Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will is brought in and told the person who posted his bail is here to see him. Will assumes it's Lucas or Sami but is surprised when EJ arrives.

Roman and Officer Kent go to John and Marlena's. John jokes about them stopping by again. Marlena tells him that they took the gunshot residue test and both passed. John says they told him earlier that they didn't shoot Stefano. Roman is starting to believe it. Marlena asks why they are there. Roman tells them that he didn't want them to hear it on the news that they found a suspect. Roman informs them that Will had been arrested after he admitted to buying a gun. Marlena brings up it being Abe's gun so Roman points out that Will's fingerprints were on that too. John points out that all their fingerprints were on the gun. Roman informs them that Will did not pass the gunshot residue test meaning he fired a gun. Marlena insists that it doesn't mean he shot Stefano and swears that Will didn't do it. Roman questions if Marlena knows who really did.

Sami and Lucas sit at the Pub and talk about the things they didn't know about Will. Sami feels like she doesn't know her own son anymore. Lucas says they have to help him now. Lucas adds that they have to make sure no one ever finds out that Will shot EJ in the past. Sami then spots Rafe at the counter and he approaches them. Sami asks Rafe how long he had been standing there and he says long enough.

EJ tells Will that he can thank him. Will questions EJ posting his bail. EJ tells him that he's a free man until his trial. Will doesn't get it since he thought EJ didn't ever want to see him again and fired him. Will asks if this means he changed his mind and he can have his job back. EJ tells him that there will be conditions.

Rafe questions Sami and Lucas talking about Will. Rafe says he heard about his arrest and wanted to get some information from them. Rafe adds that he's back on the force so Sami hopes he can help Will. Rafe tells her it's no that simple. Sami hopes Rafe doesn't hold what happened between them against Will. Sami says she knows Rafe doesn't think Will is capable of murder. Rafe agrees and Lucas states he didn't do it. Rafe wants to ask Will a few questions. Rafe promises to keep looking for the real killer. Rafe suggests Sami get Will a good lawyer and asks about Carrie but Sami refuses to involve Carrie.

John and Marlena tell Roman he can arrest them if it gets Will free. Marlena questions what Roman is doing by arresting his grandson. Roman says he's following police procedure due to how serious this is. Roman says they can't make mistakes but Marlena says he already made the worst mistake by arresting Will. Roman states that the facts speak for themselves and Will looks incredibly guilty. John assumes Roman doesn't really believe it. Roman insists that he didn't come with any other motives. Roman wants to solve the murder and not play any games. Roman gets that they are all upset. Roman has a very strong feeling that someone close to him is lying to him.

Will asks EJ what he means by conditions. EJ adds that he wouldn't pay his bail out of the goodness of his heart so Will asks why and if it's because he knows he didn't shoot Stefano. EJ says he doesn't have an opinion on that but says it serves his purposes. Will doesn't get it. EJ explains that if he helps Will, Will helps him. EJ says he's doing something for Will so that Will would do anything for him. EJ declares that he once again owns Will.

Sami and Lucas tell Rafe that they are going to get Justin to be the lawyer for Will. Rafe says Justin is good but thinks this is outside of his expertise. Rafe suggests calling Carrie to get Will out quicker. Sami argues against using Carrie. Sami adds that she doesn't trust Carrie. Rafe tells her that Carrie is with Austin and happy so she isn't with him. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't talk to Carrie. Sami questions Rafe why he wants Carrie involved. Rafe says he just thought she could help Will but then declares that Sami can never stop thinking about herself for a minute.

John asks Roman if he's accusing them of lying. Roman points out that they lied about being in the mansion. Roman says now would be a good time to tell him anything they haven't said. Roman gets a call from the station and steps away. Marlena tells John that Will must be terrified and they should go see him but Roman hangs up and tells them that Will is out since EJ posted bail. Marlena wonders why EJ would post his bail which Roman calls a good question.

Will asks EJ how long he will owe him. EJ says it will be until he pays up. Will declines EJ's help and says he has a family who are probably on their way to post his bail. EJ doesn't doubt that but says there are certain aspects of the case that they can't help him with. EJ brings up the DA building a substantial case against him. Will points out that he's not the only suspect. EJ adds that the case does have it's holes since they would need to prove that Will needs to know how to handle a gun and that he would have a motive. They both say they can't think of a reason. EJ asks Will how much it would strengthen the case if they found out that Will had experience with a gun and used one with the intent to kill in the past. EJ thinks it would hurt him if the jury finds out that Will tried to kill him or if they found out that Stefano was blackmailing him being his motive. Will calls it unfair and says he already used it to get him to work for him. Will tells EJ that he can't blackmail him with the same thing which EJ laughs at. EJ jokes that Will shooting him is the gift that keeps on giving. Will says he didn't shoot Stefano so if EJ does this then the real murderer will walk free. EJ questions how he knows that Will is not the killer. EJ states that he could be putting the killer in jail for the rest of his life. Will asks if EJ is saying that he's okay with him not being convicted as long as he gets what he wants. EJ declares they are finally beginning to understand each other.

Sami yells at Rafe that she is protecting Will as he is the most important in her life. Sami calls Rafe condescending. Rafe says he's just trying to help Will. Sami shouts that Will doesn't need his help and starts to leave but Rafe gets a message that Will is out of jail as he posted bail. Lucas assumes it was Justin and the three of them exit the Pub to go see Will.

John, Marlena, and Roman wonder why EJ posted Will's bail and what EJ is looking to get out of it. Marlena assures that there is no conspiracy since EJ fired Will and states that Will couldn't hurt anyone.

Will asks EJ to hire him back since he liked working for him. EJ talks about the car and apartment that he gave him. Will says he liked the actual job responsibilities too. EJ thinks Will just liked the power. EJ tells Will it's not that easy to just put him back on the payroll. Will thinks it can be but EJ says he betrayed his trust so it will take him a very long time to win it back. Will apologizes again and says he didn't have a choice since Stefano was blackmailing him. EJ says they have been through that several times EJ says he admires loyalty and Will should've came to him when Stefano threatened him. Will points out that Stefano was blackmailing him which is the same thing EJ is doing to him now. EJ calls him short-sighted. EJ tells Will that he backed the wrong horse and Stefano's out so now he's in. Will tells EJ that he knows if EJ was in his position that he wouldn't take this so why should he be expected to. EJ states that he's him and Will is Will while EJ holds all the cards but Will disagrees. Will says he didn't work for EJ for as long as he did without finding a few things that he wouldn't want made public. EJ warns Will to take that back but Will reminds him of the last time he tried to blackmail him.

Roman continues talking with John and Marlena about why EJ would post Will's bail.

EJ asks Will if he's going to work for him or not but Sami and Lucas arrive with Rafe. Sami hugs him and is glad Will is out. Sami asks if Justin is there but they are shocked to find out that EJ paid Will's bail and Sami wonders why. EJ asks if she really needs to ask why. Lucas says they do. EJ calls it an opportunity to help a young man in need and says they are welcome. Sami offers to pay him back but EJ says it's fine. Rafe brings up the charges against Will and asks EJ why he wanted him out. EJ doesn't think Will had anything to do with shooting Stefano. Lucas says they all care about him but EJ doesn't since he fired him so he wonders why he's helping now. EJ states he wasn't going to abandon Will in his hour of need. Sami asks Will to tell what's going on. Will says nothing is going on, EJ just posted his bail and he's a free man so he can leave. Will wants to go before the judge changes his mind. EJ says he has go to tend to business. Sami thanks him as EJ then exits. Sami takes Wil and they leave the room. Lucas stops Rafe and asks if he's buying any of this.

Roman tells John and Marlena that he's sorry it has to be this way but he thought he owed it to them to tell them about Will in person. Roman adds that this isn't fun for him and he hopes the investigation proves Will had nothing to do with the murder. John questions Roman thinking he had the murderer. Roman assures that they will continue the investigation and guarantees it's far from over. Roman assumes the case will get a few other people before they close it up. Roman and Officer Kent then exit as John tells Marlena that's the only thing Roman said tonight that he believes.

Rafe tells Lucas that he has a few more questions as to why EJ posted Will's bail. Lucas thinks EJ just wanted to beat them to doing it. Rafe says he was watching EJ as he talked and doesn't know if he's for real. Rafe wonders if EJ knows something that he isn't telling them. Lucas says EJ doesn't do anything without a reason. Rafe wants to find out what it is. Lucas apologizes to him for what Sami said about Carrie and calls it out of line. Rafe suggests Lucas get through to Sami since he thinks Carrie is Will's best bet to beat this. Roman and Officer Kent arrive and ask to speak with Rafe so Lucas exits. Roman talks with Rafe about EJ posting Will's bail and he says this makes Will look even more guilty. Roman tells Rafe that they have to be realistic and check all the possibilities. Rafe wonders why EJ would be in such a hurry to bail out Will. Rafe says EJ is obviously up to something but doesn't think EJ and Will are working on a cover up together. Roman hopes he's wrong but feels that EJ is not the only one holding out. Roman thinks Will is hiding something too. Rafe agrees that Will has changed a lot lately. Roman talks about never understanding why Will went to work for EJ. Rafe talks about Will blaming Sami more than EJ and thinks he went to work for him to punish or hurt Sami. Roman suggests it was that at the start but began to enjoy the job. Rafe talks about how EJ gave Will an apartment, a car, and independence. Roman agrees and says a lot of puzzle pieces aren't fitting together. Roman declares it will work out as it always does.

EJ sits in the town square making an order for Stefano's funeral arrangements on the phone.

Sami brings Will to her home and wants to get him anything he needs to take care of him. Sami can't believe Roman put him in prison but Will thinks it's not a big deal. Will wants to leave but Lucas joins them. Lucas tells Will that they were worried about him. Sami thinks they need to make sure that they all stick to the same story and that no one finds out that Stefano was blackmailing him. Will questions Sami telling Lucas about that. Sami wants to make sure no one else finds out since the police will think it's his motive. Will asks if Sami is starting to think that he did shoot Stefano. Sami doesn't want to give the police anything else to use against him. Will gets a call from EJ. EJ tells him that they have unfinished business.

Marlena looks out the window and thinks back to her last confrontation with Stefano at the mansion. John joins her and Marlena says Stefano is still here, tormenting them in death as he did in life. Marlena is not sure it will ever end.

Will tells EJ that he's at Sami's but is glad to be out of prison. EJ thinks he should now be motivated to help him. EJ understands Will can't talk because Sami and Lucas are there. EJ tells him that his performance earlier was satisfactory since he backed him up when he needed him to. EJ tells Will that it doesn't end there as he will need more of the same. Will agrees as EJ says he will be in touch. Sami asks Will who called and he claims it was Sonny just calling to make sure everything is okay. Sami assures him that it will all be fine.

Roman and Rafe talk about being connected to the suspects and how the connections made this all complicated. Rafe offers to do anything he can to help. Roman asks if he means that. Rafe tells him how happy he is to be back on the force so he will do whatever he wants or needs. Roman then suggests Rafe take over the case and handle the investigation himself. Rafe doesn't think Roman means that. Roman feels like he's on a tightrope with it and doesn't know how he can maintain the balance. Roman says he trusts Rafe with this and adds that he'd be doing him a big favor. Rafe doesn't know and tells Roman that he's honored that he would think of him but he's just as connected to the suspects as he is. Roman points out that he has bloodlines or longevity with them. Roman says Rafe is good and experienced so he can be objective enough to handle this. Roman adds that he will have officer Kent with him. Rafe calls it a big deal. Roman agrees that it's an assignment from hell but they have to keep going and can't wait. Roman asks Rafe again if he will do this. Rafe looks back at the suspects board and tells Roman that he's in.

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