Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/31/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel questions Nicole what she's doing in his office. Nicole tries to claim that she was trying to make sure that someone picked up the DNA tests but Daniel knows she was switching the tests. Daniel asks if she really thinks she could get away with it. Nicole doesn't know and admits she's scared as she doesn't know what she's going to do when EJ finds out the baby is his.

Abigail arrives at the coffeehouse as it's raining outside. She finds Chad and Melanie kissing and they invite her to sit with them. Abigail tells them that Cameron is working at the hospital and asks where Gabi is. Melanie and Chad are not sure and hope she's not alone.

Will stands in the alley with a gun. He puts it back in the paper bag and finds a bigger trash bag to place it in. Will starts to leave and then runs into Gabi in the rain. Will wonders what she's doing in such a sketchy part of town. Gabi asks him the same and wants to know what's in his bag. Gabi tries to take it but Will holds on to it and yells at her not to.

Lucas finds EJ at the town square and asks him where Will is but EJ informs him that Will no longer works for him.

Stefano sits at home with the picture of he and Lexie. Stefano states that he will be lost without her.

Hope, Bo, John, and Marlena sit with Roman at the station. Roman tells them that the CIA are unhappy about them trying to bring down Stefano so they've been ordered to be on their best behavior when it comes to Stefano. Hope questions that as Marlena declares there is no justice. Roman continues talking about Shane trying to get through to the CIA but he couldn't. They talk about being unable to go after Stefano. Marlena says Stefano has to be stopped before he comes after them so John gives her his word that he will be stopped.

Will tells Gabi to stop as she wonders what the big deal is. Will asks her what she was doing there anyways. Gabi says she was meeting friends and got lost. Will worries about her stalker and takes her out of the alley as he says not to argue with him. After they leave, a man comes around the corner watching them.

Lucas tells EJ that he's glad to hear Will is not working for him anyways. EJ reveals that he fired Will which Lucas does not believe at first. Lucas then asks why EJ fired Will. EJ thinks he sounds conflicted. EJ points out that Lucas didn't want Will working for him but now sounds indignant about firing him. Lucas talks about how Will liked the job and was willing to do anything for EJ. EJ states that Will lacks loyalty. Lucas calls Will loyal. EJ tells him to ask Will about that and walks away.

Melanie calls Gabi and leaves a message hoping she's okay. Abigail asks about Gabi's stalker ever calling her while she's around them. Chad says he hasn't and hopes Gabi isn't alone tonight. Melanie brings up the headless doll as Abigail points out that Gabi was alone then too. Abigail suggests Gabi could have put the doll outside of her own door. Chad questions Abigail thinking Gabi made up the stalker and wonders why she would do that. Abigail says the only reason she can think of is Chad.

Will and Gabi go to the town square. Will says he's running late but tells her to be careful as he then walks away. Gabi then makes a call and says she got sidetracked but is on her way as she then walks on.

Bo states that Stefano only worked with the CIA because he knew they were onto him. John talks about Stefano thinking they aren't as cold-blooded and ruthless as he is. Bo and John agree that it's time for a change but Marlena thinks there has to be another way than going to Stefano's level. Marlena has to go see a patient so she exits. Hope decides she should get going to but Roman stops her and says the three of them will stay.

Stefano gets a call and answers it, asking about more information on the coin made for his father. Stefano tells him to keep looking and hangs up. Stefano pulls out the coin and looks at it.

Nicole tells Daniel that there was a time when finding out she was pregnant with EJ's baby would've made her happy. Daniel knows what she's gone through and gets it. Nicole doesn't think there's a greater pain than losing a child. Nicole talks about how she couldn't believe she was pregnant again. Nicole asks Daniel if she believes in God and says she didn't but now has to because this is a miracle. Nicole talks about being thrown a twist and worries about her baby being defenseless against EJ. Nicole vows to fight EJ with everything she's got. Daniel suggests EJ's threats could just be rants. Daniel talks about how EJ wanted a baby with her. Nicole brings up how EJ slept with Sami and lied about it. Daniel points out that EJ is losing his sister. Nicole thinks Lexie is the only one who loves EJ. Daniel tells her about how the baby will be here in months. Daniel suggests that at some point over time, she and EJ could repair the damage between them. Daniel wonders if they could be together for the sake of the child but Nicole stops him and says never.

Stefano looks at the picture of he and Lexie as EJ arrives with the envelope. EJ tells him that it's all here with proof that the tunnel Lexie was held in had gases that are responsible for the tumors that are killing her. Stefano informs EJ that he's afraid Lexie already knows.

Nicole tells Daniel that the picture of her and EJ walking off into the sunset will never happen. Nicole tells Daniel that she's sorry and doesn't want him to get in trouble. Nicole adds that she needs him to know there is no chance of her getting back with EJ even for the sake of the baby. Nicole says she's thought about it a lot but sleeping with Sami was one insult too many that sent her over the top. Nicole refuses to go back and allow EJ to hurt the baby in any way. Nicole tells him that she's sorry and asks about Daniel and Jennifer as she thought they'd be walking into the sunset together. Daniel tells her that it didn't work out that way and says he didn't handle it well anyway as he left town. Nicole asks why he came back since leaving seems like such a great idea. Nicole wants to leave town now that she can't keep her baby from EJ. Nicole talks about all the places that she could go but Daniel calls it a bad idea. Nicole thinks it's her only option and decides she's wasting time talking to him so she's going to leave but Daniel stops her and says the last thing she needs is to be alone.

Will walks in the rain to the outside of the Pub. He pulls out the gun and looks at it as Marlena walks up behind him and calls out to him.

Roman talks about being outside the safe house and thinking everyone was dead when it blew up. Roman says no one wants to take Stefano down more than he does but they can't go after him. Hope thinks the problem is that they always fought him within in the laws. Bo wants to go an eye for an eye against Stefano.

EJ questions Stefano breaking Lexie's heart and says he has no conscience. Stefano explains that Lexie overheard he and Abe arguing. EJ says Stefano may have disowned him but he can never take away the fact that Lexie is his sister. Stefano calls her the best part of him but EJ doesn't think he has a best part. EJ blames him for Lexie's death and says nothing he can say or do will change that.

Abigail talks to Chad and Melanie about how Gabi is so insistent on not going to the police. Chad talks about how Gabi can't stay by herself and she knows he's in love with Melanie. Chad goes to get them some more coffee as Abigail asks Melanie if she thinks she's nuts. Abigail talks about how Gabi and Chad were a couple and thinks Gabi might not be over him and thinks this is the only way to keep her away from Chad.

Gabi goes back to the alley and meets a man named Andrew that watched them earlier. Andrew tells her that he's been rehearsing all day. Andrew asks Gabi about paying him to do this and asks if she thinks the extra publicity will get her back in modeling. Gabi tells Andrew to make this look real.

Daniel understands Nicole wants to leave but doesn't think it's a good idea. Nicole worries about everything that will happen when EJ finds out about the paternity results. Daniel tries to calm her down and tells her how running away won't work. Daniel tells Nicole that she will have to face her demons head on. Nicole thinks it's different for him since he has his daughter and mother in Salem. Daniel tells Nicole that she will have him.

Will puts the gun back in the bag as Marlena greets him. Marlena asks him to join her at the Pub for coffee. Will wishes he had time so Marlena tells him to make time and takes him into the Pub. Marlena picks a table and they sit down trying to dry off from the rain. Marlena wants to hear how things are going with Sami but Will wants to call her tomorrow since he has something to do. Marlena asks if it's another urgent mission for EJ. Marlena says if Will can't tell her what it is then he should think about the job. Will informs her that he no longer works for EJ as he fired him. Marlena wants to know why so Will reveals it was because of Stefano.

Stefano talks about not knowing how sick Lexie was but EJ refuses to feel sorry for him. EJ talks about Lexie's suffering and leaving her family behind. EJ hopes Stefano burns in hell for all eternity for what he's done to Lexie.

Roman tells Bo that's the exact type of attitude he's talking about as they can't take matters into their own hands and think they can get away with it. John points out that Stefano does. Roman talks about how EJ is the mayor and could strip them of their jobs. Roman says he has a job to do and if anyone starts operating outside of the law then he will have to come after him. Roman says he won't look the other way. Hope asks why they are having this conversation. Roman says because he thinks they would all kill Stefano with their own hands if they had the opportunity.

Marlena wants Will to tell her about Stefano. Will reveals to her that he's the reason that Rafe found out about Sami and EJ since Stefano told him to make sure that Rafe found out so he made sure he overheard him telling Sonny. Marlena asks Will why he would do something that would hurt Rafe because Stefano told him to. Will tries to leave but Marlena stops him and says he's not going anywhere until he tells her what Stefano did to him.

EJ tells Stefano that it's ironic that the most generous and loving person he's ever known is biologically related to Stefano while EJ isn't despite being so much like him. Stefano agrees that Lexie is far better than either one of them. EJ talks about how Lexie is still focusing on other people and wants them to make peace. Stefano suggests they honor her wish if they can. Stefano tells EJ to go before one of them says something they will regret. EJ states that he's not leaving until he does what he came to do as he puts on a pair of gloves.

Chad sits back with Melanie and Abigail then gets a call from Gabi. Gabi tells Chad that she's being followed in the town square and doesn't know what to do. Chad says he'll be right there as Abigail suggests calling the police. Gabi screams so Chad rushes off with Melanie and Abigail to find her.

Nicole questions what Daniel means that she has him. Daniel says he knows what it's like to believe she's with the right person but isn't. Daniel talks about getting through a day like everything is okay but then dread the night because of going home alone. Daniel talks about feeling like the only person to feel that way when they aren't. Daniel kisses Nicole. She questions what that was but Daniel tells her to tell him. Nicole doesn't know so Daniel apologizes but then they kiss again.

Gabi struggles as Andrew holds onto her until Chad, Melanie, and Abigail arrive so Andrew runs. Melanie points out that he could have a weapon as Chad hugs Gabi and tells her she's okay while she pretends to be scared.

John tells Bo and Hope that he's going home to watch the ball game so he exits. Hope asks Bo if he's going too. Bo decides he's going to go to the Pub and say hi to Caroline first. Hope says she has some errands to run so they agree to meet at home and they exit together.

Marlena asks Will how Stefano made him do something that he swore he never would. Will admits he was afraid of what Stefano would do to him if he said no. Will asks why Marlena is asking him when she knows how Stefano is. Marlena wishes Will would've come to him. Marlena wants to know what he has over Will if he's blackmailing him but Will says it doesn't matter. Will declares that all that matters is that Stefano is not going to get away with it as Will then storms out of the Pub.

EJ tells Stefano that it sickens him that Lexie has to live her final days knowing the ugly truth. EJ says the sad thing is that Lexie would forgive Stefano. Stefano states that Lexie forgave him with her eyes. EJ tells him that he will not forgive him.

Daniel and Nicole continue kissing until his phone rings. He answers it from the Lab and they need him to bring the DNA samples down. Daniel tells Nicole that he's sorry and doesn't know what happened between them. Daniel tells her that she will not have to be alone and then takes the DNA samples out of the room.

Lucas goes to leave the coffeehouse as Will enters and they bump into each other causing Will to drop his bag. Lucas picks it up and finds the gun, then asks Will what the hell he's doing with it.

Marlena returns to the station looking for John but only finds Roman. Marlena notes that John wasn't at home but Roman says they all left after his lecture. Roman decides to give Marlena the short version of his lecture and tells her not to take matters into her own hands no matter how much she wants to. Marlena says they aren't children. Roman tells her not to act without thinking as her family needs her. Marlena says especially Will but doesn't want to talk about it. Marlena tells Roman not to worry as she will always be there for her family. Roman exits to make a phone call as Marlena looks down at a gun in her purse and then exits.

John walks through the town square with a gun.

Bo and Hope arrive outside the Pub. Hope tells him that she will see him later as Bo goes in to see Caroline. Bo kisses her before they leave and tells her that she means everything to him. Bo heads inside as Hope walks on. Once inside, Bo sits down and checks his gun.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't deserve Lexie's forgiveness and he won't get it from anyone else. Stefano states that hers is all he needs. EJ says he won't be able to enjoy it long. Stefano questions if that's a threat. EJ accuses him of taking away the woman he loves. Stefano brings up Will but EJ says it's nothing compared to what he did to Lexie. EJ states that he's stepping up to defend the only family he's ever known and refuses to let Stefano do to Chad and Theo what he did to he and Lexie. Stefano asks how he plans on protecting these people that he's not related to. EJ calls it an excellent question and says he only came up with one solution as he pulls out a gun.

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