seems upset while washing dishes. Abe enters and asks if everything is okay. Kayla claims everything is fine.

Maggie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor thanks her for coming. Maggie felt she had no choice and thinks she was being manipulated. Maggie tells Victor that she only came to see that he's alright and to tell him that she knows what he's up to which she calls a big waste of time.

Marlena senses Bo and Hope are both on edge. Hope agrees. Bo thinks he's driving Hope crazy. Hope and Bo start to argue about whether or not this was a good idea. Bo thinks it's a work thing and not a thing with them as a couple. They talk about Roman taking them off the case. Hope talks about their personal problems not affecting work and how they trust each other but she thinks they are now scared. Bo agrees and talks about trying to find who killed Stefano which might end up being someone they love.

Abe questions Kayla crying. She says she was only chopping onions. Jennifer gets up and joins them. Abe talks about Lexie getting weaker every day. Abe says Lexie wanted him to get out an clear his head but he hates to leave her. Abe says Lexie's dying but she's worrying about him.

Victor tells Maggie that he can't accept that she thinks this is a waste of time. Maggie questions what Victor did to her and all the lies he has told. Victor wants to talk about it and invites her into the living room but Maggie suggests a lawyer's office. Maggie agrees to go in to the living room, wanting to get this over with. Maggie asks Victor if he is kidding her.

Hope tells Bo that she didn't know he felt the same way. Bo says he didn't either until now. Marlena assumes it must be a terrible burden for them to be hurting someone they love by doing their job. Hope doesn't know how long that they are off the case. Bo brings up the gunshot residue test coming back positive. They talk about Will being innocent. Hope says this is affecting them all. Marlena comments that so many people would have wanted to see Stefano dead. Bo has more sympathy for whoever did it than he does Stefano. Marlena tells them that everything they say will remain confidential. Marlena talks about her and John also being suspects. Marlena declares that they are not going to lie but they are going to stick together and protect themselves. Marlena thinks it's possible that they would all be capable of murdering Stefano.

Abe sits with Jennifer and Kayla to talk about Lexie and how much time she has left. Abe says he came to ask them if they could do something very special for Lexie.

Maggie asks Victor how dumb he thinks she is. Victor calls her the smartest woman he's ever met. Maggie tells him that he shouldn't have lied to her or invited her over. Maggie talks about Victor violating her privacy and giving her child away. Victor says he was afraid of losing her. Victor says he had to do something to get her back and he won't stop after what happened to Stefano. Maggie questions what Stefano has in common with them. Victor calls Stefano's murder a wake up call as they had things in common since they both took pride in being ruthless. Maggie questions this making her want to come back to him. Victor says they also have the love of their families in common. Victor compares Stefano and Lexie to he and Isabella and knows what it's like to go through alone.

Bo suggests ending their session but Marlena offers to change the subject as she feels the investigation isn't the only thing bothering her. Hope admits that Bo is not happy about what happened while he was in the hospital and won't talk about it. Bo talks about waking up from a coma to find out that Hope and John got turned into Gina and the Pawn so he wouldn't want to hear every detail of that. Hope tells Bo that they got closure now that Stefano's dead so it's really over. Marlena asks if she's sure about that which Hope questions what she means by. Marlena says it's clear to her that Bo doesn't think it will happen again but she wonders if he's more concerned about what he doesn't know. Bo admits that she's right and he would like to know what happened in Alamainia.

Kayla tells Abe that they would do anything for Lexie. Abe says he wanted to take her to one of her favorite places with a special picnic. Bo gives them a list of some of her favorites. Kayla thinks they can put it together so she goes to get started on it. Jennifer talks about how lucky and fortunate she feels to be able to spend the other day with Lexie. She adds that they'd love to come visit again but they know she gets tired. Abe says it's hard to see Lexie that way and it gets harder every day.

Victor tells Maggie that he used to think money and power were all that mattered but he knows now it's time to be with the ones they love and for him that's Maggie. Victor asks Maggie to find it in her heart to forgive him. Maggie says the problem is that even if she did forgive him, it doesn't mean that she can trust him. Victor claims he's changed but Maggie disagrees. Victor hoped this would be a start to remind them of their good times. Maggie calls it a mistake because she's only reminded of Victor's birthday and that's the night that he told her what he did to her. Maggie doesn't think there's anything he could do to make her forgive or forget that.

Kayla comes back with Abe and Jennifer and jokes about Caroline kicking her out of the kitchen to make the food herself. Kayla gets a message on her phone and steps away. Abe approaches and says he knows she was crying earlier so he wants to know what's wrong.

Victor tells Maggie that he did all of those things and was arrogant and wrong. Maggie agrees with that. Victor tells her that back when it all started, he had no idea they were her eggs. Maggie is still appalled that he would take someone's eggs without their permission. Maggie starts to leave but Victor begs her to stay.

Hope understands why Bo wants to know what happened and is glad that he is asking. She tells Bo that she and John did not have a physical relationship in Alamainia. Hope tells Bo that it was different this time and she doesn't think the transformation was complete since they snapped out of it so quickly by seeing Marlena and Bo. Hope says they might have believed in their minds but in their hearts they knew who they were and who they really loved.

Jennifer joins Abe as he asks Kayla what's in the text. Jennifer asks if something happened to Stephanie. Kayla tells them that Stephanie is fine but it's about Steve.

Hope wants to tell Bo what it was like so that he will really understand. She truly believes that she and John were both clinging to the lives that they really wanted and that's her life with Bo and John's with Marlena. Bo believes it too since the doctors said he couldn't come out of the coma on his own but he did when he heard her calling for him. They say their connection brought them back to each other.

Maggie tells Victor that she wants to make a deal. Victor agrees to anything but she tells him to wait and hear what it is. Maggie says she will stay and listen to everything he has to say but after that if she walks out the door then that's it. Victor accepts her deal. Maggie tells him that saying no and pushing him away is very hard for her as she doesn't want to be alone and does love him. Victor tells her to come back but Maggie tells him that their trust is broken. Victor asks for time to mend it and wants another chance since he can't undo what he had already done in the past. Victor asks for a chance to be who she wants him to be in the future.

Jennifer asks Kayla what happened to Steve. She says he isn't hurt so Abe asks why she's upset. Kayla says she can't with all that Abe is dealing with but Abe wants to be there for her the way she has been for him. Jennifer reminds her that they are family.

Maggie thinks Victor means what he's saying. Victor insists that he does. Maggie calls that the problem because he always sounds convincing when he believes what he's saying. Maggie thinks Victor could convince himself there's a reason to do something terrible. Maggie tells Victor that he had friends dealing with infertility which can be devastating so he saved them a few years of heartaches by stealing another woman's eggs. Victor says he understands her pain but Maggie tells him not to say that Daniel wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him. Victor says he wasn't going to say that. Victor tells her he isn't the same person or at least doesn't want to be. Victor promises never to lie to her again. Maggie thinks he only means for now but doesn't think he can keep the promise.

Abe and Jennifer sit back down with Kayla. Kayla admits she was crying earlier because she just got off the phone with Steve after a terrible argument which has been an ongoing fight. Jennifer points out that it happens in all marriages. Abe suggests that they have been apart for too long. Kayla then admits that she told everyone that she came back to Salem to help her mother through the holidays and stayed for her family but the real reason was that she needed time away from Steve to find some perspective to decide if she even wants to go back.

Hope asks Bo if something is still bothering her. Bo says he knows in his heart that they are married but it still bugs him that Hope's divorce to John wasn't finalized in Alamainia. Hope apologizes but Bo says it's not her fault since she did everything she could, he just finds it different that he's legally married to another man. Bo comments that it can't be too comfortable for Marlena either.

Victor tells Maggie that he can't convince her but it will take time. Victor thinks they have proven they can be happy together. Victor thinks it was a gift from God for them to be together and they shouldn't turn their back on that. Maggie smiles and admits Victor makes her laugh and makes her happy. Maggie knows Victor loves her and she loves him. Maggie says she doesn't want it to be true but that might not be enough.

Jennifer asks Kayla how long she and Steve have been having problems. Kayla says it's been ever since they left Salem. Kayla talks about convincing herself that everything was fine. Kayla talks about how they lived but she could see that he was restless and wanted something more. Kayla compares Steve to Jack in craving adventure and not being happy with a boring routine. She and Jennifer talk about loving that about both Steve and Jack. Kayla says she should've seen this coming but she heard from Shane that Steve went back to work for the ISA. Jennifer is shocked that he didn't talk to her about it first. Kayla talks about loving him for 15 years and can't believe he'd put himself back in that type of situation. Jennifer hates that she's been dealing with this alone. Kayla declares that she's finally come to accept that they have been separated for so long that he would do something so reckless. Kayla says Steve is the man she fell in love with but not the man she wants to be with.

Marlena agrees that she's not happy that John and Hope are still married. Hope apologizes but Marlena blames Stefano. Bo talks about having to jump through hoops to remarry his wife. Hope jokes about them still wanting to be married again. Marlena laughs and calls it progress.

Victor tells Maggie that she won't know unless she tries. Maggie brings up what she could lose. Maggie talks about working every day to stay sober and stay herself. Maggie isn't sure she could survive another blow since Victor has said this before. Maggie doesn't think that he could ever really change. Maggie declares that she can't put her heart on the line like that again. Maggie says she's heard what he had to say and now she's saying goodbye. Maggie walks out of the room. Victor follows her and says he has something else to say that he hasn't told her.

Jennifer wishes Kayla would have talked to her. Abe agrees. Kayla says she just kept hoping and praying that Steve would pick his family over whatever he was doing. Kayla states that she has lost him and knows after their fight today that it's really over. Jennifer asks if she's sure there's no hope at all. Kayla says she had hoped that Steve would come to his senses and realize his mistake then come back to his family but she knows that won't happen now. Kayla says they aren't going to have the happily ever after. Kayla says she will just have the memories. Kayla apologizes to Abe for being insensitive with everything he's going through. Abe tells her that they have to lean on their friends when going through hell. Abe tells her that she will get through this for her kids just like he has to for Theo. Abe adds that when you have kids, you go on no matter what.

Marlena sits with Bo and Hope and asks how they think the session went. Hope thinks it went really good as they addressed a lot of important issues. Bo says he got there eventually and apologizes for asking her about John but Hope is glad it's all out in the open. Marlena says it's terrible to carry around unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts. Bo talks about learning that the hard way. Marlena is glad they came in. Bo likes that they are making progress. Hope jokes about being high maintenance. Hope reminds Bo that they need to keep working at this. Marlena thinks any healthy relationship needs work all the time.

Victor tells Maggie that there is one more thing that he hasn't told her. Maggie doesn't think she wants to know. Victor says when the truth came out about Maggie's eggs, he would afraid she would leave him so he did the worst possible thing in keeping it from her and lying about it. Victor was sure she'd do what he was afraid of and she did. Victor says he wasn't man enough to own up to his own responsibility after she learned the truth and he reacted in anger instead of remorse. Maggie says it was stupid while Victor calls it unmanly. Victor says the one truth is that he loves her and she makes him want to be better like the kind of man who deserves a caring, compassionate, forgiving woman like Maggie. Maggie questions him throwing in forgiving. Victor says he's learned that he can't get anything past her and knows that if he makes one mistake he could lose her forever but he wants to try again and risk it. Victor asks if there is any chance that they can put it all behind them and start fresh. Victor asks Maggie if there is any chance for them at all.

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