Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/30/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Nicole go to the hospital talking about taking the paternity test. Nicole is worried about EJ finding out the truth and taking over but Rafe encourages her that there's still a chance to get through it. Rafe wants her to calm down but Nicole doesn't think the baby stands a chance against EJ. Nicole tries to say she can't go through with it but Rafe tells her that she has to or else EJ will get more suspicious and nothing good will come of that so they go on into Daniel's office. Nicole asks where EJ is but Daniel tells them that he hasn't shown up yet. Nicole is surprised and wonders if EJ has changed his mind but Daniel doesn't think so.

EJ stands in the town square as Abe approaches him. Abe asks EJ what he's doing there since he thought he was with Lexie. EJ tells him that Lexie got tired and doesn't know how he does it since he can't stop thinking about Lexie and how unfair it is. Abe says he knows EJ loves her. EJ talks about how Lexie keeps thinking about everyone else. EJ tells Abe about Lexie asking him to do something for Abe and he knows he could've told her that he would and then not do it but he couldn't lie to his sister.

Stefano joins Lexie at her home and hugs her. Stefano sits with her as Lexie thinks he looks tired and asks if he's been getting enough sleep. Lexie thinks he hasn't been sleeping because of her and wants him to sleep but Stefano wants to take care of her. Stefano offers to do anything Lexie wants so she asks him not to use his sadness as an excuse for anger when she's gone. Lexie wants him to let others see his caring side. Stefano doesn't know but Lexie thinks she sometimes knows him better than he knows himself. Lexie says she knows that he'd do anything in the world to keep her from harm and she's always known that he'd do anything to protect her.

Sami tells Will that it's not his fault that Rafe left her because she slept with EJ but Will tells her it was his fault. Sami then realizes and asks Will if he told Rafe about her sleeping with EJ. Will reveals that he set it up so that Rafe would hear him say it. Sami questions why. Sami says she knows how mad he was at her but wonders why he would hurt Rafe and their family. Will then blurts out that Stefano made him do it.

Daniel tells Nicole that she and her baby will be okay. Nicole tells him that he doesn't know the DiMeras like she does and how ruthless they can be when they want something. Rafe adds that she's not exaggerating. Nicole wishes there was a way to keep EJ from finding out. Daniel asks her if she wants him to switch the paternity tests. Nicole admits she's desperate and says she's just going to have to deal with EJ finding out that her child is his.

EJ tells Abe that Lexie asked him to step down as mayor. Abe tells him not to worry about it. Abe talks about Lexie thinking that he wouldn't grieve if he was mayor. Abe says nothing could help him get over losing the love of his life and then walks away.

Lexie tells Stefano that he always taught her how important family is. Lexie brings up the problems between Stefano and EJ. Lexie doesn't want the people she loves to be at odds when she's gone and has Stefano promise not to hurt them.

Sami questions Will working for Stefano. Will explains that Stefano tried to convince him and threatened to go to the police about shooting EJ. Will says Stefano talked about breaking up EJ and Nicole. Sami asks why Will didn't come talk to her. Will brings up that she wasn't talking to her at the time. Sami thinks she could've helped him but Will broke Rafe's heart and their family. Will says Stefano told him that Rafe deserved to know and pointed out that Sami would've eventually cheated on him again. Will assumes Sami's unconditional love is out the window. Sami says she loves him but is mad at him. Sami questions him not going to her or EJ. Will talks about Stefano threatening that he'd be sorry if he did. Sami understands that he was under a lot of pressure. Will talks about the risks of saying no to Stefano. Will tells her he has to go find EJ. Sami stops him and says she understands if he talks to EJ but thinks they have to finish talking and work through this. Will says he's sorry but he has to find EJ and Stefano.

Stefano promises Lexie that he will always look out for Theo. Lexie brings up Abe but Stefano points out that Abe despises him and wants him in prison. Lexie asks him to promise to put their differences aside for her and Theo. Stefano agrees to try and get along if Abe will. Lexie gets a headache which worries Stefano. She tries to insist she's fine but Stefano thinks he's stayed too long. Lexie tells him he hasn't and doesn't want him to be sad. Stefano thanks her and then tells her that he's sorry for anything he's ever done that hurt her as they hug.

Rafe and Nicole sit with Daniel. Rafe talks about thinking there were things they could do but sometimes they don't go as they hoped. Rafe says he's sorry but Nicole tells him not to apologize since it's her responsibility. Nicole says she will just have to figure out a way to do it. EJ then arrives in the room as Daniel comments that he was wondering when he was going to show up. EJ hopes they weren't all sitting around waiting for him. Nicole says they were as Daniel was setting up the paternity tests. EJ wants to get it over with so Nicole can't stop lying. Nicole notes his bad mood and figures it's because of Lexie. Nicole apologizes but EJ doesn't think she's sorry because if she was then the she wouldn't tell him that Rafe was the father. EJ comments on Rafe being back from the dead. Daniel starts to go take EJ to get tested but Nicole stops him.

Will tells Sami that he needs to go talk to EJ since he's confronted Stefano. Sami wants to help Will. Will tells her it has nothing to do with her since it's his problem and he will handle it. Sami points out that what he did cost her their marriage. Will thinks she's making it about her again. Sami brings up that she's dealt with Stefano before so she could help. Will says he could go to the police. Will tells Sami that he appreciates it but it has nothing to do with her as he then exits the mansion.

Lexie doesn't want Stefano to be alone. He says he won't be and offers to help her upstairs. Lexie says she's fine and tells him that she loves him. Stefano walks her to the stairs and she tells him that she's fine as she heads upstairs as Abe then arrives.

Nicole tells EJ that they could do this some other time with everything happening with Lexie since the baby won't be born for awhile. EJ remarks that Nicole reminds him of a rat stuck in a corner. EJ stops before leaving the room and announces he's decided that once he's established as the father, he will expose Nicole as an unfit mother. Rafe calls him a lunatic. EJ threatens to go for full custody based on her trying to deny him his paternal rights. Nicole shouts that he can't do that but EJ says he can and will make sure that the child grows up a DiMera in every sense of the word. EJ then goes to get tested.

Abe asks Stefano where Lexie is. Stefano says she just went up to lie down so he was just about to leave. Stefano tells him that Lexie asked if they could try and get along. Abe knows that's what she would like. Stefano says he'd try if Abe would but Abe brings up Stefano costing Lexie her life. Abe says he wasn't going to bring it up until after she's gone but since he's here now, it's all he thinks about. Abe brings up the toxins in the tunnels where Lexie was held and the poisonous gases causing the brain tumor. Stefano insists that he had no idea that Andre held her down there or that the gases existed. Abe calls him just as guilty for creating Andre. Abe blames Stefano as responsible for Lexie's death which Lexie overhears from the top of the stairs. Abe talks about how much Lexie loves Stefano. Stefano tries to say that he loves her too but Abe tells him not to say it since he knows what he did to her. Lexie continues listening as Abe states that this is the biggest crime of Stefano's against his own daughter. Stefano comments that he doesn't know what he will do without her. Abe calls it karma and Stefano's justice but the rest of them are losing Lexie. Abe doesn't know why he's bothering and says Stefano couldn't possibly understanding what losing her means. Stefano shouts that he understands because he's losing her too and now has to live knowing some part of it could've been his fault. Lexie starts to cry as Abe spots her at the stairs and Stefano turns around in shock that she heard them.

Will finds EJ at the town square and wants to apologize. Will says he shouldn't have caved when Stefano threatened him but EJ calls it too late. Will talks about how Stefano made it sound like he was doing EJ a favor. EJ questions taking his wife being a favor. Will reveals to him that Stefano threatened to go to the police about his shooting EJ. EJ tells Will that he should've came to him before he destroyed his life but Will didn't feel he had a choice. EJ says life is all about the choices and Will made the wrong one. EJ tells him that he would've protected him if he came to him but instead he let Stefano play him like a puppet. Will apologizes again as EJ asks him for his keys as he's taking everything back from his apartment to his car. EJ informs Will that he no longer has a job with him.

Daniel prepares the DNA testing as Nicole worries about the baby. Daniel comments on taking Rafe's DNA as Rafe explains that it looks best if they all go through the motions. Nicole thanks Rafe. Rafe hopes Nicole doesn't plan to go through it alone. Nicole says she did when she thought he was dead. Rafe tells her that he's back now. Nicole thinks she'll have to a strong mother. Daniel calls her child a lucky baby. Nicole thanks him and says it means a lot to her. Daniel says he will call the lab for someone to pick up the DNA samples. Nicole wonders how long it will take then decides it doesn't really matter since they already know the answer. Nicole decides they should get going so Daniel walks them out of the office. Daniel tells Nicole that he's sorry but knows that the truth comes out sooner than later in these situations. Daniel promises to call as soon as he gets the results and walks away. Rafe asks Nicole if she's alright. Rafe suggests going to get something to eat but Nicole feels she's taken up enough of her day and wants to be alone. Rafe accepts that and kisses her on the cheek then exits.

Abe apologizes to Lexie as she comes downstairs because he didn't want her to hear that. Stefano cries as Lexie hugs him. Stefano then exits as Lexie starts to head back upstairs.

Will tries to tell EJ that he knows better now and his loyalty is to him but EJ insists on wanting the keys back and takes them. Will wonders where he's supposed to go or what he's supposed to do now. EJ suggests he go talk to Stefano since he owes him one but he can look over that he just tried to kill his family. EJ comments on how easy it was for Stefano to manipulate him into doing his dirty work. EJ starts to walk away but Will stops him and hands him an envelope that he asked for and Will then walks away.

Rafe goes to Sami's which surprises her. Rafe wants to see the kids but Sami tells him they aren't there as they are on play dates. Rafe asks if she's alright. Sami claims she's fantastic. Rafe offers to talk about it but Sami points out that he hates her. Rafe says he doesn't it even though their marriage ended in a disaster but that doesn't mean they can't have a civil conversation. Rafe enters her house and asks what's up.

Nicole waits around as the man from the lab goes in to Daniel's office to pick up the DNA samples. Nicole follows in and makes up a story about Daniel saying the man took a long time so he decides to take longer and leaves the room. Nicole then goes ahead and opens the box with the samples inside. She then switches the labels of Rafe and EJ's names on the samples and puts them back inside as Daniel returns and catches her.

Sami talks with Rafe about how she didn't just lose him but Will too. Sami talks about thinking she and Will were making real progress until he had to rush off which made her feel that EJ is more important to Will than she is. Rafe states that he can see why EJ is Will's top priority. Sami wishes Will would have given her the chance. Rafe says he's not taking sides but suggests she ask herself why things keep falling apart with her and people she loves. Sami puts an end to the conversation there as she gets upset so Rafe exits.

Will goes to an alley with a paper bag and pulls out a gun. Will says to himself that Stefano will see who has the last laugh.

EJ opens the envelope that Will gave him and reads the paper inside. EJ states that he was right that Stefano is the reason that Lexie is dying.

Abe tells Lexie that he's sorry that she had to hear that and wants to take her back to bed. Lexie asks how long he's known. Abe says he'd been certain for a couple weeks but just got the proof a couple days ago. Abe doesn't know what to say as Lexie asks him to just hold her.

Stefano returns to the DiMera Mansion and screams why as he throws a glass across the room. Stefano sits down and looks at a photo of he and Lexie. He goes over and hugs the picture as he breaks down crying.

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