Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/7/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Austin brings Carrie tea at the town square. Austin tells her he will get her any food she wants but Carrie suggests she go with him. Austin notes that Carrie didn't sleep much last night. Austin thinks Carrie should go back to the hotel and get some sleep. Carrie assures that she's fine. Austin talks about being new to the whole baby thing and then kisses her as Rafe walks by and sees them.

Chad and Melanie walk through the town square together. Melanie talks about knowing how much he loved his dad and hates that he's going through this. Chad stops and asks Melanie if she's glad that Stefano is dead.

Gabi stands in the town square as Andrew startles her. Gabi asks why he called since she has things to do. Andrew thinks she's being rude but Gabi claims she's busy.

Sami tells Roman to stop treating Will like a murderer. Roman tells her that he has to do everything by the book. Roman asks Will about his fingerprints being on the gun and him being at the DiMera Mansion. Roman asks what Will was doing there but Lucas arrives and asks what's going on. Sami tells Lucas that Roman thinks Will murdered Stefano. Lucas states there is no way that Will had anything to do with it. Will tells Lucas that Roman already knows he had a gun last night. Roman brings up that Will's fingerprints were on the murder weapon which belonged to Abe. Roman says he doesn't believe Abe pulled the trigger since evidence points to other suspects. Roman again asks Will what he was doing there. Will says he was looking for EJ. Roman asks Will about the gun that Lucas took from him and wants to know where he got it and where it is now.

Gabi tells Andrew that she only hired him to pretend to be her stalker. Andrew points out that he's done everything she's wanted. Gabi tells him that she needs him to go because she's meeting someone. Andrew assumes she's meeting Chad.

Melanie tells Chad that regardless of how she felt about Stefano, she still feels for him and is there for him. Chad thanks her and is glad to have her. Melanie doesn't want to talk about it but Chad says he has something he needs to say. Chad talks about how much time and energy he spent trying to shut Stefano out of his life. Chad talks about seeing how much Stefano loved Lexie and EJ but he held back and now it's too late. Melanie assures him that he knew how much he cared. Melanie adds that Stefano would be proud of Chad for being his own man. Melanie tells him how special he was to Stefano and is to her and then she kisses him as Gabi looks over and sees them.

Rafe greets Austin and Carrie. Rafe tells them about Roman reinstating him to the force so he's been investigating Stefano's murder. Austin congratulates him on being the father of Nicole's baby since he heard about the paternity test. Austin mentions that they are both having babies. Austin figures EJ must be a wreck. Austin gets a phone call and steps away to talk. Carrie questions Rafe about the paternity test proving that Rafe lied to her all along.

Chad tells Melanie that he may be his own man but he was Stefano's son. Chad understands why everyone is celebrating his death but he's still his father.

Gabi tells Andrew not to waste her time again. Andrew says they aren't done yet and says he knows Gabi wants to be more than friends with Chad. Gabi says it's none of her business. Andrew accuses Gabi of hiring him so that Chad could save her instead of getting more publicity and he wants her to admit it.

Lucas tells Roman that he took the gun from Will and put it in the safe at the Pub. Roman wants to establish a timeline of the events of last night. Roman says there were a number of other people who's prints were on Abe's gun. Roman decides he's going to take Will to the Pub so he can properly dispose of the gun but Lucas informs him that it's not there. Sami adds that the gun is now gone.

Gabi tells Andrew that she isn't using him to get close to Chad. Gabi says she hired him for a job but they are done until she needs him again. Gabi says she will call if she needs to be stalked but otherwise he should leave her alone. Gabi walks on and greets Chad and Melanie. She asks Chad how he's doing. Chad says there isn't much anyone can do. Gabi hugs Chad which cause Melanie to step aside. Melanie says she and Chad are going back to his place. Chad thinks everyone is happy that Stefano is dead. Chad talks to Gabi about being alone not being safe so he asks her to come with them. Gabi thinks they want to be alone but Chad says being around friends is helping him a lot so Gabi walks with Chad and Melanie follows them.

Rafe sits with Carrie and assures her that the baby isn't his despite what the tests say. Rafe points out that he never slept with Nicole. Carrie believes him and says someone must have switched the results. Carrie assumes Nicole switched the test. Rafe says he didn't and doesn't think Daniel would do it. Rafe finds it hard to believe that Nicole could do it and not get caught. Rafe points out that how surprised Nicole seemed when they got the results. Carrie apologizes for getting upset but adds that it doesn't matter since there's no way they can be together.

Roman questions what happened to the gun. Will stands and explains that he followed Lucas to see what he would do with the gun and then after he left, he snuck in and took it back. Roman asks Will where the gun is now. Will says he got rid of it by taking it apart and getting rid of the pieces in storm drains all around town. Roman asks why he went through all that. Will says he was afraid of getting caught with it. Roman asks what he did next. Will says he went to the mansion to have a word with Stefano. Will adds that Stefano wasn't home so he put the gun that he saw down and got out of there. Lucas tells Will that he never should have had a gun. Sami thinks Will has learned his lesson and they can leave now but Roman says he needs Will to take the gunshot residue test at the station since everyone is being tested.

Chad and Melanie sit together at the town square as Gabi brings food to the table. Chad says they can go now but Gabi wants to check the salads first to make sure there were no mistakes. She opens the box and finds a dead rat inside.

Austin meets with Billie in the Pub. Billie talks about how happy she is that he's having a baby and brings up how much his life is going to change. Billie jokes with him about all the hardships he'll go through. Austin is stoked to be a father. Billie asks if Carrie is happy too.

Carrie tells Rafe that they both know they can't be together since she's really having Austin's child and everyone thinks Nicole is having Rafe's baby. Carrie assumes it's fate telling them to accept what's happened and go their separate ways. Rafe asks if that's what Carrie wants. Rafe adds that he needs to know. Carrie says in a perfect world, they would be together but in this world Austin loves her and she's having his baby. Rafe asks how she feels about that. Carrie admits that it's not what she wanted but she had been praying so hard for a family as long as she could remember. Carrie tells Rafe that what they had was new, special, and wonderful but they will never get a chance to have that and they have to accept it rather than think about what might have been. They agree that they both wish. Carrie holds back tears and tells Rafe that it's not that she doesn't love Austin but that she was in love with Rafe. Carrie says sometimes you have to give up what you want for what's best for everyone else. Rafe states that he just wanted her. Carrie says she wanted that too so much. Carrie states that her place is with Austin and their baby while Rafe's is with Nicole and her baby. Carrie calls it more than doing the right thing but doing what they have to do.

Gabi freaks out about the rat in her salad. Chad brings a waitress over and she is disgusted by it. Chad sends her to go find out if anyone was in the kitchen that shouldn't have been. Chad tells Gabi that they are sorry as Gabi hugs him and tells him how scared she is.

Lucas, Sami, and Will go to the station for Will to take the gunshot residue test. Sami and Lucas talk about just wanting this to be over and they can leave as soon as he's cleared. Will tells them that they don't have to be there but they insist on supporting him. Roman and Officer Kent come in to take Will for the test. Sami makes sure that everyone who's prints are on the gun are being tested. Sami encourages Will as Will then leaves with Roman to take the test. Lucas asks Sami if she really believes it. Sami questions Lucas thinking Will is capable of murdering Stefano.

Austin asks Billie why she would think that Carrie wouldn't be happy to be pregnant. Billie tries to explain as Austin thinks she was questioning that. Austin assures Billie that they are solid and happy. Billie asks if he's not worried about her feelings for Rafe. Austin says he's not and adds that Carrie recommitted to their marriage. Austin asks Billie to just be happy for him since things haven't been this good in a long time. Billie assures that she is as Austin hugs her and tells her how happy he is that she's back. Austin goes to check on his food order.

The waitress comes back and tells Chad that the cook saw a guy come through the kitchen and assumed he was just taking the trash. Chad sends the food back and wants the rat tested for disease. Gabi sits down and talks about how upset she is as Chad assumes her stalker struck again. Melanie calls it weird since they were with her this time. Chad wants to call the cops now but Gabi says no.

Lucas wonders why Will's test is taking so long. Sami blames it all on Stefano. Lucas points out that Will chose to go to the mansion. Sami notes that Lucas didn't answer her question and wants to make sure that Lucas isn't turning his back on their son. Lucas talks about Will lying about the gun and having his fingerprints on the murder weapon. Sami declares that Will is not capable of murder. Lucas brings up that Will tried to murder EJ in the past. Sami says he was a kid then and is not capable of it now. Lucas thinks anyone is capable of anything if they are pushed. Will returns and says he has to stay until they get the results. Will swears to them that he didn't do it so Sami hugs him.

Rafe tells Carrie that she's right that they don't always get what they want in life no matter how bad they want it. They joke about maybe in their next life as Austin returns with food. Austin tells Carrie about running into Billie and how she's happy for them. Austin kisses Carrie and she says bye to Rafe. Austin tells Rafe to tell Nicole that they are happy for her. Rafe agrees to do so and calls it great as Rafe then walks away. Austin tells Carrie that he knows it hasn't been easy for her but he promises to give her everything she needs or wants. Carrie says she has him and their baby and that's all she needs. Austin asks if she's sure. Carrie tells him that she's sorry for everything she put him through the last few months with all the tension and not knowing and what happened with Abigail. Carrie says it was all her fault and she's sorry. Austin tells her it's not her fault but both of theirs. Austin adds that none of it matters now because it's all history. Austin says it's now just them and their baby and that's the way it's meant to be.

Chad questions Gabi still saying no to calling the cops and asks what's wrong. Gabi says Will is working with EJ's people to get her protection. Chad says she isn't safe and needs real protection. Chad says his father is Stefano DiMera and he was just murdered so if someone can get to Stefano, a stalker can get to her. Chad spots Rafe and decides to go tell him. Gabi can't believe it but Melanie is glad since she needs help.

Will apologizes for making things look bad by getting the gun and then lying to them about it. Will doesn't know what he was thinking. Sami understands that he was upset and unhappy with Stefano. Will regrets taking the gun out of the safe. Lucas asks why he did it. Will says he was afraid that someone would find it and he'd get in trouble for owning a gun so he took it apart and throw away the pieces. Will worries that it makes him look guilty of murder. Sami reminds him that it isn't the murder weapon. Sami tells him that he will have nothing to worry about when Roman comes back with the test. Roman returns and Sami assumes that means all will be okay and they will be going home.

Rafe questions Gabi not telling him about being stalked. Gabi tries to say it was nothing at first and wasn't a big deal. Gabi talks about not wanting to get Rafe upset. Rafe wants her phone so that he can trace everything back but she deleted them. Rafe wants to take her phone to the lab but Gabi says she needs it for work. Rafe declares that Gabi's modeling is done which upsets her. Gabi insists that her friends are keeping her safe but Rafe says he's going to take her home and then file a report at the station. They all walk on together as Gabi looks behind her where Andrew is watching from behind a plant.

Carrie tells Austin they can go home and pick out houses to look at. Austin gets happy as Carrie decides they need to find a home. Austin talks about how perfect it will be and holds her. They talk about having their dream house and not missing anything with the baby. Carrie talks about dreaming of this for so long. Austin tells her that she will be an amazing mother and Carrie tells him that he'll be an amazing dad. Austin talks about being so in love with their baby already. Austin asks if they want to find out if the baby is a boy or girl or if they want to be surprised. Carrie isn't sure since they got time. Austin jokes about giving the nursery a football theme and then tells Carrie that he wants her to pick the theme. Carrie says they will both decide since they are in it together. Austin says having the baby isn't just a fresh start but the start of the best of their lives. Carrie kisses him and hugs him.

Sami asks Roman why he hasn't told them they can leave yet. Lucas questions what the hold up is. Roman declares that Will can't leave because his gunshot residue test came back positive. Sami thinks there must be a mistake and wants the test ran again but Roman says he checked twice and it means Will fired a gun. Roman talks about how hard this is for him to do as he then arrests Will for the murder of Stefano.

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