Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone's voice replays what they had said to Stefano when they went to the mansion. EJ's voice talks about not letting Stefano hurt anyone anymore, Abe blames Stefano for killing Lexie, Hope talks about no one being safe from Stefano, John talks about being there to put an end to Stefano, Marlena talks about being done with Stefano, Kate talks about not letting Stefano control her life, Will questions what he did for Stefano to destroy his life and Bo declares Stefano's reign of terror ending as someone enters the DiMera Mansion in all black with gloves. They grab the gun off the piano in the living room and head to Stefano's room. Stefano remains seated in his chair as the person raises the gun from the doorway and fires the gun into the back of the chair. The person goes in and places the gun down then checks Stefano's pulse.

John returns home soaking from the rain where Marlena is surprised to see home come in.

Bo heads into the Pub from the rain where Hope is seated and she watches him.

Ian sits in his office where Kate returns looking upset and he asks how her walk was.

Will rushes through the town square and runs into EJ. EJ questions why he's in a hurry and if he's running from someone.

Abe sits at home breathing heavily as Lexie comes downstairs and says she couldn't sleep. Lexie notices that Abe is all wet from the rain and asks if everything is okay as he seems jumpy. Abe states that he's fine. Lexie tells him that he can tell her anything and she wants to know if something happened.

An officer informs Roman in his office that there's a call he is going to want to take. Roman answers and is stunned by what he hears.

Melanie goes to the coffeehouse and joins Chad. Chad gets a call from Gabi and tells Melanie how he asked Gabi to call at certain times so they know she is safe. Gabi tells him that she's just leaving her study group. Chad makes sure she isn't alone and hangs up as Gabi is actually in the alley with Andrew. Gabi pays him the rest of the money for pretending to be her stalker. Andrew tells her that he has some ideas to take the stalker thing to another level but Gabi wants to stick to their plan. Gabi says she will call him and then walks away. Back at the coffeehouse, Chad tells Melanie that he's been thinking about the Gabi situation a lot and thinks they should go at it at a different level and suggests asking Stefano for help but Melanie doesn't think that's a good idea.

Will tells EJ that he's not running from anyone. EJ thinks he looks scared. Will says he's not scared and brings up EJ threatening him. EJ thinks Will is hiding someone. Will wonders why he'd care since he doesn't work for him anymore. EJ says he doesn't care but is just curious. Will asks if they are done then. EJ turns and walks away.

Marlena tells John that he was gone when she got home. John says he had something to do. John talks about trying to wait but Marlena was gone for so long. Marlena talks about getting stuck in the rain. John tells her he's glad she made it home safe and kisses her then heads out of the room.

Kate tells Ian that the weather isn't much for a relaxing walk and she wants to get back to work. Ian suggests talking if she has something on her mind like Stefano and the divorce papers. Kate insists there is nothing she wants to talk about and certainly not Stefano. Kate sits down and says they have a lot of work to do.

Abe tells Lexie that he's just tired and asks about her nightmares. Lexie says she doesn't remember much other than waking up in a cold sweat and thinking about her father while feeling sad and disappointed. Lexie talks about trying to cope with what he did. Lexie talks about Abe being there for her and protecting her.

Bo sits with Hope and apologizes for not making it home. Bo tells her that he finished running his errands and they are all taken care of. Bo then gets a call from Roman, who asks he and Hope to come to the DiMera Mansion adding that he will explain when they get there as there has been a development.

Chad tells Melanie that he thinks Stefano is their best option as Gabi arrives and asks what they are talking about. Melanie talks about Stefano being dangerous and corrupt. Chad thinks Stefano could help them ID the stalker and end it all. Melanie tells him it won't be that simple but Chad says it's the best he can come up with. Chad asks Gabi what she thinks. She says she can't stop him if he thinks that's the best option. Chad wants her to be safe and declares he's going to Stefano right now then exits the coffeehouse.

Abe sits with Lexie and they joke about favorite TV shows. Lexie decides to go make some tea as Abe turns on the TV and sees the breaking news that Stefano was shot dead in his home tonight. Abe quickly turns it off as Lexie comes back to ask him about the tea. Lexie asks about the TV but Abe says he'd rather spend time with her.

Marlena sits at home as John comes back after getting out of his wet clothes. John turns on the TV to check the weather and the rain then hears the news that Stefano is dead. Marlena thinks it can't be true. John declares that if it is true, all their dreams have just come true.

Bo and Hope join Roman at the DiMera Mansion. Bo says they heard the news reports on the radio and didn't think it was possible. Roman explains that there was a gunshot into Stefano's back and through his chest. Roman shows that the gunman left the weapon behind. Roman says the gun was fired only once and they found gunshots from another gun in the wall. Roman tells them that he's going to have to question them since everyone including them are suspects. Hope questions them being suspects. Roman talks about how they wanted him dead. Bo says the world may be a better place without him but it doesn't mean they killed him. Roman asks where they were so they both claim that they were home together all night as they think back to aiming their guns at Stefano. Roman wants to know if anyone can confirm their alibis. Hope points out that they have their guns and Roman has the murder weapon. Roman asks if they have seen the gun before and they both think back to seeing it in the mansion but tell Roman that they have never seen it. Roman decides they are done for now so Bo wants to get to work but Roman warns them that neither of them get anywhere near the case until they are cleared. Chad arrives as guards try to hold him back but Roman allows him. Chad can't believe Stefano is dead and says this can't be happening. Chad asks who did it. Roman tells him that is what they are trying to figure out. Chad wants to find EJ and wonders where he is.

EJ sits at the Pub alone as his hand begins shaking.

Kate tells Ian that maybe rest will do her good. Ian says they can handle her divorce papers together tomorrow. Ian assures her that his lawyers will take care of everything and they will never have to worry about Stefano again. Will arrives and asks Kate if she's okay. Kate says she is and asks what the matter is. Will informs Kate that Stefano was murdered. Kate starts to cry as she thinks Will must have heard wrong.

Roman goes to Abe's and talks about Stefano's murder. Abe talks about Lexie not knowing and doesn't want to talk about it now. Roman reminds Abe that this is now a murder investigation and shouts that Stefano is dead which Lexie overhears and questions her father being murdered. Abe tries to comfort Lexie as she says it's not possible since Stefano was just there today and she wonders who did it. Lexie sits down and cries as Roman vows to do whatever possible to find out who murdered Stefano. Lexie talks about Stefano being there earlier to spend time with her and that being the last time she saw him. Roman asks Abe when he last saw Stefano. Abe thinks back to going to the mansion but claims he last saw Stefano the same time as Lexie.

Roman goes to Ian and Kate's office to question them. Kate informs him that she found out from Will. Roman asks Will how he found out. Will thinks back to going to the Mansion but says that the news was everywhere and as soon as he found out, he came to check on Kate. Roman asks Kate when she last saw Stefano but she says she can't remember. Roman asks if she hadn't spoke with him. Kate thinks back to going to the mansion to confront him but tells Roman that she didn't speak with Stefano and now never will.

Roman goes to John and Marlena's and questions John. John admits he was overjoyed by the news. Roman asks John if he saw Stefano tonight. John admits he almost went over there but claims that he did not. Roman asks Marlena if she went to the mansion to talk with Stefano. Marlena thinks back to confronting him. Marlena points out that Stefano tried to kill them all so she wonders why she would go see him. Marlena tells Roman that she did not see Stefano. Roman asks if there is anything else they'd like to tell him. They both think back to picking up the gun at the mansion but they tell Roman that it's everything.

EJ arrives at the DiMera Mansion and finds Chad seated. Chad tells EJ that he didn't know what to do and hugs him. Chad doesn't understand why anyone would do this. EJ tries to comfort him as he looks over at Bo and Hope.

Roman goes back to the station and EJ joins him in his office. Roman tells EJ that he's sorry for his loss. EJ thanks him for being kind. Roman asks why EJ came down and if he has something to tell him. EJ thinks back to firing his gun at the wall. EJ talks about his relationship with Stefano and tells Roman that he and Stefano were at a rough patch. Roman asks why he's telling him this. EJ says he knows he'll look at him as a suspect so he wants Roman to get him out of the way quick so that he can look at the real suspects. EJ adds that he was a lot more than just Stefano's son.

Chad walks through the town square upset as Melanie runs up and hugs him, telling him she's sorry. Gabi watches as Melanie asks what happened. Chad says when he got there, he was already gone and doesn't know if he'll ever be able to get that out of his head. Gabi asks if he needs anything but Chad says he's okay. Gabi knows he's not okay so Chad admits he's not as he already lost his mother and now he just lost his father so he's now completely alone. Melanie tells him that he's not alone since he has her and she hugs him as Gabi watches. Andrew walks by behind Gabi and looks at her.

An officer gives Roman the ID they got on the gun. Roman opens it to find out that the murder weapon belongs to Abe. Roman orders the officer to check for more prints.

Lexie tells Abe that when she first heard Roman say Stefano was dead, she thought he killed himself out of the guilt of what he did to her. Lexie doesn't know if it would've made any difference and cries about Stefano being gone. Abe hugs her and tells her not to worry as he promises that he will see that justice is done.

John tells Marlena that he's going to bed. Marlena asks John if he thinks they should've told Roman that they were out tonight. John says he didn't ask that only if they saw Stefano. They both claim they told the truth so they have nothing to worry about. John kisses her and heads to the bedroom.

Bo and Hope return home. Hope thinks they should go pick up Ciara but Bo doesn't want to ruin her sleepover. Hope hates that Roman is keeping them off the case. Bo points out that as soon as their names are cleared then they will be back on it.

Will tells Kate to call him if she ever needs anything. Kate tells him that he does enough already and she'll be alright. Will tells her that she doesn't have to be strong since Stefano just died. Kate tells Will that she knew this day would come when all his scheming and plotting would get him killed. Will tells her that she knows where to find him as he then exits.

The officer returns to Roman with a lot of prints on the murder weapon. Roman opens the folder and sees that all the suspects are there, Abe, Hope, Bo, Marlena, John, EJ, Kate and he lastly adds Will to the suspect list. Roman states that one of these people murdered Stefano DiMera but wonders which one it was.

EJ returns to the spot where Stefano was murdered in the mansion. He sits at the fireplace in front of Stefano's chair.

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