Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ goes to the DiMera Mansion and removes the police tape from the door then opens the door only to find Rafe inside.

Jack finds Jennifer at the town square and greets her with a big hug. Jack tells her that he has big news and reveals he got his book published. Jennifer talks about how happy she is for him. Jack talks about not being sure he wanted it to be public at first and he didn't think this would happen. Jennifer hugs him and tells him that she is proud of him.

Lexie and Abe talk at home. Lexie wants to get with Chad and EJ to arrange Stefano's funeral. Abe doesn't want to burden her but she insists that she needs to be apart of Stefano's funeral.

Roman arrests Will for the murder of Stefano. Sami and Lucas argue with Roman but Roman says they have to arrest him due to the evidence.

EJ questions what Rafe is doing in the DiMera Mansion. Rafe tells him that he's on assignment since he's back on the police force. EJ tries to enter but Rafe stops him and says there's no way he's coming in. EJ tells him that it's his house but Rafe says it's a crime scene and he's there to make sure it doesn't get corrupted for forensics. EJ thinks they have everything they need from the scene. Rafe tells him that he has his orders so not even the mayor can supersede a criminal investigation. Rafe questions what EJ needs from there so bad. EJ tells him it's personal and none of his business so Rafe tells EJ that he's still not being allowed in.

Jennifer and Jack sit together and talk about Jack being published. Jack wants to call his agent and get right to work. Jennifer asks if that means he's going to New York. Jack assures her that he will do it over the phone as he isn't going anywhere with everything going on with Lexie, Stefano, and planning their own wedding. Jennifer tells him how happy she is for him. Jennifer states that Jack really has changed.

Abe tells Lexie that he and EJ knew she would feel this way but they didn't think she needed any added stress. Lexie insists that it's something she needs to do because it's important to her so Abe agrees to call Chad and EJ. Lexie says this will help her make her final peace with Stefano and their relationship. Lexie knows Abe isn't happy about it since he blames Stefano for what's happening to her. Lexie talks about how Stefano made it hard to love him at times and then talks about first finding out that he was her father. Lexie cries that she loved Stefano through all his faults. Abe doesn't think Stefano deserves a daughter like Lexie. Lexie cries and calls Stefano a tortured soul. Lexie adds that in spite of everything, she knows Stefano loved her. Abe is surprised she can say that after everything he did to her. Lexie says she knows how much her illness was torturing Stefano and knows he would do anything to help her. Lexie cries out that she's so sorry that Stefano had to die feeling sad and alone as Abe hugs her.

Roman and Officer Kent start to take Will in handcuffs but Sami thinks he should get a chance to explain. Roman advises him not to speak without a lawyer but Will says that he fired a gun in the mansion but not the murder weapon. Roman stops him and tells Sami to get Carrie to represent Will but Sami refuses to get Carrie involved. Roman tells Sami this isn't about her or her grudges with Carrie. Sami laughs at the idea. Lucas decides he will call Justin and exits the room. Roman instructs Kent to take Will down and book him. Will swears to Sami that he didn't do it as he is taken out of the room.

Jennifer tells Jack that she can't believe how lucky she is. Jack can't believe how much time he wasted being selfish and not realizing how he was affecting everyone else. Jennifer adds that she wasn't perfect either but she thinks they have figured it out finally. Jennifer praises Jack for doing the hard work and says she loves him as they then kiss.

Abe holds Lexie as she cries. Abe tells her that he's sorry that she never got a chance to say goodbye to Stefano. Lexie says she was thinking she was the one that wouldn't have time and never thought Stefano would be gone before her. Abe mentions how everyone thought Stefano would never die. Lexie says it isn't just that he died but that someone close to them could have killed him. Abe says he's sorry for going over there and leaving his gun. Lexie assures him that she doesn't blame him. Lexie says the more she thinks about Stefano's death, she's starting to believe that maybe it was a blessing. Abe wonders how. Lexie explains that what's happening to her was destroying and torturing Stefano and no parent wants to outlive their child. Lexie talks about how Stefano had already lost Tony and Renee. Lexie starts to cry again and as she states that her father is gone and she never got a chance to say goodbye.

EJ tells Rafe that he doesn't take orders from him. Rafe threatens to arrest him for interfering with a criminal investigation. EJ laughs at the idea and warns him to be careful. EJ accuses Rafe of switching the DNA tests on Nicole's baby. Rafe tells him to take it up with the hospital. EJ threatens to take him down if he finds out he had anything to do with it.

Abe pours tea for Lexie as Jack and Jennifer then arrive. Abe greets them at the door and then they greet Lexie. Jennifer is glad they could see her and they add that they are sorry for Lexie's loss. Lexie hopes that no one close to them is responsible. Abe asks Jack about his good news. Jennifer informs them that Jack's book is going to be published. Lexie gets excited and says she can't wait to read it then they realize she doesn't have much time left as Jack suggests he could get her an advance copy. Abe tells them to enjoy their time with Lexie while he goes and runs some errands. Abe says he will be back soon and then exits. Lexie tells Jack and Jennifer that she's glad they are here as Jennifer hugs her.

Rafe questions if EJ is threatening him. EJ says he wants things that are upstairs in his room. Rafe tells him that he's forgetting that he's a suspect in Stefano's murder.

Lucas returns to Sami and says Justin is in court but will call them as soon as possible. Sami questions if it's really possible that Will murdered Stefano. Lucas doesn't know and tells Sami that he kept thinking about when Will shot EJ. Lucas worries about Marlena telling Roman about Will shooting EJ and that could make them think Will is capable of anything.

Will has his fingerprints taken as well as his mug shots as he is booked for the murder.

EJ questions what motive he could have for killing Stefano. Rafe suggests that everything becomes EJ with Stefano out of the picture. Rafe thinks he could dig and find some other reasons. EJ decides he has better things to do and asks Rafe to let him know when he can get his things. Rafe agrees and shuts the door in EJ's face. EJ then turns and walks away.

Jack decides to go play video games with Theo to allow Jennifer and Lexie some time alone. They sit together as Lexie tells her it's okay. Jennifer says it's hard to imagine. Jennifer doesn't want to believe that it's true but Lexie says it's true that she is dying. Lexie says she's come to accept it. Jennifer starts to cry as she praises Lexie for being amazing, strong, and courageous but adds that it doesn't get easier for the people that love her. Lexie talks about how hard it is to see everyone going through this. Lexie says she's glad Abe went out since it's hard for him and taking a toll on him. Lexie talks about seeing this before with her patients and how difficult the whole process it is. Lexie wishes she could make it easier for Abe. Lexie says seeing Abe's pain is what hurts her the most.

Abe sits down in the town square as Kayla walks by and greets him. Kayla sits and asks if he's alright.

Roman and Officer Kent bring Will back to Sami and Lucas and Roman says they have a few minutes before they take Will down. Lucas says he put a call in to Justin and asks Will if he has anything else to tell them. Will swears that he didn't do this. Will says he shot his gun to try it out but it wasn't the murder weapon. Will asks if they believe him.

EJ sneaks into the DiMera Mansion through the side door in the living room. EJ shuts the main doors and opens his secret drawer then takes out a folder. Rafe walks by the living room and notices the doors shut so he goes to check.

Will assumes Sami and Lucas both think he did it. Sami says that isn't the point and brings up Will shooting EJ in the past. Sami wants to figure out what's going on. Will mocks her support and yells at her that she's not listening to him. Lucas stops them from arguing as Roman and Officer Kent return and tell Will that it's time to go. Lucas hugs Will and tells him not to worry as they leave the room.

Jennifer assures Lexie that she and Jack will take care of Abe and Theo no matter what. Lexie knows but continues to worry. Jennifer tells her not to let that ruin her time left with Abe. Lexie agrees not to. Jennifer apologizes to her for the stress she put her through in the election. Lexie tells her to stop and says it's not important. Lexie gets a headache which worries Jennifer. Lexie says the headaches are coming more frequently and she's getting weaker every day. Lexie tells Jennifer that she doesn't have much time left but there's so much more she has to do. Jennifer says there never seems to be enough time. Lexie promises not to waste another second talking about regrets. Lexie changes the subject and asks about Jennifer and Jack.

Kayla asks Abe if something's happened with Lexie. Abe tells her that she's home with Jack and Jennifer but he just wanted some fresh air. Kayla asks if he'd rather be alone. Abe states that he'll be alone soon enough. Kayla knows he feels that he needs to be there and strong for Lexie and Theo with everyone counting on him. Kayla tells him that he can let his guard down and share his feelings with her.

EJ hides as Rafe enters the living room to search. Rafe gets a phone call which stops his search. Rafe says he's still at the DiMera Mansion and is shocked to learn that Will was arrested for Stefano's murder which EJ overhears. Rafe then rushes out of the room as EJ is relieved that he wasn't caught. EJ takes the folder and then exits the way he came in.

Jennifer tells Lexie that she and Jack are the best they have been in a long time. Lexie is happy for them. Jennifer talks about how they had to realize who they were and what they wanted. Lexie says she and Abe had to do the same thing. Lexie jokes that they've all had their fair share of problems but they came through it all together. Jennifer cries that she's sorry and can't imagine her not being there. Lexie hugs her and tells her it's okay. Lexie adds that she's glad that they came by today as Jack returns to the room.

Abe thanks Kayla but insists that he's okay. Abe admits he wants to cry but worries that he wouldn't be able to stop. Abe says he loves and needs Lexie and doesn't know what he will do without her.

Sami and Lucas sit at the Pub. Lucas still can't get a hold of Justin. Sami is shocked that this is happening. Lucas wonders why Will would try to kill Stefano and calls it ridiculous. Lucas notices Sami's look and questions if she knows something. Sami reveals that Stefano was blackmailing Will and forced him to make sure Rafe found out about Sami and EJ sleeping together. Sami adds that it's why EJ fired Will. Lucas wonders who else knows but Sami doesn't know. Lucas tells Sami that no one can find out that Stefano was blackmailing Will since that's an excellent motive for Will to try and kill Stefano.

Jack jokes with Jennifer and Lexie about playing video games with Theo. Lexie talks about Theo loving to draw. Jennifer says Lexie will always be with Theo. Jack says they will make sure he remembers forever as Lexie thanks them.

Kayla asks Abe if there's anything new in the Stefano murder investigation. Abe doesn't know as he's not a part of the investigation since he's the ex-mayor but he knows there's a lot of motives and suspects. Abe mentions that he's included. Kayla doesn't think anyone would believe Abe would do it and knows half the town would want Stefano dead. Kayla says she has to get back to the Pub and suggests Abe bring Theo by sometime. Kayla tells him to call if he needs anything. Abe thanks her and then gets a call from Roman. Roman tells Abe that they have made an arrest in the DiMera murder case and it was Will. Abe is shocked and asks how that's possible. Roman explains that Will was at the mansion and had fingerprints on the murder weapon as well as gunshot residue came back positive. Abe thanks him for calling. Kayla doesn't think Will's guilty and Abe adds that he knows for a fact that Will did not do it.

Sami tells Lucas that she's worried about Will. Lucas says they have to help him and adds that in order to do that they have to make sure that nobody finds out that Will shot EJ and not him as Rafe arrives at the Pub.

Will is brought in as he's told someone is here to see him. EJ then arrives which surprises Will.

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