Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Roman sits in the town square with the newspaper about Stefano's murder. A female officer named Martine Kent approaches and talks to him about it as Roman says it's hard to believe still and didn't think it would ever happen. She tells Roman that she's honored to work with him on the case. Roman reveals that he won't be on the case long since the government is sending someone down as he is closely connected with the case and all of the suspects. Roman wants her to make sure they keep the investigation impartial and by the book. He tells her they will start with Abe.

Abe gets the newspaper at home and sees the front page story about Stefano's murder. Abe thinks back to almost killing Stefano and goes back in with the paper. Lexie comes downstairs and wonders why he's throwing the paper away. Lexie questions thinking she wouldn't want to read about her father's murder.

Roman talks to officer Kent about Abe being married to Lexie and how Stefano made everyone victims. Roman says the next suspect will be Kate.

Kate sits in her office looking at the newspaper article and then thinks back to aiming the gun at Stefano. Ian arrives and assumes she's thinking about Stefano. Kate admits it's all she could think about it as it's hard to believe he's gone.

Roman brings up another suspect having even closer ties to Stefano and that being EJ.

EJ finishes jogging outside of the Pub and thinks back to telling Stefano he was going to kill him. Sami walks by and sees EJ so he stops to greet him. Sami tells him that she just read the news about Stefano. Sami says she can't imagine what EJ is feeling or going through. EJ appreciates her concern. Sami asks if he's shocked. EJ says he is and calls it sudden. Sami brings up all the enemies that Stefano has had over the years and calls it amazing that someone actually got to him and did it. Sami points out Stefano being the Phoenix and asks EJ if he's sure that he's really dead.

Kate tells Ian that she can't accept the fact that Stefano is actually gone. Ian says it must be a shock since he was a great part of her life but thinks she should be relieved after what he was putting her through. Ian says he knows how cruel Stefano can be. Kate calls Stefano the most vindictive person she ever met since he took everything from her. Ian talks about not letting that happen. Kate points out how he was going to come after Ian next but Ian says he can't now since he's dead. Kate thinks that being dead might not even stop him but Ian declares that not even Stefano can cheat death. Kate tells Ian that he's wrong there.

Abe picks the paper back up and tells Lexie that he thought it would upset her. Lexie states that she has to know what happened as she starts reading it and Roman arrives with officer Martine Kent. Roman asks Lexie if he can talk to Abe but Lexie wants to hear it if it's about Stefano. Abe asks if there are any suspects. Roman says there are a few and Abe is one of them. Lexie tells Roman that he should know that Abe would never do that. Roman reveals that Abe's gun was found at the scene of the crime and it was the gun used to kill Stefano. Lexie says there is no way that Abe did it. Roman knows how she feels and knows the Abe he knows wouldn't do it but he wants to know how Abe's gun ended up there. Abe admits that he went there last night and threatened Stefano with his gun but he did not kill him. Roman wants to know what happened and if he just left his gun. Abe says he can explain but Theo runs in and wonders what's going on. Lexie takes Theo into the kitchen so they can continue talking. Roman talks to Abe about how bad this looks and points out that Abe lied to him about not seeing Stefano last night. Abe tells him that his wife is dying and her father was murdered so he didn't want her to think that he might have done it. Roman understands and is going to give him one more chance to tell the truth. Roman tells Abe to tell them everything that happened.

Sami and EJ go to Sami's place. Sami asks EJ again if Stefano is really dead. EJ tells her that he had just identified the body so he's dead. Sami wonders if Roman has any leads and asks EJ if he suspects anyone but he says no. Sami brings up that half of Salem wanted him dead at one point. Sami brings up EJ himself having a million reasons to want him gone.

Abe admits to Roman that he went to Stefano and laid into him about being responsible for Lexie's condition. Abe says that Stefano didn't think he'd really kill him and he was right but he did leave his gun behind. Roman asks why. Abe says he didn't trust himself and was afraid that if he held onto it then he would go back and use it. Abe adds that he had a twisted fantasy that if he left the gun there then he'd pick it up and use it on himself. Roman states that it looks like someone beat him to it. Abe asks if Roman believes him. Lexie comes back into the room and states that she does believe him. Abe is sorry that she had to hear it. Roman decides that's enough for now. Roman tells Abe to stay in town. Abe states that he will be staying at Lexie's side. Roman adds that he will still need him to come to the station soon for a gunshot residue test and hopes that will take him off as a suspect. Roman thanks them and exits with Martine.

Kate tells Ian that this still might not mean that Stefano is dead since he's come back so many times before. Ian assures her that he's dead and will never be able to hurt her again. Kate cries that she feels so terrible about it. Ian tells her to let it go. Kate thanks him for being there for her. Ian wants Kate to tell him if she went to the DiMera Mansion when she went on a walk last night. Kate questions if he is asking her if she murdered Stefano so he asks if she did.

Lexie tells Abe that she never doubted him and calls this unbelievable. Abe says the last thing she needs is more stress, grief, and worry. Lexie knows there's no way Abe would murder Stefano. Abe points out that he came close but Lexie says he didn't so the only question is who did.

Ian tells Kate that she can trust him and he won't tell anyone. Ian adds that he can't help her unless she tells him the truth. He asks her if she had anything to do with Stefano's death but before she can answer, Roman and Martine arrive. Kate asks if he has information on Stefano. Roman says they want to ask her some questions in private. Kate wonders if she needs an attorney but decides she has nothing to hide. Roman asks Ian for some privacy. Kate tells him it's fine so Ian exits. Kate says it must be important for Roman and his officer to come all this way. Roman brings up that her fingerprints were on the gun so he needs her to tell him what really happened last night.

EJ admits to Sami that there were times when he wanted Stefano dead after all the times he wanted him to prove he was worthy of their name. Sami calls EJ the golden child of Stefano's and says he loved him the most. EJ thinks back to Stefano saying he wasn't his blood. EJ says even if that were true, Stefano was impossible to please. Sami talks about Stefano just giving her the power to run Countess Wilhelmina. EJ tells her not to worry about that since she has a contract and adds that he wouldn't let anyone take that away from her. Sami realizes that it means now that EJ is the head of the DiMera family. EJ tells her he hasn't thought about that since he's spent all his time trying to make amends with Stefano and calls this a complete shock. Sami tells him that he will eventually have to decide what he wants to do. Sami says EJ can run the company how he sees fit. EJ questions what she means. Sami compares it to her running Countess Wilhelmina and EJ having a chance to build a legacy for their kids. Sami calls EJ a great businessman and adds that he can let go of everything Stefano believed in to do what he thinks is best and change DiMera Enterprises for best. Sami tells EJ that if he does that then they might have a chance which EJ questions.

Lexie sits looking at an old photo album as Abe comes back in from putting Theo in bed. Lexie comes across a picture of her and Stefano and notes how happy they looked. Abe asks her what she's thinking. Lexie says that now not only will she not be there for Theo but Stefano won't either. Lexie tells Abe that she knows what he wants to say. Abe says he understands why she wanted Stefano to be a part of Theo's life but part of him is relieved that he now won't be. Lexie tells Abe that no matter what else Stefano was, he was still Theo's grandfather. Abe points out that Stefano is also the one that is responsible for taking Lexie away from Theo and all of them.

Roman asks Kate how her fingerprints ended up on the gun used to kill Stefano. Kate claims she has no idea but Roman says there has to be an explanation and wonders why Kate didn't mention it when they spoke yesterday. Roman wants Kate to talk to him and knows everything he did to her recently. Kate tells Roman that he has no idea how she furious she was after he treated her the way he did. Roman wonders if she was furious enough to kill Stefano.

Abe apologizes to Lexie for bringing it all up but she says it's okay as he needs to get it out. Lexie says she's had a chance to process it now and in Stefano's defense, he didn't know what Andre would do to her. Abe calls Andre the puppet of Stefano and so he blames it all on Stefano. Abe declares that he will never forgive Stefano. Lexie wants Abe to forgive him if she can so that he can make peace with it but Abe refuses, saying he can never forgive him for taking her away from him and Theo. Abe starts to cry as Lexie tries to comfort him.

Sami tells EJ that she meant they could have a chance as in their family since it's always been tough with Stefano standing in the way. Sami adds that now they can do what's best for their children. Sami knows he can't focus on the future right now but afterward, he can move on with a better life.

Kate tells Roman that she was furious enough to kill Stefano but she did not actually do it. Roman brings up her fingerprints being on the gun. Kate swears she has no idea why. Kate tells Roman that he should know she's not capable of murdering Stefano. Ian listens in from behind the door as Kate questions why she would murder someone that she's still deeply and desperately in love with.

Abe has Lexie lie down on the couch and tells her to relax. Abe apologizes for upsetting her but she tells him it was the brain tumor and not him. Abe tells her not to try and say any more but Lexie says she has to say something important. Lexie tells him that she could be easily upset and angry with Stefano for what's happening to her since he put her in that situation but if she holds on to anger then her last days with Abe and Theo would be filled with hurt and hatred. Lexie states that life is too short for that as Abe kisses her.

Kate tells Roman that she shouldn't have still been in love with Stefano after everything he did to her but he was in her heart and despite all the recent events, he had always been generous to her. Roman is unsure about generous. Kate says Stefano was the only one there to pick up the pieces after what happened with Bill Horton. Ian continues listening in. Roman doesn't want to call Stefano's help charitable. Kate admits it wasn't a conventional relationship but it allowed her to take care of Lucas and raise him properly. Kate adds that even after their first relationship ended and she was with other men, she remained in contact with Stefano and ultimately married him. Roman points out that she had no other choice. Kate admits it started as a business relationship but then it evolved into something else. Roman tells her that he's sorry that Stefano hurt her so deeply in the end as he doesn't like seeing it. Ian returns to the room and says he doesn't like seeing her hurt either. Roman decides they are finished for now and tells her not to leave town and adds that he will need her to come to the station for the gunshot residue test. Kate swears to him that she didn't do it. Roman hopes not and exits with officer Kent. Ian asks Kate how she is. Kate calls it a nightmare and Ian agrees. Ian states they will handle the police together but says Kate must first exorcise her demons. Kate doesn't understand. Ian brings up her and Stefano and their long history. Ian tells her it will be better as soon as she can put it behind her.

Sami tells EJ that she realizes Stefano's death to him is a tragedy but thinks he can also look at it as a rebirth. Sami tells EJ that he can let go of everything Stefano did and all the damage he caused to run the company the way he thinks is best. EJ says she's right that he can make the DiMera name what he wants it to be now. EJ states that he has some loose ends to tie up first but it's nothing too complicated.

Lexie tells Abe that she feels better. She starts to say something to him but stops. Abe tells her to go on so Lexie tells him that she was thinking virtually every one of their friends could have wanted to see Stefano dead. Abe agrees as Lexie continues that most of them would have a compelling motive. Abe calls it part of Stefano's legacy. Lexie states that she loves their friends and she's had so much bad news lately so she's decided that if one of their friends did it, then she doesn't want to know. Abe then hugs her.

Ian tells Kate that he understands she still has strong feelings for Stefano but thinks she should realize what a horrible man he was after how abusive he was towards her. Kate says she knows but she loved him and now he's gone and she can't help feeling sad and guilty. Ian questions feeling guilty since she didn't do anything. Ian adds that he just heard her tell the police that she didn't murder him. Ian asks her if she went to the mansion when she went for her walk. Ian promises not to judge her but wants the truth. Ian asks her if she killed Stefano.

Roman and Officer Kent go to Sami's looking for EJ. EJ asks what he can do for him. Roman brings up Stefano's murder and is wondering why EJ isn't all over it. Roman points out how close they were and expected EJ would be doing all kinds of things to find the killer. Sami questions what he's getting at. Roman says that's how EJ usually behaves but not this time. Roman thinks it's because EJ already knows who the killer is.

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