Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/14/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate sits in her office with research until Madison arrives. Madison hopes Kate is prepared for their meeting since they have a lot to go over and have a pitch to make. Madison apologizes for being insensitive but doesn't know what to say. Kate asks why she's saying that. Madison tells her that she saw the news about Stefano. Madison understands that Kate loved Stefano. Kate says it's hard to imagine the world without him in it. Madison realizes that Kate still loves him. Kate states that sometimes love just isn't enough as Madison looks down at her ring.

EJ sits alone in the DiMera Mansion. He gets up and pours a drink as Ian walks in. Ian tells him that he's sorry. EJ tells Ian that his father's remains are on a plane to Italy but Ian informs EJ that he's here to see him.

Melanie sits with Gabi at the town square. Melanie asks Gabi if she's going to get something to eat as she doesn't think there will be any more rats now that the police know. They both want it to be over as Melanie remarks that it's tough when someone just won't take no for an answer.

Andrew sets up the bed in his undisclosed location and states that it's time to get to work as he pulls out rope and duct tape.

Chad asks Will if he murdered Stefano since he got arrested. Will knows it looks bad but calls all the evidence substantial. Chad questions him but Will says he can't talk about the case. Chad stops him and shouts that it's not a case to him as he doesn't have a mother or a father. Chad says he doesn't care what Will's lawyer told him, he wants to talk about it right now.

Melanie comments to Gabi that Chad is taking a long time to come back. Gabi thinks he just needs time. Melanie hopes he's not mad at her for sticking up for Will. Gabi insists that he'll get over it. Melanie decides to go after him but Gabi begins complaining of cramps. Melanie gives her a bottle of Midol. They hear Chad yell at Will not to walk away from him and they rush to go find him.

Will tells Chad that he knows how he feels but he wouldn't shoot anyone. Melanie and Gabi arrive as Chad asks to know what's going on. Will says he can't but Melanie wants him to give some type of explanation. Will explains that they found his fingerprints on the murder weapon but he swears that he didn't fire it. Will adds that they knew he had access to the house cause he worked for EJ and he had gunpowder residue on his hands. Will clarifies that he fired another gun to test it out but didn't shoot it at Stefano or anyone. Chad questions why he needs a weapon. Will says there is some stuff going on that he doesn't know about. Chad doesn't believe him. Melanie tells Chad that he's innocent until proven guilty. Chad talks about knowing how a DA will build a case. Chad questions Will some more. Chad points out that he hated Stefano. Melanie says everyone did and there's a bunch of suspects. Chad still thinks it's Will and can't believe he's walking around free. Will swears he didn't do it. Chad tells Will that he thought he knew him but was obviously wrong. Will walks away as Chad shouts after him that he won't get away with it. Melanie tries to convince Chad but Chad instead questions Melanie standing up for Will.

EJ asks Ian what he wants. Ian wants to offer his sympathy for the loss of his father. EJ says Ian didn't know Stefano and hardly knows him. Ian knows what it's like to be the son of a powerful man. EJ brings up Ian stealing Stefano's wife and asks if he's still sorry for his loss.

Kate tells Madison that she never stopped loving Stefano but he stopped trusting her and there was nothing she could do about it. Madison feels like she owes Kate to tell her about Ian but Kate doesn't want to talk about Ian with her. Madison isn't sure why but she feels compelled to warn her since Kate's the only reason she's free of him. Madison says that Ian is not the man she thinks he is. Kate believes she knows him better than Madison realizes. Madison says Kate just thinks she does. Madison says she knows all about Stefano and Kate has not left that kind of evil behind her with Ian. Kate questions if Madison thinks she will be happy with Brady and wishes her luck with that. Madison decides they should just focus on work. They talk about their last meeting at the Pub. Madison feels awful about it but Kate says Brady made an ass of himself and needs to make an apology. Brady arrives and agrees that he will need to make an apology. Brady says he knows he should've dealt with this before but doesn't know how to explain what happened. Kate says he made it happen. Brady knows how important the meeting was. Kate accuses him of drinking. Brady says it was a protein shake and apologizes. Kate tells him to leave an apology for PR. Brady tells Madison that he thought he would know what happened but doesn't know what came over him. Kate thinks he was either drunk or high. Kate blames Brady's bad behavior for almost costing them an endorsement. Kate suggests Brady go to a 12 step meeting. Madison asks to talk to Kate alone so Brady exits. Madison questions Kate talking to Brady like that. Kate claims she's just telling the truth. Madison questions Kate talking to Stefano like that. Kate states that Stefano wasn't weak. Madison says they are partners so she's asking her to back off Brady. Kate agrees as Madison asks to speak with Brady alone. Kate wishes her luck and exits the room while Brady heads back in.

Ian tells EJ that he has a long history with Kate and he knew her way before Stefano. EJ assumes she must have been memorable despite not thinking so himself. EJ brings up Kate working with him alongside Madison. Ian says Madison understands that Kate is very efficient. Ian tells EJ to call him if there's anything he or Titan can do for him. EJ wants to know what he's really doing there since they both know he didn't come to offer his condolences.

Melanie wants to talk to Chad about this since he hasn't slept since Stefano's murder. Melanie knows he's going through the hardest thing but she knows what it's like since she was accused of killing her own father but she was innocent. Melanie says they don't know what happened that night but Chad doesn't want to talk about Will. Chad talks about losing his parents and never getting them back. Chad talks about how Stefano wanted to be his father but he spit on that and will never be able to make it right. Melanie questions Chad blaming Will. Melanie tells Chad that he will regret making things worse for Will. Chad wants to know who did it if not Will. Melanie suggests it could've been one of his enemies. Chad accuses her of not caring which she calls ridiculous. Chad thinks Melanie believes that Stefano got what he deserved.

Ian talks to EJ about the war between the Kiriakis and DiMeras but calls this different times. Ian thinks he and EJ could find a way to support each other and do good. EJ questions Ian coming into Stefano's house to make a deal. Ian apologizes if he offended him. Ian offers to have dinner but EJ thinks he's said all he came to say. EJ wants to be alone so Ian agrees to exit. EJ looks over at the framed photo of Stefano. Will enters from the side as EJ questions how he got in. Will explains that he told the maid that EJ wanted to see him. EJ reminds Will of his family saying it was a bad idea for him to come back there. EJ questions Will what he's doing. Will says EJ bailed him out and said he owed him so he wants to know what that means.

Madison asks Brady if he remembers how he feels when he was making that scene. Brady says he felt high but knows he couldn't have been high. Madison is unsure. Brady wants to take a drug test but Madison doesn't want to put him through that. Brady will do whatever he needs to do to prove to Madison. Madison tells him that Kate will be coming back and they will be busy but Brady can't let this go. Madison stops him so Brady questions if she still loves him.

Melanie tells Chad that she made it very clear that she's not glad Stefano is dead and questioned where this is coming from. Chad thinks Melanie loved that he stayed away from Stefano. They argue about it as Chad is tired of apologizing for being a DiMera. Melanie tells Chad that he's the one that had a problem with it. They continue to argue as Gabi watches. Melanie gets that Chad wants someone to blame but says it's not fair to put it on her. Chad accuses her of keeping him from his father. Melanie says if that's how he feels then maybe she should go which Chad agrees with. Melanie tells Chad that she thought he knew that she would never hurt him as she then walks away. Chad sits down and starts to cry as Gabi puts her hand on his shoulder. He holds her hand as Andrew walks by and watches them through the gate.

Ian arrives outside the office and talks with Kate. Kate tells him that Madison and Brady are inside. Ian says he was at a meeting. Kate talks to Ian about hoping Brady will confess to being high but he's denying it. Ian recalls Brady acting erratically. Kate believes Madison was covering for Brady. Ian claims to have not known Brady was a drug addict and calls it sad for Madison if that is still going on.

Madison tells Brady that it's not the time or place to talk about love. Brady just wants a yes or no so Madison says she still loves him. Brady thanks her and wishes he didn't have this crap in his past but can't change it. Brady wishes he could explain his actions but can't. Brady swears on his mother's memory that he did not use before that lunch. Brady tells Madison that he loves her and would never do anything to hurt her or her career. Brady doesn't know what he would do if he lost her and then begins to question if he has lost her.

EJ thinks Will has inherited Sami's suspicious nature. Will questions if he's using him to play a game with Sami. EJ thinks he has better things to do than question his motives. Will tells EJ about Chad thinking he killed Stefano. Will doesn't like people thinking he's a murderer and asks if EJ will get him off. EJ says he bailed him out but can't get him off. Will says he can't do his dirty work in jail. EJ hopes he's innocent then. Will tells EJ that Lucas went to prison for shooting him so he can't be tried for that crime. EJ tells Will good job on doing his homework but if he's tried and absolved of a crime then he can't be retried for the same crime but if not then that's how double jeopardy works. EJ explains that if the DA finds out that Will tried to kill someone before then it will look very bad for him. EJ tells Will that he will own him and that will be much better than jail. Will worries that he might still go to jail since Chad thinks he's guilty. Will talks about the evidence. EJ points out that Will didn't fire the murder weapon. Will brings up his fingerprints. EJ laughs at the idea of getting himself implicated. Will mentions the gunshot residue test coming back positive which EJ laughs at. Will says someone else fired a gun at Stefano. Will says his lawyer can't get him off unless they find out who that was. Will comments that EJ never asked him if he did it. EJ says he wouldn't have to because he already knows that he didn't. Will asks if that means EJ knows who did.

Madison tells Brady how much she wants to believe him but was scared since she's never seen him like that. Madison tells Brady that until they figure out what's going on, they should postpone their wedding.

Will thinks EJ knows who killed Stefano. EJ says if he did, he would've gone to the police. Will thinks he wouldn't because he then would have to give up messing with their lives. Will wants EJ to go to the press and tell them he's innocent. Will thinks it would help a little but EJ has to go. EJ tells him to stay until he gets back. EJ then exits.

Gabi sits with Chad in the town square and says she understands why he got upset since it sounded like Melanie was siding with Will against him. Gabi says she's sorry but Chad then declares it's not what Melanie was doing and they both know that.

Melanie begins to walk out of the town square and starts thinking she's being followed so she looks around. She assumes she must be losing it and exits the town square as Andrew comes down the stairway and follows her out.

EJ goes to the alley with a pair of gloves. He looks around and then tosses the gloves in the dumpster and walks out of the alley.

Kate remains outside her office as Brady questions Madison not wanting to marry him. Brady wants to know how long they would postpone the wedding. Madison says just until they know what's going on. Brady talks about not being able to figure out what happened but assures her that it was a one time deal. Madison brings up that she promised herself not to go into another marriage that's a mistake. Brady insists they are not a mistake and wants to do anything to prove it to her. Brady offers to take drug tests and says he only had the protein shake. Brady hugs her and asks her not to give up on them.

Chad tells Gabi that he's so messed up that he couldn't see what Melanie was trying to do. Chad realizes that Melanie just didn't want him to lose his best friend because he came to the wrong conclusion about him. Chad wonders what is wrong with him for letting Melanie walk away. Chad starts to call Melanie to apologize but Gabi takes his phone, saying she is stopping him from making a very big mistake.

Brady offers to call for the drug test. Brady hates that she doesn't believe in him so Madison tells him to make the call. Brady wants her to believe him and says this will all be over after the drug test. Brady wants to stop discussing postponing the wedding because he wants to marry her and doesn't want to wait. Madison agrees and they kiss. Brady says he loves her and has waited for her so he won't do anything to screw it up. They kiss again as Madison brings up getting back to work. Brady wants her to tell him that they are good so she does.

Chad questions why Gabi thinks it's a mistake to apologize to Melanie. Gabi brings up how upset Melanie was and mad. Gabi claims Melanie won't listen if he calls her now. Gabi says she loves Melanie but thinks she has a temper. Chad doesn't like thinking of Melanie all alone while she's feeling bad. Gabi says she has many friends and is sure that she's not alone.

Melanie walks back to the gate of the town square, looking behind her and then continues walking on. Andrew follows her and then stops outside the gate. Andrew opens his bag and pours a bottle onto a rag then continues following Melanie.

Will remains at the DiMera Mansion until EJ returns and questions where he was going. Will wants to be anywhere but there but EJ says he's not dismissed yet. EJ brings up Will wanting to clear his name. Will doesn't think EJ is going to help him with anything. EJ sits down and assures him that he will help him because he wants Will to owe him for the rest of his life. Will says he's been thinking but it doesn't mean much to EJ. Will brings up EJ saying that he knows he didn't kill Stefano so what he's come up with is that maybe it's because EJ killed Stefano.

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