Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/1/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/1/12


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Ian and Kate talk about their new campaign in their office until a mailman arrives and gives Kate an envelope. She opens it and inside are the divorce papers from Stefano. She doesn't want to ruin the evening by thinking about Stefano but Ian wants to look at the papers so she hands them to him. Ian then suggests she might want to take a look.

Sami sits at the town square as Marlena rushes by. Sami tries to stop her and talk but Marlena is hurrying. Sami says it's about Will as Marlena drops her purse.

Lucas questions Will at the coffeehouse what he's doing with a gun. Will says it's not what it looks like but Lucas demands to know what's going on.

John stands at home and looks at a picture of Marlena then looks back down at his gun.

Brady says goodbye to Caroline as he prepares to leave the Pub. He stops and checks his gun then gets a phone call from Roman but he ignores it.

Hope sits alone at home looking at her gun on a table next to her. She gets up and starts to grab it then looks at one of Ciara's drawings. She puts her hand back on the gun.

EJ accuses Stefano of taking away his wife and everything that had any meaning to him as he pulls out his gun. EJ tells Stefano that he's not going to allow him to get away with it anymore. Stefano tells him to do it if he hates him that much. Stefano says it will put them both out of their misery if he kills him. Stefano tells him to either do it or get out forever. EJ tells Stefano that he's going to kill him. Stefano questions if he has it in him. EJ states that he learned from the best. Stefano tells him to stop waving the gun around and do it then. EJ asks if he's not afraid. Stefano states that his only fear is what's happening to Lexie. EJ blames Stefano for what's happening to Lexie. Stefano says that's what is killing him and breaking his heart. Stefano says goodnight as EJ aims the gun at him.

Will admits to Lucas that it looks bad. Lucas says it looks terrible and wonders what he's doing. Will claims he wasn't going to use it. Lucas asks what he planned on doing and demands answers so Will agrees to tell him the truth.

Sami asks Marlena if she's alright. Marlena says she's running late and picks her bag up. Sami points out that it's about Will but Marlena starts to leave until Sami questions whether or not Will is a priority to her.

Stefano turns his back to EJ. EJ wants him to turn around so he can shoot him then threatens to shoot him in the back after everything he did behind his back. EJ then fires three shots at the wall. Stefano turns around and asks if he feels better. EJ says he won't feel better until Stefano is dead. EJ lowers his gun and walks out. Abe then appears with a gun of his own. Abe tells Stefano that he agrees with EJ which is a first as he then aims his gun at Stefano.

Kate looks through the divorce papers and says this can't be right as she questions if he can do this. Ian says Stefano can as it's a no compete clause. Ian states the contract says Kate will not be allowed to work for Countess Wilhelmina's direct competition which means she can't work for Mad World. Kate and Ian agree that they can't let Stefano get away with this. Ian wonders what Kate plans to do.

Will tells Lucas that the gun is EJ's. Lucas questions what he's doing with it since he's not working for EJ. Will claims he was on his way to give it back to EJ.

Marlena tells Sami that Will is a priority and he can find her if he needs her. Sami questions what could be more important. Marlena tells her nothing will be more important to her than family but Sami points out that now there is. Marlena calls them the most important part of her life and warns Sami not to ever suggest differently as Sami then storms off.

Stefano questions Abe wanting to kill him. Abe says he wants to. Stefano points out that EJ almost beat him to it but lost his nerve. Stefano says he won't put up a fight. Abe blames Stefano for Lexie being sick. Stefano walks around the room as Abe shouts at him not to walk away from him and face what he's done as he calls him a coward. Abe talks about Stefano costing Theo his mother. Stefano tells Abe that he's listening and will never forgive himself. Abe declares Stefano has hurt the people he loves for the last time. Abe aims his gun at Stefano but then lowers it and puts it down. Stefano assumes he knows his way out. Abe says he was going to do it and kill him like he killed Lexie. Stefano questions what stopped him. Abe says it was his conscience as he couldn't live with blood on his hands and wouldn't be able to look at Theo or Lexie if he took away from their family. Stefano supposes he should thank him. Abe threatens that he should because he still might do it. Stefano says Abe has no idea how much he loves Lexie. Abe stops him and says Stefano has no idea what love is as he then walks out of the mansion.

Lucas sits with Will and tells him that he will give EJ the gun back himself. Will tells him that he doesn't have to because he's going to see him tonight to give him paperwork. Lucas doesn't want Will carrying around a weapon. Will accuses Lucas of not trusting him. Will gives Lucas the gun and tells him to do whatever he wants with it then and storms out of the coffeehouse.

Kate tells Ian that she will have to handle this the only way she knows how and fight fire with dynamite. Ian wants to have some wine and relax as they plan her next move together. Kate decides she wants to take a walk. Ian questions doing that in the rain but Kate insists so Ian tells her he will be there when she gets back and exits the office.

Hope remains seated looking at Ciara's drawing. She puts it down, gets up and puts on her jacket, grabs her gun and looks in the mirror. She then exits with her gun.

Stefano goes into another room and finds John seated. John comments that he looks surprised. Stefano says he's very tired and wonders how John got in there. John says he came through the door as Stefano asks what he wants. John wants justice. Stefano questions justice with a gun in his pocket. Stefano tells John to give him his speech about everything he's done wrong. John says that doesn't work. John states the bill is due and he's here to make him pay for trying to kill his wife, his friends, and him. John declares he's finally going to give him what he deserves. Stefano claims he never tried to kill him. Stefano questions how John would sleep at night, knowing that he tried to kill an unarmed man. John says knowing that he'll never hurt anyone again will let him sleep. Stefano tells him to stop wasting his time then and do it. John walks into the living room, puts his gun in his pocket, and exits through the back door. Stefano walks in and watches him leave.

Lucas goes to Sami's and tells her about finding Will with a gun. Sami can't believe it as Lucas explains Will claimed it was EJ's then got upset and stormed off. Lucas tells Sami that he put the gun in a safe at the Pub. Sami calls EJ to find out but he doesn't answer. Sami calls it a bizarre day since Marlena was acting crazy and now Will is carrying a gun. Lucas states that something is in the air.

Will goes back to the alley in the rain.

Hope goes to the mansion and tells Stefano that she wants to talk to him. Stefano says he already knows what she's going to say but Hope doesn't care and says he will listen to her every word after all the pain he's caused her family. Hope talks about she and Bo counting down to their death in the safe house. Hope says the whole time she was thinking about their daughter and how her life would be ruined by Stefano murdering them. Stefano tells her that he didn't murder anyone and they still survived. Hope tells him that being that close to death made her realize that as long as Stefano is around then she will never be safe and neither will be Bo or their children. Stefano questions if she's here to put an end to it. Hope aims her gun at him. Stefano asks her what she's going to do when she gets caught and how she will explain it to her family. Hope claims she won't have to. Stefano warns her about seeing the disappointment in a child's eye and says nothing is worse. Hope believes Ciara would be proud of her. Stefano points out that Hope will be in prison and miss Ciara's life. Stefano says he can't change her mind but if she thinks she's doing this for Ciara then she should think again. Hope then turns and storms out.

John returns home and throws his gun in frustration.

EJ goes to the Pub and heads inside. He stops and looks back out the window.

Abe returns home and throws down his jacket.

Hope returns home holding back tears as she leans against the door.

Kate remains in her office and grabs her gun.

Bo walks through the town square, stops for a moment, then rushes off.

Will continues pacing in the alley. He stops and stands in the rain, then walks away.

Lucas asks Sami about Marlena acting weird. Sami thinks Marlena was acting crazy like she was about to do something dangerous. Lucas got the same vibe from Will. Sami thinks they should go get the gun since she doesn't think it's safe at the Pub. Lucas thinks it's safe but Sami wants to take it to Roman. Lucas thinks she's overreacting. Sami worries that Will could've been planning on using it.

Will goes to the mansion and tells Stefano that he used him and tried to kill his family.

Kate goes to the mansion and tells Stefano that he can't do this to her.

Bo goes to the mansion and tells Stefano that his reign of terror ends.

Will questions what he ever did to Stefano for him to ruin his life.

Kate tells Stefano that she won't let him get away with this.

Bo tells Stefano that he's going to get justice. Stefano tells him to either do it or get the hell out.

Marlena arrives to the mansion as Stefano stands from his chair and says he had been expecting her since everyone else left. Stefano asks Marlena if she's there to kill him. Marlena wants Stefano to tell her why she would want to kill him. Stefano assumes that's why she's there to talk about all his sins. Marlena says it's not so he asks why she is there. Marlena wants to offer insight into the soul he doesn't have. Marlena talks about bullies feeling strong but really being weak. Marlena says Stefano tortures and torments people because he knows he has nothing to offer the world. Stefano thanks her for her analysis. Stefano thinks everyone thinks and feels the same way. Marlena tells Stefano that he's at his lowest point but no one is going to take it from him. Marlena tells Stefano that there will be retribution. Marlena tells him that she has pity for him and despises him. Marlena then turns and walks away as Stefano laughs. Marlena stops before leaving the living room and spots the gun left on the chess table. Marlena picks it up and looks at it.

Abe stands at home, looking out the window. He calls up to Lexie but gets no answer. He looks down at a note left from Lexie that says she tried to stay up but her eyes wouldn't let her.

John returns to the DiMera Mansion in the dark and he sees the gun that was left as well. John exits when he hears someone else coming. Bo enters the Mansion with a flashlight and spots the gun that was left.

EJ sits at the Pub drinking, then gets up and exits. EJ runs into Ian. Ian notes that he seems to be in a foul mood as EJ walks away. EJ goes on to the DiMera Mansion and into the empty living room. He picks up the gun that was left and goes to look out the door. EJ then exits the living room as Hope sneaks back into the Mansion with a flashlight. Hope sees the gun now which EJ left on the piano. Hope picks it up and looks at it.

Sami and Lucas go to the Pub as Sami can't get a hold of Will on the phone which is worrying her. Lucas goes to get the gun from the safe but finds that it is no longer there.

Kate goes back to the mansion now and picks up the gun that was left.

Sami and Lucas talk about the gun and worry if Will could've came in and took it. Lucas assumes it must be some sort of mix up. Lucas takes Sami and they rush out of the Pub together.

Stefano sits alone with his picture of Lexie and says he's so very sorry. Stefano puts it down and then pours a drink. Stefano puts on a record of classical music and sits down with his drink.

John and Marlena's place is empty. Hope and Bo's place is empty with Ciara's drawing on the couch. Abe and Lexie's home is empty.

Someone enters the DiMera Mansion in all black with gloves. They grab the gun off the piano in the living room and head to Stefano's room. Stefano remains seated in his chair as the person raises the gun from the doorway and fires the gun.

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