Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ enters the DiMera Mansion where Stefano lies in his casket. Lexie arrives behind him with Chad and Melanie. Lexie asks if EJ is okay.

Gabi walks to the alley and Andrew follows her. Gabi pushes him for putting a rat in her food. Andrew thought it was funny. Gabi tells him to only stalk her when she says to and blames him for ruining everything.

Will wakes up from spending the night at Marlena and John's. He goes into the living room and talks to Marlena. Will brings up being a murder suspect. Marlena says he didn't do it and assures that they will prove it. Will wishes everyone had that confidence as Sami then arrives.

EJ greets Chad and Melanie and thanks them for being there. Lexie is glad they are all there together. Lexie says she knows Stefano wanted to be buried with his ancestors in Italy but she thinks it's important for them to have this time to say goodbye as a family. Chad still can't believe someone killed Stefano in cold blood and that they are still free. Chad says they all know Stefano wasn't perfect or even a good man but he hates whoever did this to him. Chad badly wants revenge. Lexie decides they should leave the room so they step out with Melanie. The doorbell rings and EJ answers it to see Nicole. Nicole tells EJ that she wanted to come and let him know that she's sorry. EJ thanks her and says it means a lot. Nicole talks about knowing what it's like to lose a parent. They talk about Stefano and EJ claims that Stefano liked Nicole most of the time. Nicole admits she admired Stefano for how protective he was of his family. EJ thanks her again for coming but Nicole tells him not to think too much into it so EJ goes to prepare to go eat. Nicole starts to leave but instead heads into the living room.

Marlena starts to step out but Will asks her to stay because anything Sami has to say, she can say in front of her. Sami tells Will that she believes that he did not kill Stefano. Will thanks her but calls it a little late. Marlena suggests they all move on. Sami calls Marlena the voice of reason for always saying the right thing when she doesn't. Will comments that Marlena didn't do anything wrong but Sami reveals that she ran into her the night of Stefano's murder and she wasn't acting like herself. Sami talks about Marlena not having time to talk to her and not telling her where she was going. Will questions what's wrong with Sami and if she's seriously accusing Marlena of shooting Stefano.

Gabi tells Andrew that the rat was over the top and pushed Chad away. Gabi tells him about how Chad got so upset and told her brother who is an overprotective cop. Andrew talks about seeing Rafe get so mad. Gabi tells him that she now has to check in with Rafe all the time. Andrew gets mad that she didn't tell him about her brother being a cop. Gabi is upset that he won't let her model anymore so she won't get to spend as much time with Chad. Andrew apologizes and wants to make it up to her but Gabi tells him it's too late now.

EJ gives Lexie a box of photos that is for her and Theo. Lexie thinks EJ should keep them so she hands them back. EJ reminds her that he's not a member of the family. Lexie tells him to forget the biology since he just lost his father and it's the same for both of them. EJ talks about Stefano making clear that it's not the same. Lexie talks about how much Stefano loved EJ. EJ says he did until he found out that he wasn't his son. Lexie calls EJ everything Stefano wanted in a son. EJ says Stefano was all he wanted in a father as well. Lexie says that's all that matters and tells him to hold on to that.

Nicole goes to Stefano's casket and tells him that he had her convinced that he was immortal and would always win which she sees in EJ. Nicole admits to Stefano that she wants her baby to be just like EJ and Stefano, fierce, unafraid and ready to fight. Nicole says the baby is EJ's and Stefano's grandchild but he can never know. Nicole talks about not wanting her baby raised as a DiMera or EJ to know that it's his but admits that she's so glad it is his child. Kate then clears her throat from the doorway which startles Nicole.

Andrew stops Gabi and asks her not to give up on him as he's sorry that he screwed everything up and didn't mean to make her mad but he needs the money. Gabi says she's not giving up but they need to back off and take things very slowly. Gabi talks about how everything was working perfectly and her and Chad were connecting. Andrew says he thought they were friends but Gabi says she can't take this and asks him to lay low and not do anything until she tells him to. Gabi walks off as Andrew calls after her that he will fix everything and she will see.

Nicole tells Kate that she didn't know anyone was there. Kate questions what she was doing there. Nicole says she was saying goodbye. Kate tells her that she hated him. Nicole says she admired him but Kate tells her to get out. Nicole doesn't think Kate has any say. Kate brings up being his wife. Nicole tells her that Stefano kicked her out and calls her a slut. They argue until EJ returns to the room. Nicole agrees to leave. Nicole tells EJ that she's sorry and then exits. Kate tells EJ that she's sorry as well and says Nicole brings out the worst in her. Kate says she just wanted to pay her respects but knows she should go too. EJ tells her it's fine as he knows how much she loved him. EJ tells her to take all the time she needs. Kate thanks EJ as he then exits the room.

Sami says she isn't accusing anyone. Will thinks it sounds like it. Marlena says Sami has a point which Will questions. Marlena adds that with all that Stefano has done to their family, they all had a motive to kill him. Marlena says everyone will get nervous when the police begin to investigate and anything including her own behavior can be used against them. Marlena says Sami is only concerned that Will could be set up to look like the murderer. Sami talks about all the times that they thought Stefano was dead and he wasn't. Marlena assures that he won't rise again this time.

Kate talks to Stefano's body about how mad she was at him in the end and still is. Kate tells him that she loved him. Kate says no matter what she said in anger, she always will love him. Kate starts to cry as she says Stefano knew her better than anyone and still loved her. Kate says he gave her a chance when no one else would. Kate questions why he had to do what he did when they had everything. Kate says they were invincible. Kate knows she was wrong to be unfaithful to him but wonders why he tested her and why he was so unforgiving to punish her the way he did. Kate says Stefano backed her into a corner when he knew how dangerous it was and what she was capable of. Kate cries out that now she can only be sorry for what she did as she puts her hand on Stefano's.

Chad and Melanie return to Stefano's casket. Chad says he knew how people felt about Stefano and how he tried to manipulate him but he liked him. Melanie tells Chad that it's not too late to tell him that. Chad approaches the casket and tells Stefano that he's sorry for wasting time with him. Chad talks about spending most of the last few years trying to push him away. Chad admits he kind of liked living there since it wasn't boring. Chad talks about not knowing what it was like to have a father who thought he mattered and that he loved. Chad cries that he loves his dad.

Will sits with Marlena after Sami exits. Will says it must be important to get along since Marlena just let go that Sami accused her of murder. Marlena tells him that Sami is worried since everyone will be put under a microscope. Marlena says she was on edge that night which could work against her. Will says he was too that night at the Pub. Marlena asks Will what he was upset about that night with Stefano. Will tells her that she doesn't want to know but swears that he didn't shoot Stefano which Marlena says she knows.

Kate joins EJ in Stefano's room and thanks him for bailing Will out of jail. Kate adds that she knows he's innocent. EJ says he may be but isn't as saintly as she thinks he is. Kate says she only needs him to be out of jail and couldn't believe Roman actually arrested his own grandson. Chad and Melanie enter with Chad questioning what Kate just said.

Lexie sits at Stefano's casket and talks about their complicated relationship. Lexie talks about all the times she threw him out of her life for good but it never lasted because she always knew how much he loved her. Lexie says having a child of her own as made her understand. Lexie says she knows Stefano's guilt over her illness was excruciating and she just wants him to know that she forgives him. Lexie hopes and prays that Stefano is finally at peace. Abe arrives and hugs Lexie as she cries.

Sami brings Johnny and Sydney to the mansion for EJ. EJ sits with the kids and tells them about how much Stefano loved them. Johnny comments on being DiMera which EJ goes along with.

Chad rushes through the town square as Melanie follows him. Chad talks about how he heard Will was arrested so he now thinks Will killed Stefano. Gabi arrives and tries to calm things down. Melanie argues with Chad as he believes Will killed Stefano and Chad ends up questioning who's side Melanie is on.

Lexie and Abe return home and sit with Theo to explain that Stefano is gone. Theo then asks if Lexie is going away too.

Sami goes to Stefano's casket and talks about seeing a movie where a guy stuck a needle in a corpse to see if he was really dead and admits to being tempted. EJ joins her and asks if she was saying goodbye. Sami says she was just reassuring herself that he's really dead. Sami apologizes for saying it like that and doesn't mean to upset him. EJ tells her that he didn't and thanks her for bringing the kids since Stefano was apart of their lives. Sami brings up that EJ bailed Will out and jokes that they are finally getting along. Sami tells EJ that she's sorry since she knows how much Stefano meant to him and how close they were. EJ says he isn't sure about that as they sit down while EJ calls it a long, tiring day. EJ says everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now that he's gone. Sami wishes but she has a bad feeling that even death won't stop Stefano from ruining their lives.

Lexie tells Theo that she will be going away soon. Theo asks if she has to. Abe assures him that she doesn't want to go and wants to stay with them but there's nothing she can do about it. Lexie assures him that EJ and Cameron will take care of him and she'll always be with him to make sure he's alright. Theo says she will be with Stefano and is glad she won't be alone. Theo hugs her and says he loves her. Lexie tells him to never forget how much she loves him as he hugs her again and she cries.

Chad storms off as Gabi comments on how upset he looks. Melanie asks Gabi to give him some space then asks what she's doing there. Gabi says Rafe knows where she is. Melanie asks about her stalker and thinks the police should've been involved from the beginning. Gabi suggests maybe now the stalker will just back off with the police involved.

Andrew fixes up a bed in a closed off room. Andrew says everything should be ready for their new guest. Andrew looks at a modeling photo of Gabi and Chad and comments that he said he would fix everything and thinks Gabi will like this.

Chad finds Will outside the town square and questions what's going on since he heard he was arrested. Will wants to talk but not there. Chad demands to know now if he killed his father.

Sami goes back to Marlena's and tells her that she thinks things are going to get worse again. Sami says she was just with EJ and the kids, and the kids were clinging to him. Sami brings up EJ being a suspect and worries that Johnny will pick up on that. Marlena says they are all suspects including John. Sami knows none of them are capable. Marlena adds that people will be driven to do things that they would never normally do. Sami thinks something is going on with EJ and that something has changed inside of him. Marlena points out that his father was killed but Sami feels he's lost a lot more.

EJ sits with the casket, drinking, and says he spent all day thinking of what he would say to Stefano. EJ says he couldn't find the words to say how he felt when Stefano turned his back on him and betrayed him because they weren't blood. EJ thinks it shouldn't have mattered but it was all that mattered to Stefano. EJ tells him that he loved him and tried to show him how. EJ says no son loved his father more than he did. EJ talks about being alone and how the women he's loved fear and hide from him. EJ adds that the kids visit him and then go home to be protected from him. EJ says his sister is dying and it all leads back to Stefano. EJ says he's alone because of Stefano and he's not even his son. EJ tells Stefano that he loved him and knows he loved him too. EJ talks about doing everything Stefano ever asked and tried to make him be proud. EJ says Stefano instead destroyed everything on his own. EJ says cheers and exits the room.

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